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How to Unclog PUR Water Filter? Super Easy Steps to Follow

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How to Unclog PUR Water Filter

Is your PUR water filter taking a much longer time to fill your glass than you like? A slow water filter is almost always due to sediments clogging the filter pores.

If clogging is the principal reason why your PUR filter takes an eternity to fill a glass, you are in luck. We will show you how to unclog PUR water filter and continue enjoying safe, clean, and great-tasting water.

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What You Need to Unclog a PUR Water Filter

You need two essential things to unclog your PUR water filter successfully.

  • Filter Owner’s Manual

The manufacturer’s manual is an indispensable piece of documentation that can tell you many things about your PUR water filter. It includes information on how you can troubleshoot your filter, including a slow filtration rate due to clogging.

The owner’s manual is specific to the water filter model and design you have. For example, PUR water filters can be from different product series, each having many models.

More importantly, the manual will tell you how you can remove and clean the filter. You will also learn how to put the components back together.

  • Cleaning Products

An essential cleaning tool is a soft-bristled brush to remove sediments, dirt, dust, silt, debris, and other particles on the filter’s surface. If the filter comes with a pleated membrane, using a brush with a narrow head can help.

A warm soapy solution is sufficient to clean the filter housing and other components, except the filter membrane. It is best to prepare a water-vinegar solution to disinfect the water filter instead of harsh solutions because they might degrade the filter fast.

  • Some bowls
  • A screwdriver (for fridge filters)

Steps to Unclog a PUR Faucet Filter


Step 1. Disconnect the PUR Water Filter from the Tap

Your PUR faucet filter has two buttons on its side at the section where it connects to the kitchen faucet. Press these buttons simultaneously to detach the filter unit from the tap. Inspect the gasket in the water section of the PUR water filter.

Here is an excellent video from Help At My Home showing you how to remove your PUR faucet filter from the tap.

Step 2. Disassemble the Faucet Filter

Hold the PUR water filter by its base and twist off the upper section counterclockwise. You might have to exert enough force to do this.

Remove the cap, and you should see the filter head. Grab the filter head and turn it counterclockwise. It may be not easy to twist the filter cylinder if there are too many sediments clogging it.

Step 3. Remove Particles or Sediments from the Filter

Place the filter under the faucet and open the tap. Leave the water running through the filter for at least five minutes.

If you see large particles in the filter, use a small brush to remove them. Try to clean as much debris as you can, especially in the filter holes and pleated ends.

Step 4. Disinfect the Filter

Get a bowl large enough to accommodate the PUR faucet filter. Mix one part white vinegar to three parts warm water to make a disinfectant. Soak the water filter in the disinfectant solution for at least five minutes. It should be enough to kill microorganisms present in the filter.

Pro Tip: Ensure to submerge the whole filter to get optimum results. It would be best to avoid commercially available cleaning solutions unless you can get one that PUR recommends.

Step 5. Clean the Filter Housing

While waiting for the complete disinfection of the water filter, you can turn your attention to the filter housing and canister.

Prepare a soapy water solution by adding five to ten drops of mild liquid dish soap to a cup of warm water. Use this solution to scrub and clean the housing and canister, ensuring you get into the tiny spaces if there are any. Rinse the water filter canister and housing thoroughly.

Get another bowl and prepare the same water-vinegar solution. Soak the water filter canister and housing in this solution for at least three minutes.

Step 6. Rinse the Water Filter Components

Take the filter canister and housing out of the disinfectant solution. Place them under the tap and rinse well, allowing clean, cold water to run for at least 30 seconds. Position the components on a rack to air dry.

Remove the water filter from the water-vinegar solution. Like with the filter housing and canister, place the filter under cold running water for at least half a minute. Place the filter on a rack until it dries completely.

Step 7. Reassemble the Water Filter

Get the water filter and canister from the rack once dry. Screw the filter into the canister using a clockwise motion. Ensure there is no debris in the canister before inserting the filter.

Grab the water housing from the drying rack and screw the filter canister into position. Secure the filter’s topmost section and pop the PUR faucet filter right back into the tap’s aerator adapter.

Step 8. Prime the Filter before Using

Once reinstalled, you must run water through the system before using the water for cooking or drinking.

Open the faucet and let the water run for at least eight minutes. Some PUR faucet filters also have LED indicator lights. If yours has one, check if it blinks green. If it does, you are good to go.

Steps to Unclog a PUR Pitcher Filter


Unclogging a PUR pitcher water filter follows the same steps as removing the blockage in a PUR faucet filter, with a few minor differences.

Step 1. Remove the Filter

Remove the PUR water pitcher filter’s lid to access the filter canister. Lift the filtration chamber – the one where you fill the pitcher with water to filter – from the pitcher.

Grab the bottom section of the filter – the one that extends to the pitcher’s bottom – while holding the filtration chamber. Give it a twist to unlock and push the filter canister up and out through the filter compartment.

Dirty Dog Mechanic is kind enough to show homeowners how to remove the filter from a PUR filter pitcher.

Step 2. Clean the Filter

Follow the same steps we described on how to unclog a PUR faucet filter. Inspect the filter for signs of advanced wear.

Remove any sediment, debris, dirt, and other particles using a small brush. Rinse the filter in running water before soaking it in a vinegar-water solution for at least five minutes.

Rinse the water filter for about 30 seconds before placing it on a rack to dry.

Step 3. Clean the Pitcher and Filter Chamber

Wash the filter chamber and pitcher with a warm soapy solution. You may have to use a soft scrubbing pad to remove any particle buildup where the chamber’s bottom meets the side.

You can also soak these components in a vinegar solution for at least three minutes to kill microorganisms.

Rinse the chamber and pitcher for 15 seconds before drying them on a rack.

Step 4. Reassemble the Filter Pitcher

Insert the filter through the chamber’s hole, twist, and secure it until it locks into place. Place the filter chamber in the pitcher, ensuring the correct positioning. Place the lid on.

Fill the filtration chamber with water and check for improvement in the filtration rate. You may have to do this two to three times, discarding the water with each try.

Steps to Unclog a PUR Refrigerator Filter

Removing the particles clogging a PUR refrigerator filter is as straightforward as unclogging a faucet or pitcher filter. The steps include filter removal, cleaning, disinfection, and reassembly.

Step 1. Remove the Water Filter

Check your refrigerator owner’s manual for the location of the water filter. Use a screwdriver to remove the filter access panel on the refrigerator’s side or back. Reread your manual for instructions on how to remove the water filter canister.

If your fridge has a water filter outside, removing the filter is more straightforward.

Step 2. Clean and Disinfect the Filter

Using the same procedure described above, try to remove as much debris and sediments as possible from the filter.

Step 3. Reassemble the Filter

Insert the filter into the canister, ensuring correct placement. Secure the cap, if any, and position the filter into the water refrigerator’s water filter base.

If your refrigerator has an access panel door, replace the screws and secure them. If your water filter is an external unit, there is no need for this extra step.


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Your friends may have the same issues as you once did about slow filtration from their PUR water filters.

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