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How Long Does a PUR Water Filter Last: Here is the Answer!

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how long does a pur water filter last

Sure, soda tastes good and is even addictive, but water is the key to our well-being. Still, we must be careful because water can also be harmful when contaminated, so it would be wise to use highly effective PUR filters on your water.

But if you’re wondering how long does a PUR water filter last, it depends on the type of filter, e.g. for a faucet, pitcher, dispenser, or fridge; frequency of its use; and quality of water supply.

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How Long Do PUR Water Filters Last and When Should You Change


For sure, PUR filters can deliver the great water quality you expect with their excellent technology. But for users of PUR water filter when to change their filter would be a frequently asked question.

Generally, PUR filter life varies among filter types. Once they have reached their full filtration capacity, it is time to replace them.

A PUR faucet filter can treat approximately 100 gallons of water for as long as 2 to 3 months. Pitcher and dispenser filters can provide up to 40 gallons of clean water for up to 2 months. PUR refrigerator filters, on the other hand, can cleanse around 100 to 200 gallons of water for up to 6 months.

Most PUR filters come with indicator lights in different colors, particularly green, yellow, and red, that help determines when to change them.

When the PUR water filter yellow light blinks, that means the filter should be replaced soon. When the red light blinks, that means it’s no longer functional and must be replaced immediately. The green light, on the other hand, indicates that the filter is doing perfectly in treating your water.

Factors That Affect the Lifespan of a PUR Filter

Earlier, it was mentioned that the different types of PUR filters differ in lifespan. Apart from that, how long PUR filters last also depends on your household size, frequency of use, and the quality of your water.

The bigger the household and the more frequently the filter is used, the replacement would have to be done. The same goes for water containing tons of contaminants, as that causes the filter to get filled with contaminants quickly.

Keep in Mind: Only Use Filters From PUR When Replacing Your Filter


It is only the PUR filters that fit perfectly and work best in PUR filtration systems, so it’s important to only use PUR filters every time you’re going to replace your PUR filtration system’s filter.

Although there may be several universal filters that may resemble an original PUR filter and cost less, they may have slight differences or flaws. That can cause water to leak around the filter instead of passing through.

The top-quality water filtration you desire can only be achieved with the use of PUR filters that are made for PUR systems. Moreover, the certifications PUR has acquired only apply to the use of PUR filters with PUR systems, so the quality of filtration won’t be the same with other filters.

How PUR Water Filters Work

PUR water filters work with PUR’s proprietary Mineral Core Filter Technology. This technology allows superb water filtration that effectively eliminates various kinds of pollutants, whether chemical or physical contaminants or heavy metals.

It’s also worth noting that PUR’s faucet filters are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) for the reduction of lead and 70 kinds of chemical and physical contaminants.

And the Water Quality Association (WQA) granted PUR filters the Gold Seal certification for meeting industry standards, passing annual manufacturing audits, and complying with all of WQA’s requirements.

PUR filters filtration materials are designed in multiple layers. Working on getting rid of chemical and physical contaminants in water are the activated carbon present in PUR filters. Meanwhile, their ion exchange materials eliminate heavy metals from water.

Over a period of serving your household with clean water, a filter would be filled with contaminants, which would adversely affect its performance. To continue to have a clean water supply, you must regularly change the PUR water filter.


While you can rely on a PUR water filter for delivering clean water, it’s up to you to maintain the clean water supply by changing your filter regularly.

Just pay attention to your filter system’s indicator lights to be notified if its filter is still working fine or if its filter would need to be replaced. But if your filtration system doesn’t come with indicator lights, just take note of the life span of the type of filter you have.

Hopefully, you now know the answer to “how long does a PUR Water filter last?” Thank you for reading!

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