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The Best Inline Water Filters for Washing Machine

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best inline water filter for washing machine

The most outstanding feature of an inline water filter for washing machine is that it retains particles before it touches the filter on the inlet valve. Besides this, it enables water to flow smoothly without being obstructed or blocked. Ultimately, it is compatible with both hot and cold fluid.

When it regards best inline water filters for washing machines, there is a wide range of options. It may be a bit difficult sorting among them all to identify the most suited to your preferences. Hence, it is vital to spend your time examining all of the various aspects that go into producing the best quality, efficient, and reliable inline water filter for washer.

The following are some considerations to evaluate before choosing the most exemplary inline water filter for your demands.

  • Price: Several excellent industries manufacture the best standard, efficient filters. However, regardless of how efficient an inline water filter is, it will eventually demand a change. Thus, it is a smart option to consider the price of replacing before purchasing a filter.
  • Installations Procedures: It requires a water filtration unit that not only performs well but is also feasible to assemble. Several users don’t want to have to invest an inordinate amount of time on installation. Fortunately, several brands on our reviews of the most delicate inline water filters are very convenient to assemble.
  • Contaminant Eradication: It is critical to select an inline water filter to eliminate the most significant number of harmful particles. If water filters vary significantly, it is a substantial issue since sometimes it extracts just a handful of contaminants. In contrast, others collect up to forty to sixty distinct forms.

Determining the ideal course of action for your circumstance may be challenging, with many variables to consider. Therefore, if you are contemplating purchasing an inline water filter for washing machine, our comprehensive guide review will provide you with various details to assist in making your decision.

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Inline Water Filters 85470

No. of Packs 1
Dimensions 6.63 x 2.13 x 7 inches
Weight 0.19 Pounds

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No. of Packs 1
Dimensions ‎1.77 x 1.77 x 7.08 inches
Weight 0.24 Pounds

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Inline Water Filters 84470

No. of Packs 2
Dimensions 3.75 x 6.58 x 1.63 inches
Weight 0.1 Pounds

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Table of Contents

Top 11 Inline Water Filter for Washing Machine Reviews

1. Inline Water Filters B0013TM4KQ Washing Machine

This unit from Inline Water Filters is one of the most popular water filters on the marketplace. It is convenient to install on the particular conventional washing machine connector, and it comes at a very affordable cost!

It secures its components from silt accumulation by trapping particles bigger than microns in scale during the filtering phase. As a result, it eradicates the need to wash the intake valve filter on your washing machine daily. So compared to other existing filters, it employs a novel step filtering method.

What hooked me to this brand is how easy it is to clean a product. All you need to do is remove the poly fabric filter from the plastic filter housing, clean it, and reusable in several instances! However, because it is plastic, those who have experienced breaking the plastic threaded housing must be careful not to over tighten and screw up the thread.

As mentioned above, installing this inline water filter is effortless. It comes with a fast snap pipe connection to the entering water faucet so you can detach it and move the hose over to a convenient location, unhooking and handling it with the filter.

It works very well, but it has a problem filtering out the massive contamination. I always dismantle it every second or third load of laundry and clean out the poly screen. Admittedly, it is inconvenient, but somehow it keeps the debris out of the machine.

While using this inline water filter 85470, it whittles down water sources to approximately 4.5 GPM. Your water sources typically experience about a 10% reduction in flow rate. Moreover, it is not suitable for high-pressure water, and it is only applicable to low-pressure water usage.
  • Convenient to install
  • Affordable
  • So easy to clean the filter
  • Defense from sediment accumulation
  • It is not suitable to over-tighten thread
  • Applicable to low-pressure water
This washing machine inline water filter 85470 is a renowned brand that can assist and make your life easier. It is helpful and meets your errands for long-term usage. Thus, it is considered as one of the finest brands in the marketplace.

2. AQUSTAR Green Line Laundry Filter Housing

This water filter weighed 8.3 ounces and measured 3.15 x 3.15 x 8.27 inches in dimensions. Hence, it is pretty easy to navigate. Moreover, thanks to a robust composition, you can replace this unit instantly and hassle-free.

One of the feasible qualities is that it provides optimal filtration. This washing machine water filter has two distinct filters: one for sediment and another for softener; and it utilizes cutting-edge filtering innovation to ensure decontamination. Therefore, it can get rid of dirt, excessive metals, and other contaminants. It’s ideal for clothing and undergarments!

It also features a transparent housing body color, and I can monitor the filter status on daily instances usage. It is incredibly hassle-free, and it allows me to keep track of its status. In addition, it is applicable for high-pressure water, which means I won’t be stressed if an issue arises while I am using it!

In terms of installation, this housing system is simple to set up and does not require equipment. Therefore, I do not necessarily dismantle the whole system. Instead, I will open the housing body that is sufficient for filter replacement.

The drawback of this product, it is not easy to find an adapter, and it is challenging to find an exact size that can fit in the washing machine. Hence, if this brand does not go well, it will be a challenge on your end.
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Hassle-free replacements
  • Not only filter water, but also not allow water access to contaminants
  • Allow monitoring of the filtration status
  • Suitable for high-pressure water
  • Quite difficult to find an adapter that has a fit size
This water filter has excellent quality, which is very convenient to use, and its one-of-a-kind features give off a positive mood. It will be recommended to any individuals searching for such a filter on their washing machine.

3. Inline Water Filters 84470 Washing Machine

This inline water filter for washing machines facilitates eliminating particulate accumulation and lengthening my expensive appliances’ longevity. In terms of installing, it is straightforward and quick to install.

It is equipped with a mechanism that captures particles in the water long before entering the intake valve’s screen. It implies that after installing this water filtration system in my washing machine, I will never have to wash the valve screens afterward.

The 84470 filters are reusable replacement cartridges for the brand 85470 washing machine filter. It operates well and, if the water is not contaminated, can last many months. It is also compatible with hot and cold water!

These filters have performed admirably and have aided in the maintenance of the washing machine’s internal components. Specifically, it will safeguard your washing machine while allowing the water to stream smoothly through the pipe system.

Last but not least, this water filter is designed with a 5-stage filtration process. It means that this filtration can trap the specks of dirt, contaminants, or even small microns. But by having such an impressive filtration process, it is not surprisingly that this product comes at a high price. So it is not convenient for those on a tight budget.
  • Is a reusable replacement cartridges for 85470 model
  • Allow the water stream smoothly
  • Compatible for cold and hot water
  • Comes with a 5-stage filtration process
  • Expensive
The qualities of the brand are outstanding, which gives the customer a top-notch service experience. It makes your job go much smoother.

4. Amazon Basics EWF-8056-2 Inline Water Filter

The Amazon Basics inline filter features KDF technology and a 20-micron sediment filter to help minimize unsafe contaminants in your water supply. Thus, it provides water that is safer and cleaner!

Moreover, this innovation suppresses bacterial growth and traps silt, toxic metals, pathogens, and other potentially hazardous substances. It also includes a chlorine filter for washing machines, which reduces chlorine and its odor.

Another remarkable thing about this brand, it has two inline water filters. However, the package does not contain a flexible hose protector! You need to purchase it separately. Plus, it is compatible with a standard water hose or faucet, allowing it to purify the water that runs through it.

The durability of this inline filter is very worthwhile when I have to use it on a water source that is often polluted with heavy metals or contaminants. It is so durable that it can survive a whole season!

Regarding installation, it is easy to install, and in terms of cost, it is affordable for long-term use with better care. However, it is made of plastic which is easy to break and not reusable. It is also not suitable for hard water pressure, which you need to handle with care for long-term usage.

As per the manufacturer’s specifications, the filter service life is 1350 gallons. Depending on the local water quality, the number of suitable gallons will vary greatly; nevertheless, I recommend that solid service life be three months or more.
  • Has a 20-micron sediment filter with KDF technology
  • Filter service life up to 1350 gallons
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Suppresses bacterial growth and traps of some substances
  • Easy to break and not reusable
This product is all I could have asked for in an inline water filter for my washing machine. The fact that it is very handy does not negate that you must handle it with care. The durability and other features contribute to the high level of quality!

5. General Pump 100649 Brass Inline Water Filter

General Pump introduces the Brass Inline Water Filter with the most exemplary innovative see-through filter in the marketplace today. This brand has a 1/2” NPT-M outlet that features their new over-molded easy-grip nut, making it easy to fit with the female NPT without any undesirable water leakage!

This water filter has a low-pressure stainless filter that protects your pumps by removing contaminants from the incoming water supply. It offers pressure washer valves as well as seals for long-term usage. The transparent plastic allows you to see whether the filter requires a good cleaning.

I love this water filter since it easily fits with other adaptors that I am using. It weighs only 10.86 ounces, which comes in handy when installing it because it wouldn’t hurt your hands as much as the other filter nuts.

This water filter for the washing machine has functioned well, and I like the idea that you can disassemble it. It also could be washable and reusable. However, it is a bit pricey, but it is good enough to justify it if it saves you from costly fittings being clogged.

The shortcoming of this brand is that it does not come with an adapter, which you must purchase separately. In some cases, it requires multiple adapters to make it fit since it is not intended for that size water line.
  • Over-molded easy-grip nut
  • See-through water filter
  • Provides pressure washer valves and seal
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Pricey
  • The adapter is not included in the package
With see-through water filter features, this unit is one of the finest options for washing machine inlet hose filters. It may be costly, but it will spare you time and effort for future leakage.

6. Twinkle Star Sediment Filter

The Twinkle Star Sediment Filter has a ¾ inches line water hose filter that contains an inline filter with a 100 mesh and a 40 mesh screen that protects your water from residues. Moreover, a high-quality stainless steel screen filter and a robust, wear-resistant aluminum connection contribute to better pure water.

This filter makes it easier to get rid of unwanted particles which can be found in your hoses and other fittings. This brass garden filter avoids leaks with a high-pressure washer with maximum pressure up to 80psi, and it saves my money from purchasing more complicated garden hosts that can’t waste and impurities out of it.

Aside from that, this filter includes an additional pair of hose washers, which is a convenient feature for customers who do not want to waste time going back and forth to the hardware store searching for washers. Installation is simple since the filter comes with a user handbook that will assist you in understanding how to install it properly.

The drawback that I found on this product, on the other hand, is that it must be tightly screwed down with a great deal of force to prevent leaks from occurring. Going back and using the filter after so many leaks has happened because the gasket that holds the filtered sediments together fails due to the pressure. As it goes old with time, it becomes rather inconvenient.
  • Provides better pure water thanks to wear-resistant aluminum connection
  • Easy to install
  • Protects your water from residues or unwanted particles
  • Efficient for its price
  • Have additional 2 washers
  • Leakage if not properly sealed
  • Gasket cracks under heavy water pressure
This inline washer filter is a low-cost sediment filter that may be used for water filtration. It is smart for its filter characteristics, including one and two additional filters included with the purchase.

7. BRINGPURE RV Inline Water Filter

The inline water filter from BRINGPURE is another product that fits under the area of water fitters, and this product is well-known for its lead-free material with a 3-month life duration.

Taking a look at its components, this water filter may be used for a variety of applications. It may be customized to suit your specific demands. This is an ideal filter to use for your home activities such as gardening, planting, and brewing because it offers drinking water that is cleaner, safer, and more nutritious. Additionally, you may utilize this as a cleaning facility for your RVs or your house.

Inline RVs are very simple to set up because they need no special equipment to connect. No additional adaptors are required because this filter already has one, and the smooth water flow is assured thanks to the heavy-duty anti-kink flexible hose protection provided by the manufacturer.

The brand has made it a priority to provide a secure chlorine filter for washing machines. Their hose filters are NSF 42 certified and contain KDF and GAC technology, which reduces the amount of chlorine in the water by up to 97 percent, as well as heavy metals, sediments, rust, and other contaminants that you may be unaware of.

Its durability would endure for the duration of the whole camping season. Depending on the local water quality, three-month durability should be plenty to give your family a safe and hydrated road trip. It does an excellent job, and the filter is spotless to be used in your shower and sinks as well.

Clogging problems, on the other hand, may arise. The filtered materials may get entangled in the filter, causing the water to flow extremely slowly or, in the worst-case scenario, not at all.

It is recommended that you check and change your inline water filters regularly. It will substantially reduce the flow rate in your water supply when it is near the end of its lifespan.
  • Can be used for a variety of applications
  • NSF Certified, KDF and GAC technology for reducing chlorine, odor and taste
  • Has a heavy-duty anti-kink flexible host
  • Durable
  • Can have clogging issue if not installed properly
  • Requires regular check-up and changes
BRINGPURE can ensure that the water you supply for yourself and your family is safe and chlorine-free. But when you want to utilize the product to protect your money and time, you must bear its duration in mind.

8. Waterspecialist RV Inline Water Filter

The Waterspecialist RV Inline Water Filter is designed to protect water from poor taste, odor, and rust that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Not only does this product make use of high-quality food-grade components, but it also comes at a competitive price that is within your financial range!

This filter helps to guarantee that the product lasts for a long time. It has a 3-month lifespan, and it includes anti-kink hose protection to prevent your hose from deforming.

The brand uses top-notch technology to provide high-quality, nutritious, non-contaminated drinking water to stay on top of their game. Furthermore, a KDF and GAC technology are used in this inline water filter to reduce the likelihood of fluoride, heavy metals, and other contaminants from being captured.

This inline water filter is already recognized to be simple to use. Also, with appropriate installation, the water will flow clean and be fine to use. Hence, I don’t need to spend much time or patience to clean up all the debris in my water in the washing machine. Last but not least, the water from the faucet doesn’t leave any unpleasant odor.

However, the one disadvantage that I discovered while using this one is that the hose began to leak after using it for some time. It is not durable as I expected and not suitable for long-term usage.
  • Affordable
  • Made of high-quality food-grade components
  • Has anti-kink hose protection to prevent hose from deforming
  • Uses KDF and GAC technology to ensure cleanliness
  • The hose tends to leak
The Waterspecialist is ideal for campers who want to guarantee the purity and quality of their drinking water without purchasing a costly water filter that they will use for many months.

9. BELVITA RV Inline Water Filter

BELVITA’s approach to inline water filters is that this brand utilizes natural materials in conjunction with their multi-stage filtration and simple installation feature. As a result, it provides the maximum protection for your health and the most sensible approach to my needs.

More so, this water filter is made from high-quality components, which are renowned for filtering sediments from water to ensure the purity of your drinking water.

What I appreciate about this product is that it is excellent value for money because it comes with two filters. I also find it very simple to install and it lasts for three months due to the anti-kink function that prevents my hose from reshaping.

The drawback of this brand was that everything was good, but it worked fine during the third week of using it, until the water pressure slowed down. I could only filter enough water to fill my washing machine before the hose began leaking, and I had to hurry to stop the water before all of it went to waste.
  • Good for its price
  • Safe to use
  • Made of natural material for better health protection
  • Has a long durability
  • Uses high components to ensure cleanliness
  • Leaks after weeks of usage
The BELVITA inline water filter ensures that the components used to produce the delicious, flavor-rich water are natural and eliminate bitter aftertaste and sediment in the water.

10. Kohree RV Marine Inline Water Filter

The RV Inline Water Filter by Kohree fits the concept of traveling with convenience and relaxation. This water filter assures that you will have clean and safe drinking water while on your RV vacation.

This unit is equipped with a 5-layer filtration system that includes GAC and KDF technology. This is a highly efficient multi-stage filtration system that effectively removes chlorine from water by up to 97 percent, while eliminating unpleasant taste and odor and producing delicious and refreshing water.

It is constructed from a thicker food-grade plastic shell that comes in two pieces. It passed tests, including the usual blasting test, which ensures that it is not quickly cracked to make it last for 3 months.

Additionally, it ensures a maximum working pressure of 60 psi with streamlined waterflow that minimizes the amount of time spent waiting for water storage. As a result, it may avoid the irritating sensation of waiting for water to be filtered.

With a price-friendly for its service, it is also effortless to install. You just need to hook it up and then flush out the first run to make sure the next one is filtered. I love that it works well in filtering the dirt and sediments out of the water. It doesn’t leave water spots if I use it for cleaning purposes like for using it on my car or washing machines.

One minor drawback of this product is that it would malfunction if you use the filter and generate too much water. Although I tried turning off the faucet and running it under various pressures, the water would not flow out until I discovered that my hose was leaking at the other end of the faucet’s reach.
  • Good for its price
  • Tested for its durability
  • Streamlined waterflow
  • Optimized for RVs
  • The filter acts up
Kohree’s inline water filter was tested for its durability and is also optimized for the usage of RVs with streamlined waterflow that lasts for 3 months. This one is a good choice for you to look at.

11. jOYjOB WS-WAND-THA36A-18IN Washer Extension

jOYjOB Pressure Washer gives you the convenience to clean areas with its wand that extends from 6-feet to 18-feet. This inline water for washer gives you the satisfaction of providing a clean environment from very hard-to-reach areas such as second-story walls, gutters, and soffits, without having to look around for ladders.

The package comes with an instruction manual, which helps you follow the guide quickly and install it easily. It also includes a high-quality harness belt that provides support and ensures your safety while using the wand.

The fact that this device guarantees the safety of its consumers is what I like the most about it. It has a male M22-14 adapter that connects the 3/8 inch quick connector with a high-quality harness belt that can provide support and ensure your safety while using the wand.

There is a secure grip on this wand, which is both pleasant to the touch and easy to use. This wand can be used with high-pressure water to blast through the debris that has accumulated in my roof gutter, allowing me to avoid needing ladders to reach higher places. However, one minor flaw of this product is that when the handle stretches to 18 feet, the wand gets flimsy when stretched.

It is great for your hard water filter for washing machine. With a maximum pressure of 4200 PSI, this pressure washer is not suitable for using a lower pressure than 3000 PSI. It may also be used with warm water, but the user must be careful since it might burn if the temperature rises over 140° F.
  • Instruction manual included
  • Has a supporter belt to use
  • The wand can extend for cleaning convenience
  • Could be a replacement for ladders
  • Flimsy when stretched
To deal with cleaning difficult-to-reach places that require water, this unit from jOyjOB n is the right tool. When using this inline water filter for washing machines, it is possible to spray with a pressure of 4200 PSI and a distance of up to 18 feet.

What to Look for When Buying Non-electric Water Softeners


Non-electric water softeners provide a major hurdle for new buyers since there are hundreds of types, brands, and variations from which to select. If you’re unfamiliar with the items to check, it will be easy to overlook the high-quality products.

We are simplifying the process of choosing an excellent non-electric water softener by identifying the most critical characteristics of a product. Now we are going to discuss the things you need to look out for before buying it.


The first factor to consider is the quantity of softening required. It would be great if you knew your regular water consumption on an average basis. You can determine your daily average by checking your utility bills and dividing them by 30.

Additionally, it is critical to monitor the hardness of your water. A typical home’s water hardness grade is about 2.5 grains per gallon. Take this relevant data to ascertain the water softening capacity of the unit you’re considering purchasing.

If you buy a salt-free, non-electric water softener, you simply need to examine the system’s indicated dimensions. Manufacturers typically refer to this as the highest limit of facilities that the water softener can service.

Look for water softeners that are volume or metered regulated that calculate and monitor the quantity of water passing through the softener and renew the resin beads when the softener detects that the resin beads have been depleted.

It is better to choose an ideal water softener with meter control since it adjusts and dictates the precise hardness of the water. It will be more cost-effective than a softener that utilizes a systematized hardness range.


Water softeners that are not powered by electricity are usually salt-free. You may choose a method that utilizes a phosphate bed to counteract calcium and magnesium’s sticky properties.

Alternatively, you may select an electromagnetic water softener. This system prevents hardness minerals from adhering to pipelines. Several other innovations ensure that you grasp the advantages and disadvantages of these devices before making a purchase.

Setup and Maintenance

Operating a non-electric water softener shouldn’t be difficult since they tend to be user-friendly. Hence, the installation should be simple. We use the term “convenient” to describe when you have a fundamental knowledge of water connection setups. If this is not something you want to pursue, you should anticipate hiring a plumber.


Before buying a water softener, you cannot check it to see whether it is right for you. Therefore, the more water softener testimonials you read, the better.

Reviewing consumer’s feedback allows you to learn about the standout qualities that you weren’t aware of and will enable you to see how consumers express their thoughts in more detail. Picture and video reviews are highly beneficial as they demonstrate what the brand looks like in actuality.

Since you can see each brand’s positive and negative remarks, reliable feedback from actual consumers may make us feel more confident that we are making the correct decision.

Before reading reviews, please remember that some thoughts may be compromised by partiality. It’s also essential to consider that most evaluations come from actual consumers and their encounters. One consumer can laud a product, while another customer may find the thing to be useless.

Is a Water Filter Necessary for a Washing Machine


A washing machine inlet filter is not considered necessary for a washing machine but may come in handy on your end. It may assist in preventing your clothing from being laundered with hard water and other contamination in the first place. It will eventually lead to clothing that is cleaner and softer, as well as free of debris and hardness.

Alternatively, it’s feasible that your washing machine does not contain a filter in any way. Several of the latest washing machines, high-efficiency washers depend on a filter in the pump that automatically cleans itself, eliminating the need for work and trouble for you to do any servicing.

Are Non-Electric Water Softeners Any Good

This system does not depend on a timer but instead measures the amount of water that is consumed. Non-electric softeners can keep up with your consumption and expectation without squandering water, electric power, or sodium chloride.

Using a non-electric softening system, you will never have to bother about configuring or circumventing the devices if you are going away for a long time. When contrasted to electric systems, these systems need relatively less maintenance and a much longer lifespan. They will also consume much less sodium and water throughout the restoration process.

What Size Non-Electric Water Softener Do I Need for My House

People often assume that the water softener’s physical size is the most crucial consideration. It is a water softening capacity that dictates its compatibility for your house due to the quantity of soft water produced every regeneration.

A tiny water softener in a house with high flow rates will not allow the requisite contact duration for the ion exchange to function correctly, and it will not adequately soften the water in the home.

The amount of soft water that it may produce determines the number of resins contained within the softener and the hardness of the water in your vicinity. Reputable brands will demonstrate how much their water softener can produce soft water.

To calculate the right water softener size for your house, multiply the number of individuals living in your household by the number of gallons of water they consume daily. For example, the typical person uses 80 gallons of water every day. Then, calculate how many grains of hardness are present in your water softener by multiplying that amount by the number of grains present in your water system.

How Do You Clean a Washing Machine Filter

A mixture of detergents, debris, hairs, and cotton may block a filter in a short time. A blocked filter may reduce the washing machine’s effectiveness and cause additional lint accumulation on clothing and inefficient outflow.

When cleaning out your filter, the fastest method is to take it from the appliance and immerse it in hot water for a few minutes, which will release any clogs or stuck-on remnants. If the filter is unable to be uninstalled, it should be cleaned out using a brush. Several filters are replaceable, which means that you can discard them and replace them with a replacement one.


Whenever it concerns washing machines, the best inline water filter for washing machines is essential to have on hand. Based on what this review tells you, there are several factors that you have to think of when selecting the most suitable inline washing machine filter. But as long as you know your needs, you will be fine.

Picking the right one will help you extend your washer’s durability and improve its overall efficiency. Also, remember to clean and change your filters regularly to ensure that the filter is in good working order to prolong the longevity of the washing machine filters at a reasonable cost.

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