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The Best Water Infuser Pitchers for a Refreshing Drink

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best water infuser pitcher

Only the best water infuser pitcher can give families all the health-giving benefits of water fortified with natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial substances. Fruit-infused water is one of the tastiest and healthiest drinks one can ever have.

Narrowing one’s choices of an infusion pitcher requires a careful examination of several variables, especially the top three features one has to look for when buying this product.

  • Pitcher Material: People want infuser pitchers that can last them many years and will not leech unwanted chemicals into the water. It would be best to get a high-borate borosilicate glass pitcher if one can afford it. If one wants a more affordable option, a BPA-free thermoplastic pitcher is an excellent choice.
  • Infuser Rod Type: The infusion core is central to an infuser pitcher’s design, separating solid ingredients from the water and allowing only flavor molecules to disperse. Standard infusers are ideal for fruit-infused drinks, while loose tea infusers are perfect for fine-grained elements. Ice cores are also exceptional in keeping the infused water cold.
  • Temperature Stability: Some people want to infuse natural flavors into their hot drinks. That is why the pitcher’s temperature stability is of paramount importance. Ideally, one should pick a pitcher with a wide temperature range from 0 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. For cold water, check the lowest temperature the pitcher can accommodate.

Fruit infuser pitchers have other features potential buyers may want. One can see these characteristics in our review of the bestselling infuser pitchers on the market and in the comprehensive buying guide we prepared.

Top 1

Prodyne FI-3

Weight 1.1 Pounds
Material BPA-free Acrylic
Capacity 2.9 Quarts

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Top 2

Hiware INPER

Weight 1.84 Pounds
Material Borosilicate Glass
Capacity 2 Quarts

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Top 3

MAMI WATA 4335464462

Weight 1.61 Pounds
Material Tritan Polymer
Capacity 2.12 Quarts

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Table of Contents

Best Water Infuser Pitcher Reviews

1. Prodyne FI-3 Fruit Infusion Flavor Pitcher

The Prodyne FI-3 might be the best fruit infusion pitcher in my opinion. This water jug is one of the most beautiful on the market, complete with a sultry silhouette that can be an excellent conversation piece in small gatherings.

I love this infuser pitcher, especially its transparent acrylic construction. People will think it is a glass container because of its astonishing quality craftsmanship. One will never feel embarrassed serving guests refreshments during parties, relying on the pitcher’s glass-like qualities and the colorful fruits to give the jug an appealing look.

I also like this pitcher’s 93-ounce capacity, allowing me to serve up to ten thirsty visitors. The infuser rod features medium-sized holes suitable for infusing the natural goodness of fruits, herbs, and vegetables into the water. The core secures tightly under the lid, ensuring better fruit infusion.

Pouring drinks is also never an issue. I find its handle perfect on the hand, never feeling flimsy nor fragile. The acrylic material is also thick, although I would have preferred Tritan plastic. The good news is that it is free from BPA and BPS and can withstand temperatures of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Potential buyers must know they cannot clean this pitcher in the dishwasher, relying on manual washing only. Additionally, its ovoid design prevents twist-locking the lid for spill prevention.
  • High-capacity pitcher for more servings
  • Medium-sized slots in infuser rod for better infusion
  • Premium-quality BPA-free acrylic for safety, durability, and temperature stability
  • Thick handle for pouring convenience
  • Elegant design for enhanced aesthetics
  • Handwash only
  • Lid does not lock
The Prodyne fruit infusion flavor pitcher is a water jug masterpiece, something that people will want to serve drinks with any time.

2. Hiware INPER Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

People who are wary of plastic materials should consider the Hiware INPER Fruit Infuser. Made of premium quality, high-borate borosilicate glass, this Hiware glass water infuser pitcher is one of the best on the market.

I adore the company’s lid design because it integrates two essential elements – the infuser basket and a built-in filter. One can choose not to remove the infusion core because there is an opening on the lid that provides direct access to the basket. Users can open the hatch and dump their favorite fruits and other ingredients straight in.

Of course, one can choose to remove the infusion basket if one wants an ordinary serving pitcher. This jug can handle scalding hot beverages of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit or cold drinks at 0 degrees. If one prefers adding fruit slices into the container, there is a filter to prevent pouring bits into the glass.

I also like its wide mouth, ensuring effortless cleaning. Most people will not mind because they can pop it in their dishwasher anytime. Pouring flavorful water is also mess-free since the pitcher has a non-dripping spout and spill-proof lid.

Unfortunately, this pitcher can only handle about 64 ounces of fruit-infused drinks. Its strainer and infuser holes are also large for loose tea leaves.
  • Premium-quality, high-borate glass for durability and temperature stability
  • Lid-integrated infuser basket for effortless addition of ingredients
  • Spill-proof lid with integrated strainer for convenience
  • Large-diameter mouth for hassle-free cleaning and ingredient addition
  • Wide-range temperature stability for safety
  • Smaller capacity than other infuser pitchers
  • Not for infusing tea
Despite these concerns, I will not mind getting several of these pitchers for my family. Its temperature stability is spot-on, and the pitcher’s aesthetics is as elegant as any other.

3. MAMI WATA 4335464462 Fruit Water Pitcher

There are many reasons why I consider the MAMI WATA the best infuser pitcher one can ever buy. I find its infuser core suitable for more diverse ingredients.

Forming the core of this infuser jug is a stainless steel mesh rod. It is perfect for infusing fruits, herbs, vegetables, coffee grounds, and loose tea leaves, making it an excellent coffee and tea infuser pitcher. Not only can I make healthy and tasty fruit-infused drinks. Making cold brew coffee or tea is also a cinch.

I also love its Tritan construction, far better than ordinary acrylic materials. It will never shatter nor warp under extreme heat. I can place this in the microwave and heat my coffee or tea, allowing me to enjoy a delicious cup after downing a glass of fruit-infused water.

The pitcher’s locking lid mechanism took my breath away. Never again will users worry about spilling the jug’s content if they accidentally tip it over. The lid forms a hermetic seal on the rim, preventing liquids from escaping. Pouring drinks is also never an issue because the cover comes with a lockable slide opening.

I love its straightforward design, following the classic silhouette of a beaker with a wide bottom that slowly tapers to the top.
  • Fine mesh filter for enhanced infusion of tinier ingredients
  • High-quality Tritan polymer for shatter-proofing and temperature stability
  • Super-secure lid closing and locking mechanism for better spill-proofing
  • Clean and straightforward design for minimalist aesthetics
  • Dishwasher-safe for convenience
  • Difficult to remove ingredients stuck in the filter
Although dishwasher-safe, it can be tedious to remove the bits in the mesh. If one wants a versatile infuser pitcher, I strongly recommend getting this product. Its flexibility is worth every penny one spends on it.

4. Primula PFBK-3725 Flavor-It Beverage

If I had my way, I will get a couple of the Primula Flavor-It Beverage System. This water infusing pitcher is one of the most versatile products I have seen in a long while.

The secret to this pitcher’s phenomenal versatility is its triple infuser core. People may think this is merely another infusing jug. However, one can disassemble the column into three distinct elements.

The outer component cools the beverage fast, giving people refreshing drinks in less time. The flavor infuser accommodates various ingredients, while the tea basket handles loose tea leaves.

I am blown away by this unique pitcher design, allowing me to prepare different beverages using the same jug. The container also does not contain BPA and other harmful chemicals, so there are no worries about undermining the drink’s safety.

I also love its slim profile, ensuring ease of storage in a refrigerator door shelf. One can also pop it in a dishwasher’s top rack for effortless disinfection and cleaning. There is no more tedious brushing, although bits and pieces can get in the fine mesh filter.

What surprised me the most is its price, especially when compared to the company’s other fruit infused water pitchers with so-so features.

I must reiterate this pitcher does not feature Tritan, so it can be a bummer for some people.
  • Triple infuser core for enhanced flavor infusion and beverage cooling
  • High-quality BPA-free plastic for safety
  • Fits refrigerator door shelves for better storage
  • Dishwasher-safe design for improved convenience
  • More affordable than other Primula pitchers
  • Not Tritan thermoplastic material
  • Tea infuser can be tricky to clean
Regardless, its three-in-one infusion capabilities are enough for me to recommend this product to anyone. Families will love its versatility, ease of use, and effortless cleaning.

5. Cestari Infusion Pitcher Water Pitcher

Fans of Euro-style houseware can rejoice with the Cestari glass fruit infusion pitcher. This container may not have lavish ornaments or a whistle-bait silhouette. However, it gets the job done by giving people nutritious and flavorful water to drink.

Like many infuser pitchers made of glass, I like this product’s high-borate construction. It ensures thermal stability from 0 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing users to create their favorite cold beverages and hot drinks in one vessel. The pitcher’s temperature stability also makes it suitable for dishwasher cleaning.

The European styling is something else. It is not the classic Victorian elegance one can get from UK-inspired pitchers. However, its streamlined look makes for an interesting piece on the dinner table and the party desk. Its sleek form also makes it effortless to slot on the door shelf of one’s refrigerator.

Making and pouring fruit-infused water, lemonade, iced tea, and even cold brew coffee is easy. The flavor infuser core accepts any ingredient one may have, except tiny ones. One can use tea bags instead of loose tea leaves.

Potential buyers must be aware of this pitcher’s 44-ounce capacity, which may be insufficient for most families. At 1.52 pounds, I do not recommend this infuser to people with diminished hand and arm strength.
  • Classic European styling for timeless elegance
  • Premium-quality glass pitcher with exceptional temperature stability
  • Perfect fit on refrigerator door shelves
  • Accommodates hot and cold beverages for versatility
  • Effortless, spill-free pouring
  • Small capacity
  • Heavy
This product is perfect for anyone who prefers glass over plastic. It has excellent temperature stability, is safe on food and drinks, and is elegant enough to display in one’s cabinet or the dinner table.

6. Primula TSIYW-3630 Infuse Pitcher

The Primula Today Shake and Infuse is an innovative infuser pitcher suitable for families who want more servings per batch of fruit-infused water. It can provide 96 ounces of vitamin-packed water to anyone in the home.

This Primula infuser pitcher has one of the most spacious infuser cores I have seen. I tried inserting more than a cup of sliced fruits, herbs, and vegetables, ensuring a more flavorful and more nutritious drink for everyone.

The holes are small enough to prevent the escape of ingredients into the water, providing a beverage with greater clarity anyone can enjoy.

I love its twisting and lockable lid, guaranteeing excellent spill-proofing. The top handle makes it easy to unlock the cover, giving one access to its core. While the pitcher is plastic, the company ensures it does not contain lead, mercury, BPS, BPA, phthalates, and other harmful chemicals.

People can also pop the pitcher in the freezer if they want to cool their drinks faster than putting it in the refrigerator. I find it perfect for making instant slushies or smoothies, suitable for the summertime.

Unfortunately, I find its price a bit steep for its features, especially its ordinary looks. Moreover, cleaning can be tricky since this pitcher is not dishwasher-safe.
  • Large-capacity infuser core for more ingredients
  • Lockable lid for improved spill-proofing
  • Freezer-safe design for convenience
  • BPA, phthalate, lead, and PVC-free construction for safety
  • Large capacity container for more servings
  • Pricy for its features
  • Tricky to clean
Nevertheless, I believe modern families deserve a safe, large-capacity, and spill-proof infuser pitcher. This product ticks the right boxes, making it suitable for anyone who does not mind using a plastic container.

7. Gift Essentials Water Infuser Pitcher

The Gift Essentials pitcher with infuser insert is one of the loveliest infuser jugs one can ever buy. It can even outclass more expensive glassware without looking cheap.

I love the diamond facet pattern on this pitcher’s body, making it sparkle in the light. Adding ice cubes to the pitcher can accentuate the glitter this container produces. It would be an exciting conversation piece among friends and acquaintances while enjoying nutritious, delicious, and sugar-free drinks.

Unlike other infuser pitchers, this product comes with a long infusing rod. The rod’s lower edge almost touches the pitcher’s bottom, allowing users to fill it with at least two cups of fresh-cut vegetables and sliced fruits. One can also make fascinating iced tea using tea bags instead of loose tea leaves.

I also love the thick and well-balanced handle, allowing for effortless carrying and pouring. The lid does not lock into place, but it never spills or leaks. Serving infused water, and other cold beverages is an absolute joy because the pitcher will never strain the hands, wrists, nor arms. It is effortless to maintain and clean, too.

Unfortunately, I find its 70-ounce capacity insufficient for some households. It also does not have an ice core to extend the preferred temperature of cold beverages.
  • Full-length infuser core for more ingredients
  • Elegant, glass-like acrylic pitcher with diamond facet pattern
  • Affordable infuser for budget-conscious families
  • Effortless maintenance and cleaning
  • Comfortable handle for hassle-free pouring
  • No ice core
  • Not for large families
I still love this pitcher, though. It is more beautiful than any glass infuser pitchers I ever owned, making for an interesting piece in one’s display cabinet. Infusing flavors and nutrients into the water is never problematic.

8. Karafu K-6761XX Fruit Infuser Pitcher

Not many infuser pitchers are as stunning and functional as the Karafu K-6761XX. Among our infuser jugs in this list, this is the only product that has no plastic component in it. Some pitchers may have glass, yet their infuser chambers are still plastic materials. This product features food-grade stainless steel.

Let me focus on the infuser rod first. I love its miniature holes, allowing for the perfect infusion of flavors and nutrients into the water. It may not be an ultra-fine mesh filter, but I believe it can sieve loose tea leaves like magic. One can retain the clarity of the beverage with this rod.

Users can also put ice cubes in it to keep the beverage cold for as long as possible.

As for the glass, it is thicker than any pitcher I have seen so far. This glass water pitcher with fruit infuser can sit on a stovetop and heat one’s coffee, milk, or tea. People with large microwave ovens can also pop this jug inside without worrying about breakage or warping.

The company also integrated a palisade-type filter in the lid, perfect for preventing large chunks of ingredients from dropping into the glass.

As expected, this pitcher is so heavy that the elderly and children may have to use both hands to carry it. Moreover, its 60-ounce capacity can be insufficient for some families.
  • Premium stainless steel mesh infuser rod for safety and flavor infusion efficiency
  • Compatible with loose tea leaves and coarse coffee grounds
  • Simple yet elegant borosilicate glass design for durability
  • Wide temperature stability for flexibility
  • Lid-integrated palisade strainer for more efficient large chunk filtration
  • Heavy for children and the elderly to carry
  • Small capacity (60 ounces)
Regardless, there are plenty of things to love about this infuser pitcher. Its glass and stainless steel construction alone are enough to make this jug the go-to container for health-conscious folks.

9. Takeya 10422 Flavor Infusion Maker

The Takeya 10422 is one of the bestselling water pitchers with infusers on the market today. It has straightforward styling and reliable flavor infusion components that deliver delicious and nutritious drinks for the whole family.

Available in five sizes, one can pick the pitcher best suited to the family’s needs. I love this jug’s clean infuser basket, complete with elongated holes that allow flavor molecules to pass through with ease. It can accommodate herbs, fruit slices, and vegetable bits to make a nutritious drink even kids will enjoy.

The lid secures over the mouth, eliminating spills and leaks. The container can tip over and still retain its contents. I also like this pitcher’s handle, ensuring a more solid grip without causing discomfort. Although not Tritan, the plastic material is BPA-free. That is welcome news for safety-conscious folks.

While the company says its pitcher can serve as a tea infuser, I have my doubts. The holes are wider than necessary that loose tea leaf bits can easily pass through. Moreover, I find reassembling the infuser core back into the lid can be problematic. It would be best no to disassemble the unit when cleaning.
  • Premium quality infuser core for improved flavor infusion
  • Leak-proof design for convenience
  • BPA-free pitcher for enhanced safety
  • Sturdy and ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Airtight lid for effective spill-proofing
  • Tricky to reassemble
  • Not for loose tea leaves
I like this infuser pitcher for its simplicity and reliability. This pitcher makes a worthy travel companion, too.

10. BOTTLE BOTTLE Fruit Infuser Pitcher

The BOTTLE BOTTLE Fruit Infuser Pitcher is an excellent choice for wise and health-oriented families. This infused water container has a minimalist design with an ergonomic handle, ensuring a more comfortable and efficient serving of flavored water and other refreshments.

This infuser pitcher comes with a single infusing rod that doubles as an ice core. One only needs to ditch the fruits or tea bags in favor of ice cubes to keep the drink as cool as possible. Enjoying infused water, iced tea, sangria, lemonade, and other refreshments is as effortless as getting a waiter to serve these beverages.

I also like its 74-ounce capacity, ensuring families can serve enough drinks for everyone. What I love the most is this pitcher’s spout opening-locking mechanism. One pushes a button, slides the top handle, and pours the drink into a waiting glass. I find it convenient to ensure exceptional spill-proofing.

I also love the company’s use of premium-quality Tritan, unlike other brands that utilize acrylic or ordinary plastic materials. People can feel more confident about this jug’s durability and heat resistance. It allows them to serve hot coffee, tea, or chocolate and warm milk effortlessly.

While the handle is ergonomic, this pitcher is quite heavy at 1.1 pounds when empty. The company also recommends cleaning the pitcher by hand instead of popping it in the dishwasher.
  • Multipurpose infuser rod for versatility
  • Large-capacity pitcher for more servings
  • Sliding spout opening for spill-free pouring
  • Heat-resistant, high-quality Tritan for durability
  • Ergonomic handle and clean pitcher design
  • Handwashing recommended
  • A bit heavy (1.1 pounds)
Nevertheless, its multipurpose rod design and reliable construction make this pitcher an excellent choice for any health-conscious family.

11. Home Ikon 800 Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

The Home Ikon 800 is a water infused pitcher suitable for families that want a healthy drink with long-lasting coolness.

I like this pitcher’s geometry-inspired design, complete with a distinct angle at the low waist that tapers to a flat bottom. It looks like a traditional wide-bodied pitcher, except for the sharp corner at the container’s lower one-third.

The standard flavor infuser also has a different design. Most products I know have horizontal or vertical-oriented slots. This pitcher features an olive branch-like pattern with the holes slanting upwards from the center.

While it does not improve flavor infusion, this slot arrangement can make for a fascinating ornament to its fruit-filled chamber.

This infuser pitcher also comes with an ice core that people can fill with ice or fill with water for freezing. They can then replace the flavor infuser with this cooling element to extend the beverage’s ideal temperature.

Capable of serving 2.6 quarts of flavored water, this pitcher features safe acrylic materials. One can remove the infuser core and use the pitcher as a serving vessel during parties or dinner time.

My only lament is that I have seen products with three infuser cores yet more affordable. This pitcher’s five-inch depth may also not fit some refrigerator door shelves.
  • Fruit infuser for more flavorful infusions
  • Ice core for longer-lasting beverage cooling
  • BPA-free, high-quality acrylic for durability and safety
  • High capacity pitcher for more servings
  • Unique and versatile design
  • May not fit certain refrigerator door shelves
  • Pricey for its features
Regardless, this is one of the best water infuser pitchers makes for an interesting piece on the dining table. One can use it for different applications, too.

12. Homeries Fruit Infuser Water Pitcher

People who want to give their families sugar-free, healthy drinks should consider the Homeries water infuser jug. This pitcher is more affordable than other products with the same design without undermining its flavor-enhancing properties.

I find it unbelievable that a three-core unit can be this inexpensive. Some products with only two cores are less affordable, making this infuser pitcher a steal for bargain hunters.

This product only has two infuser cores, except that one can handle either tea bags or fruits and vegetables. The other rod is perfect for holding ice cubes, extending the cold drink’s ideal temperature by at least four hours. Making refreshments is hassle-free, thanks to this product’s reliable infusion technology.

I also adore the pitcher’s sexy S-shaped figure that curves outwards at the spout. The handle provides a dramatic contrast to the inward waist, much like a whistle-bait beach bod. The pitcher features non-toxic acrylic. I cannot see any temperature stability information, but I can guess this jug can withstand at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Removing the rods turns the pitcher into an all-purpose vessel, serving drinks to anyone at home or parties.

I only wish this pitcher was dishwasher-safe. Additionally, while it can make iced tea, this jug can only handle tea bags and not loose tea leaves.
  • Three infuser rods for optimum convenience
  • Stylish S-shaped design for aesthetics
  • High-quality, food-safe acrylic material for durability
  • Versatile design for different applications
  • More affordable than similar three-core infuser pitchers
  • Handwash only
  • Teabags only
Nevertheless, its elegance and infusion functionality are enough reasons to buy this infuser pitcher.

13. Chef’s Inspirations Infusion Water Pitcher

The Chef’s Inspirations 3 Core Infusion Water Pitcher is an elegant container that features premium quality materials and innovative three-piece infuser tools. This product beats other water pitchers with fruit infusers for its style and function.

I love the product’s three infuser cores, including an ice core, a tea infuser, and a fruit infusion column.

I can make a refreshing iced tea with the tea infuser core before replacing it with the flavor element, allowing me to diffuse all the goodness and nutrition of fresh fruits. Right after concocting the drink, I can place the ice core to fast-track the beverage cooling process.

No one will believe this pitcher is plastic because of its classic styling. The only element that gives away its non-glass nature is the lid-handle unit. The pitcher’s body is as crystal clear as any premium glass.

The cover’s design also allows for drip-free pouring, eliminating messes on the countertop or table surface. Tritan is also one of the most durable plastics one can get.

Storing the flavored water in the refrigerator is also effortless. It fits standard refrigerator door shelves because it is only about 4.2 inches deep.

Sadly, I find its price steeper than expected. It will be justifiable if the pitcher features borosilicate glass material. It can also be tricky to clean because the company recommends hand washing only.
  • Three infuser cores for a more comprehensive beverage-making experience
  • Elegant design for improved aesthetics
  • Ergonomic handle and drip-free spout for convenience
  • Fits refrigerator door shelves for improved storage
  • Tritan plastic for durability and safety
  • A bit pricey
  • Tricky to clean
Nonetheless, its triple infuser cores are enough to make me recommend this product to anyone who needs the best-flavored water possible.

14. Global Home Innovations Water Pitcher

The Global Home Innovations is a fruit diffuser pitcher worth one’s consideration. It is a stylish pitcher as it is functional in delivering flavored water and other healthy beverages to the modern family.

I like this infuser container’s overall design, mimicking the classic elegance of glassware with its curvy silhouette. No one will ever think that this jug is plastic. Instead, people will get the idea that one uses a high-end glass pitcher to serve them drinks.

The infuser rod has holes suitable for allowing flavor and nutrient molecules to disperse through the water. One can put strawberry and orange slices in the spacious chamber or several tea bags for a fascinating iced tea. The company also provides an extra rod for accommodating ice cubes, perfect for keeping the drink cold for up to three hours.

With a 2.9-quart capacity, this pitcher is perfect for large homes or people hosting a small gathering. Its BPA-free plastic can offer comfort to anyone wary about cheap materials.

My only concern is that I cannot find any outstanding feature that justifies its hefty price tag. I also learned of a few customer complaints about the handle breaking off from the pitcher and other durability issues.
  • Multipurpose infuser rod for beverage flexibility
  • Ice rod for longer-lasting cold water temperature
  • High-capacity infuser pitcher for more servings
  • BPA-free plastic material for safety
  • Stylish design for enhanced aesthetics
  • A few issues about product durability
  • Pricey for its features
While these are legitimate concerns, I still recommend this infuser pitcher for its flavor infusion capabilities. It is also more stylish than other products, making it suitable for families who want to impress during parties and other gatherings.

What to Look for When Buying Water Infuser Pitcher


Choosing the best water infuser pitcher is not that difficult, especially for people who already know how to shop for high-quality houseware. On the other hand, newbies may find the selection process intimidating and challenging. This buying guide should make it easy for anyone to choose the right infuser pitcher to bring to the family.

Pitcher Material

Infuser pitchers come in two fundamental materials: glass and plastic. In general, a glass pitcher with infuser is preferable to plastic products because it is a lot safer.

Some plastic manufacturers add harmful substances to their production processes, undermining the pitcher’s safety. Examples of these toxic compounds include BPA, BPS, lead, and phthalates.

Glass infuser pitchers do not contain these substances, making them a safer choice. Glass products are also recyclable, lowering the infuser pitcher’s impact on the environment.

The only downside of glass pitchers is that they can shatter, not to mention quite expensive. That is why one must choose a borosilicate glass with a high borate content for exceptional shatter-proofing and thermal resistance.

Plastics can come in different forms, including Tritan, acrylic, and other plastic materials. One’s best bet is Tritan because it is food-grade, BPA-free, and FDA-approved. It is also more thermally stable than acrylic. Unfortunately, Tritan can increase the pitcher’s retail price compared to acrylic or other plastic materials.

Infuser Core Type

Infusers come in three types: flavor or fruit infusers, tea infusers, and ice core.

Flavor infusers have medium-sized holes that trap large fruit and vegetable slices in the chamber while allowing flavor molecules to pass through. Any ingredient smaller than the holes can move into the water and affect the drink’s clarity.

On the other hand, a tea infuser features fine mesh. The holes are similar to a fine sieve, allowing people to add loose tea leaves in the chamber. If the pores are small enough, one can even use it to make iced coffee or cold brew coffee.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers combine the tea infuser with the flavor infuser. This arrangement can still work. However, one can only use tea bags because loose tea leaves can pass through the infuser core’s holes.

The third type is an ice core, which accommodates ice cubes. Some manufacturers allow users to fill their ice rods with water for freezing. They can insert the ice core in the pitcher to prolong the beverage’s cold temperature.

Temperature Stability

This feature is only essential if one will use the infuser pitcher to make hot drinks. As such, the pitcher must withstand at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Most plastics cannot tolerate high heat, while glass can.

If one wishes to make frozen delights, a pitcher with a low-temperature threshold is ideal. One might want a jug with a 0 degree Fahrenheit rating.


Infuser pitchers come in various sizes, ranging from 32 ounces to 98 ounces and more. Small families may want to start with a 64-ounce infuser pitcher because it is more economical.

Ease of Cleaning

Pitchers with exceptional thermal resistance are easy to clean by popping them into a dishwasher’s top rack. Unfortunately, some manufacturers only recommend hand washing their products, making it tedious to clean. What can be tricky is when the pitcher has a fine mesh filter for an infuser core.

Can We Drink Infused Water Everyday


Yes, you can drink fruit-infused water every day. Fruits contain vitamins, minerals, and other substances beneficial to one’s health. It is also a more pleasant method for introducing various fruit flavors to children while boosting their immunity and nervous system functioning.

However, one should use only filtered water in making any fruit-infused concoction. Unfiltered water can contain toxins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and other organic compounds detrimental to one’s health.

It would also be best to use only fresh fruits and other ingredients. It is not necessary to go organic. However, if it can bring you peace of mind, infusing organic produce into the water is always an excellent idea.

Homemade fruit-infused water contains zero calories, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. On the other hand, store-bought products can contain carbohydrates, spiking their calorie content to about 52 per serving. Manufacturers often add other ingredients to enhance the product’s flavor.

How Do You Use a Water Infusion Pitcher

Water infuser pitchers are pretty straightforward to use. For starters, they look like an ordinary water jug with the addition of a central column that attaches to the lid. This element contains the ingredients as they steep in the water.

The first step to using an infuser pitcher is to clean it and prepare the ingredients. One has to choose the fruits, vegetables, and herbs one wants to infuse into the water. Only the freshest, pesticide-free ingredients will suffice. Clean these ingredients thoroughly before cutting them into pieces, small enough to fit the infusion column.

Place the ingredients into the infuser and secure the lid. Fill your pitcher with filtered water, noting the recommended volume as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Insert the fruit-filled infuser into its chamber in the pitcher and let it infuse for at least half an hour in the refrigerator. For best results, one can infuse the flavors for 12 hours.

Some chefs recommend mushing the ingredients with a wooden spoon before putting the water jug with fruit infuser in the refrigerator. Muddling releases the ingredients’ flavor molecules, resulting in a more flavorful infused water.

How Long Can You Leave Fruit in Infuser Water Pitcher

Three days is the maximum number of days you can leave fruits in a water pitcher infuser if refrigerated at the correct temperature. Unrefrigerated, fruit-infused water can only last for about a day.

Flavored water enthusiasts say one can achieve the best flavors within 12 hours. Beyond this time period, the fruits can turn bitter, making for an unpleasant experience.

While reusing the fruit is possible, one should only do it once. However, if the fruit already looks messy, it would be best to replace the ingredient with a fresh one.

Can I Prepare Hot Drinks in an Infusion Pitcher

Yes, you can prepare hot drinks in an infusion pitcher, provided you check the jug’s temperature tolerance. Most water infusion pitchers can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

For example, brewed coffee’s ideal temperature is between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. As such, one can use an infusion pitcher to prepare coffee or any other hot beverage. If one’s jug can only accommodate up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, it may not be wise to use it for making hot drinks.


Using the best water infuser pitcher helps hydrate and nourish the body with multivitamins and minerals from natural food sources. It is one of the best products to help you stay healthy especially in these tough times.

Picking the right water infuser pitcher boils down to one’s preferences regarding the product’s material, infuser rod type, temperature stability, capacity, ease of cleaning, and other inherent characteristics. These parameters should empower potential buyers to own the best possible infuser pitcher for their families.

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