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Where is the Water Filter on a Kenmore Coldspot Refrigerator?

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where is the water filter on a kenmore coldspot refrigerator

Are you trying to replace your Kenmore Coldspot fridge’s water filter? This project is a straightforward process if you know the answer to ‘where is the water filter on a Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator?’.

Replacing the water filter of any refrigerator requires knowing the filtration unit’s precise location. Thankfully, determining the water filter’s placement is hassle-free if you have the owner’s manual with you.

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Where is the Water Filter on the Kenmore Coldspot?

You can start by looking at your refrigerator’s back or lower section. You should see a grille on either part. If you notice the grille, there is a good chance the water filter is inside.

If you do not see a grille on the refrigerator’s back or lower section, you can check the upper-right corner inside the fridge.

Older Kenmore Coldspot models may have the water filter outside the fridge’s back. It should be easy to spot since it is not inside an enclosure.

How Can You Check the Water Filter’s Location?


There are many Kenmore Coldspot models, each one having a different design and water filter placement. That is why it would be best to check your owner’s manual to determine the precise Kenmore Coldspot filter location.

If you no longer have the owner’s manual, you can perform an internet search. Try looking for downloadable service manuals of your Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator model and the series number.

A quick image search using ‘Kenmore Coldspot diagram’ as a keyword will produce hundreds of thousands of results. If you want to be more specific, you can narrow it down by including your fridge’s year model and the series number in the keyword. It should provide you with the information you seek.

Your dealer may also have the information you require. You can also talk to a licensed technician or an authorized representative at a local refrigerator repair shop.

Another option is to ask at online community forums. There may be users who also own the same Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator as yours. You can start a thread in one of these forums and wait for someone to answer your query.

Contacting Kenmore Coldspot is also an excellent choice. A technical service representative may be able to assist you in locating the water filter in your fridge.

Lastly, check your fridge’s back and locate the water supply line going to your refrigerator. At the end of that pipe is the filter. This method is one of the surest ways you can determine the precise Kenmore Coldspot water filter location.


Locating the water filter on a Kenmore Coldspot fridge is easy. You should see it inside a compartment at the bottom or back section of your refrigerator. If not, it may be inside a partition in the refrigerator’s upper-right interior. Otherwise, it should be at the back of the fridge outside.

If you are uncertain about “where is the water filter on a Kenmore coldspot refrigerator?”, you can always perform an internet search, ask a company technician, or consult with your refrigerator dealer.

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