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The Best Twin Tank Water Softeners

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best twin tank water softeners

Hard water is a big problem in the UK, both in households and companies, as it causes clogging and damage of pipes and damage of water-based appliances and hampers the dissolving of soap. It would be smart to equip your home or company with the best twin tank water softener to avoid such problems. An excellent twin tank water softener setup can efficiently eliminate the disadvantageous ions in hard water to deliver your water softening needs.

Equipped with two independently working cylinders, a twin tank water softener can provide soft water 24/7 by absorbing hard water ions through its resin ships one tank at a time. After one tank becomes full, it would be regenerating. So the softening would be taken over by the other tank.

To lessen time and confusion when choosing a perfect device, here’re our detailed dual tank water softener reviews.

Top 1

DuraWater Water Softener

Weight ‎95 Pounds
Capacity 48,000 Grains
Flow Rate 7-15 GPM

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Top 2

Abundant Water Softener

Weight 132 Pounds
Capacity 64,000 Grains
Flow Rate 16 GPM

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Top 3

AFWFilters Water Softener

Weight 95 Pounds
Capacity 80,000 Grains
Flow Rate 25 GPM

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Table of Contents

Best Twin Tank Water Softener Reviews

1. DuraWater Twin Tank Water Softener

As a high-capacity device, the DuraWater 48k-56sxt-10-1 Twin Tank Water Softener can cater to the water softening needs of larger households and is also suitable for light commercial water softening. ​Each of its tanks has 1.5 cubic feet of resin and a 48,000-grain capacity.

I had this complete system set up in our large home for our family of five. Considering the substantial water consumption of the family, comparing an all in one vs two-part water softener, I believe a two-tanked water softener like this is more convenient for a larger household like ours.

And the tank didn’t disappoint, as it delivered softened water 24/7 without much waste of electricity and water. It even saves salt and water with its on-demand flow meter, as it regenerates only when needed, and the tanks efficiently get utilized 100%.

I can tell that this water softener can provide the family with soft water for many years. That would be because it comes with a Fleck 9100 SXT digital control valve and an improved paddle-wheel meter built durable enough to withstand several years of use.

This device is also designed for easy installation. The resin ships come preloaded in the fiberglass tank and the free bypass comes with a male threaded yoke for an effortless set-up. With comprehensive manuals included, tutorial videos, and customer service via phone call, I was able to install it myself.

Beyond that, its rather large size for a 48,000-grain capacity twin tank water softener makes it take up a lot of space in your house.
  • 48,000-grain capacity suitable for home and commercial use
  • Continuous supply and saving on salt and water with the on-demand flow meter
  • Softens water without wasting much electricity and water
  • Durable Fleck 9100 SXT digital control valve and paddle-wheel meter
  • Easy installation with preloaded resin ship and free bypass
  • Large in size, thus occupies much space
The DuraWater 48k-56sxt-10-1 Twin Tank Water Softener’s features make it sufficient for large households and businesses.

2. Abundant Flow Water Tank Water Softener

If our house or business requires a higher water softening capacity, a more powerful twin tank water softener would be more suitable, like the Abundant Flow Water WS-64k-91SXT Dual Tank Water Softener.

We have this at our second house, which makes it our second Fleck dual tank water softener. Although it cost more for a much bigger, higher-capacity twin tank water softener like this one, I can attest that the set is worth the extra space.

This complete system’s tanks contain two cubic feet of resin that can get rid of water hardness by 64,000 grains each session before regeneration. And its high service flow rate allows it to soften water up to a maximum of 16 gallons per minute. With a high service flow that high, the family uses different water fixtures simultaneously.

The tank also can treat high water hardness. So we are provided good quality water. And I no longer have to chip away concrete-like buildup from my water-based appliances.

Aiding in its high-capacity water softening is its large, round brine tank that can hold about 350 pounds of salt for regeneration. And as an on-demand metered softener that only regenerates when a pre-set volume of water has been softened, it allows the family 24/7 access to soft water in a highly efficient manner with less salt and water consumption.

Its Fleck 9100 valve comes with digital control, which makes a simple setup process. The installation of this is also made easy with a detailed installation manual.

Just two downsides to this power-packed water softener are that the cover for the controller doesn’t fit properly and its rather bulky build makes it space-consuming.
  • Comes with a 64,000-grain capacity
  • Has 16 GPM service flow rate
  • Perfect for large households and commercial use
  • Continuously provides soft water with no waste
  • Fleck 9100 valve with digital control for ease of control
  • Simple system connections and a detailed installation manual
  • Bulky build that’s space-consuming
Any household facing a water hardness situation can go for a large-capacity softener like this dual tank water softener.

3. AFWFilters 80k Dual Tank Water Softener

With one of the highest softening capacities among all these water softeners reviewed, this AFWFilters 80k Dual Tank Water Softener is highly suitable for large families and for large-scale commercial purposes.

This dual tank water softener comes as a complete system, and services in our 3,000 square foot house for a year. Made with high-quality materials, this water softener is sure to last. But in case anything goes wrong, we can rely on the 5-year warranty for the valve and the 10-year warranty for the tanks.

Its Fleck 9100 valve is responsible for the reliable, continuous water supply. This is a highly powerful water softener that has a high service flow rate – 25 GPM, a resin content of five cubic feet, and a high water softening capacity of 80,000 grains in each tank.

What makes it so efficient is its on-demand meter system, wherein a tank would only regenerate by the time it has softened a certain amount of water. I also found that it effectively refines the water, making the water so clean and leaving no trace of rust or hard water.

Its ease of installation is another one of its advantages. The free bypass with the male threaded yoke was also a factor in making it easy. And their customer service is also willing to guide users when they have difficulty setting up.

Truly, this is an impressive twin tank water softener with great capabilities. However, it may be pricey for those who are on a tight budget.
  • 80,000-grain capacity and 25 GPM service flow rate
  • On-demand flow meter and Fleck 9100 valve
  • Effective refining water to rid of rust
  • Easy installation with free bypass and customer assistance
  • Extensive warranty – 5 years for the valve and 10 years for the tanks
  • Too high priced for those with a tight budget
Although one of the more pricey options, the AFWFilters 80k Dual Tank Water Softener can offer great value for your money.

4. Discount Water Softeners Tank Water Softener

The Discount Water Softeners Genesis 2 Duo Twin Tank Water Softener is the perfect water softener for small households that struggle with hard water, chlorine, and chloramines.

As a complete 32,000-grain water softener system with a 7 GPM service flow rate, it can deliver soft, clean water to a whole house of a family of four. The resin ships, each measuring one cubic foot that its tanks contain, is 10% crosslink. It is a kind of resin that has the highest capacity and durability.

It also has additional features that I find impressive. Its tanks also contain one cubic foot of catalytic carbon, allowing it to eliminate chlorine and chloramines. A flush cycle every seven days is also programmed in it for cleansing out stale water and bacterial development.

I also like how utilizing this is cost-effective and not so complicated. Like how on-demand metered flow allows us to save salt and water and how programming it is made convenient with the LED control head. On top of that, the tank is backed up with a lifetime warranty, a 10-year warranty for the control head.

The downside to this, however, is that the instructions were not good. But with the aid of helpful technical support, when I had difficulty installing the water softener, I was able to go DIY in installation.
  • Durable, high capacity with 32,000-grain capacity and a 7 GPM service flow rate
  • Has chlorine and chloramines-eliminating catalytic carbon
  • Features stale water and bacterial development-removing 7-day flush cycle
  • On-demand metered flow that saves salt and water
  • LED control head for convenient programming
  • Lifetime warranty for the tanks and 10 years for the control head
  • Helpful technical support
  • Not so good instructions
The Discount Water Softeners Genesis 2 Duo 32,000 Grain Twin Tank Water Softener is a problem solver for small households that have hard water particles, chlorine, and chloramines in their water.

5. DuraWater 64k Twin Tank Water Softener

The DuraWater 64k 9100sxt Twin Tank Water Softener is a water softener delivering high performance at an affordable price. Its high-capacity water softening and high service flow rate can satisfy larger households and businesses without costing so much.

Our large household gets to enjoy clean, soft water thanks to its four cubic feet of resin that effectively filters the water along with its 64,000-grain capacity and large 12 by 52-inch tanks that allow higher flow rates. A continuous supply of good quality water 24/7 is made possible by the Fleck 9100 valve. And the clean, soft water is provided efficiently, saving salt and water, as it is a metered water softener.

Installing this was fairly easy. The resin ships preloaded in the tanks, and a free bypass that already came with a male threaded yoke helped make the installation easy. However, I did encounter an issue with an o-ring that had been improperly installed in the injector housing and sprayed water during regeneration. Thankfully, the seller immediately sent me a replacement o-ring and guided me on how to replace it.

And I love how I ensured that this is a good-quality water softener serviceable for years, as it was designed with a durable 9100 valve and improved paddle-wheel meter.
  • 64,000 grain-capacity with large 12 x 52-inch tanks for high flow rates
  • High performance at an affordable price
  • Metered twin tank water softener to save salt and water
  • Easy set-up with preloaded resin ships and free bypass with a male threaded yoke
  • Designed to last with durable 9100 valve and improved paddle-wheel meter
  • A defect in the o-ring
If high-performance that won’t cost a lot is what we seek in a twin tank water softener, then the DuraWater 64k 9100sxt Twin Tank Water Softener is a good choice.

6. AFWFilters WS-96k-91SXT Tank Water Softener

For large households or businesses with hard water, the AFWFilters Dual Tank Water Softener would be suitable, as it features a high grain capacity and very high service flow rate. A plus is it’s priced affordably.

It is a high-quality softener system that has been providing our family of five with soft water for almost a year. Its tanks each contain a durable, high-capacity 8% crosslink resin ship measuring 3 cubic feet. It can treat hard water with a 96,000-grain capacity per cycle and deliver soft water at a maximum service flow rate at 20 GPM.

The system comes complete with a large, round brine tank that can store 350 pounds of salt for regeneration. But as an on-demand metered flow twin tank water softener, it can save salt and water.

The system connections were made simple, and the detailed installation instructions helped make the installation easy. Just as simple as the assembly is its user control through its Fleck 9100SXT Alternating Metered Control digital control head.

I noticed some downsides: a missing screw bucket and a defective seal in a valve in the control head that seeped water. However, customer service was very helpful in resolving those problems.
  • Durable, high-capacity: 96,000-grain capacity and a 20 GPM service flow rate
  • Comes at an affordable pric
  • Salt and water-saving metered twin tank water softener
  • Easy user control through its digital control head
  • Easy installation with simple system connections and detailed manuals
  • Missing part and a defect noticed in the installation process
High-quality and high-capacity water softening don’t have to be too expensive. That is true of the AFWFilters WS-96k-91SXT Dual Tank Water Softener.

7. DuraWater 9100SXT 32 Twin Tank Water Softener

The DuraWater 9100SXT 32 Grain Twin Tank Water Softener is a compact but excellent quality twin tank water softener. It’s perfect for those who want a reliable water softener taking up just small space.

This is a space-saving complete water softener system measuring 40 x 14 x 48 inches. Also, the tanks are each equipped with two cubic feet of resin. And it comes with a 32000-grain capacity.

I can rely on its 24/7 soft water supply made possible by the Fleck 9100 valve. For efficiency in measuring water and regeneration, it comes with both an improved paddle-wheel meter and a turbine meter, which you can choose from.

The difference between the two is that while the paddle-wheel meter is more durable and pre-programmed into the valve, the turbine meter is more compact but not as durable and requires additional programming for changing meter type to TO. 7.

I find it convenient that as a metered flow water softener, this allows me to save on salt and water. Another convenience to it is its Fleck 9100SXT controller. It is digital user control, which enables the ease of managing the water softener.

I had it replace a defunct water softener, and given that there was existing plumbing, the installation process was easy. Its preloaded resin ships and free male threaded bypass also helped make installation easy.

Although it is a bit challenging to follow the manuals, looking them up on YouTube was very helpful. Also, the seller promptly provides support via phone and email.
  • 32000-grain capacity
  • Space-saving size measuring 40 x 14 x 48 inches
  • Fleck 9100 allows a 24/7 soft water supply
  • Saves salt and water as a metered flow water softener
  • Ease of control with the Fleck 9100SXT controller
  • Easy installation with preloaded resin ships, free male threaded bypass & seller support
  • Hard to follow instructions
If a compact 32-grain capacity twin tank water softener is what people need, the DuraWater 9100SXT 32 Grain Twin Tank Water Softener is the best option.

What to Look for When Buying Twin Tank Water Softener


While a twin tank water softener is the answer to large households’ and businesses’ hard water problems, what factors to consider in buying the best twin tank water softener remains a question for some. So we have listed them below.

Your Water Problem

Knowing the specific problems of your water would allow you to know what kind of system you need to cleanse your water effectively. Therefore, it’sIt’s advisable to consult a professional on water treatment to analyze the condition of your water. According to their findings, they would help identify what type of system you would need, whether it’s a Clack twin tank water softener, Fleck twin tank water softener, one with a built-in filtration system, smart water softener, etc.


You should make sure that the system you will buy is of high quality. High quality ensures longer serviceability; less maintenance, which can be costly; and no waste of salt and water. But you must also understand that the best ones would usually come at higher prices, as those systems would last longer and wouldn’t require many repairs and replacements in the future.

Appropriate System Size

The size of a system you should go with corresponds to your home’s or businesses’ flow rate and water hardness level. While a system too small would shorten components’ lifespan and cost you for repairs and replacements, a system too large would cause sanitary issues, a waste of salt and water. Selecting the system size accordingly would allow more efficient water softening without costly repairs and replacements, and waste.


When checking out water softeners, make sure you get your hands on products made of toxic-free materials. Also, it must be able to produce clean water without build-up minerals for the water to have a refreshing taste.

How Do Twin Tank Water Softeners Work


A tank works its magic on hard water the moment the water enters and occupies it. The resin contained in the tank would absorb hard water ions when the water permeates it. When the water reaches the bottom part of the tank, it has become soft by then. And the softened water would pass through the distributor tube, exiting the system, ready for the consumption of homes and businesses.

After a tank has reached its maximum water softening capacity, meaning the resin had already been filled with of hard water ions, it would undergo the regeneration process. And the other tank would take over.

Regeneration would involve pouring brine water from the brine tank into the resin tank to rinse off the hard water ions, flushing it down through the drain. Then, when the resin had been rid of hard water ions, soft water would backwash the brine water. And the tank would be ready for use again once it is the other tank’s turn to regenerate.

Are Twin Tank Water Softeners Better

Twin tank water softeners and single tank water softeners each have their advantages. But what is the better system depends on the consumers’ needs.

Some consumers are satisfied with a single tank water softener because its features would suffice for them. Perhaps they are small households that require a system that has a low up-front cost and is space-saving.

Some consumers can manage with a single tank water softener, as that kind of system is typically timed. Even if it doesn’t have a backup tank, users would just program its regeneration at night when they barely use water. Just one downside to it is that it may result in inefficiency of energy, salt, water consumption, and water quality issues.

The aforementioned problems aren’t experienced with a twin tank water softener, as its tanks regenerated when they softened the maximum grains of hardness, making it more efficient in terms of energy, salt, and water consumption.

Businesses have a great need for consistently good quality water at all times. Large households, too, with more family members that consume more water would require more supply of soft water. So for them, twin tank water softeners are an essential amenity.


What truly makes the best twin tank water softener is a system that ticks all the boxes for your system requirements and can perform according to your needs. It’s a good idea to ask help from a professional regarding your water condition to know what kind of water system to buy.

With the right system for your home or business, you’ll be able to achieve desirable results for your water without any disappointments. The wrong one will cause you problems and additional costs for maintenance. So choose carefully. Also, if you’re making travel plans. Portable water softeners are an option to investigate. They’re great for picnics because they’re so adaptable.

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