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The Best Water Filters for Lead Removal

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best water filter for lead removal

In recent history, there have been a couple of mishaps regarding lead found in drinking water in pipes worldwide. Because of water pipes built with lead decades ago, modern families face the risk of having their drinking and cooking water contaminated with this toxic chemical.

It’s your responsibility to find the best water filter for lead removal to help you and your family stay worry-free when drinking water and cooking your favorite dishes. It’s a surefire way to protect your health and that of everyone you love.

Lead is a serious issue every home has to watch out for. When people accidentally ingest water with lead laced into it, it poses a serious threat to their health. It could lead to brain damage and behavioral issues, so to say that it’s pertinent to remove lead from water would be an understatement.

Here are some of the most effective water filters that remove lead today.


Top 1

PUR FM3700

Weight 1.15 Pounds
Material Plastic
Capacity 100 Gallons

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Top 2

Waterdrop WD-FC-01

Weight ‎1.01 Pounds
Material Lead-free Material
Capacity 320 Gallons

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Top 3

Brita TU_1398282

Weight 3 Pounds
Material Plastic, BPA-free
Capacity 1.125 Gallons

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Table of Contents

Best Water Filter for Lead Removal Reviews

1. PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter

If you want a simpler water filter that is highly effective but doesn’t give you the headache of setting up under complicated pipes, try this faucet-mounted filter by PUR.

This filter sits right next to the mouth of your faucet instead of under it. It’s very easy to attach—just one click of the filter to your faucet, and you’re all set to go.

It includes PUR’s unique MineralClear filter to ensure that your drinking water has a crisp and clean taste without any foul and rancid odors peeking through.

The filter works to reduce up to 70 contaminants, including lead, mercury, pesticides, and more. It’s said that PUR filters get rid of more toxic chemicals than any other filtration system brand out there, which is perfect if you’re on the hunt for the best lead water filter.

Like most PUR filters, this one has a light fixture that helps indicate when you need to replace your filter.

This filter works for most faucets. However, they’re not compatible with hand-held and pull-out faucets because setting it up won’t be as seamless.

While this filter has a sleek, chrome design that’s pleasant to the eye, it can look a bit bulky. Since it’s mounted on the faucet and not in a hidden area, like under the sink, you can see how big it is right next to your faucet and other kitchen and bathroom supplies.
  • Easy to attach onto your faucet because it does so in one click
  • Includes a MineralClear filter to make sure your water has a clean taste
  • Reduces up to 70 toxic contaminants, including lead and certain pesticides
  • Has a filter light to indicate when you need to replace the filter
  • Works for most faucets, except hand-held and pull-out faucets
  • Can look bulky on your faucet since it’s not in a hidden part of the sink
This PUR water filter that removes lead is among the easiest to set up, so it’s perfect if you don’t want to go through the hassle of plumbing or doing a twist-and-lock under the sink.

2. Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Filtration System

If you want a filter that’s easy to attach without getting your hands dirty under the pipes, try out this faucet filter by Waterdrop. It makes your water a lot cleaner and more refreshing for consumption by eliminating lead and foul tastes and odors to quench your thirst worry-free.

The filters used for this system are made with activated carbon fiber that provides an extremely clean filtration process for your water. It intercepts and strains out large particles and dangerous chemicals, like lead and chlorine.

Each filter can clean up to 320 gallons of water, which is good for about three months of use. That means you’ll only have to change filters four times a year, which saves you a lot of time.

The filtered faucet is designed with leak-proof technology that allows it to be shut tight without any dripping. It’s also great because no water is wasted when you’re not using the filtered faucet.

This system is compatible with almost all standard faucets, except pull-out and hand-held faucets, as well as ones that are sensor-activated.

While many faucet filters are made of stainless steel, the main adapter of this one is made of plastic. Because of that, it may not be as durable as other faucet filtration system options.
  • Makes water cleaner by eliminating lead and other dangerous chemicals
  • Made with activated carbon fiber for an ultra-clean pass-through of water
  • Can clean up to 320 gallons of water, good for three months of use
  • The filtered faucet is made with a leak-proof technology to avoid dripping
  • Can fit all standard faucets except pull-out, sensor, and hand-held faucets
  • The main adapter is made of plastic, which may not be so durable
This is one of the best faucet lead filters for drinking water because of how precise the ACF filters strain clean and refreshing water. I also love that the leak-proof technology will alleviate worries about wastage and annoyingly persistent dripping in the kitchen or bathroom.

3. Brita Ultra Max with 1 Longlast Filter

Like PUR, Brita is one of those gold standard brand names in the filtration system industry. But do Brita filters remove lead just as effectively? This dispenser-type filter sure does.

This filtering dispenser is made without harmful BPAs to ensure your family is as safe as can be when they drink water. The design saves a lot of space in the kitchen and can even fit in refrigerator shelves.

The filter gets rid of harmful chemicals like lead, mercury, chlorine, and more. Each filter can last six months before replacement is needed. The dispenser has an electronic indicator to signal when your filter needs replacing.

This dispenser can hold up to 18 cups of water. That means you don’t have to keep refilling because your water won’t run out that quickly.

The lid at the top of the dispenser is easy to load water into. It also has a quick and convenient lock-in to close it when it’s full of water. There’s also an easy-out spigot for you to pour water into your drinking glasses with no hassle.

My only issue with this dispenser is that the filter doesn’t perfectly fit the mounting hole at the top. This could risk some leaks of unfiltered water into the reservoir. But this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re extra careful with how you pour the water into the filter.
  • A BPA-free filtration water dispenser that saves space
  • Gets rid of lead, mercury, chlorine, and other damaging toxins
  • Has an electronic indicator lighting up to remind you to replace your filter
  • Can hold up to 18 cups of water for less frequent refilling
  • The lid at the top is easy to load water with and lock in when it’s full
  • Has an easy-out spigot to dispense water out
  • Doesn’t fit the mounting hole that well, risking some leaks of unfiltered water
When people think of what water filters remove lead, Brita is always top-of-mind—and this dispenser doesn’t disappoint! It’s a convenient way to ensure your drinking water is filtered and cleaned right before drinking it.

4. Frizzlife MK99 Water Filtration System

Water filters can sound intimidating at first. You may think you’ll need the help of plumbing professionals to get it set up at home. But with a filtration system like this from Frizzlife, filtering lead out of your water can be simple.

This filter system doesn’t need much effort to set up. All you have to do is install it with a quick twist-in method in the pipes under your sink to lock it in place, which can be done in five minutes or less.

This system uses a technologically advanced process to filter out harmful chemicals in your drinking and cooking water. The process has not one but two ultra-precise stages to ensure you only get clean, lead-free water because of its stringent process.

This filter claims to remove up to 99.99% of toxic chemicals in the water. These chemicals include lead, fluoride, copper, arsenic, volatile compounds, chlorine, and other bad minerals for your health and body.

It allows a strong flow of water from the tap. It also automatically shuts off if you need to replace the cartridge, even if you’re running water. That makes cartridge replacement a lot more hassle-free.

The only con about this lead filtration system is that the flow of water can become weak in just a matter of two or three months. That means you should always keep a replacement cartridge on hand so you can switch it out once the original cartridge has been worn out.
  • Quick to install because it’s just a twist-in that can be done in five minutes
  • Has a technologically advanced filtering process in two stages for precision
  • Removes up to 99.99% of toxic chemicals like lead, copper, and more
  • Automatically shuts off even if the water is running
  • Easy cartridge replacement thanks to its special design
  • Allows a high, strong flow of running water
  • After just a couple of months, the water flow becomes a bit weak
If you’ve been on the hunt for a lead water filter under sink in the kitchen or bathroom, you’ll love this one by Frizzlife. You can’t beat the promise of 99% of chemicals eliminated for such an easy and simple installation.

5. Waterdrop 10UA Water Filter System

Another option for a water filter under the sink is this one by Waterdrop. It’s designed with a stringent and discerning three-stage process to filter lead out of water, as well as other harmful toxins and chemicals like arsenic and fluoride. Because of its strict process, it gets rid of 99% of the harmful contaminants.

Not only does it get rid of all these dangerous chemicals, but it inhibits the growth of bacteria in the water too. With this filter system, you don’t have to worry about the purity of your supply.

This filter retains the minerals in your water that are beneficial to your health, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and sodium. It gets rid of the bad stuff while only giving you the things to help you get healthier.

My favorite part about this filter is it can go through 8,000 gallons of water, which is good enough for an entire year’s use.

Because of its under the sink format, it’s easy to set up. Just push to connect the pipes and use the easy twist-and-lock settings, and you’ll be done in as quick as five minutes.

However, it’s important to note that this filtration system can only be installed in cold water supply lines. While it’s very convenient for many areas in the house, it’s a bummer that you can’t use it on a hot water supply, which tends to have more lead than cold water.
  • Three-stage filtration eliminates 99% of the harmful contaminants
  • Reduces the amount of heavy metals while inhibiting bacteria growth
  • Retains minerals that are beneficial for your health
  • High capacity at 8,000 gallons of water or up to a year of use
  • Easy push-to-connect and twist-in installation procedures under the sink
  • It can only be installed in cold water supply lines
It’s incredibly important that a water filtration lead removal system is very accurate in how it cleans the water, and this system by Waterdrop is among the most accurate I’ve found. It works hard to filter out not just toxic contaminants but growing bacteria as well.

6. Filtrete Maximum Water Filtration System

If you’re worried your pipes might have a bit of rust and that your water can sometimes come up a bit dirty and sandy, try out this under-the-sink filtration system by Filtrete.

It takes away 99% of lead, microbial and 97% of chlorine, so you can be left only with pure, clean water. It also eliminates any foul odors and tastes that make your water taste a bit off.

Aside from getting rid of these harmful chemicals, the filter can also take out sediments of up to 0.5 microns. This means you can get rid of soil, sand, and even rust building up in your water without you knowing it.

It’s super easy to install because you don’t need a new faucet to set it up; it accommodates any faucet you currently own. The filter gives your faucets a high flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute, so you don’t sacrifice your comfortable water flow.

This filter has a fairly long life of six months before it needs to be replaced. It’s better than the filter life of just a couple of months for other small sink filters.

But compared to other water filters that you can easily install with easy twists and locks under the sink in two minutes, this system takes longer to set up. There are additional steps to get done, and you may end up working on it for 30 minutes.
  • Takes away lead, chlorine, microbial cysts, and foul tastes and odors
  • Can filter out sediments of up to 0.5 microns like sand, rust, and soil
  • Easy installation at any existing sink without installing a new one
  • Provides a high flow rate of about 1.5 gallons of clean water every minute
  • Has a fairly long filter life of six months
  • Takes longer to install than other sink filters at 30 minutes set-up time
If you’re looking for a filter to clean out not just lead but also tiny sediments so your water can be crystal clear, try this system. It’s one of the best filters for lead in water because it takes care of sand and soil.

7. PUR PPT111W Water Filter Pitcher

If you’re not a fan of water filter installation, you can get straight to this product and filter out lead as you pour glasses of water to drink. One of my favorite water pitchers that remove lead is this one by PUR.

This pitcher filter reduces the presence of lead, heavy metals, and pesticides in your water. It’s terrific because your water gets cleaned as you pour it into glasses ready to drink from.

Unlike filters that you need to attach to water pipes and faucets, it’s easy to insert and lock the filters into this pitcher. Just insert it into the filter section at the top of the pitcher, and you’re all set.

It’s also a breeze to load up with water. It’s designed with an easy-fill lid that you just pop open to put more water in. The pitcher is very high capacity and can hold up to 11 cups of water. You won’t have to keep refilling often.

The pitcher also has some lights that help indicate when your filter should be replaced. It’s convenient for those who don’t know how to tell when a filter has become too worn out.

I don’t like the design of this pitcher filter because it only takes a few days of regular use before the filter gets clogged up and no water can pass through. This means you have to change the filter more often.
  • Reduces lead, heavy metals, and pesticides as you pour water into glasses
  • Easy to insert and lock in your lead filters in the pitcher
  • Has an easy-fill lid that you pop open to load up more water into
  • Has high capacity: carry up to 11 cups of water
  • Lights indicate when your filter needs to be replaced
  • The filters can start clogging up after a few days
This PUR water filter is awesome because it can be practically used by anyone—even kids! No technical setups here. Just a quick and easy lead water filter pitcher to help clean and purify what you’re about to drink.

8. Woder WD-S-8K-DC Water Filtration System

If you’re looking for a filter with an immense capacity for water filtration, you may enjoy this one by Woder the most. It can filter up to 8,480 gallons of water in its lifetime, so you know it will last you quite a while before it needs to be replaced.

It comes in a filtration system kit with direct connect inlet and outlet hoses that are both 3/8 x ¼ to fit your standard pipes and valves. Setting up is easy and can be done in mere minutes with no professional plumbing required to install it.

This filter gets rid of 99% of lead and other dangerous contaminants such as mercury and chlorine. It ensures your drinking water is free of any of these toxins that can lead to serious health implications.

Simultaneously, the filter is made with a unique technology that allows it to retain the healthy minerals naturally found in water. These include calcium for strong bones and teeth, magnesium to help boost immunity, and potassium for the heart.

This filtration system claims to last for a minimum of three years under your sink. But based on experience, its life capacity isn’t that extreme. It can last you over a year, which is more than enough time, but three years is a bit of an overpromise.
  • Filters through an immense capacity of water at up to 8,480 gallons
  • Comes in a complete filter kit with standard inlet and outlet hoses
  • Hoses fit perfectly into standard pipes and valves for easy installation
  • Gets rid of 99% of dangerous contaminants like lead, mercury, etc
  • Has a unique technology that retains the healthy essential minerals
  • Good longevity but it doesn’t last for a minimum of three years as it claims
If you’re looking for something with a higher filtering capacity but at the same time will leave the good, essential minerals in your drinking water to help out with your health, you’ll love this home lead water filter for under the sink.

9. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

It’s super convenient to leave a drinking water filter in the fridge when not in use, but do refrigerator water filters remove lead? If you have a good filter pitcher like this one from Clearly Filtered, then they definitely can.

This pitcher filters out over 230 unique kinds of toxic chemicals, including common ones like lead, chlorine, arsenic, copper, and more. It also eliminates the more obscure bad stuff, such as hexavalent chromium, herbicides, benzene, and VOCs.

And while it gets rid of all the nasty toxins that could be detrimental to our health, it still finds a way to retain healthy minerals, like calcium and potassium.

The pitcher is made with BPA-free Tritan, so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals from plastic that may leach into your newly cleaned water. Since the day I started using this water filter, my worry went away because I know that my drinking water is always clean and healthy.

It can carry up to ten cups of drinking water, which means no more repetitive refilling for your convenience. It’s the perfect size to store in the fridge if you like extra cool water.

The best part is that Clearly Filtered offers a lifetime warranty for this pitcher. If it gets broken, you can have it replaced.

The only issue with this pitcher is that the top cover moves around quite a lot when water is being poured out to drink. It’s not locked securely to the top of the pitcher, so you’ll need to keep your other hand on top of the cover to keep it from toppling over.
  • Filters out over 230 kinds of toxic chemicals, such as lead, arsenic, etc
  • Retains healthy and nutritious minerals like calcium and potassium
  • The pitcher is made with BPA-free Tritan
  • Carries ten cups of drinking water that you can store in the fridge
  • You get a lifetime warranty for this pitcher
  • The top cover tends to move around a lot when water is being poured out
It’s extremely impressive that out of all the water filter pitchers that remove lead we’ve seen on this list, this Clearly Filtered one can eliminate the highest number of contaminants.

10. Crater Aqua Systems Shower Water Filter

Toxic chemicals can be extremely bad for your health when you drink them. However, many people overlook its detrimental effects when your shower water contains those contaminants too. That’s why it’s crucial to use a good shower filter that removes lead, such as this one by Crater Aqua Systems.

This filter goes through a stringent 15-stage system to make sure your shower water doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can mess up the condition of your nails, hair, and skin.

The system uses activated carbon and some calcium sulfite to get rid of chemicals like lead and chlorine in the water. It also uniquely uses silver ceramic balls that weed out bacteria growth that can be floating around in your water.

This filter can effectively clean out both hot and cold water, so you can enjoy refreshing water no matter what your shower temp preference. You still get a heavy water flow when this filter is attached, so you can still have a satisfying bath.

I also love the improvement in the health of my nails, skin, and hair once my family started using this filter. Because there are no dangerous chemicals to dull them down, they started to glow.

The filter is very heavy, so your shower head holder must have the ability to hold heavy equipment securely. If not, you run the risk of your filter breaking and falling to your shower floor.
  • A 15-stage filtration system to ensure your water is free of chemicals
  • Uses active carbon and silver ceramic balls to get rid of bacteria
  • Can effectively get rid of harmful chemicals for both hot and cold water
  • Still provides a heavy flow of water in the shower
  • Improves the condition of your hair and nails
  • It’s a very heavy filter, so you need an extremely durable showerhead holder
Installing a shower filter is another smart way to get rid of lead in your water. When using this shower filter by Crater Aqua Systems, you’ll notice an improvement in your skin, nails, and hair, so it’s worth a shot.

11. iSpring RCC7 Drinking Filtration System

If you prefer your drinking water to be lead-free and completely pure—meaning without any minerals at all—it’s best that you opt for a reverse osmosis filtration system, like this one from iSpring.

This filter cleans water extremely thoroughly. It gets rid of toxic chemicals you shouldn’t be drinking, as well as other minerals that may be healthy for the body. This process is called “reverse osmosis.” It softens the water and filters it to the point of being stripped down and completely pure of contaminants.

This system reduces toxins like lead and chlorine by 99.9%, so you’re only left with very clean and refreshing water for drinking.

It’s designed with an intense five-stage process, including a sediment filter, a carbon filter, and a reverse osmosis filter. This ensures that the filtration is very precise, and you get water that has absolutely no contaminants in it.

It can be installed under the sink so that it doesn’t take up too much space on your counter. It also has a leak-free installation, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted dripping under the sink.

The only bit about this filtration system is that installation can still be a hassle. Unlike other under the sink systems that you can set up on your own, you will need the help of a plumbing professional to set this one up for you, which could cost more money and precious time.
  • Gets rid of toxic chemicals and other minerals for completely pure water
  • Reduces contaminants up to 99.9% for more purified water
  • Has an intense five-stage process to be precise in cleaning your water
  • Installed under the sink, so it doesn’t take up space on your counter
  • Designed for leak-free installation, so you don’t have leaking issues
  • You will still need the help of a plumbing professional to install this system
This iSpring reverse osmosis filtration system is a great way to filter out all contaminants in your water—from bad chemicals to essential minerals—so you’re only left with pure, “softened” water.

12. Frizzlife Water Filter System SK99

Does your water filter remove lead in the most accurate way possible? Precision is important for eliminating harmful toxins and chemicals, which is why you must get a filter as meticulous as this one.

The SK99 by Frizzlife is a three-stage filtration process that promises high precision when eliminating contaminants from your drinking water.

The system has three cartridges it passes through. The first is a 0.5-micron filter that weeds out all the sediments, like dirty soil and sand. It goes through two other stringent filters to remove 99% of lead, chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and other chemicals that are dangerous to consume.

Don’t be intimidated—this system is easy to install under your sink. You don’t need professional help to do it, either. With its easy twist-in technology, you can attach it to your pipes in just a few minutes.

I also love how you get a heavy water flow with this filter, which reaches up to 2 GPM—that means a little over 100ml of water per second! You won’t have to deal with a slow or weak water stream when using this filtration system.

The three stages in this filter system take the form of three cartridges instead of the usual single-cartridge filter under the sink. Because of that, the system takes up more space than most filtration systems.
  • Three-stage filtration process for high precision
  • Goes through a 0.5-micron sediment filter to get sand and soil out
  • Removes over 99% of dangerous chemicals (lead, fluoride, heavy metals)
  • Easy to set up without a plumber because of its twist-in technology
  • Provides heavy water flow of 2 GPM
  • Takes up more space than other filters under the sink since it has three cartridges
So if you want to be completely sure you get rid of lead, sediments, and other dangerous chemicals, try out the amazing three-stage process of Frizzlife’s SK99. Its stringent and meticulous process of eliminating contaminants from your drinking water assures protection for you and the whole family.

What to Look for When Buying Water Filters for Lead Removal


Easy installation for a hassle-free setup of the filter

Water filters can sound intimidating and technical, but there are so many options out there that don’t require such a complicated installation process.

If you’re not well-versed in plumbing and the technical aspects of water pipers, you can always opt for a water filter that gives you an easy, hassle-free setup.

Many under the sink filters can easily be connected via the inlet and outlet valves with a simple twist-in method. It only takes about five minutes to complete, and you don’t need to have an expert with you as you do it.

Removes not just lead, but other toxic chemicals from your drinking water

While lead is among the most dangerous contaminants you can ingest in unclean drinking water, it’s not the only toxic chemical you can consume.

Try looking for a water filter that can effectively reduce lead in your water and successfully eliminate other scary chemicals, such as arsenic, copper, fluoride, and chlorine. It will be like hitting two birds with one stone. The more contaminants you can eradicate in your drinking water, the better.

Retains healthy minerals that your body needs to be strong

But not all contaminants in unfiltered water are unhealthy. Some water types have healthy essential minerals laced into them, such as potassium, calcium, sodium, and magnesium.

These are all minerals that your body, muscles, and heart will love, so it’s important that your water filter can retain these in the water you plan on drinking.

Uses filters made with activated carbon fiber to efficiently clean the water

Filters made of activated carbon fiber can give your water a more thorough cleanse, so you only end up with purified, toxic chemical-free water. It also helps get rid of any weird, foul tastes and odors in your water so that it tastes more refreshing.

Can filter out sediments like soil, sand, and rust particles

Some filters will concentrate on removing lead and other chemicals invisible to the human eye. But it’s equally important that you get rid of the solid particles and sediments that can be stuck in your water source, like soil, sand, and rust.

Try buying a water filter with a 0.5-micron filter. This can help get rid of the particles you won’t want in your water but are too big to be strained out by the usual filters that specialize in removing lead.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a water filter for lead removal? How does it work?

This type of water filter reduces the presence of lead in your drinking and cooking water. It helps make your water healthier for the body because it won’t contain lead, a dangerous neurotoxin that can damage your brain and body when consumed in copious amounts.

These filters are usually designed with a multi-step system to ensure precise cleaning of your water. It could go through a sediment filter to get rid of more solid contaminants, like sand or rust. It could then go through a couple of carbon filters to strain the more toxic chemicals invisible to the eye, like lead, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, and more.

What are the different types of lead-removing water filters?

There are many types of lead-removing filters you can use for a cleaner, safer water supply. Among the most common ones you can attach to your pipes are those for under the sink, the faucet, or the shower.

Under the sink filters are often installed with a simple twist-and-lock method—you just connect an inlet and outlet to your pipes, and you’re done. Faucet and shower filters, on the other hand, are just one click away from cleaning out your water straight away as it pours out.

If you want to remove lead from your water for drinking purposes only, you can try out a dispenser or pitcher with a water filter mechanism. This is very convenient for families that don’t want to install anything in their pipes and would rather opt for a simpler way to clean their drinking water.

If you’re interested in a centralized filter that can purify the water in all your household pipes, you can always do your research on the best whole house water filter for lead removal. If you want to opt for a lead water filter whole house, look for one powerful enough to filter through gallons of water and distribute it to different pipes in the house.

Why do you need a water filter to remove lead for the entire house?

You can’t just focus on one area in the house that you want clean, lead-free water in. While your kitchen needs to have lead-free drinking water, you also have to ensure that your shower water in the bathroom doesn’t contain these toxic chemicals.

That’s why you should make sure every area of the house is getting safe, lead-free water that won’t affect you and your family’s health negatively.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is lead, and why is it bad for us to ingest?

Lead is a neurotoxin that is sadly abundant in our water pipes today because of how pipes were built in the previous centuries. It poses a great risk to our environment, and especially the health of the human race.

Lead is known to cause brain development problems and physical motor skills when ingested at a young age. It could mess up one’s developmental skills, which is why children are among those who need to be protected the most against lead in drinking water. It can also cause a lot of damage to the kidneys and bloodstream.

What are the side effects of drinking lead in our water?

Lead can end up damaging our brain and nervous system because of its high toxicity. It can even reduce your IQ because of how it affects your cognitive skills. It may also lead to behavioral issues like attention disorders and other brain-related conditions.

When your drinking water at home is laced with lead and you don’t do anything about it, it could affect not just your health but the entire family’s too. It will cause grave distress, anxiety, and panic when an entire familial unit is sick, so there’s also an emotional effect on whoever falls victim to lead poisoning.

Who is most at risk of the bad effects of lead in our drinking water?

Those in the stage of life where developmental skills are being honed are most at risk of lead poisoning.

That means young children are most susceptible to the dangerous effects of drinking water with lead in it. These are the children whose lives can be affected forever because the lead can mess with their brain and physical abilities that they are just trying to learn.

Pregnant women should also be very wary of drinking water because accidentally consuming lead through water will affect their unborn child’s health. It may create problems during the pregnancy or manifest later on when the child is an infant.

The good news is that when kids turn around seven or eight, their bodies will be better equipped to handle scary situations like lead poisoning. Their brains will have developed more, and their immune system will be stronger, so they become less vulnerable to the effects.

What removes lead from water?

Water filters can help reduce the amount of lead in your water pipes at home. Most water filters can eliminate up to 99% of the lead in your water, as well as other chemicals like chlorine and fluoride.

Can a filter remove lead from water?

Yes, a filter is the best way to remove lead from your water source. It strains out all the chemicals you don’t want in your water. Some filters go through a stringent multi-step process for the filtration method. Your water will pass through multiple cartridges to get rid of specific kinds of contaminants.

One type of filter that does a great job at removing lead from water is an activated carbon fiber filter. This kind of filter gives your water an extra thorough cleanse and gives you crystal clear water with no lead.

You can opt for many different types of water filters depending on your need for them. For example, you can choose a water filter pitcher for drinking water you’d like to leave in the fridge or an under the sink filter for your tap in the kitchen.

Who makes the best water filter to help remove lead?

Many brands carry impressive, technologically advanced water filters. Whether it’s just for the kitchen or designed explicitly for the shower, the best water filter brands always come out with innovative designs and filtration techniques to keep our pipes clean and safe.

Among the best carriers out there are PUR, Brita, Frizzlife, Waterdrop, Crater Aqua Systems, iSpring, and Clearly Filtered. These brands have continuously put out incredibly effective water filters that have kept families safe for years.

Can I set up my filter myself, or does a professional have to do it for me?

It depends on the installation instructions of your chosen water filter. Most of the time, you won’t need a professional’s help, especially for twist-and-lock filters or simple pitchers and dispensers. If you think you can manage without the help of an expert, do it yourself.

How can you remove lead from water naturally?

It’s very difficult to remove lead from water naturally and without a filter. Many people assume that boiling water is enough to reduce the presence of lead, but it actually increases the chances of lead to dissolve deeper into the water.

If your pipes only contain a small amount of lead, you can reduce it further without a filter by simply flushing or turning on your pipes for a few minutes before actually using the water. Remember to do this only with cold water since hot water is more likely to have lead.

Does Brita standard filter remove lead from water?

Yes, Brita is a brand that is well-known in the water filtration industry. The brand carries many filters, and any of their standard ones are highly effective for cleaning out drinking water and reducing harmful contaminants in them, including the very hazardous lead.

How do you care for and clean your lead-removing water filter?

It’s important to rinse and clean your water filter because there will be a lot of build-up of sediments and chemicals in it over time.

Eventually, a dirty water filter can even lead to clogging, so you may notice a weaker stream by your faucet. This is especially so for pitchers and dispensers with filters that should be regularly replaced.

To wash your water filter, you should detach it first from wherever it is, whether it’s installed in some pipes under the sink or clicked onto a showerhead or faucet spout.

You should use chemical cleaners to eliminate the remaining toxins in your filter, such as muriatic acid diluted in water. Be sure to clean all the areas of your filter before rinsing it again with water and reassembling it back to its original position.

Where can I buy a water filter that can remove lead?

You can buy water filters in hardware stores near your area, such as Bed Bath and Beyond. There are many brand options in-store, but it’s hard to know each item’s pros and cons just by looking at them.

A wiser option is to shop for filters online, like on a huge channel like Amazon. It’s a great place to read up on all the nitty-gritty details about each lead-removing water filter out there. There are also a lot more choices in the brands you can check out.


If you haven’t gotten around to investing in a good water filter, now’s the time to do it. You can’t take your and your family’s health for granted, especially in this day and age. Health and wealth, and you should be doing everything you can to protect it—like buying the best water filter for lead removal.

Now’s not the time to skrimp on anything health-related, especially if you have pregnant ladies and children in your home. Make the right, responsible decision to keep everyone in the household safe, and try out one of these highly efficient water filters today.

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