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The Best NSF Certified Water Filters

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best nsf certified water filter

Everyone needs a water filter company they can trust, taking extraordinary measures to ensure the highest possible product quality. That is why well-informed consumers only get the best NSF certified water filter. The certification is a modern consumer’s guarantee of a water filter’s performance and quality.

Homeowners will feel more secure whenever they use an NSF-certified water filter. They know the device can remove whatever water impurities and contaminants it says it can eliminate. The product has scientific, unbiased proof of its quality and performance.

So, how does one choose the right NSF-certified water filtration system to bring home?

Top 1

ZeroWater ZP-010

Weight ‎4 Pounds
Capacity 0.7 Gallons
Filtration 5-Stage

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Top 2

iSpring RCC7AK

Weight 20 Pounds
Capacity ‎75 Gallons
Filtration 6-Stage

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Top 3

Waterdrop WD-FC-01

Weight 1.01 Pounds
Capacity 320 Gallons
Filtration 2-Layer

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Table of Contents

Best NSF Certified Water Filter Reviews

1. ZeroWater ZP-010 Water Filter Pitcher

The ZeroWater ZP-010 is one of the best NSF certified water filter pitcher capable of reducing lead, chromium, and other heavy metals that can impair health. A portable filtration system, this product can save families hundreds of dollars every year on bottled water.

With five filtration stages, this NSF/ANSI standard 53 water filter can reduce many water contaminants and impurities that can harm one’s health. I love its carbon filter, sediment filter, ion exchange resin, and re-mineralizer working as a cohesive unit. It results in drinking water that tastes and smells great.

I also love its TDS-reduction capabilities, eliminating up to 99.6% of dissolved solids. Despite this, the filter retains beneficial minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium. One can feel confident these minerals will go to the body, strengthen the bones, improve muscle contractions, and bring about enhanced wellness.

Monitoring the water quality is never an issue because of a water quality meter snapped into the pitcher’s lid. It is a removable device one can use in other applications. Storing this pitcher in the refrigerator is also effortless.

My only concern is its low filtration rate, taking about six minutes to filter a cup of water.
  • Five-stage filtration for more efficient reduction of contaminants
  • Reduces TDS levels for better-tasting water
  • Retains beneficial minerals for improved health and wellness
  • Water quality meter for more efficient monitoring
  • Sleek, ultra-modern, and compact design for storage ease
  • Slow filtration rate
Regardless, I recommend this water filter pitcher to anyone who wants a product that removes many health-compromising substances with the appropriate certification to back it up.

2. iSpring RCC7AK Drinking Water Filter

Families who want a point-of-use water filter with the correct NSF water filter standards should consider the iSpring RCC7AK. Featuring an NSF/ANSI 58 classification, this water filter has one of the world’s best reverse osmosis systems, perfect for removing many contaminants from the water.

I love this product’s six filtration stages that make it efficient in reducing as many impurities from the water as possible. It can reduce more than a thousand harmful substances by as much as 99%, including lead, chlorine, fluoride, asbestos, and arsenic.

It includes a re-mineralization filter, returning beneficial minerals into the water for improved health and wellness for everyone.

I admire its TDS-reduction capabilities, ensuring drinkers will never get any nasty taste or odor of heavy metals and other compounds. Its ultra-fine reverse osmosis filter’s 0.0001-micron pore size can also remove microorganisms, safeguarding the health of anyone who drinks from it.

This filtration system already comes as a complete set, including a Euro-style faucet that can complement any kitchen décor. I like the filter’s capacity, too. Households with heavy water consumption can expect the filters to last about six months. More modest families can continue enjoying filtered water for up to a year or more.

While it is easy to install, I still recommend getting an expert to avoid leaks. The RO system also requires regular maintenance by a licensed technician.
  • Multiple stages of filtration to get rid of more contaminants and impurities
  • Re-mineralizes the water for improved health benefits
  • Reduces TDS for more pleasant drinks
  • Long-lasting filter lifespan for better savings
  • Elegant Euro-style high-flow faucet for improved kitchen sink aesthetics
  • Requires periodic maintenance
  • Professional installation recommended
Overall, I love this water filter because of its unmatched filtration performance.

3. Waterdrop WD-FC-01 Water Faucet Filtration

Getting safe, great-tasting, and odor-free drinking or cooking water is a cinch with the Waterdrop WD-FC-01. This water faucet filter has the correct NSF water certification to put anyone’s mind at ease, especially in reducing lead and chlorine from the water.

Featuring an advanced Activated Carbon Filter media, this faucet improves water aesthetics by reducing chlorine, taste, and odor. It ensures more pleasant drinks, such as coffee, juices, smoothies, and more.

A look at the NSF certified water filters list also reveals that this unit can lower lead levels in the water. Such ability is what modern families need to feel safe every time they get water from this tap.

I also like the addition of a pre-filter, removing as many large particles as possible. I love its 320-gallon filter capacity, lasting up to three months in most cases. I think one can extend it to six months with more judicious use. Installation is also effortless, requiring no special tools or plumbing skills.

As elegant and functional as this filter faucet is, it does not reduce total dissolved solids. It also does not work with specialty faucets, such as pull-outs, spray units, handhelds, and taps with sensors.
  • Dual filtration mechanism for enhanced contaminant removal
  • Improves water aesthetics for more pleasant drinks
  • ACF media lasts three times longer than other brands for better savings
  • Easy to install for optimum convenience
  • Elegant and stylish design to complement kitchen décor
  • No impact on TDS
  • Limited faucet compatibility
Nevertheless, one should consider buying this NSF-certified tap water filter because of its elegant design, longevity, and exceptional filtration performance.

4. Frizzlife MK99 Under Sink Water Filter

Homes do not need a complex system to filter their water if they only have lead, heavy metals, and a few aesthetic impurities to worry about. All they need is the Frizzlife MK99 NSF-42 and NSF-53 certified water filter.

This compact under-sink water filter combines a carbon block’s CTO-removal capabilities and a lead-reducing filter, guaranteeing safe and great-tasting water.

I like its simple design that facilitates effortless installation. Maintaining it is also a breeze, especially with its three-second quick-twist filter replacement mechanism. Its automatic shutoff mechanism also aids in hassle-free filter change.

Households with perennial lead problems in their water can rest assured this device will address the issue with ease. It is perfect for washing and preparing food items and cleaning kitchen items, ensuring safety every time.

I also love its 2.5-gallon maximum flow rate, ensuring me a sufficient water supply for my needs. This device also has a 1,600-gallon capacity, giving households more savings. The unit can last up to two years, although the company recommends a replacement every six to eight months.

Despite its outstanding NSF water filter ratings, this unit does not impact total dissolved solids. People looking to lower their TDS levels may have to buy a different filter.
  • Two-stage filtration system for effective removal of lead and other contaminants
  • Higher flow rate than other under-sink water filters
  • High filter capacity for improved savings
  • Worry-free installation and maintenance
  • Auto-shutoff mechanism for faster and more efficient filter change
  • Leaves fast
Nevertheless, I recommend this water filter to families and individuals who need an efficient system for removing harmful contaminants while improving the taste and odor characteristics of the water.

5. Waterdrop WD-FC-06 Water Filter

The Waterdrop WD-FC-06 is a dependable NSF certified gravity water filter that looks elegant as it is functional. Households with stainless steel appliances and fixtures will love this faucet filter gleaming in their kitchens.

I love this tap’s 304 stainless steel construction as it gives the sink an added sparkle. Operating the faucet is as effortless as its installation. I adore the quick-change mechanism that allows me to choose between filtered and unfiltered water.

While this is not an NSF 401 certified water filter, its NSF 42 and NSF 372 qualifications can still provide me with peace of mind.

Lead, CTO, rust, sediment, and other contaminants are never going to bother drinkers. I also love the inclusion of a re-mineralizer to the carbon block and polyester membrane, improving the level of beneficial minerals in the water.

I also could not believe that this small device can accommodate 320 gallons of water. It can translate to three months of heavy use or about a year of more modest consumption. The savings one gets are enough to ditch other brands.

Unfortunately, this faucet filter only works with standard taps and not for spray-style, handheld, and irregular faucet models.
  • Reduces lead, chlorine, and other impurities for better-tasting and safer water
  • Three advanced filtration layers for optimum contaminant reduction
  • Effortless to install and operate
  • Superior construction and elegant design for aesthetics
  • High-capacity filter for better cost-savings
  • Incompatible with specialty faucets
Regardless, this NSF-certified water faucet remains the perfect choice for households that want to rid their water of lead, rust, sediment, and other potentially harmful substances.

6. Express Water RO5DX Under Sink Water Filter

The Express Water RO5DX features one of the best NSF approved water filters on the market. This under-sink water filtration system is suitable for households that want to eliminate as many impurities from their water as possible.

I admire its five filtration stages that include three types of carbon filters, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a sediment filter. Setting up these components is also hassle-free because the company already ships them pre-assembled. There are also Quick Connect fittings, ensuring effortless installation and customization.

I do not think this product requires an NSF 401 water filter certification because its NSF-58 qualification is enough to guarantee the removal of up to 99.99% of more than 108 water contaminants. One can say goodbye to lead, chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, bacteria, nitrates, arsenic, fluoride, and other substances in the water.

I love the chrome faucet that comes with this water filter. The tap also has a higher flow rate than other products I have seen. Filling a glass should be quick and easy.

The only issue I see about this product is it does not return beneficial minerals to the water, which can be problematic for some folks. Moreover, I think an expert needs to install it to avoid leaks.

  • Multiple filtration stages for more comprehensive removal of water contaminants
  • NSF-certified reverse osmosis system for filter quality and performance
  • Pre Assembled components with Quick Connect fittings for effortless installation
  • Elegant chrome faucet included for improved sink aesthetics
  • Higher tap water flow rate than other products
  • No re-mineralization filter
  • Tendency to leak with an improper installation
Overall, this water filter is perfect for anyone who requires a more efficient removal of water impurities, ensuring better-tasting and safer water.

7. Waterdrop Lucid Water Filter Pitcher

Featuring two NSF certified filters for NSF standards 42 and 372, the Waterdrop Lucid is an excellent choice for families that only require filtered water at the dining table. Its simple design belies its filtration performance.

While only two filters have NSF certification, the other two underwent more than 400 rigorous testing and validation by reliable third-party laboratories. This pitcher removes lead, nitrates, radium, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, bromine, iodine, inorganic and organic substances, and other potentially harmful water impurities.

I love its 200-gallon filter capacity, which is five times greater than the leading water filter pitcher brand. I used the filter for up to a year before replacement.

Users can also rely on its innovative LED filter status indicator. A steady blue light means the filter is in excellent condition. A flashing red LED alerts users of an impending filter change. A steady red light indicates immediate filter replacement.

I also like its fast filtration rate, capable of filling the 10-cup pitcher in one minute. Most filter pitchers take about 10 to 15 minutes. The pitcher is also compact, ensuring ease of refrigerator storage. The cover also forms a tight seal on the pitcher, preventing spills and leaks.

Unfortunately, this water filter will not lower total dissolved solids.
  • Four filtration technologies for efficient contaminant removal
  • Large filter capacity for improved savings
  • Faster filtration rate than other water filter pitchers
  • Innovative LED filter status indicator for hassle-free monitoring
  • Safe and compact pitcher design for versatility
  • Does not reduce TDS
Nevertheless, it remains an excellent choice for households that want great-tasting, speck-free, odorless, and safe drinking water at the dining table.

8. ICEPURE PRO UKF8001 Water Filter

People looking for a trustworthy NSF 53 certified refrigerator water filter should consider the ICEPURE PRO UKF8001. This compact and powerful device removes more than 20 known contaminants that can get into a refrigerator’s water dispenser or ice-making unit.

As an NSF 53 certified water filter, this product removes up to 99.6% of lead and 90.2% of mercury. Its NSF 42 qualification also assures up to 99% reduction in chlorine odors and tastes. The NSF 372 certification also gives me peace of mind, knowing this water filter does not have lead or any other toxic heavy metal in its construction.

This refrigerator water filter has three layers that remove impurities from large sediments to microscopic organic and inorganic compounds. I like its 300-gallon filter capacity, making it last for at least six months. That translates to better savings for the budget-conscious family.

I love this product’s exceptional compatibility with leading refrigerator brands, including Whirlpool and Maytag. It also meets the strict water quality standards of European and Australian regulatory agencies, further giving confidence to whoever buys it.

Installation is never an issue, either. I only need to check refrigerator compatibility, and this filter will fit right in.

It is essential to recognize that this product does not reduce TDS and microorganisms in the water.
  • Triple filtration layers for optimum water impurities reduction
  • Higher filter capacity than other refrigerator filter replacements
  • Works with leading refrigerator brands for versatility
  • Meets quality standards of multiple regulatory agencies worldwide
  • Easy to install without special tools
  • Not for microbial elimination
  • Not for TDS reduction
However, this replacement refrigerator water filter is impeccable in reducing lead, chlorine, mercury, and other harmful compounds.

9. FilterLogic FL-PF06-6 Pitcher Water Filter

Families with water filter pitchers looking for a replacement cartridge should get the FilterLogic FL-PF06-6. This water filter is as efficient in removing water contaminants as original pitcher filters, but without the hefty price tag.

I like this water filter’s universal design, making it easy to fit in leading water filter pitcher brands, such as Brita and Mavea. One can save tens of dollars with this water filter, allowing families to enjoy more worthwhile activities.

While it only has two filtration technologies, I still admire this product’s NSF water filters. Its NSF 42 certification guarantees drinking water free of chlorine odor and taste. The filter’s NSF 372 qualification also gives me confidence knowing there is no lead in the water I drink.

Securing this unit into compatible water filter pitchers is a breeze. It forms a tight seal at the connection, preventing the mixing of filtered and unfiltered water during pouring. I also like the product’s overall design. It is simple yet effective and affordable.

It would be best to keep one’s expectations about the product. If one expects TDS, mercury, or arsenic reduction, this is not the correct product.
  • Compatible with leading water filter pitcher brands
  • Two filtration technologies for greater-tasting and safe drinking water
  • More affordable than original filters but works as efficiently
  • Easy to install and secure on compatible pitchers
  • Superior-quality design for leak-free use
  • Not for mercury or arsenic reduction
  • No impact on TDS
Regardless, it remains a wise choice for households with water filter pitchers. They can save more money replacing their original filters with this product.

10. AQUACREST DA29-00020B Water Filter

Replacing a Samsung refrigerator water filter can be a costly proposition. That is why many owners use the AQUACREST DA29-000208 because it is a more cost-efficient alternative. It works effectively as the original, but without its prohibitive price tag.

I like this product’s simple construction and how the company strives to ensure product quality.

While this replacement filter is not the same as NSF certified water filters lead removal units, I feel confident about its lead-free construction. The product does not leach lead and other harmful chemicals into the water.

This water filter improves the aesthetic qualities of drinking water, making it more palatable and enjoyable for different applications. There is no unpleasant smell or taste that can interfere with the unique characteristics of concocted beverages.

I admire the filter’s service lifespan, reaching up to six months or about 300 gallons. Most replacement filters I know can only accommodate about 200 gallons. A family with modest water consumption can extend this filter’s lifespan by a few more months.

However, one must remember that this product only works with select Samsung refrigerator models. It also has a limited function, improving only the water’s taste and odor characteristics.
  • Advanced carbon filter technology for enhanced chemical adsorption
  • Improves water taste and odor characteristics for more enjoyable drinks
  • Complies with strict lead content standards for improved safety
  • Longer-lasting filter than other replacement filters
  • More affordable than the original filter
  • Compatible only with select Samsung refrigerator models
  • Only for CTO reduction
Nevertheless, it remains an excellent buy for families with only aesthetic concerns in their water. It is also a more affordable option than an original filter.

11. AO Smith AO-WH-FILTER Water Filter

The AO Smith AO-WH-FILTER is a dependable NSF certified whole house water filter suitable for a family of four or households with moderate to high water consumption. It has a straightforward tank design that ensures a breezy installation.

What I admire the most about this product is its extra-long filter life.

Most of the water filters I included in this list only last a maximum of two years, with a filter capacity of about 200 to 300 gallons. This unit can accommodate 600,000 gallons of water, which is good enough for about six years and maybe even longer if one only has modest water consumption.

While it is a CTO filter, this device can also remove other water contaminants, such as chloramines, pesticides, herbicides, and other compounds. The water it filters not only tastes and smells great. It also makes for more exciting cooking adventures.

I love its versatile filtration, capable of handling different water sources. One can run well water or municipal water through this device and never worry about odd-tasting water ever again. Installation is also straightforward.

The downsides to this product are that it is a bit heavy and does not reduce microorganisms and total dissolved solids in the water.
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized homes or those with high water consumption
  • Reduces CTO and other common water contaminants
  • High filter capacity for extended lifespan and better savings
  • Worry-free installation for optimum convenience
  • Compatible with well, municipal, and city water
  • Not for TDS and microbial reduction
  • Heavy
Still, I recommend it to anyone who needs filtered water throughout the house. It is a cost-effective system for delivering safe and clean water wherever one needs it in the home.

What to Look for When Buying NSF Certified Water Filter


Buying an NSF-certified water filtration system is not as complicated as it sounds. One only needs to exercise due diligence in studying different products, looking out for specific attributes. It would be best for potential buyers to consider the following factors.

Correct NSF Certification

The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) has standards for specific water quality parameters and product attributes. It would be best to familiarize oneself with the different NSF water filter listing standards.

For example, an NSF-42 standard only addresses the water’s aesthetic qualities, while an NSF-53 qualification underscores a water filter’s ability to remove health-hazardous compounds. Meanwhile, an NSF-55 certification is only for water filters with ultraviolet systems.

A reverse osmosis system should have an NSF-58 certification, while a water filter for emerging contaminants should have an NSF-401 rating.

Prospective buyers can use the NSF search tool to check if the water filter they want to buy has an appropriate NSF certification.

For example, to answer the question is Cuckoo water filter NSF certified, one may have to type in the NSF search bar the ‘Cuckoo” brand. It will show that this brand has an NSF-42 qualification for its CPF-80XX series of water filters.

Water Filter Type for One’s Needs

One can choose from a multitude of water filtration units. There are point-of-use systems that supply filtered water to a single fixture. Examples of these water filter types include faucet filters, refrigerator filters, inline water filters, water filter pitchers, and under-sink water filters.

Point-of-entry water filtration systems are perfect for whole-house applications. They deliver filtered water to every tap and water appliance in the home.

One can also choose water filtration systems based on their filter mechanism. For example, one can pick a sediment filter if the only concern is large particles or sediment in the water. A carbon filter is suitable for removing the nasty smell and taste of chlorine and other compounds.

Households worrying about dissolved solids can choose a reverse osmosis system or a carbon filter with ultra or nanofiltration. These units can also filter out microorganisms, including cysts, bacteria, parasites, and some viruses.

Filters with UV light are ideal for killing microorganisms in the water. A re-mineralizing membrane can balance the mineral-removing capabilities of a reverse osmosis system, returning beneficial elements into the water.

Water Filtration Characteristics

It is always best to check the water filter’s performance characteristics, including filter capacity and flow rate. Filters with larger capacities last long. It can translate to better savings for the family because they will not replace the filter very often.

Flow rate is also crucial because it underscores how much water one can enjoy within a given unit of time.

Is NSF Certified Important


Yes, NSF certification is essential in ensuring the truthfulness or authenticity of a company’s claims regarding its water filtration performance.

It is the public’s safeguard against scrupulous companies, ensuring their water filtration performance pronouncements have the validation of a trustworthy, unbiased third-party quality standards organization.

An NSF-certified or NSF-listed water filter tells consumers that the manufacturer observed high-quality systems, processes, and methods in designing and constructing their products. All materials undergo rigorous testing, validation, and certification to ensure their appropriateness and safety for human water consumption.

What is the Difference between NSF 42 and 53

According to the National Sanitation Foundation, the NSF 42 standard reflects a filter’s ability to reduce aesthetic impurities, including chlorine odors and tastes. The contaminants

On the other hand, an NSF 53 standard pertains to a filter’s capacity to lower the number of contaminants with EPA-defined health effects. It can include filtration and adsorption processes, such as what occurs in carbon filter media.

A related NSF standard to NSF 53 is NSF P473. NSF P473 certified water filters can reduce the levels of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctanesulphonate (PFOs), which the EPA classifies as major environmental and human health hazards.

Are Brita Filters NSF Certified

Not all Brita filters have NSF certification. Some may have the NSF logo, but a closer inspection of the filter may reveal the qualification is only for select water contaminants.

It is also worth noting that some filters undergo testing, validation, and certification by the Water Quality Association, using NSF/ANSI standards.


The best NSF certified water filter gives consumers the confidence and security they need from their water filters. It removes whatever contaminants or impurities the manufacturer claims because a trustworthy, unbiased organization already qualified the product.

The certification also guarantees high-quality materials and manufacturing processes, giving families and individuals additional reasons to feel good about using the water filter. They can increase their water consumption, leading to better health and enhanced wellness.

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