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The Best Electronic Water Descalers

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best electronic water descaler

Many families love having soft water in their homes but dislike not getting calcium, magnesium, and other beneficial minerals lost in conventional water softeners. The best way to solve this dilemma is by installing the best electronic water descaler money can buy.

Electronic water descalers or electric water conditioners work by affecting hard minerals’ ability to stick to surfaces, giving families and households scale-free plumbing and water fixtures. However, not all water descalers are similar. Some water descalers are more effective than others. That is why one must understand at least three crucial factors in buying an electronic water descaler.

  • Descaler Type: Electronic water descalers come in two types: capacitive and electromagnetic. The latter type is the more common, although many households now prefer a capacitive type because of its greater effectiveness in preventing limescale formation. However, capacitive devices are often more expensive than electromagnetic types.
  • Descaling Efficiency: In general, water descalers can only manage hard water with a certain grains per gallon (GPG) level. For example, most products can only prevent limescale formation if the hard water level is below 25 GPG. Hence, it would be best to get a device with a higher descaling efficiency based on its GPG rating.
  • Pipe Compatibility: Physics dictates that electromagnetism is only possible when using electrically conductive materials. However, technological advances now make it possible to create an electromagnetic field even with plastic pipes. Unfortunately, not all electronic water descaler manufacturers have this technology.

Other factors can impact a potential buyer’s decision. We will discuss these other attributes in the buying guide and highlight them in the following product reviews.

Top 1

iSpring ED2000

GPG Rating 10 – 19 GPG
Flow Rate Unlimited
Cord Length 10 ft

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Top 2


GPG Rating up to 28 GPG
Flow Rate Unlimited
Cord Length 5 ft

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Top 3

Eddy ED6002P-US

GPG Rating 20 GPG
Flow Rate 10 GPM
Cord Length 4 ft

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Table of Contents

Top-rated Electronic Water Descaler Reviews

1. iSpring ED2000 Whole House Water Descaler

The iSpring ED2000 is a whole house descaler system. It works well with the iSpring whole house water filtration system to provide the family with more comprehensive water treatment without missing the beneficial minerals.

I love this water descaler’s robust design, like many electronic water descaler reviews highlight. It looks sturdier than other brands, complete with mounting screws for improved security and stability on the wall.

I also find its installation straightforward. The blue and red electrical wires are easy to wrap around water pipes. It also does not matter if one has PVC or PEX tubes because it works with both.

Although its descaling effectiveness is lower than the leading brand, its 10 GPG to 19 GPG rating is sufficient for most households. If one is not familiar with GPG units, this water descaler can handle hard water with up to 325 ppm of hardness minerals. The majority of US households have water hardness that is lower than this, making the iSpring ED2000 very useful.

Performance-wise, the water descaler’s electromagnetic force is effective up to 50 feet. I found some users who say they installed only one device for the whole house, and the system reduced hard water levels from different faucets. I am happy the product works as claimed.

The company is kind enough to say its product is not for hard water with at least 0.3 ppm iron. That way, users know whether or not they need additional water filters.
  • High descaling effectiveness, suitable for many households
  • Compatible with PVC and PEX pipes
  • Robust construction with screws
  • Hassle-free installation, works with other iSpring whole-house systems
  • Effective up to 50 feet
  • Not for water with high iron content
Despite this concern, this water descaler remains a popular choice among practical-minded homeowners. They get to protect their water appliances and plumbing system from limescale while ensuring the family gets the beneficial minerals they deserve from the water.

2. YARNA CWD24 Electronic Water Descaler System

If one believes in capacitive electronic water descaler system reviews, the YARNA CWD24 comes out on top. Not only is this product effective in preventing limescale formation, but it is also more efficient than electromagnetic systems. Dare I say it is more effective than the Eddy? Many users think so.

What separates this water descaler from other brands is its capacitive technology, utilizing an advanced microchip that controls the electric impulses it sends to the water. It leads to the clumping of calcium carbonate crystals that do not adhere to plumbing surfaces. People will appreciate limescale-free water fixtures after unit installation.

I am surprised with this water descaler’s flat electric bands. Most products I know have round wires, which can slip from the pipe during coiling. Yarna wires’ surface area allows them to remain in place easily.

This product is compatible with any hard water level, and the proof is in the device’s real-world usage. I know many households are happy with the product’s descaling performance, whether their water has 7 gpg or 28 gpg.

This water descaler also works with different pipe materials, including metal, PVC, stainless steel, compound, iron, copper, and PEx. Users will never have issues with its installation and performance, guaranteeing them limescale-free plumbing for a few years.

I like the water descaler’s IP54 ingress protection rating, signifying its outdoor application. Although I would prefer an IP67 rating, IP54 is sufficient for moderate rains. People will no longer worry about installing this device outside their homes.

I understand why this water descaler is pricier than electromagnetic units. It has a more advanced technology that merits the high price tag. However, one must be cautious because this product is only compatible with 3/8 to 1-inch water pipes.
  • Advanced descaling mechanism with microchip
  • Wires that wrap around pipes easily
  • Works with any hard water levels
  • Compatible with different water pipe materials
  • IP54 rating for outdoor use
  • The price is a little high
  • Only for ⅜ to 1-inch diameter pipes
These drawbacks are minor compared to what this water descaler offers, making it an exceptional buy.

3. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

Many homeowners consider the Eddy Electronic Water Descaler the best water descaler one can buy. After all, this brand is one of the first non-chemical water conditioners available on the market. With more than a decade of reliable performance, this water descaler has a place in the hearts of many families.

It has everything I can hope for from a UK brand. It is affordable, does its job splendidly, and comes with a fuss-free 12-month money-back guarantee (provided I get it from the company or its licensed distributors).

Installation can never be more straightforward than this. Wrapping the yellow and red wires around a water pipe’s straight section is as fun as coiling a rope around a tree branch. Mounting the device on the wall is also effortless because of its super-strong adhesive tape.

I love its descaling efficiency of at least 20 GPG. However, I doubt if it can handle water with >25 GPG levels. Nevertheless, its descaling capabilities translate to substantial limescale reduction in homes while giving families all the calcium and essential minerals they need for better health.

I also noticed from its product documentation that this electronic water descaler works with metal and plastic pipes. This information is good news for homes with PVC water tubing instead of the traditional steel or metal pipes. Some people might wonder how the system can create electromagnetism with a plastic material, but it does.

Unfortunately, one must also understand this device only works with water pipes with a 1.5-inch diameter or less.
  • High GPG rating (20 GPG)
  • Compatible with metal and plastic water pipes up to 1.5 inch in diameter
  • Effortless installation & affordable price
  • Proven track record in descaling water while retaining its minerals
  • 12-month 100% money-back guarantee
  • Not for large-diameter pipes
Overall, this electronic water descaler’s proven track record speaks a lot about its quality construction and descaling effectiveness. I will never mind recommending this product to anyone who needs calcium in their drinking and cooking water but not in their water fixtures.

4. HQUA 500E Electronic Water Descaler

The HQUA 500E is an excellent product to use in any descaling water filter system. It is one of the most effective and affordable electromagnetic descalers on the market.

I cannot hide my excitement over this water descaler because there are many innovations I cannot find in other products. One of the product’s most significant improvements is its mounting options.

Many water descalers on the market require a specific mounting position. This product does not. One can install it using the super-adhesive tape on the wall or secure it on the water pipe with ties.

Installation ease is not the only thing remarkable about this product. It can also manage very hard water up to 25 GPG. Some products can only neutralize about half this amount of hard minerals in the water, producing limescale in plumbing, water fixtures, and water appliances.

I also appreciate this water descaler’s efficiency. This product can alter the shape of magnesium and calcium carbonates in the water to prevent surface adhesion.

Another advantage of this water descaler over other brands is its UL certification. One can plug the unit in an electrical outlet like any appliance and never fret about high electric bills because it only draws 4 watts.

Although this product does not have sophisticated controls, it provides a fundamental mechanism for determining its optimum operating functionality. The LED lights serve as indicators for function, making it easier to know if the unit is working or not.

One must understand that this product only works with 1.5-inch-diameter water pipes or less. If one has a larger-diameter tube, it would be best to pick another product. It is also not waterproof, so people must protect it against the elements.
  • Multiple installation options
  • High descaling efficiency with budget-friendly price
  • Low power consumption with UL certification
  • Doesn’t require a specific mounting position
  • 25 GPG capacity and indicator LED lights
  • Not for large-diameter water pipes
  • Not for outdoor use
Nevertheless, this water descaler offers an excellent combination of affordability, functionality, and form factor.

5. CPTDCL Electronic Descaler Water Conditioner

DIYers and budget-conscious homeowners will be glad to get the CPTDCL electronic descaler water conditioner. This product is among the most inexpensive water descalers one can buy without compromising limescale reduction.

I was astonished to get this water descaler for the price of Starbucks coffee. That is how affordable this product is, making it an exceptional choice for frugal folks who are not ready to part with their hard-earned money.

While this water descaler is a bargain, there is nothing in its performance that highlights its affordability. It is similar to the Pi computer systems people use in different DIY robotics and computer projects, harnessing creativity while offering an effective solution.

This water descaler has a straightforward design with a low power consumption of only 0.5 watts. It still plugs into an electrical outlet. However, its power draw is insufficient to hike one’s monthly electric bills.

Families will love what this water descaler can do for their plumbing systems and water appliances. It retains beneficial minerals in the water, helping people with osteoporosis and other health problems get the essential minerals they need.

Its effectiveness in descaling hard water is also noteworthy. Although it cannot match the descaling efficiency of other brands, having a 10.5 GPG to 12 GPG rating is a feat. One can install this water descaler within 15 minutes, get it running, and start enjoying the benefits of mineral-rich water.

One might wonder why this product is so inexpensive. Unlike other water descalers, this product does not have a shell or casing. Homeowners should never install this unit outdoors without fabricating a waterproof enclosure. On the other hand, DIYers will love it because they can customize the unit’s housing.
  • Recommended for moderate to hard water levels (10.5 to 12 GPG)
  • Low power consumption (0.5W)
  • Doesn’t remove beneficial minerals
  • Suitable for DIYers
  • Hassle-free to install
  • A very affordable water descaler
  • No casing
This electronic water descaler’s affordable price might put off some people, thinking it is garbage and cannot perform its function. However, many users laud the water descaler’s performance.

6. YARNA CWD30 Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler

Families with medium-diameter water pipes (1.5 to 2 inches) should consider getting the YARNA CWD30 capacitive water descaler. This product is similar to the CWD24, except that the latter can only accommodate a maximum of 1-inch pipes.

I love this water descaler’s capacitive technology because it addresses some of an electromagnetic water descaler’s limitations. For example, most EM units can only handle water with mineral levels not greater than 20 grains per gallon. This product does not put a cap on what it can do. Anyone can install this system in their home and say goodbye to limescale forever.

Some electromagnetic products also cannot exert their water descaling capabilities on plastic pipes. This water descaler uses an intelligent microchip to deliver electricity across the tubing, sufficient to cause a change in the carbonate structure regardless of the pipe material. Hence, one can have steel, copper, iron, PVC, PEX, or other water tubing materials, and this product will descale the system.

Installing the water descaler is also more straightforward than some people think. The flat electrical bands help in securing the coil around pipes while ensuring a substantial capacitive coverage. One can also mount this system outdoors because of its IP55 rating.

Most water descalers come with a flimsy ABS plastic enclosure. This product does not. The company is generous enough to use extra-sturdy yet lightweight carbon fiber material for its housing.

Sadly, these features jack up this water descaler’s price beyond the reach of budget-conscious people. The good news? The water descaler’s unparalleled performance and weatherproofing more than make up for its pricey status.
  • Advanced capacitive technology
  • No limit on hard water levels
  • Compatible with many pipe materials & pipes up to 2 inches in diameter
  • Pain-free installation
  • Waterproof carbon fiber enclosure with a modern, minimalist design
  • Very pricey
If one wants a reliable electronic water descaler without limits, I strongly recommend this product. Its performance is exceptional, and its installation is pain-free. The product’s modern and minimalist design also makes it a suitable water descaler for style-oriented folks.

7. H20EliteLabs EWC-Max 1 Electronic Water Conditioner

The H2OEliteLabs EWC-Max 1 Electronic Water Conditioner is a surprisingly effective electromagnetic descaler. It works like other water descalers on the market but with a few advantages separating it from the competition.

I was dumbfounded to learn this water descaler has a 35 GPG maximum hard water rating. I find it surprising because most electromagnetic water descalers do not breach the 25 GPG barrier. The company is not kidding when it says its product can handle very high levels of hard minerals in the water.

I am glad H20EliteLabs also provides proof of its product performance. It has certifications from independent organizations, including the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO), Pennsylvania State University, and Mississippi State University. The device also has a UL certification, giving users peace of mind.

This water descaler also has a wider electromagnetic coverage than other brands. A single unit is sufficient to keep hard minerals from sticking on pipes in a 5,000-square-foot house. I consider that outstanding coverage.

I also love its pipe compatibility. Homeowners will never fret about the unsuitability of their existing water tubes because this product accommodates copper, CPVC, PEX, and PVC pipes. If one wants a more effortless operation, I recommend getting the optional leak detector. It will not put a dent in the budget because this water descaler is already affordable.

While I applaud this water descaler’s exceptional performance and versatility, I wish it could accommodate larger-diameter water pipes. For now, it is only suitable for 1.25-inch tubes. Moreover, its design makes it an indoor use-only device.
  • 35 GPG rating
  • Recommended for homes up to 5,000 square feet
  • Compatible with different pipe materials, easy to set up
  • Optional leak detector
  • Multiple quality certifications
  • An attractive price
  • 25-inch maximum pipe size
  • Indoor use only
Regardless, I am happy to recommend this water descaler to modern families who want a reliable and proven device to safeguard their plumbing against limescale formation. It is affordable, a cinch to install, and works like a charm. That is hard to beat.

8. ScaleSweeper SW-17 Water Descaler

Many electronic water descalers require drilling holes in the wall for mounting. The ScaleSweeper SW-17 does not, making installation as effortless and pain-free as possible. Its performance is also on par with leading water descalers without hurting the family budget.

I am excited about this water descaler because of its unique mounting. Instead of drilling holes on wall surfaces, the device comes with holes for ties. One can secure the water descaler on the water pipe itself, whether horizontally or vertically. The design puts the electrical wires closer to the unit, ensuring better electromagnetic coverage.

Although it cannot match a capacitive electronic water descaler, this product can still accommodate substantially high hard mineral levels up to 25 GPG. It is perfect for homes with water hardness levels of 425 ppm or less, making it an ideal solution for many households.

This hard water descaler is also energy-efficient, drawing only 5 watts to deliver 0.09 amps into the water. It is sufficient in changing the carbonate crystals’ adhesion properties, saving plumbing systems from limescale buildup.

I also like this water descaler’s pipe compatibility. People can mount it on almost any water tubing material, including copper, galvanized & stainless steel, PVC, and PEX. That is one less worry for novice DIYers.

I am also surprised to learn this product costs half the price of other brands. It gives families exceptional savings while protecting their water fixtures against limescale formation.

However, I caution prospective buyers against installing this product outdoors because it does not have substantial weatherproofing. Moreover, its performance dips if used in water with high iron concentrations. In such cases, I suggest installing an iron filter before mounting this water descaler.
  • High-efficiency water descaler, handles 25 gpg and 425 ppm
  • No drilling required, can be mounted on pipes horizontally or vertically
  • Low power consumption (5W)
  • Expansive pipe compatibility
  • Doesn’t cost much
  • Not for water with high iron levels
  • Not for outdoor installation
Despite these concerns, the water descaler remains a favorite of many households because of its exceptional combination of performance, energy efficiency, affordability, and effortless installation.

9. YARNA CWD48 Electronic Water Descaler System

The YARNA CWD48 is the top-rated electric whole house water descaler money can buy, hands down. It has an ingenious descaling technology, exceptional compatibility, and features very few products can match.

I love this water descaler’s sophisticated form, ditching the traditional boxy look for a more contemporary style. Like the CWD24 and CWD30, this water descaler features a state-of-the-art capacitive technology that alters carbonate shape and prevents surface adhesion.

I like the large LCD that showcases waveforms in real-time. Nobody will second-guess its operation and performance because the bright graphics provide all the information one needs. The circular design also translates to better space saving. One can mount the device on a wall or secure it on the pipe with the accompanying zip ties.

The electronic wire bands are also flat, ensuring security and stability as one wraps them around any pipe. This system is perfect for large households, accommodating any hard water level and 4-inch tubes. It also works with different materials, such as copper, stainless steel, galvanized iron, PEX, and PVC.

I am astonished to learn this water descaler can prevent limescale formation up to 1.2 miles away. It is also IP65-rated, making the unit suitable for households that want their water descalers outdoors.

People can say goodbye to limescale buildup forever and say hello to healthy living. The water descaler also safeguards the family’s well-being by retaining the minerals essential for optimum health.

Unsurprisingly, this water descaler is one of the most expensive on the market. However, it remains a steal for many folks compared with conventional water softeners.
  • State-of-the-art capacitive water descaler technology
  • No restriction on water hardness level, doesn’t remove minerals
  • Exceptionally-wide descaling coverage
  • Extensive pipe type and diameter compatibility, two mounting methods
  • With real-time WaveForm display and a contemporary, compact design
  • IP65-rated weatherproofing and flat wire bands
  • One of most expensive choices
This capacitive-type electronic water descaler is the best system money can buy. It has an unrivaled performance, unparalleled compatibility, and unbeaten all-weather protection. The water descaler may be expensive, but it is worth every penny spent.

10. SCALE BLASTER SB-75 Water Descaler

Families who want to try a different water descaler brand can check out the SCALE BLASTER SB-75. This product can save households hundreds of dollars from limescale-related plumbing repairs. It can also safeguard their health by giving them the beneficial minerals in the water.

This water descaler features an electromagnetic technology that modifies the carbonate structure in the water. It can handle up to 19 grains of hard minerals per gallon, ensuring none of these compounds adhere to plumbing surfaces. Households will never worry about limescale buildup in their water fixtures again.

Installing this water descaler is as straightforward as one can imagine. Its 7.5 x 4.75 x 2.2-inch dimension does not take up too much wall space. With slots on both sides, securing the unit on the water pipe is also a cinch. That is one less issue to fret about.

Like the water descalers in this list, this product is compatible with various water pipe materials. If one has stainless steel piping, this water descaler works. It is also compatible with copper, PEX, and PVC materials for excellent versatility.

People will also feel confident about this water descaler’s electrical safety because it has UL and CUL certifications. There is no risk of electrical fires and similar accidents, giving families peace of mind.

My only concern about this water descaler is its price. Without a warranty and good-but-not-exceptional features, I find it challenging to accept its price tag. However, it is still one of the smaller and efficient electronic descalers.
  • Efficient water descaling performance to safeguard our plumbing and health
  • Handles up to 19 grains of hard minerals per gallon
  • Effortless installation with slots
  • Extensive pipe compatibility & space-saving design
  • UL and CUL listed
  • No warranty
  • Pricey for its features
This water descaler remains a worthy alternative for households. It protects water appliances and plumbing fixtures against limescale formation and ensures a healthy family by giving everyone the essential minerals for good health.

11. Calmat 1-6004-000USA Electronic Water Treatment

The Calmat 1-6004-000USA is a water descaler with a unique mineral management technology. Whereas most products produce an electromagnetic field, this water descaler creates electrical impulse frequencies to modify hard minerals’ molecular structure.

I find this technology intriguing because it works similarly to an electromagnetic system, except for the actual mechanism of molecular disruption. The electric impulses are like shockwaves that break up calcium and magnesium carbonates, forming larger crystals without surface adhesion properties.

Although I could not find credible information about this water descaler’s GPG rating, I found several users vouching for its performance. This product can handle at least 25 GPG hard water levels, making it on par with the top electromagnetic descalers.

I cannot expect anything less because this is a German brand. At least, people will never worry about its quality or performance, unlike many Chinese-made brands.

Mounting this water scaler on the pipe is simple. It secures in place because of its lightweight yet robust design. The bottom slots also accept zip ties for mounting on water pipes. It also does not matter what material the water tube is because the water descaler can work with anything.

My absolute favorite is the water descaler’s five-year warranty. Most brands I know only provide 12 months for their products. I am happy to learn this water descaler will stay with me for a long time. Moreover, the extended guarantee is proof of the company’s firm belief in its products.

I understand if some people do not like this water descaler because of its hefty price tag. However, I must remind prospective buyers they are getting a German product known for its performance. And with its 5-year warranty, I will be more than willing to pay more.
  • Unique electric impulse technology that handles a minimum of 25 GPG
  • Multi-pipe compatibility
  • High-quality German technology
  • Effortless installation with zip ties
  • Longer warranty than other water descaler brands
  • Not budget-friendly
This water descaler is perfect for anyone who has the budget for German technology. It works, is effortless to install, and delivers substantial savings in the long run.

What to Look for When Buying Electronic Water Descalers


Some people might think that buying the best electronic water descaler is a breeze after learning about the product’s fundamental components. While this may be true, some people might still be confused about which product to choose from a sea of selection. Here are several water descaler factors prospective buyers must consider.

  • Water Descaler Type

People have two choices for a water descaler, although a third technology is gaining momentum.

  • Electromagnetic

An electromagnetic water descaler is the most common type people can buy in the market. These products produce an electromagnetic field that modifies the shape of carbonate crystals, preventing their adhesion onto plumbing surfaces. Electromagnetic devices are inexpensive but may have insufficient coverage for a large house.

  • Capacitive

Capacitive descalers also produce an electromagnetic field like EM devices. However, these products feature an advanced capacitor to deliver electric current to its wires.

One advantage of this system is its hard water effectiveness, handling any calcium and magnesium carbonate level. Unfortunately, capacitive descalers can cost at least twice more than an ordinary electromagnetic descaler.

  • Electric Impulse

An electric impulse water descaler works to modify hard mineral composition instead of creating an electromagnetic field to disrupt carbonate chemistry. The alteration prevents carbonate compounds from adhering onto surfaces, eliminating scale buildup.

Because it is a new technology, one can expect these products to be more expensive than electromagnetic and capacitive descalers.

  • Water Descaling Effectiveness

It would be best to understand that descalers do not remove hard minerals such as magnesium and calcium carbonate. Instead, these products prevent carbonate adhesion onto surfaces to eliminate scale formation.

One way to determine a product’s descaling effectiveness is its grains per gallon (GPG) rating. Capacitive descalers have the upper hand on this matter because they are limitless. On the other hand, electromagnetic descalers cap their descaling efficiency to 25 GPG. However, some advanced units can go up to 35 GPG.

  • Pipe Compatibility

Elementary physics dictates that electromagnetism only works with metal objects. Hence, people assume that electromagnetic descalers only work with steel and iron pipes. However, many products today are also compatible with plastics, including PVC and PEX. It would be best to check pipe material compatibility before buying.

  • Weatherproofing

Electric water descalers draw their power from an electric source, most often an electrical outlet. That is why many products are for indoor use only. The good news is that some manufacturers design their water descalers with exceptional weatherproofing.

Buyers who want to install these products outdoors must look for their ingress protection rating. It should be at least IP65.

  • User Confidence

It is one thing to read comprehensive smart descaler reviews and a different matter listening to real people’s experiences. While customer reviews can be biased, consumer opinions enable a prospective buyer to form a clear picture of how the water descaler works in real life.

It would be best to go through each customer review to understand consumer sentiment about the water descaler. Recurring issues often present themselves, serving as red flags for the buyer.

  • Warranty

Most electronic water descaler manufacturers guarantee their products up to 12 months, although a few can extend the warranty period to five years or longer.

Unfortunately, some companies also do not cover their water descalers for any defects. It would be best to check customer reviews to evaluate how the company honors its warranty commitments.

A product with an extended warranty tells buyers two things. First, the company vouches for the product’s high-quality construction and performance. Second, it implies durability.

  • Price

In general, water descalers are more affordable than conventional water softeners. However, there is a substantial price difference among the various water descaler types. Electromagnetic units are the least expensive, while capacitive and electric impulse devices are the priciest.

One must also consider the warranty in the price equation. Low-priced products typically do not have guarantees, and there is a chance they might not last very long. These options require early replacement, which can increase the overall cost.

Do Electronic Water Descalers Really Work


Yes, electronic water descalers work but not as effectively as water softeners. It is also the answer people get when asking, do magnetic water descalers work?

Limescale formation (scaling) results from the adhesion of calcium ions onto plumbing surfaces. Electronic water descalers prevent ionic surface adhesion, eliminating limescale formation.

Most electric water descalers have a box and a pair of wires that people wrap around the main water pipe. If one remembers his elementary physics class, wrapping electric wires around a metal rod and running electricity can produce electromagnetism.

The resulting electromagnetic field rearranges the calcium ions in the water, clumping them together to produce larger calcium crystals with fewer free ions. The result makes the calcium compounds less likely to adhere to the inside surfaces of plumbing and water fixtures.

Calcium and other hard minerals remain in the water. That is why most people can still taste and smell these compounds in their water.

It is essential to understand that descalers only change hard minerals’ ability to adhere to surfaces, not remove them from the water.

Where Do You Put an Electronic Water Descaler

Many electronic water descaler manufacturers recommend installing their products as a point-of-entry device – meaning, one must set up the device anywhere along the house’s main waterline.

However, some companies advertise their products as a point-of-use water descaler, requiring installation near faucets or fixtures the homeowner wants to prevent limescale from forming. Most of these products have a short-range electromagnetic field.

Regardless of where the homeowner decides to install the water descaler, it must be near an electric outlet. These products require electricity to create an electromagnetic field, preventing calcium surface adhesion.

How Do You Install an Electronic Water Descaler

Many electronic descaler reviews highlight the system’s installation ease as one of its most significant advantages. There are no storage tanks to fret about or messy plumbing works.

An electronic water softener or conditioner (as descalers are sometimes called) only includes three fundamental components. There is a box-like contraption that delivers an electrical current through the wires wrapped around the waterline. The device has a power cord for connecting to an electrical outlet.

Installing a water descaler is a cinch, and one can get this system up and running in minutes. One must read the manufacturer’s installation instructions for a hassle-free set-up. Nevertheless, the following steps highlight the product’s installation ease.

  • Step 1. Determine the location installation. It would be best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations: whether to set the device in the main water line or not. Whatever the case, the water pipe section must be sufficiently long to allow the coiling of the electric wires.
  • Step 2. Wrap the two descaler electric wires around the water pipe section, ensuring to leave a four to six-inch space between the two loops. The connectors must also be sufficiently long to plug into the descaler unit.
  • Step 3. Mount the electronic descaler onto the wall. Most products have double-sided adhesive tape, while others may require traditional fasteners. Some products allow mounting on the pipe with zip ties.
  • Step 4. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and turn on the device.

Water Softener Vs Descaler: What’s the Difference

The principal difference between a water softener and a descaler is their impact on calcium and other hard minerals. A water softener removes these compounds, resulting in close to zero water hardness minerals.

On the other hand, a descaler only changes the hard water minerals’ chemical characteristics to prevent surface adhesion and limescale formation. Testing the descaled water will reveal that the grains per gallon (GPG) results are similar to regular water.

The good news is that one can drink calcium, magnesium, and other minerals for improved health. Families also do not need to fret over limescale in their fixtures and water appliances.

Examining the various electronic water descaler pros and cons reveals that this product’s principal advantages are affordability and ease of installation. These products cannot have a simpler design: an electronic box, two wires, and a power cord.

If you have a DIY spirit, you can build your own electronic descaler. All you need is a device capable of producing low-voltage current and a pair of electric wires to loop around the water pipe.

Conversely, water softeners may require professional installation. They require modification of the existing plumbing to accommodate the ion-exchange media tank and the brine tank. In some cases, water softener installation might also call for a sediment pre-filter.


The best electronic water descaler saves families from costly plumbing repairs due to limescale buildup. It also safeguards water fixture and appliance integrity, enabling households to enjoy scale-free water. Moreover, people do not get rid of beneficial minerals in the water, consuming them in their drinks or food for better health.

Unfortunately, choosing the right electronic descaler can be daunting for some. That is why one must be cautious and methodical in researching the best unit to bring home.

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