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The Best Propane Tankless Water Heaters

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best propane tankless water heater

Many people are now making the switch and shopping for the best propane tankless water heater that the marker has to offer. It may be because these propane tankless water heaters provide practicality and more convenience.

You can’t go wrong with the best propane tankless water heating system. Not only will it upgrade your water heating system for the better, but it can also be an energy-saving system for you.


Top 1

Rinnai V65iP

Capacity 6.5 GPM
Voltage 120 V
Power Output up to 150,000

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Top 2

Eccotemp FVI12-LP

Capacity 3.5 GPM
Voltage 110 V
Power Output 80,000

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Top 3

Camplux CM264

Capacity 2.64 GPM
Voltage 120 V
Power Output 68,000

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Table of Contents

Best Propane Tankless Water Heater Reviews 

1. Rinnai Indoor Tankless Hot Water Heater

Regardless if it is just for you and your family or you have some friends over, the Rinnai tankless water heater is everything you need for an adequate supply of hot water.

The Rinnai RUC98IP ultra series propane tankless water heater and this V65iP are just some of the models that can change how you have hot water in your house.

With this indoor propane tankless heater, hot fluid will always be available thanks to this powerful tankless propane water heater for large homes. It boasts a flow rate of up to 6.5 GPM, ensuring an adequate warm fluid supply.

This Rinnai product is a more innovative system than conventional tankless heaters. It heats your fluids twice as long, which helps cut down your energy bills. Its efficiency rating guarantees improved energy saving potential, complete with UEF certification.

Rinnai understands that your home – like most homes in the United States – has limited space. Its compact design eases installation. You will not have to worry about space and shuffling your things around. This Rinnai’s saves you valuable space for other furniture and fixtures.

You can control this propane tankless water heater through a mobile app. The app lets you set up the schedule and put the entire system in vacation mode remotely.
  • Compact in size for easy installation
  • 5 GPM flow rate
  • Heats twice as long
  • Cost-efficient with mobile app
  • UEF certified for energy saving potential
  • Services of an expert plumber required
  • Expect modifications to your current plumbing
The drawback of the Rinnai indoor tankless water heater is you need to tap the expertise and skills of a professional to install it. You might also need to modify your current piping system to make this work.

2. Eccotemp FVI12-LP Tankless Water Heaters

The FV112-LP tankless propane hot water heater is ideal for small homes, apartments, and cabins. The unit is a no-frills heater that sports a modern design with a price that will fit almost all budgets.

With a 3.6-GPM rating, this energy saver propane tankless heater only activates when you use it. It also utilizes an intense propane flame so the system can instantly heat the liquid the instant it passes through the heat exchanger.

It comes with an easy-to-read digital temperature display with a space-saving design and minimal noise output. Installation is easy, even with limited space. Under the sinks and even inside your supply closets are workable locations for this 4 x 15 x 24-inch heater.

When it comes to power, this product does not generate unneeded energy, unlike bigger units. Its low-demand power input comes with cost-friendly perks. While the unit only offers 100 volts of power input, it produces 74,500 BTUs. It is good news for any homeowners trying to scrimp on the budget.

The mere use of the FV112-LP can lead you to save up to 50% on your energy expenses monthly. And although it is incredibly compact, you will be impressed with its 4.8GPM maximum flow rate. The bottom line is that the unit is enough for 1-2 bathrooms with multiple activities like taking a shower and washing the dishes.
  • High efficiency rating
  • Ideal for small homes, apartments, and cabins
  • Has a space-saving design
  • Minimal noise output
  • Comes with an easy and simple to read digital temperature display
  • Won’t be able to meet the demanding water requirements of larger households
  • Requires a venting system
Unfortunately, this model is not for larger homes with twice the hot liquid demand. You will also need to produce a venting mechanism to facilitate efficient exhaust management.

3. Camplux Propane Tankless Water Heater

This propane tankless water heater for high altitude follows the same principle of supplying hot water on demand, so you do not waste energy keeping your liquid hot.

Camplux’s instant heating performance system uses a pair of D-size batteries to ignite its fire. This appliance is ideal for tiny homes, apartments, and cabins. And with its digital color temperature, it is easier for you to know the liquid’s current temperature.

This model is an excellent energy saver because it has an integrated digital temperature control with a thermal efficiency of 88.5%. It offers excellent protection because it has integrated safety features like a flame failure device, dry combustion protection, and anti-freezing protection.

This appliance also comes with a 2.64 GPM capacity, so you do not need to worry about suddenly not having hot liquid while you are in the middle of your bath. You can leisurely fill up your tub or shower by the pool without being abruptly interrupted by cold liquid.

This propane tankless water heater also has a winter and summer mode. It gives you hotter fluid during colder seasons, or at least if you live in a colder place. The temperature becomes cooler as you set it during the warmer season.

It functions like artificial intelligence, and once you have selected your settings, you can have consistent temperature throughout until you modify it again.

Propane tankless water heaters can impressively heat your liquid faster, but you need a good ventilation supply to do this. With the Camplux combustion technology, these propane tankless water heaters guarantee lesser oxygen emission. Its combustion innovation provides consistently lower oxygen levels of less than 3%.
  • Has digital color temperature controls
  • Integrated safety features
  • High thermal efficiency of 88.5%
  • Winter and summer modes
  • Guarantees lesser oxygen emission
  • Non-standard diameter vent pipes
  • Inconsistent water flow
It will be better if this heater can switch to the conventional diameter vent pipe because the current requirement is non-standard. There are also some inconsistencies with the water flow.

4. Rinnai Outdoor Tankless Hot Water Heater

The V65E is an exterior-mount propane tankless water heater that can expertly deliver 6.6GPM of blistering fluids for your family.

The propane gas tankless water heater reviews have given this product 4.6 stars out of 411 reviews which shows that consumers are happy with it.

The packaging and design are super-compact, but you will be impressed by how a small suitcase container can pack rich functionality and features. The Rinnai comes with a Control-R 2.0 mobile app, allowing you to control the schedules and timers all day. The app can remotely set the system to vacation mode.

This Rinnai tankless water heat exchanger keeps its hot temperature twice as long. This feature might not be the least of your priority as a shopper but think about the cost-saving benefits that this can provide you.

This feature saves you gas and fluid costs. Furthermore, the tankless heater’s design is twice durable as other brands, so you can use this heater for years to come. This product is one of the smartest expenses you can have.

Rinnai also gives you the versatility to upgrade if you want. The MC-91 temperature control system allows you to heat fluids up to 120 degrees. To elevate your liquids to 180 degrees, you can purchase an MC-91-2US and have some settings adjusted in your tan dip switch. No additional physical upgrades or expenses are involved.
  • Supports multiple users and multiple activities
  • Comes with a Control-R 2.0 mobile app
  • Keeps the hot temperature twice as long
  • Versatility to upgrade in the future
  • Cost-efficient investment
  • Professional plumber required
  • Additional accessories need to be separately purchased
Some reasons you would hesitate to purchase this Rinnai product will be the rather complicated installation and additional accessories to complete the installation.

5. Tengchang Gas Propane Tankless Hot Water Heater

The Tenchang 10L gas propane tankless water heater is most impressive because of its innovative and energy-saving combustion technology.

It can manage fluid pressure effectively in case there are high-pressure problems. With these tankless heaters, you can be confident that your home will never run out of hot water.

What’s best is you have complete control of how you want your water to be. You can tweak the temperature based on your preferences, and it also has a dedicated button for gas pressure.

With an automatic ignition system, getting hot liquid is a breeze, and you would appreciate how it comes with a flame failure protection device. You don’t want gas to be leaking, so this safety feature is good integration. It also has over-fluid protection, so it automatically decreases fluid pressure when the liquid pressure is excessively high.

The Tangchang also has a summer and winter mode, improving its overall performance. You can set the device depending on the season’s temperature and geographic location. Additionally, its liquid control linkage valve lets the heater startup even with low or inconsistent pressure.

With a sleek, modern design, this thinly shaped water heater is absolutely the best choice when you only have restricted space in your home.
  • Effectively manages water pressure
  • Easily adjust the water and gas flow
  • Automatic ignition system
  • Integrated protection features
  • Summer and winter modes
  • No accessories included and need to be sold separately
  • Not ideal for larger households
One of the setbacks is this heater doesn’t come with a regulator and propane hose. So you might need to go out of your way and purchase the accessories else delay your installation. It is also not ideal for larger households, apartments, and cabins.

6. TC-Home Tankless Liquid Propane Gas Hot Water Heater

Best suited for a single bathroom home or apartment, the TC-home tankless LPG water heater is your perfect partner if you want hot water but do not want an overly exaggerated gas bill. Since there are no electrical connections and lights, it does not eat a single watt of power.

This product is a pro in supplying your household with hot water when and where you like it. Instant hot water delivered to your taps and showerheads is what this TC-Home water heater is good at.

The TC-Home boasts an 18 liter/mn capacity and energy efficiency of 80%. Although the GPM is lower than other brands and models, it is economically priced and has a high energy factor rating for improved performance.

It also works well with low water pressure. It has a water control linkage valve, so you will not have any problems with your start-up. When it comes to well-being, this brand has also invested key features in ensuring that your home is protected.

Its ion flame inspection allows the system to automatically shut down the gas power when there are unexpected flameouts. It also has over-water pressure protection that automatically reduces pressure during excessively high water pressure situations.

As a cheaper alternative, you would be happy and satisfied with this TC-home tankless water heater’s performance. You do not need to rush to have an adequate supply of hot water because there is plenty to go around for everyone.

Surprisingly, the installation of this water heater is relatively easy. You can take this as a DIY project and enjoy a hot shower anytime.
  • High energy efficiency rating
  • Works with low water pressure
  • Integrated ion flame inspection
  • Security features like over water pressure
  • Easy installation
  • No warranty
  • Customer service needs improvement
Unfortunately, the customer care team of this brand needs improvement. Although defects are rare with the packages, they would still be ideal for providing support to customers as required. Also, since this is China-made, you cannot expect any warranties.

7. Ridgeyard Modern Gas Tankless Water Heater

If you want endless hot water, you might want to consider the Ridgeyard modern gas tankless water heater. This tankless water heater runs on liquid propane and can supply you with 12-liters of hot water per minute.

With a flow rate of 3.2GPM, you can have an unlimited supply of hot water. This high performance propane tankless water heater has a shower head and overheat protection. It will automatically turn off when it reaches 167°F.

Aesthetically, it gives off a modern look with its stainless steel panel. It also sports an LCD screen, giving you excellent visibility of water temperature readings.

This unit has a high energy factor and energy efficiency, requiring only double sets of 1.5V batteries to get on with its job. And it will start without any hitches, even with low water pressure. You can use the Ridgeyard at home as efficiently as in an RV, sailboat, and for your pets.

The product allows for efficient control of its warm and cold water settings. With its anti-freezing device, you can efficiently discharge the water residue so it won’t damage your heater during the colder days.

Value for money, you are guaranteed that the quality of this brand and model is guaranteed. The device is CE-certified and ISO-approved, complete with security features, such as overheat protection and over-water pressure protection.
  • CE certified, and ISO approved
  • Comes with an anti-freezing and controller design
  • Modern look with a LED screen
  • 2 GPM flow rate
  • Versatility on how and where you use the product
  • User manual needs to be requested
  • No batteries and adapters included
One snag with this product is the absence of batteries and adapters. Also, you have to ask for a user manual to facilitate installation ease. Instead of including it right away on the package, it will be sent to you via email only upon request.

8. Foruee Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

The Foruee portable propane instant hot water heater is a must-have and should always be within ready reach somewhere outside your house. You can have a perfectly heated bath after jumping in your pool and even the lake. Your dog will appreciate having warm baths outside because this heater comes with a removable shower head.

A plus point for this runner up propane tankless water heater is its ready-to-install design. The contents include everything you need, without the need to defer installation because you need to pick up additional accessories.

This propane tankless water heater has a 1/5-meter shower head, an extended long stainless steel hose, shower head holder, fitted handle, and a CSA-approved gas regulator included in the package.

You will be impressed with how seamless and easy the installation is. You may need a water pressure of 2.5PSI, and from there, you can connect your liquid and fuel supply for endless baths and showers indoors or outdoors. Its temperature control is also phenomenal.

And you do not have to wait long outside because 99% of this heat exchanger features 100% copper, boosting its thermal efficiency. With an outer surface that is anti-corrosive and tin-plated, you can be sure that it is corrosion and high temperature resistant, so you and your family can use this for a long time.

It passed the UL-307B Safety Test and the FDA food contact article test. It also shuts down when it senses oxygen depletion. It has enough protective technologies to keep its operation safe.
  • Easy, DIY installation
  • Made of reliable and cost-efficient copper and stainless steel
  • Ideal for massive demands
  • UL-307B Safety Test and FDA food contact article test certified
  • Practical safety integrated features
  • Top design can be improved
  • “D” batteries not included
Two things require improvement. The first is the design of this propane tankless water heater. Some parts of the heater are also susceptible to damage because of exposure to the elements. You also need to purchase two D-cell batteries.

9. Happybuy Tankless Water Heater

After installing Happybuy heater, there is nothing left for you to do but enjoy your hot showers.

Happybuy’s lp gas tankless water heater can give you a consistent water temperature anywhere between 50°F -140°F. The water exchange unit features a stainless steel case, and the inner devices are made of copper, ensuring durability.

The brand also made sure that protection is a top priority. It has upgraded this unit to have six safety ways to ensure your overall well-being in the shower. This on-demand tankless heater has Over 75°C (167 °F) protection, freeze protection, low flow protection, 20 min timer, over-water pressure protection, and no flame protection.

This unit is also effortless and straightforward to control. Its power input can save 40% on your gas bill. It achieves ≥80.8% thermal efficiency for 11.5% energy savings. You get all of this information from an LED screen panel, ensuring an effortless experience. Imagine if it came with an app.

What is best is you can take this with you anytime, anywhere. The unit comes with a standard copper G½-inches hose connections, gas emission tube, filtration mess, and copper water tank and ignites it with 2 D-cell batteries.

You can use this CE test-passer water heater in so many ways that not having it with you can feel limited in all your hot liquid requirements.
  • Comes with a LED screen panel and simple knobs
  •  Massively helps you save on gas bills
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Six safety features integrated
  • CE test passer
  • Better material for the knobs
  • Some accessories need to be purchased separately
A few setbacks of this product would be the material used for the knobs. The brand could have chosen a more durable element than plastic. There are also additional accessories you need to make it work.

10. Marey Power Gas Tankless Water Heater

One cannot get a more uncomplicated and more straightforward tankless water heater than the Marey Power Gas 10LPDP model.

This product’s control panel design is easy to adjust. One can shower and use the hot liquid in the house 24/7, and this device can seamlessly provide sufficient liquid supply at a rate of 2.7 GPM. It is a remarkable flow rate for a tankless heater. Not only can this heater supply your water requirements instantly. It does not waste your liquids, too.

The 10LPDP whole house propane tankless water heater is an excellent investment. There will always be hot liquids in this on-demand propane tankless heater unit, even without a storage tank. This attribute makes it a powerful and efficient design if you want to conserve fluids while enjoying it.

Installation is a breeze. The construction and materials used in this tankless heater have longevity in mind. You can use this tankless unit for 15 years and more.

Easy to use, you can purchase 2D battery cells to ignite this heater. After that, you can leave everything to it and let it do its job. You do not need to exert as much effort to ensure that you have hot fluid flowing in your bathroom and kitchen faucets.

A compact design is another reason this water heater is a great choice. Its gas regulator controls are easy to reach. You have complete control over this unit, and it is eco-friendly too. It is a sustainable product that requires minimal to zero maintenance.
  • Minimal to zero maintenance required
  • Excellent materials and overall construction
  • Simple to use with easy to reach controls
  • Eco-friendly
  • 2.7 GPM flow rate
  • Poor customer care support
  • Professional installation is needed
The bottom line is that you will be pleased with this propane tankless water heating unit. Some hiccups of the Marey 10LPDP model lack customer service for support, and you will need a professional plumber to get this installed.

11. VEVOR Propane Hot Water Heater

The Vevor water heater carries plenty of features that make it one of the best propane-powered tankless water heaters. It features a tube ignition mode, excellent battery protection, and a robust G1 2-inch pipeline, among others.

Made of stainless steel and copper, it strikes a perfect balance of performance and aesthetics. This unit is waterproof, has excellent freeze protection, and is high-temperature and anti-rust resistant. Its unique materials ensure better thermal conductivity, ensuring that you get more than 80.8% of thermal efficiency.

You can adjust the gas settings and the hot liquid easily. Turn the gas regulator control clockwise to increase your gas supply, while the dedicated water control knob also follows a clockwise direction to get more scorching liquid.

There are also summer and winter knobs that save as much as 40% energy, thanks to the product’s high energy factor rating. The Vevor has a LED screen, displaying real-time fluid temperature, and an error code indicator.

This heater has passed the CE tests, capable of delivering 4.75 GPM. It also has multiple features solely for protection, including low fluid flow protection, overpressure protection, overheat protection, no flame protection, and a 20-minute timer.

This tankless propane water heater has an impressive and well-thought structure. Its primary energy source is LPG and paired with an advanced T13 burner, allowing one to expect higher and better gas-burning efficiency.

The combustion structure is 100% enclosed, so the fire and heat will always be consistent. It also has an auto-shutdown gas power when the flame unexpectedly goes out. This construction saves you gas costs.
  • Advanced energy-saving features
  • Compact style
  • Multiple protection features
  • 75 GPM flow rate
  • Higher gas burning efficiency than others
  • No English installation manual
  • Hard to find connections
The installation will be easier if there is a friendly English instruction manual that comes with it. The connectors needed are also hard to find. It is not the usual and conventional connectors.

12. GASLAND Outdoors Propane Water Heater

The Gasland 2.64 GPM outdoor portable tankless water heater can hold a capacity of 10L in its lightweight and compact size, making it easy to carry around when you go on your next outdoor adventure.

Its performance prioritizes your security by incorporating a flame failure device, overheating protection, and freeze protection.

This propane water heater also lowers the water pressure between 3.6-110 PSI automatically. Its anti-freezing drain releases the residue to avoid freezing during the cold season or when you will not use this device for a long time. Too bad, it does not come with an app.

With an all-out power output of 68,000 BTU per hour, you will have more than enough hot liquid supply wherever you are. There is no need to preheat to get the proper water temperature because as soon as you turn on the tap, fluid will automatically flow with your set temperature.

It also does not need high water pressure to start. You only need a fluid pressure of 3.6PSI, and you are all set. It gives you 100% flexibility to adjust the flow and temperature. The design also has 11.5% energy-saving technology making it a highly recommended all-around heater.
  • 2.64 GPM flow rate
  • Integrated security features
  • No need to preheat
  • Doesn’t require high pressure
  • 11.5% energy saving technology design
  • Included installation manual is not helpful
  • Requires additional adapters that should be purchased separately
Some shortcomings for this product are the manual is confusing and the adapters are not enough so expect to shell out a few dollars to buy some. Installation can be quite bothersome.

13. Camplux Outdoor Portable Propane Tankless Water Heater

The Camplux outdoor tankless water heater has broken barriers to using technology, ensuring heating efficiency. This propane water heater tankless system deserves five stars for its portability.

Movability is an essential feature because it allows you to have hot water at will. As long as you need hot water, this outdoor system can sufficiently provide it to you with no problems. The size and weight of this water heater would allow it to fit your car while you explore the roads.

You can safely use this propane tankless water heater within your home because it has a gas certification. It is a CSA-approved propane gas supply essential in the healing process. Its 1.32 GPM flow rate may be lower than other propane tankless water heaters, but it heats the system a lot longer.

The system only needs 2.0PSI of water pressure to trigger water flow. It makes it convenient for areas that can’t have more pressure.

It is also electricity power independent. It is the reason why this is a must-have if you are fond of the outdoors. All you need are twin D-cell batteries, and you have instant hot water wherever you are.

It also has safety features to cap it off: a flame failure device, an oxygen depletion automatic shut-off feature, and anti-freezing protection. But always remember to use it with caution when you are outdoors because it is still a live fire, and it can still cause forest fires.
  • Versatile and extremely portable
  • CSA-approved
  • Can operate with minimal pressure
  • Electricity power independent
  • Integrated safety features
  • Installation instructions are not friendly
  • Required accessories needed to be purchased separately
A few disappointments would be the installation instructions are not very clear, so you might end up having a professional plumber to get it done for you. There are also additional accessories you need to purchase for a successful installation.

What Is The Best Propane Tankless Water Heater/ Who Is This For


Propane tankless water heaters only heat the amount of water that you need. Also known as a demand-type water heater, this unit does not require a bulky storage tank.

Instead, the product heats the water through the heating coils whenever you turn on the tap or use an appliance that requires hot water. After using, the heating coils also turn off.

The bottom line is that tankless water heaters provide you with a seemingly endless amount of hot water anytime, anywhere.

Some models give 3.5 gallons of water per minute, making them suitable for small or one-time uses such as showering, dishwashing, etc.

Natural gas and liquid propane tankless water heaters are energy-efficient and less costly to use.

They are also more durable since models have an average lifespan of 20 years or more. Indoor types require special ventilation to let the excess gases escape, while outdoor devices do not need any venting.

Based on lp tankless water heater reviews, these are some of the most efficient and popular brands of propane tankless water heaters in the market:

  • Camplux Eccotemp
  • Foruee Perfect Comfort for Family
  • Happybuy
  • Marey
  • Ridgeyard
  • Rinnai
  • TC-Home
  • Tengchang
  • Vevor

How Do Propane Tankless Water Heaters Work



Compared to tank-style water heaters, propane tankless water heaters only heat up and provide hot water on your demand. It has the following parts:

  • Flow sensor
  • Control panel
  • Fan
  • Gas valve
  • Burner
  • Heat exchanger
  • Mixing valve
  • Water valve
  • Isolation valve
  • Temperature sensor
  • Vents

When you turn on the tap or use a device that requires hot water, cold water then starts flowing through the system. The model’s flow sensor detects running water and then signals the control panel to start the liquid heating process.

In gas-powered appliances like propane on demand water heaters, the control panel subsequently activates both the fan and gas valve. The fan lets the outside air enter while the gas valve injects the fuel. The control panel also ignites the burner to heat it.

The heat exchanger component then absorbs the resulting heat from the flames and transmits it to the water passing through the water heater’s tubing. A mixing valve tempers the water’s temperature before it exits the exchanger.

The water heater’s temperature sensor then checks if the hot water follows the chosen setting. If not, the control panel adjusts the gas, mixing, and water valves accordingly.

Once the temperature is alright, the now hot water exits the machine and is ready for use.

Sealed vents then dispose of the exhaust gases. It is also responsible for providing air to the burner to kickstart combustion. However, outdoor propane tankless water heaters do not need any vents.

Propane Tankless Water Heater Buying Guide



Tankless water heaters are more energy-efficient and cost-effective compared to tank-style devices. Without the tank, these products are also smaller and more compact, making them ideal for smaller homes or those with small spaces.

Not only that but because of how they work, they seemingly provide an endless amount of hot water anytime, anywhere.

Because of these benefits, tankless water heaters are popular. However, choosing and purchasing can be difficult. But you do not have to worry since this buying guide will lay down the factors you need to consider in a tankless water heater.

Flow Rate 

Flow rates are measured in gallons per minute and indicate the amount of water the device can provide. This factor is crucial since having a low flow rate would mean difficulties in meeting your home’s demands, while a high flow rate would entail unnecessary costs.

To determine the flow rate you need, list down all the appliances or fixtures that your household needs during peak demand. After, you need to calculate each appliance flow rate and add it all up to get the total.

Temperature Rise 

Determining the temperature rise is essential since it affects the amount of energy the water heater needs to use.

To get the temperature rise, deduct the groundwater temperature from the desired water temperature. You would want your heated water to be about 49ºC or 120ºF or somewhere along that range.

In most households, incoming waters usually have a temperature of 10ºC or 50ºF. However, this can change depending on your region and its climate.

Take note: the more significant the difference between the groundwater temperature and desired temperature is, the more energy the water heater will use.

Recirculation ability

Tankless water heaters with a recirculation function enable the water heater to send the excess hot water to the unit via a pump. Products with recirculation features quickly provide hot water as to the standard models.

Anti-Scale Devices 

Tankless water heaters are greatly affected by scale deposits as this can slow down their flow rate. As such, you should purchase a model equipped with anti-scale devices. These devices slow downscale build-up by swirling the water.

Digital Display 

Digital displays make it more convenient for the user to monitor temperature levels and customize the heater’s operation.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Models 

  • Indoor

You can install indoor propane tankless water heaters inside your home. It protects them against weather changes and other elemental factors.

However, indoor products require a particular type of ventilation. There needs to be a vent attached near a drain to deal with the constant condensation. You also need to install ventilation piping to direct exhaust gas outside.

  • Outdoor

Outdoor propane tankless water heaters do not need ventilation piping since it is unnecessary to direct exhaust gases. Moreover, these heaters are made of sturdier materials because they can withstand various weather conditions.

However, outdoor appliances may require constant maintenance check-ups. You will have to be vigilant in finding defects and damages and quickly repair them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who makes the best propane tankless water heater?

Well-known brands have consumer trust and confidence, assuring them quality and effectiveness.

According to tankless water heater propane reviews, here are some of the most popular brands in the industry:

  • Camplux
  • Eccotemp
  • Foruee Perfect Comfort for Family
  • Happybuy
  • Marey
  • Ridgeyard
  • Rinnai
  • TC-Home
  • Tengchang
  • Vevor

What size tankless water heater do I need?

Determining the size of your tankless water heater is crucial. If it is too small, then the product will not meet your household’s demands. A too-large one will add on unnecessary costs.

The size depends on how often you need to use hot water, measured in the flow rate and expressed in gallons per minute (GPM). You can tell a unit’s flow rate by looking at its British Thermal Unit (BTU) input and efficiency measures.

Flow rates range from 1.2 GPM to 6 GPM. Generally, the higher the BTU rating, the higher is the flow rate.

For example, a unit with 31,000 BTU delivers a 1.2 GPM, while another model with a 190,000 BTU gives a 5.7 GPM.

Aside from flow rates, the water heater’s size also depends on the energy it uses. The energy ratings vary from 78% to 87%. Generally, the higher the rating, the more energy-efficient the unit will be.

How big of a propane tank do I need for a tankless water heater?

The correct propane tank size depends on the amount of water you use and how often you use it. As such, it will depend on the tankless water heater flow rate and BTU.

Moreover, it will also depend on the temperature rise, which is the energy needed to heat the ground temperature to your desired temperature. This factor will depend on your region and its climate. If the ground temperature is too cool, the device requires more energy to heat the liquid.

A 100-pound propane gas tank has 2,300,000 BTUs, heating water for various point sources and appliances. A 15-gallon tank can meet a two-member household hot water needs.

On the other hand, a 25-gallon tank per month can suffice for a three to four-member family.

A household of more than four members requires 35 to 40-gallons of propane to meet its hot water needs.

How to install a propane tankless water heater?

Since tankless water heaters are more compact, you might think installing them is easy. However, many forget that these water heaters require special ventilations to deal with condensation and exhaust gases.

As such, installing one should be delegated to a professional since you will need to establish leak-free connections with the water, vents, and gas. The installation process also depends on the type of gas tankless water heaters you have.

Non-condensing systems are cheaper than the others, but they are also more expensive to install. Due to their mechanism, they need a more complex and costly venting system.

On the other hand, condensing tankless water heaters is the opposite. They require less installation costs since their control panel extracts and absorbs heat before traveling through the venting.

Outdoor models are cheaper to purchase and install since they do not require any venting system. However, these systems are not always suitable for most households.

Can a propane tankless water heater be converted to natural gas?

Yes, some tankless water heaters allow users to convert from using propane gas to natural gas. Changing the tankless water heater fuel source is usually part of a gas utility program.

Conversion is a delicate and complicated process due to the differences in pressure between propane and natural gas. As such, you must find the correct gas valve and a burner that matches the type of gas you desire to use.

First, you will need to remove the manifold burner and install the correct one. You also need to convert the gas control valve to the natural gas set by twisting the cap. After, place a sticker near the rating tape to indicate the gas type used.

However, it is best to perform the conversion on an appropriate unit and preferably by a licensed gas technician. Otherwise, you risk damaging the tankless water heater and exposing yourself to danger.

Is propane cheaper than electric?

Yes, propane is cheaper than electric. According to the US Department of Energy, propane heaters only cost one-third of the price compared to electrical heating systems.

For example, a 2,500-watt heater running for 8 hours on electricity would cost $2, while it only costs $1.60 on propane models.

According to a tankless propane water heater review, propane and gas-powered units are more energy-efficient than their electric counterparts, enabling them to cut back on household costs. Moreover, they are also quicker and provide more warmth.

Propane water heaters are also more durable, having an average lifespan of 20 years. On the other hand, most electric water heaters only last for 5 to 10 years.


With too many options to choose from – all vying to be the best propane tankless water heater, you have to exert a little more time and lots of effort to shop wisely.

Remember that every brand has its pros and cons, and you have your unique demands and preferences when it comes to hot water. You have to factor in considerations, and you can have an easier time deciding by not being impulsive and investing time to go through unbiased reviews and feedback.

Besides getting hot water, you have to be satisfied with your purchase’s overall performance, functionality, and longevity.

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