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The Best Water Filter Pitchers for Well Water

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best water filter pitcher for well water

Drinking water directly from a well exposes one to potentially harmful microorganisms, compounds, and substances. That is why households that get their water from the well should buy only the best water filter pitcher for well water.

A water filter pitcher is a cost-effective solution for people who want safe, odor-free, and great-tasting tap water. It requires no installation and improves one’s versatility in the kitchen. While this device costs more than ordinary water pitchers, it can safeguard a family’s health and wellbeing.

Unfortunately, choosing the correct water filter pitcher to use for well water can be challenging, especially to the uninitiated. That is why we came up with this comprehensive review and buying guide to help those on the hunt for the best water filter pitcher they can buy for their families.

Top 1

Brita TU_23664

Material Polystyrene
Capacity 5 Cups
Certified NSF

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Material Plastic
Capacity 10 Cups
Certified NSF/ANSI

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Nakii NFD120

Material ABS
Capacity 7½ Cups
Certified NSF/ANSI

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Table of Contents

Best Water Filter Pitcher for Well Water Reviews 

1. Brita Standard Metro Water Filter Pitcher

The Brita Everyday Pitcher Standard Metro offers a high-capacity filter that works like a charm, removing as many contaminants as possible while improving the taste and smell of well water.

I like this pitcher’s dual filtration system, featuring a carbon filter and ion exchange resin. These components work together in removing chlorine, sediments, mercury, cadmium, copper, and other heavy metals present in well water.

It has an NSF ANSI certification to prove its claims, unlike other brands that offer no evidence for their figures.

I admire the inclusion of a LongLast filter instead of the Standard, extending the filter’s lifespan by an additional 80 gallons or three times the Standard’s capacity. I have greater savings by replacing the filter only twice a year instead of once every two months. Replacing the filter is also easy because of the electronic filter change reminder.

Small refrigerator owners will also love this pitcher. It is compact and sleek, fitting squarely on a door shelf. The handle also feels solid, never slippery on the hands. Children have no issues getting their water from this pitcher, even if it comes straight from the well in the backyard.

While I do not question Brita’s filtration efficiency, its impact on total dissolved solids needs improvement. I have seen water filter pitchers that can do better. Additionally, this pitcher’s six-cup capacity may be insufficient for some families. It would be wise to get at least ten cups.

  • Advanced dual filtration technology for safer and greater-tasting water
  • LongLast filter for enhanced savings
  • Electronic filter reminder for more efficient monitoring
  • Compact design for easier storage in refrigerators
  • NSF-certified water filter pitcher for peace of mind
  • Small capacity
  • Minimal impact on TDS

There is no question about the Brita Standard Metro’s position in the world of water filter pitchers. It is elegant, affordable, efficient, and has the sound backing of science to put one’s mind at ease.

2. ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher

I can see why tens of thousands of consumers give rave reviews for the ZeroWater ZP-010. This water filter pitcher has an ace up its sleeve that other brands can only dream about.

I am talking about its five-stage filtration system. Most products will only include one or two filtration stages. This pitcher combines a sediment filter, two carbon filters, an ultra-filtration unit, and an ion exchanger in a compact package to deliver the safest, greatest-tasting, and most pleasant drinking water to any family.

I love its ability to reduce total dissolved solids by as much as 99.6%, a feat that very few water filter pitchers can achieve. Its ultra-filtration technology also eliminates cysts, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful compounds. It can also remove contaminants, such as chlorine taste and odor.

Water passing through its ion exchanger allows users to retain beneficial minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. It has an NSF certification to prove its claims.

I also like its water quality meter. At least, one no longer has to buy a tester for TDS and other water quality parameters. I adore the inclusion of a spigot below the handle. One can choose the usual spout upfront or spill-proof water dispensing at the back. Never again will mommies complain about water spills every time junior decides to get a drink.

Unfortunately, water passing through five filtration layers takes time. One can only get about five ounces of water per minute from this pitcher. Its 10-cup capacity may also be insufficient for some households.

  • Five-stage water filter in a compact design for enhanced removal of impurities
  • Removes up to 99.6% of TDS and other contaminants
  • Integrated water quality meter for effortless monitoring
  • Spill-free and leak-free water dispensing mechanism
  • NSF certification for product performance and quality
  • Slow filtration rate
  • Not for large families

Nevertheless, the ZeroWater ZP-010 is an excellent water filter pitcher. It is affordable, performs exceptionally well, and hassle-free to operate and maintain. Families will love how this pitcher transforms well water into safe and great-tasting water.

3. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

Families looking for affordable, high-performance filtration pitchers should consider the Nakii. This product is one of the most elegant I have seen on the market, complete with a wooden handle complementing its glass-like design.

While this pitcher only has an activated carbon block filter, it does an excellent job of eliminating as many contaminants from well water as possible. Its NSF and WQA certifications show the pitcher can remove as much as 98% of mercury and chlorine.

This water filter pitcher removes other tap water contaminants, including sediments, heavy metals, and organic compounds that leave a bad taste and odor in the tap water. Getting healthy drinking water is a cinch with this pitcher, regardless of water supply.

I love its 150-gallon capacity, which is about four times more than other water filter pitchers. I used the filter for three to four months nonstop and never worried about unsafe and unpleasant water from the well.

Getting water from this pitcher is also faster than other brands, giving 44 ounces of water in a minute. Most brands can only provide several ounces in 60 seconds.

I like this water filter pitcher’s design. However, some people may find its aesthetics too simple and boxy. The lid is another issue because it does not form a perfect seal when pouring water. One has to ensure proper lid closure to avoid any spills and messes.

  • Advanced activated carbon filter technology for better filtration
  • Longer filter lifespan than other water filter pitchers
  • Fast filtration rate for more enjoyable drinks
  • More affordable than other brands
  • WQA and NSF-qualified for peace of mind
  • Some people may not like the boxy design
  • Not spill-proof

Regardless, these are minor concerns to the family that only wants a reliable and affordable pitcher to filter their well water. The Nakii is as efficient and effective as any other product on the market. However, its fast filtration rate keeps it well ahead of the pack.

4. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is an elegant-looking vessel for holding water from a well or any other source. It has two of the world’s trusted water filter systems, giving households the confidence they need whenever they drink from this pitcher.

This water pitcher features two proven filtration technologies – carbon block and ion exchange. These components remove only the harmful contaminants in the water while allowing healthy and beneficial minerals to reach one’s glass.

According to the company, this water filter pitcher can remove 2000% more water impurities than other brands. It can reduce fluoride by up to 90.6%, chromium by 99.4%, chloramine by 99.9%, mercury by 97.8%, and lead by 99.9%, and remove to 99.8%  arsenic.

The filtration technologies also eliminate more than 50 volatile organic compounds from the well water. The pitcher has an NSF certification to prove its filtration performance.

I love the pitcher’s minimalist and sleek design, especially the large and ergonomic handle. Pouring filtered water into a glass is never a problem. Neither is storing this vessel in the refrigerator. Its filter also lasts three times longer than other products. That is good news for families that want exceptional savings.

However, I am concerned that the filter pitcher’s real-world filtration performance does not match its published data. I have seen customers complaining about its inability to reduce fluoride by 90%. I cannot say I like its filtration speed. I have to wait about five to six minutes to filter a quart of water.

  • Combined ion-exchange and carbon block technologies for improved filtration
  • Removes up to 2000% more water contaminants than other filtered pitchers
  • High-capacity filter for better savings
  • Clear body and ergonomic handle for more secure and comfortable handling
  • NSF certification for improved confidence in the product
  • Takes time to filter

Nevertheless, the Aquagear remains an excellent choice for families that require contaminant-free drinking water from their wells. Its filtration performance is superb, and its filter lifespan is commendable, giving households the savings they need.

5. Seychelle pH20 Water Filter Pitcher

Seychelle prides itself on being a trustworthy water filter brand for at least two decades. The pH2O Pure Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher is one of the brand’s bestsellers because of its water contaminant-removal capabilities, elegant design, and alkalizing features.

This pitcher’s filter cartridge features the Ionic Adsorption Micro Filtration technology that effectively removes aesthetic impurities, chemical contaminants, and unwanted inorganic compounds from well water. Additionally, the technology reduces lead, mercury, chlorine, VOCs, pesticides, and other potentially harmful substances.

Many homeowners also like the product’s water alkalizing properties, raising the water pH level to as high as 9.5. Such a feature is welcome news for people with acid problems, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, and high blood pressure.

What surprised me is the filter’s rapid filtration rate. This water pitcher delivers filtered water faster than most filter pitchers on the market. It also accommodates more water before requiring a replacement – about 200 gallons. That is additional savings for the budget-conscious family.

I also love its sleek and ergonomic design. Pouring water is never a problem, and neither is storing it in the refrigerator. It does not spill, either.

I laud this pitcher’s filtration capabilities. Unfortunately, I cannot find any NSF or reputable third-party certification supporting the company’s claims. While one can always perform water quality tests, I would still prefer having a recognized organization validating the results.

I also find the replacement filters quite prohibitive, especially since one needs to buy two for a single pitcher.

  • State-of-the-art IAMF technology for more efficient filtration
  • Alkalizes water for improved health benefits
  • High-capacity filter for enhanced savings
  • Faster water filtration than other products
  • Sleek, compact, and modern design for hassle-free storage and handling
  • No third-party quality certifications
  • Expensive replacement filters

Despite these concerns, the Seychelle pH2O Pure remains an excellent choice for people who drink water from the well. It performs exceptionally in delivering great-tasting, odor-free, and safe drinking water.

6. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher is among the most efficient portable filtration systems. This product effectively removes more contaminants than the market’s five leading brands.

I had my doubts about this pitcher’s filtration performance. It is unthinkable for a unit this small to filter at least 230 different water contaminants. It is a good thing the brand has an NSF certification to support its performance.

This water pitcher filter can remove chlorine, fluoride, lead, PFOAs, PFAs, bacteria, cysts, and other impurities in the water. Never again will families have to worry about their safety every time they drink water from the well. The filter also accommodates 100 gallons of water before replacement, which should be good for four to five months.

I like the pitcher’s minimalist design. The handle feels solid and comfortable, and the transparent Tritan looks thick. I think this pitcher will last a lifetime as it does not break that easily. One will also have peace of mind knowing this pitcher does not contain any toxic or harmful substances in its construction.

I cannot explain why this product has to cost almost four times the leading brand when its only real advantage is the 230+ contaminants it removes. Twice the price sounds reasonable, considering its design is also not foolproof. I have read user comments complaining about spills and leaks whenever they pour water from this pitcher.

  • Filters more contaminants than most water filter pitchers
  • Food-safe, premium-quality materials for product safety
  • Higher filter capacity than some leading brands
  • Ergonomic handle and transparent pitcher design for better use
  • NSF certification for improved confidence in the product
  • Expensive
  • Tendency to spill or leak when pouring

Nevertheless, families who demand the most comprehensive impurities removal from their well water will always find the Clearly Filtered water filter pitcher perfect. It is easy to use, fast to filter, and gets the job done.

7. EHM Ultra Premium Water Filter Pitcher

The EHM Ultra Premium Water Filter Pitcher is an excellent option for families wanting more filtration stages in their pitcher. It also has a more traditional pitcher design that should make it easy for everyone to use.

This water pitcher features two carbon filters and a sediment filter. It also has an ion exchanger and a mineralizer that works well with an alkalizing unit. These components work harmoniously to bring only safe, odor-free, and great-tasting water coming from an outdoor source such as a well.

Many homes like its alkalizing unit, raising water pH level to 10.0. However, I find it more realistic to expect a water pH of 9.5, giving families the chance to improve their health conditions. Households can enjoy a boost in their immune system while increasing their thresholds for high blood pressure, cholesterol disorders, and diabetes.

I appreciate the pitcher’s flip-top opening, eliminating the actual removal of the entire lid during refilling. This design minimizes introducing dirt into the filtration chamber, ensuring the safety and quality of drinking water.

I also love its slim design, making it easy to fit on a refrigerator door shelf. The handle feels secure, allowing for worry-free pouring.

People looking for peace of mind may not get it from this water filter pitcher because it does not have NSF certification or any other qualification from a reputable third-party organization. While its six-stage filtration system is noteworthy, I do not think it is sufficient justification to jack up its price.

  • Revolutionary six-stage filter for more efficient removal of water impurities
  • Alkalizes drinking water for improved health benefits
  • Convenient flip-top opening for effortless and safe refills
  • Ergonomic handle for easy pouring
  • Compact and slim design for hassle-free storage
  • No NSF certification despite the high price

Nevertheless, the EHM Ultra Premium remains an excellent choice for households that require more than two filtration technologies. It is convenient to use and alkalizes water splendidly.

8. PUR PPT111W Ultimate Filter Pitcher

Households looking for the best water filter pitcher for well water should consider the PUR PPT111W. This PUR water pitcher features three filtration mechanisms that turn well water into a great-tasting, safe, and odor-free drink.

This pitcher’s principal filter consists of ion exchange media and granulated activated carbon, reducing chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful compounds. A revolutionary pleated paper also reduces lead, cysts, and particulates, complete with NSF and WQA certification.

Most of the water pitchers on the market have a ten-cup capacity. This product offers an additional cup, allowing more people to enjoy clean and odor-free drinking water. I also like its CleanSensor system, making filter replacements hassle-free. It frees users from keeping track of their filter status.

I adore the LockFit technology at the PUR filter canister’s topmost section. The issue with most filter pitchers is that unfiltered water can mix with filtered water when one tilts the pitcher to pour water into a glass. The LockFit system prevents this from happening.

I cannot understand why this PUR water filter takes about 15 to 30 minutes to fill a glass of water. I have seen pitchers with more filtration stages and provide enough drinking water for a small family in five to six minutes.

Its 40-gallon filter capacity is also modest at best, making this PUR water filter pitcher a bit expensive in the long term.

  • Triple filtration system for more comprehensive impurities removal
  • Large capacity pitcher for more glasses of drinking water
  • CleanSensor Monitor for more efficient filter status monitoring
  • LockFit technology for filtered water contamination prevention
  • NSF and WQA certification for product assurance
  • Short filter lifespan
  • Slow filtration rate

Despite this, many folks still consider the PUR PPT111W an excellent water filter pitcher. It gets the job done, bringing safe drinking water to the table even if it comes from the well.

9. ZeroWater Round Water Filter Pitcher

Fans of the ZeroWater ZP-010 will also love the brand’s Round model. Although more expensive, it has the same water filtration efficiency and performance in a more compact and space-saving design.

Like the ZP-010, this pitcher features five filtration layers that eradicate harmful compounds from well water. It eliminates chlorine and its unpleasant odor and taste, making the well water as pleasant to drink as any other filtered water. It also removes sediment, particles, lead, mercury, cadmium, and other heavy metals. The product’s NSF certification should also put doubters at ease.

I admire its TDS reduction capabilities. The majority of water filter pitchers can only reduce suspended particles, while others can only eliminate up to 70% of total dissolved solids. This filter pitcher reduces TDS by as much as 99.6%. If one doubts it, he can always use the integrated water quality meter.

I like this pitcher’s dedicated fill flip-top lid, ensuring hassle-free refilling without removing the entire pitcher cover. The problem with other designs is the risk of filter contamination during refilling. Since this pitcher has a small opening on top, it is safer to top up. However, one must be careful during refilling to avoid spills and messes.

I miss the rear integrated spigot on the ZP-010 that I find more convenient in dispensing water. I also miss Brita’s 8-ounce per minute filtration speed. However, everything is good, considering this water filter pitcher delivers its fundamental promise.

  • Advanced five-stage filtration for more effective removal of water impurities
  • Exceptional TDS reduction for great-tasting water
  • Dedicated pitcher top slot for safer refills
  • Removable water quality meter for more efficient monitoring
  • NSF verified and certified for peace of mind
  • No spigot
  • Slow to filter

The ZeroWater Round Water Filter Pitcher gives families safe, odor-free, and great-tasting drinking water from the well. It has features that other brands can only imagine having without breaking the bank.

10. LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher

Everyone knows LifeStraw as the leading brand in emergency water filtration systems. That is why many households are happy to learn the company now offers a water filter pitcher they can use for their families.

The LifeStraw Home Filter Glass Pitcher extends the brand’s outdoor emergency water filtration excellence to the comforts of home.

This pitcher’s membrane microfilter removes up to 99.99999% of bacteria, parasites, certain viruses, and microplastics. One can never be too sure about the microbial content of well water, making this pitcher a life-saver.

I also like its ion exchange-activated carbon combo that reduces lead, chromium, copper, cadmium, mercury, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, and other harmful chemicals. One must know that well water may contain these compounds.

Having this pitcher serving water at the dining table should bring comfort and peace of mind to whoever drinks it.

While this pitcher is tough on harmful substances, it retains beneficial minerals to keep drinkers healthy. Families will still get the calcium, potassium, and magnesium they need for enhanced wellness. It also has an NSF/ANSI certification to prove doubters wrong.

People looking for a non plastic water filter pitcher will also love this product because it comes in shatter-resistant glass. It looks more elegant than plastic pitchers, allowing homeowners to use it for serving drinks to guests.

Because it is glass, one can expect a premium price for this pitcher. What I am sad about is its seven-cup capacity. It may be insufficient for large families or those who drink plenty of water.

  • Recommended for microbial removal from well water
  • Retains essential and beneficial minerals for improved health
  • Two filtration technologies for better contaminant reduction
  • Premium-quality borosilicate glass pitcher for elegance and durability
  • ANSI/NSF certified for filter performance and quality
  • Smaller capacity than other pitchers
  • The price is rather high

Still, the LifeStraw Home Glass Pitcher is an excellent choice for people who know the brand’s phenomenal emergency water filtration systems. It is one of few products on the market that removes bacteria, cysts, parasites, and other pathogenic microorganisms from any water.

11. Invigorated Water Alkaline Water Pitcher

Rounding up our list of the best filtered pitchers for well water is the pH Refresh from Invigorated Water. This product offers two filtration membranes in an elegant-looking and space-saving pitcher design, perfect for families that want a sleek product they can store in their refrigerator.

I like this product’s PH002 ultra-filtration membrane because of its 0.001-micron pore size. The system removes many organic and inorganic substances from well water, including odor-causing and taste-altering compounds.

Drinking the water from the well will never be a nightmare because the experience is as pleasant as a restaurant-served glass of water.

While this pitcher does not have NSF certification to support its filtration performance claims, it does have verification from the WQA, RoHS, and SGS. These qualifications should be enough to put one’s mind at ease.

I also love its PH001 re-mineralization filter, bringing back beneficial elements to the drinking water. Not only do these minerals help people maintain optimum health.

They can also improve the water’s pH level by up to 10. People with diabetes, acid problems, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels will love drinking water from this pitcher.

Replacing the filter is also effortless because of the built-in filter life indicator. There is no way one will miss a much-needed filter change.

I only have two concerns about this water pitcher. First, it is a little bit expensive, although it is understandable because of its ultra-filtration technology. Second, its 96-gallon filter capacity still pales in comparison to other products with a 150 to 200-gallon capacity.

  • Dual filter membranes for more efficient removal of water impurities
  • Alkalizes drinking water for health benefits
  • Filter life indicator for effortless monitoring
  • RoHS, SGS, and WQA certification for filter quality and performance
  • Elegant, ergonomic, and space-saving design for optimum convenience
  • A bit expensive
  • Short filter lifespan

The Invigorated Water pH Refresh is an excellent choice for modern families that get their drinking water from a well. It is sleek and elegant and performs well in providing everyone with safe and great-tasting drinking water.

12. Epic Nano Water Filter Pitcher

One of the best water filter pitchers families can use for their well water is the Epic Nano. This pitcher filter features nano-filtration technology with the second-smallest filter pores among water treatment options.

I love this water jug’s nano-filter media because it can remove more than 200 known contaminants, including lead, PFAs, chlorine, CTO, PFOAs, PFCs, haloacetic acids, arsenic, chromium, bacteria, cysts, viruses, and mercury. It’s a reliable water filter pitcher for fluoride removal that I often recommend for my friends.

While this pitcher can remove almost all known water contaminants, it leaves behind healthy minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Households will never have to worry about depriving themselves of these beneficial compounds. The company is kind enough to obtain NSF and WQA certification to support its claims.

I also like its 150-gallon filter capacity. Most water filter pitchers I know can only accommodate less than a third. That translates to better savings for the modern family. Its sleek profile also makes this pitcher easy to store on a refrigerator door shelf.

I said goodbye to filter-change worries because this water filter pitcher already has an LED countdown timer, ensuring timely filter replacement.

While I appreciate the company’s use of recyclable, vegan, food-grade, and 100% BPA free plastic materials in the pitcher’s construction, the plastic tends to be thin and easy to crack. Considering it costs almost three times the leading brand, I find it odd that the company used plastic instead of premium-quality glass.

  • Advanced nano-filtration technology for more efficient contaminant reduction
  • Compact design for ease of refrigerator door shelf storage
  • Integrated filter timer for effortless filter change monitoring
  • High-capacity water filter for increased savings
  • Third-party quality certifications for product confidence
  • A high-priced option compared to competing products
  • Pitcher is prone to crack

Regardless, the Epic Nano remains a favorite of mine as it’s a comprehensive and reliable water filter pitcher for well water. It brings to the table great-tasting and contaminant-free tap water.

What to Look for When Buying a Water Filter Pitcher for Well Water


Buying the best water filter pitcher for well water is not as easy as picking an ordinary pitcher for the family. One has to perform many water filter pitcher comparisons to determine the best possible product to buy.

In this section, shoppers can study the following pitcher filter elements to help them zero in on the correct filtration device to bring home.

  • Filtration Technology

Filtration technology is a crucial factor in a pitcher filter’s price. The more complicated and advanced the filtration technology, the more expensive the pitcher.

The simplest filtration system is a sediment filter with at least 5-micron pore size. This filter removes large tap water contaminants, including suspended solids and other particles.

Activated carbon filters are suitable for removing chlorine odor and taste, although some products may offer more comprehensive contaminant reduction. These pitchers can reduce lead, mercury, cadmium, asbestos, fluoride, copper, and other heavy metals, depending on their pore size.

If one requires the removal of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogenic microorganisms, pitcher filters with ultra or nanofiltration offer the best solution. These products can filter molecules with diameters as tiny as 0.0001 microns.

Some products also offer re-mineralizing filters that allow beneficial minerals to pass through the membrane. Retaining these elements in the tap water increases its pH level, providing drinkers with alkaline water for better health benefits.

The majority of pitcher filters on the market feature a combination of at least two of these filtration technologies. One may have to choose the product that removes the substances the family does not want from their drink.

  • Filter Capacity

Filters do not last indefinitely. Compounds can clog the pores, rendering the filter ineffective. That is why companies rate their water pitcher filters in terms of the number of gallons they can accommodate before losing filtration efficiency.

Most products can filter about 40 to 80 gallons of water before requiring a replacement. Other brands may offer 100 to 200 gallons. One must check consumption to determine which pitcher filter to buy.

In general, a pitcher with a greater filter capacity lasts longer than one with a low filter rating. Unfortunately, increasing filter capacity also tends to increase its unit price.

  • Pitcher Capacity

The majority of water filter pitchers have a ten-cup capacity, which is suitable for a small household of four. One must pick a pitcher with sufficient volume to supply safe drinks to everyone at the dining table at any given time.

  • Filtration Rate

As a rule, the more filtration layers a pitcher has, the longer it takes to filter the tap water. Hence, a five-stage filter may take 10 to 15 minutes to filter enough water for everyone on the dining table. Using a two-stage filter pitcher may only take five to six minutes to filter the same amount of water.

  • Reputable Third-party Certification

Any company can claim that its pitcher can remove 99.9999% of water contaminants. Unfortunately, consumers must exercise vigilance regarding these assertions.

A trustworthy brand never hesitates to get its products tested, validated, and certified by reputable third-party water quality organizations. It is their way of proving their product’s filtration performance, giving consumers the peace of mind they need.

Water filters must have an NSF certification, at least. Other notable organizations include WQA, ANSI, RoHS, and more.

  • Materials

Most pitchers feature BPA free plastic, while others use premium-quality borosilicate glass. The choice of materials depends on personal preferences. The majority of homeowners prefer glass, although it can be more expensive and heavy. Fortunately, some companies design their plastic pitchers as elegant as glassware.

  • Form Factor

Water filter pitchers come in various shapes and sizes. One must pick a product that fits in the refrigerator, whether on the door shelves or the main racks. It would be best to measure one’s refrigerator shelving dimensions for comparison purposes.

  • Price

Several factors can impact a water filter pitcher’s price. It can include filtration technologies, filter capacity, pitcher size, and choice of materials.

A filter pitcher’s price is directly proportional to the number of filtration layers used. The same is true for pitchers with more advanced filtration systems. Glass is also pricier than plastic, not to mention heavy. A 200-gallon filter will also cost more than a 40-gallon product.

It would be best to tailor one’s pitcher filtration requirements for well water according to one’s budget.

Does Well Water Need Filtered


Yes, one must always filter the water coming from wells and other sources with questionable or uncertain water quality.

Municipal water undergoes treatment to kill pathogenic germs before they reach homes and establishments. Well water does not undergo such treatment. As such, homeowners who get their water from non-municipal sources are responsible for ensuring the water’s safety.

How Often Do I Have to Change the Filters

The frequency of water filter change depends on filter capacity and inherent water quality. A 150-gallon-rated water filter should last three to four months. If there are too many contaminants in the water, the filter may only last about a month or two. It is always best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on filter change frequency.

Are Brita Filters Good for Well Water

In general, Brita filters are good for well water, depending on the included filtration mechanism. The more advanced the filtration system is, the better is the water filtration pitcher at removing contaminants from well water.

One’s choice of Brita products depends on what they want to remove from well water. To remove only sediments and large particulates, a simple sediment filter is sufficient. People who need microbial removal should opt for a pitcher with ultra or nanofiltration technology. A re-mineralizing membrane is suitable for those who want a higher water pH.


The best water filter pitcher for well water not only delivers great-tasting, odor-free, and safe drinking water. It also saves hundreds of dollars every year from the purchase of bottled water, thus contributing to a safer and greener environment.

Choosing the right water filter pitcher for well water is crucial to enjoying these benefits. One only needs to adhere to our buying tips and check our filter water pitcher recommendations to zero in on the best possible product to bring home.

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