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How to Change Your Frigidaire Water Filter in 6 Easy Steps

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how to change your frigidaire water filter

Is your ice maker producing cloudy cubes that turn your drinks into unappealing beverages? Do you smell a whiff of an odd scent from your drinking water? You can address these concerns if you know how to change your Frigidaire water filter.

Water filtration membranes do not last a lifetime, with many products filtering water for only several months. Most Frigidaire water filters have a lifespan of six months, although some families may observe a shorter filter service life.

Nevertheless, replacing the Frigidaire water filter is an uncomplicated process you can complete within minutes.

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Things You Need for This Tutorial


One great thing about Frigidaire refrigerators is their ease of filter cartridge replacement. Fridge owners do not need any fancy tool to remove the membrane from its housing. All you need is the correct filter replacement to pop into your fridge’s water filter housing.

It would also be best to have your owner’s manual on hand. You can check the water filter type present in your refrigerator. This information also gives you an idea of the water filter’s location and the correct process for removing the filtration membrane.

If you intend to use a different water filter, ensure it is compatible with your refrigerator unit. Check the fittings too see if they are similar to what your fridge already has. Otherwise, you will end up with a costlier water filter replacement.

Steps to Replacing Your Frigidaire Water Filter


Step 1. Determine the water filter type of your fridge.

Frigidaire water filters come in three types: a cup filter style, a push filter design, and a slide-and-click cassette filter type.

It would be best to check what filter type you have in your Frigidaire. This action will facilitate the effortless removal of the old filtration unit and the mounting of a new one.

Step 2. Locate the fridge’s water filter.

You can find Frigidaire water filters in one of two locations. The first is inside the fridge’s top-right corner. This location is where you can see the push filter design and a cup filter style.

If you have the slide-and-click cassette filter type, you will also find this in the fridge’s interior but near the front right.

If your Frigidaire’s water filter is not in these areas, you can try checking for a grille near the fridge’s bottom.

Alternatively, you might want to follow the water supply line going to your Frigidaire. It should give you a rough estimate of the water filter’s location.

Step 3. Remove the old filter.

Cut off the water supply going to your refrigerator by turning off the shutoff valve.

Most Frigidaire refrigerators have a button or knob securing their water filter compartment.

For the push-type water filter, all you need is to press it against its bracket to release.

If you have the slide-and-click cassette water filter, you will find a button on the water filter compartment. Press this button to release the old filter from the housing.

Cup-type water filters have different release mechanisms. The company recommends twisting the filter cover 90 degrees to the left (counterclockwise) to access the filtration membrane inside the canister. Grab the filter membrane and pull it down from the compartment.

You are now ready to replace the Frigidaire water filter.

Step 4. Install the new water filtration unit.

Get your new Frigidaire refrigerator water filter replacement and inspect for any sign of damage or deformity. Ideally, you will want to do this step before you remove the old water filter.

Your replacement filter has a protective film on it to safeguard it against dirt, dust, and other particles. Ensure to remove the film before water filter installation.

If your water filter is the push type, you can hold its body and slide it into the water filter compartment. Push it as far as it can go until it locks into place.

If you have the cup-style water filter, push the replacement unit straight into the water filter housing. Ensure to slide the nozzle end first. Twist the external housing to secure it.

As for the cassette-style water filter, you only need to slide it into the water filter compartment. Push the unit in until you hear a click, signaling its secure position.

Step 5. Prime the water filter.

Changing the Frigidaire water filter does not end with the actual replacement of the water filtration unit. It is always essential to prime the device by running water through it for several minutes or until you reach a certain volume of water.

Priming removes any loose filter media from the unit, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear water at first use.

Frigidaire recommends priming its filters with 1.5 gallons of water. Open the water supply line to your fridge and let the water run for about three to four minutes. Discard this water or you can use it to water your plants.

Pro Tip: It would be best to check for leaks while priming the water filter. You might see sputtering and spurting from your water dispenser. These observations are normal because the priming activity pushes air out of the system.

Step 6. Reset the water filter dater, if any.

Check if your Frigidaire refrigerator has a water filter reset button. You should see this feature on the fridge’s control panel.

If you see the button, press it for three seconds to change the display indicator from red to green. You can start drinking the water from the dispenser and making crystal clear ice cubes after resetting the water filter dater.

Here is an informative video from Abt Electronics showing how to replace a Frigidaire water filter.


Replacing your Frigidaire water filter is as effortless as popping the old filtration membrane from its canister. Of course, you will have to determine the water filter’s precise location first. You can complete this project in five minutes or less, requiring no tools whatsoever. Furthermore, we put together some suitable tips, and tricks for you, such as how to flush and clean a refrigerator water filter and how to bypass the water filter on a refrigerator.

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