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How Often to Change PUR Water Filter? Here is the Answer!

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how often to change pur water filter

Many homes use filters to remove harmful water contaminants, weird tastes, and unappealing smells from their water supply. So, the whole family can enjoy healthier and more palatable drinking water.

PUR is one of the most prominent brands you can spot when browsing for filters online or in local stores. It is favored by many due to its durability and filtration capability. If you have been using it for quite a while, it might be time for a replacement.

We cannot stress enough the importance of replacing water filters. If you want your water filter to continue providing high-quality water, replacing the PUR water filter is a must.

Knowing how often to change PUR water filters is vital information that all PUR water filter users need. Usually, there is a light indicator to tell you when your filter needs a replacement. But there are more details to it. So, continue reading to find out.

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When to Change Your PUR Water Filter


A PUR filter’s life depends on its type, but generally, it needs to be changed every two to three months. Nevertheless, there is no need to guess with PUR filters. They have their own advanced indicator light.

The light indicator has three colors:

  • Green – The filter is in perfect condition
  • Yellow – It is time for a replacement
  • Red – The filter is no longer filtering the water

After changing the filter, the indicator light will automatically turn green.

What Causes PUR Water Filters to Go Bad


The primary factor that affects the longevity of a PUR water filter and when to change it is the amount of water the household uses. Other elements that necessitates that the filtration device is to be replaced before two to three months are the following:

Water Quality

The degree of pollutants in the water of your area affects how hard your filter has to work. Sometimes, high levels of pollutants exceed the maximum capacity of a water filter. As a result, the device works insufficiently.


Erosion in some places causes sediments to build up in the water supply. Thus, it is best to treat the water from the deposit before filtration. Otherwise, the sediments will clog the filtering device and cause it to stop working. I recommend you consider a sediment filter. It is specially designed to handle this problem.


Excessive amounts of iron are toxic not only to humans but also to your water filter. There are heavy metal irons that cause hardness in the water. It messes with the filter’s work, which might lead to errors.

Over Usage

There is a set amount of water volume that each filter is capable of dealing with. If a household consumes large amounts of water in a short period, your filter will be exhausted and no longer sufficient to work effectively. For situations like this, you should refer to the number of gallons the filter is able to accommodate rather than the duration.

Types of PUR Water Filter

PUR has several types of water filters, and each has a distinct feature. If you want to find a PUR water filter for your home, this list will help you select a suitable one.

Faucet Mount

This model is attached directly to the faucet with no tools needed. Besides, it is compatible with most faucets except for hand-held and pull-out taps. It is available as a horizontal and vertical mount. Choosing between the two will depend on the space that you have in your sink.

Filtration Pitcher

You can enjoy cold and filtered water with this convenient water filter. The filter cartridges require no set-up and very little maintenance. In addition, the slim design can fit in small or crowded refrigerators. Make sure to opt for one with a filter indicator light that will tell you when to replace the filter.

Filter Dispenser

For those who want an extra-large capacity filtration filter, this one’s for you. It uses a cartridge similar to the pitcher, but instead of moving the container when you need a drink, there is an easy-pour spigot. The slim design also optimizes space, which is excellent for crowded fridges.


The best and easiest way to have access to clean drinking water is a water filter device. If you just started using a filtration system, one of the questions you have might be how often you need to change the filter, which we have tried to help you answer in this article. In addition, knowing what elements affect your filter and the available products in the market will further your knowledge about water filters.

We hope that this article on how often to change PUR water filter delivered what you were looking for, especially if you are using a PUR water filter. Did you find it helpful? Do you know anyone who might need this information? Share it with them!

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