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How to Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount Step by Step?

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How to Clean PUR Water Filter Faucet Mount

Are you wondering how you can keep your PUR water filter faucet’s integrity? Maintaining the optimal operation of your faucet filter is crucial to ensuring the continued enjoyment of clean, germ-free, and great-tasting water. You can do that if you know how to clean PUR water filter faucet mount.

Cleaning the mount is an essential step to cleaning and unclogging the faucet filter. It ensures a sufficient water flow rate, giving your family ample water supply for your needs.

This article will show you how you can clean your PUR water filter faucet mount.

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Things You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial


Cleaning your PUR water filter faucet mount is a pretty straightforward process. However, there are a few essential things you must prepare before embarking on this DIY adventure.

Basic Knowledge of PUR Faucet Filters

The success of your faucet mount cleaning activity depends on your understanding of your system’s design.

I recommend reading your owner’s manual to learn about your unit’s different components, including its technical specifications. More importantly, you must check how to disassemble or remove each part. It is also essential to understand the indicators of a bad or failing component.

Focus your attention on the faucet mount. Try to learn what chemical agents are suitable for cleaning it.

Cleaning Tools

Your owner’s manual should provide you with information on what cleaning agents or disinfectant solutions to use. If you cannot purchase the recommended solution, you may have to create your own.

Most people use warm soapy water in cleaning the faucet mount by mixing a tablespoon of mild dish soap with a cup of warm water. It is a versatile agent for cleaning exterior surfaces.

I also recommend mixing 1/4 of distilled or white vinegar with 3/4 of warm water to disinfect the mount and other components. The vinegar’s acidity is enough to kill germs.

You will also need a soft-bristled brush to remove trapped particles. A soft scrubbing pad or sponge is sufficient for removing surface impurities.

Step-by-Steps Instructions


Step 1. Disconnect the PUR Water Filter from the Faucet

PUR water faucet filters always feature a disconnect mechanism on the section where the filter mount meets the faucet.

Disengage the mount from the aerator adapter in the faucet. If there is a pair of buttons, press them simultaneously before pulling the mount down and away from the tap.

If your faucet filter unit came with a lever for disengaging the lock, you might have to flip it to remove the PUR water filter from the tap.

You may want to check this video from Help At My Home to learn how to disconnect the faucet filter from the tap.

Step 2. Assess the Mount

After removing the faucet filter mount, inspect it for signs of damage, wear, or deterioration. Assess the unit for dings and cracks or stains you may have to remove.

Inspect the port where the mount connects to the aerator adapter in your tap. You should see a washer and screen.

The washer forms a tight seal around the area to prevent leaks when using the faucet. The mesh is your system’s first line of defense against sediments and debris.

Step 3. Disassemble the Faucet Filter Unit

Depending on your PUR water faucet filter model, the mount can be contiguous with the filter housing or come as a separate component. That is why it would be best to check the manual before working on your faucet filter.

Twist off the filter housing’s upper section to access the filter canister.

Twist off the filter head to remove the filtration media.

Step 4. Rinse the Filter Mount

Open the faucet and place the PUR water filter faucet mount under running water to remove any loose particles and dirt on the surface. Shake the mount to dislodge any sediment.

Step 5. Remove Dirt and Stubborn Stains from the Mount

Get a soft-bristled brush to remove any surface debris in the faucet mount. Pay close attention to the threads because dirt can accumulate and pack in these parts. Continue rinsing the mount under running water while brushing off sediments.

If there are stains, you can use a warm soapy solution to dissolve them. Alternatively, you can use vinegar to remove the spots.

Make sure to rinse the filter mount thoroughly.

Step 6. Disinfect the Mount

It is often not enough that you clean the mount. You may also have to disinfect it to kill harmful microorganisms. After all, the mount conveys the water from your faucet to the filtration system.

Pour white vinegar into a bowl. Add warm water about three times the vinegar’s volume. If you use two cups of vinegar, you must add six cups of warm water.

Soak the water faucet mount in the disinfectant solution for at least five minutes.

Step 7. Rinse and Dry the Mount

Take the faucet filter mount from the disinfectant solution and run clean water over and through it again. Rinse it for at least ten seconds and shake off any excess water to avoid stains.

Get a dish rack and place the PUR water filter faucet mount on it to dry.

Pro Tip: Placing your faucet mount in a well-ventilated room should facilitate faster and more thorough drying.

Step 8. Reassemble the Filter Unit

Putting the different components back together is just the reverse of what you did during disassembly.

Get the water filter and secure it inside its canister. Secure the filter head before sliding the canister into the faucet filter mount housing. Place the upper chamber or cover over the housing and fasten it tightly.

Secure the screen and washer into the aerator adapter port. Pop the faucet mount back in the tap until it clicks into place. Try to wiggle it a bit to check for a secure fit.

There are also some other tips that may help you; you can learn more about how to reset, recycle and unclog the PUR water filter.


Cleaning your PUR water filter faucet mount is essential to maintaining your point-of-use water filtration system.

Having said that, I hope you are now more confident about how to clean PUR water filter faucet mount. If you are, you might want to share this tutorial with your acquaintances and friends. I sure would appreciate any comment or feedback you may have about this guide.

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