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The Best Marine Water Softeners

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best marine water softeners

Many are worn out from constant appliance destruction and feel like their skin and hair are not soft enough when out on a beach journey. We also have been having some plumbing troubles way too constantly. We can end those troublesome and annoying things with the best marine water softener.

It is a known fact that marine water softeners can be very advantageous to most homeowners. However, that is not only that. They could extend great assistance and guidance for sailors, too. Those include yacht mate water marine softener that can up your sailing game!

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Size 22″H x 9.5″D
Weight ‎32 Pounds
Capacity 16,000 Grains

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Size 19.5″H x 10″D
Weight 35 Pounds
Capacity 16,000 Grains

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Size 27″H x 8.75″D
Weight 13.22 Pounds
Capacity 48,000 Grains

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Table of Contents

Best Marine Water Softener Reviews

1. On The Go OTG4-DBLSOFT RV Water Softener

Among the first items on our list, and of course, one of my favorites is the On The Go RV Water Softener. A significant advantage of the model is its lightweight and compact design, as it grants justice to the name by acknowledging its strong value. I had enough room to lay it down easily, without requiring an excessive amount of space.

This water softener only weighs 32 pounds—speaking of portability. Also, its compact design (22 “H x 9.5” D) allows it to be placed in tight places on boats.

Aside from its portability, it is ideal for small to medium-sized families like ours because it can remove a massive capacity of grains. It is a double standard softener that could regenerate two common salt boxes and make 500-1600 gallons of soft water.

Additionally, the kit comes with a standard hose connection, and it does not require equipment or electricity, promoting simple and convenient use. The opening at the top of the tank is particularly large, making it even easier to stuff into the tank. Overall, I didn’t feel any kind of struggle when putting the machine together and using it. That is because of the simplistic design, which helps highlight the easy-to-understand layout. Additionally, the regeneration process only took about 30 minutes of our time.

However, the device also doesn’t inform us that it already needs regeneration, so we have to be more attentive if that happens.
  • A simple physical and mechanical design makes it travel-friendly
  • Prioritizes softening the water from 500 to 1,600 gallons
  • The opening at the top is particularly large.
  • Easy to assemble with a standard hose, doesn’t require electricity or tools.
  • It can’t inform us that it needs regeneration.
After a few months of using this Double Standard Softener, I haven’t faced any problems that would hinder its effectiveness. It’s effortless to transport, and I can’t ask for a better dockside water filter!

2. PRO+AQUA Portable RV Water Softener

Next up on our list is the Portable RV Water Softener from PRO+AQUA with a beautifully minimalist design.

It is 10 inches long by 19.5 inches wide and provides approximately 40% more soft water than just about any other comparable-sized unit. It can also be regenerated using two boxes of table salt, which can be done in less than thirty minutes. Additional good news is that it comes with a free salt that is already present in the water softener, so you don’t have to worry about adding it.

This item uses high-grade NSF materials (high-grade Polyethylene and fiberglass wrap for the inner shell) so we can expect it to last longer.

It also includes a garden hose port with a 3/4″ flow in/out and a removable head. Its “ready-to-use” feature will highly benefit you because it doesn’t require a very mechanical assembling. I was able to make it work by just charging it. But, if you’re not so sure how to use it, take a look at the guide to prevent unnecessary leakage.

I find this one a total “road-ready” because nothing can beat it up as the best water softener for mobile. This water softener also cleans itself, so that’s something to be thankful for since “Time is gold.”

During our camping, it was already expected that we would face many challenging issues with our surroundings. Yet, we were able to overcome those with the help of this water softener. I was also able to see its effect quicker than expected; the foul smell went away instantly.
  • A portable device measures 10 x 19.5 inches
  • Provides approximately 40% more soft water than the same size units
  • High-grade NSF materials for long-lasting use
  • Easy installation with a garden hose port and a removable head
  • Able to clean itself
  • There can be a leaking issue if you’re not sure how to use it
All in all, I do believe that this one is the portable water softener for boats for travel enthusiasts.

3. AO Smith Whole House Salt-Free Water Descaler

And, it is also known that water problems can be a significant dilemma when going out to the sea. But, this product — AO Smith Whole House Salt-Free Water Descaler — I refer to as a complete beauty, is a total salt-free technology.

Some water softeners only make your water enough for your basic needs like washing clothes, but with this one, I was able to drink and use it for cooking, too. Moreover, it is practical for marine and city water alike, promoting versatile use.

This product from AO Smith weighs 14.22 pounds, and it measures exactly 26.5x8x8″. So, it is a compact design for installing on boats.

Its flow rate is seven gallons per minute and could maximize up to 600000 gallons. Furthermore, the device can regenerate without using electricity. One of my favorite attributes would probably be a perfectly tailored effect on plumbing since it ultimately reduces scale buildups.

I received the Whole House Descaler, shut-off valve, nipple, and the hose adapter as I purchased the item. It also includes a 9″Dx18″/ 10″x17″ garden hose for assembly without hassle.

I was also informed that it has a six-year limited warranty. Aside from that, they are supplying the necessary equipment and components for a year of warranty. This water softener is also perfect for a house with more than four people, too.

With such a premium-quality product, its high price might make people with a budget think twice.
  • Reduces scaling from plumbing and appliances
  • A compact and lightweight design for installation on a boat
  • Produces seven gallons per minute
  • Expected to last six years according to warranty
  • Effortless set-up with necessary items in the package
  • A high-priced marine water softener
In conclusion, whether we are in our house or out in the sea; this water softener is a perfect fit!

4. On The Go Double STD Water Softener

Another “must-have” from the On The Go brand is their Double STD Water Softener. Weighing 32 pounds and with 10 x 32 x 24 inches dimension, this product is widely used among travelers due to such compact design that could easily fit in narrow spaces.

I do find the installation of this one quite easy. I was able to try the water first before the installation, so I had a chance to compare it before vs. after, and the result was satisfying. The water hardness immediately became zero, and my family and I noticed it in an instant.

Also, the regeneration was quick. Since it’s also a double standard model(16,000-grain unit), it’s given that it can produce twice the gallons compared to a standard model. So I only needed two boxes of common table salt in just less than 30 minutes.

Similar to the OTG RV Water Softener model, this one also has a great-sized opening that could prevent you from spilling the salt. I do find that aspect very beneficial since I am not a big fan of wasting.

The package includes just exactly what the description says. I do believe that I got what I paid for!

Just one point, I think it’s best to order the unit with the brass fittings since plastic fittings are a little weaker, although it’s still a total win-win situation.
  • East to assemble and place in narrow spaces.
  • Immediate results are shown
  • The wide opening prevents spilling the salt
  • It arrived as a complete set for the water softening needs.
  • Its plastic fittings can be a little weaker compared to brass fittings.
Probably, the biggest regret I have is not purchasing this unit years ago because it’s everything I could ask for. One of the best portable water softener systems, and a West Marine water softener!

5. Mobile-Soft-Water Portable Unit

This Mobile-Soft-Water Portable 16,000 Grain weighs 33 pounds, and it is 10 inches by 10 inches by 21.63 inches in dimension. Due to the small size, it is ideal for use on trips to the ocean.

This water softener is capable of treating up to 5 gallons per minute of water supply and up to 1600 gallons of conditioned water continuously. The entire shipment consists of brand-new equipment and components with a one-year limited warranty on parts.

Most of the time, when I go to places with terrible hard water, especially during summer, I find that this unit is easier for me to use because it’s also easy to regenerate. If I have any questions, the customer service is extremely accommodating in answering my questions. It was very informative, and to top it off, it was very courteous.

Additionally, the installation process did not take long but remember to purchase the necessary accessories to connect the parts since the product description did not provide this information. The good thing was, the reviews I read told me to buy an additional male-to-male union to connect.

I like the exterior design and the mechanical design of this water softener because they used plastic fittings that were perfect for it. Also, we began by using it on plain hard water with its original salt charge, and it worked great.
  • A compact 16,000 Grain 33-pound water softener for marine use
  • Easy to use and quick to regenerate
  • Good customer service when in need of questions
  • One year warranty for the equipment
  • Very fine exterior and mechanical design.
  • A male-to-male union is needed
Now, adding it to my summer sailing routine helps me achieve a wide array of goals such as getting soap off our skin, hair, and clothing, getting clothes stains out of the laundry, getting hair and dishes clean, and cleaning counters and stovetops, too!

6. Tier1 Essential Series Digital Water Softener

This water softener incorporates several advanced features, the majority of which have been wholly implemented into other systems to boost their performance. Teir1’s 48,000-grain water softener is ideal for households with four people. Its dimensions are 57 x 27 x 15 inches, and it weighs 10.4 ounces.

This one features a high-quality head with a simple-to-read LCD that displays the system’s status at a quick look. I have complete control over the softening process with the ability to program regeneration cycles. I could choose between a timed or metered schedule. Additionally, communication with their customer service was straightforward.

Teir1 is, in my opinion, a viable alternative to well-known brands. This equipment is constructed of durable materials, and the head is manufactured by Fleck, a market leader in softening technology. The whole of the digital display is excellent, from the simple-to-understand menu options to the extremely reliable functionality.

Due to its compact size, it is ideal for small spaces. Installation is facilitated by quick-connect fittings and detailed instructions. I was able to use it with well water without any problems. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 120 pounds. Due to the absence of a low-salt indicator, it must be verified weekly.

  • 48000-grain water softener for a family of four
  • Features a high-quality head with a simple-to-read LCD
  • Created using sturdy materials
  • Smaller than average water softeners, allowing 120 pounds carrying
  • Exceptional customer service
  • No low-salt indicator
There are a few other things to consider installing a water softener: exposure to hard minerals ruins clothing, clogs pipes, and dries out the skin; installing a water softener would resolve all of these issues. This model comes with a satisfaction guarantee, so we have nothing to lose.

7. Mobile-Soft-Water 12, 800 Portable Softener

This water softener has a more massive frame as the fiberglass reinforced plastic (or FRP) is a more effective and more rigid material. As a result, it has the necessary support to prevent forces outside the system from significantly reducing its lifespan and ability to outperform metal and wood.

It is essential to ensure there is always fresh, filtered water. To do this, the tank is equipped with a tiny portion of highly charged and concentrated water softening resin. This unit can treat up to 5 gallons per minute of water for use (supply) and up to 5 gallons per minute of water for customers.

In addition, the size of the unit is considerably smaller than other models. This unit only weighs 29 pounds with 8.25 x 8.25 x 21.63 inches dimension. I took it as a great advantage because the presence of this water softener benefits our yacht cruises for its size.

Since I needed to buy this for our boat, I was able to limit the exhaustion in my body from continuously cleaning out the strainers in our sink. Plus, the calcium buildup in the showerhead was greatly reduced. Aside from that, the recharging process was straightforward and easy to do.

Also, a major advantage is that the water tastes delicious now, so we no longer have to buy bottled water to drink.

Before you use it, make sure all fittings are securely tightened once it has been removed from the box. To ensure that there would be no spillage, we just needed to make sure everything was secure.
  • Small and travel-friendly at 29 pounds and 8.25 x 8.25 x 21.63 inches
  • Features highly charged and concentrated water softening resin
  • Can treat 5 gallons per minute, always offer fresh water
  • Water tastes better as there is less buildup of calcium
  • Made from fiberglass-reinforced plastic for long-lasting use
  • Not all fittings are tight in the beginning.
For someone in need of a portable marine water softener but on a tight budget, you can grab this model at a very reasonable price!

What to Look for When Buying Marine Water Softener


Before purchasing a marine water softener, owners of boats should keep in mind several essential facts. These softener aspects include capacity, regeneration time, size, and warranty. Here, let us look into these qualities in more detail, as you will have your criteria for looking for the best marine water softener.

  • Unit Capacity

In order to accurately calculate how much salt will be needed, it is possible to take into consideration how much resin is going to be used. In spite of the fact that water softeners are capable of producing a continuous flow of water, the majority of manufacturers will publish the amount of water produced. This could lead to additional confusion.

The following estimators will allow us to determine the machine’s production value. Many believe that as water hardness and/or the amount of water used increases, the grain capacity should as well.

You should calculate the grain capacity before purchasing to ensure the accuracy of your measurements.

  • Regeneration Time

Depending on the water softener, water softeners may require anywhere from 85 to 90 minutes for regeneration after the cycle has completed. Water softener technology is an effective solution to the problem of hard water. The solution consists of both chemistry and physical methods to treat water, followed by the softening and cleansing of the water.

Marine Softeners are used to describe the product because of its ability to regenerate faster than normal water softeners, which utilize sodium carbonate, also known as sodium carbonate (NaCO3). The duration of the session could be anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. Using soft water allows you to cut back on the number of times you need to wait for a shower or a wash.

  • Size

Buying an RV or boat is all about the space, and for these purchases, every bit of the free space is essential. When it comes to water softener installation problems, it is generally recommended that compact, portable models be chosen.

You’ll avoid wasting time and effort with these features, and you’ll also avoid discomfort and irritation when you have to soften your water with salt. When choosing a water softener, it is essential to know how much soft water it can hold. You should always ensure that your emergency supply will adequately meet the needs of four to five people.

  • Warranty

Fortunately, water softeners are low-maintenance products since that minimizes the time and money required to keep them up and running. When you set things up to allow the program to automatically install itself, it is generally sufficient to configure and allow the program to automatically install itself.

While simple, routine maintenance like adding salt and changing filters needs to be done, it is crucial to understand that minor improvements, such as re-configuring controls, do not warrant the cost of a full replacement.

All warranties, however, have their unique qualities. Carefully examine the guide to make sure that you’re covered in parts, labor, tanks, and electronics.

The different kinds of marine water softeners such as watermark water softener, west marine water softener, stainless steel water softener, and on the go water softener will give you more choices on choosing the right one after applying the qualities you prefer.

  • Descaler vs. Water Softener

To effectively evaluate these systems, it is essential to comprehend the differences between a descaler and a water softener.

While there are some minor differences between these two systems, the primary difference is that a water softener will remove all hardness from your water, likely to result in a GPG score of zero. As long as you aren’t using a water descaler, you will see no reduction in your GPG count, and all of the hard water’s secondary effects will continue to exist.

Another additional thing is that a water softener takes up more space in the home than a descaler. A water softener needs two tanks to function, but a descaler can be smaller and has fewer restrictions on installing it. Although these portable water softeners are fairly compact, they can still be found in a wide variety of locations.

For a water softener, regular maintenance is required, whereas, for a descaler, only small checks are deemed necessary.


Hard water can wreak havoc on most plumbing and electronics, including dishwashers, washers, washing machines, and dryers. Removing these will help you avoid destructive mineral scaling in your plumbing. People who frequently engage in outdoor activities should strongly consider using marine water softeners.

This is a great backup system for homeowners who may need it, especially in times of crisis. And softer water allows a better experience wherever you go. Getting the best marine water softener is a smart, practical, and life-saving choice for those who are interested in both home and outdoor activities. You can check out products from reliable brands, including twin tank water softeners or smart water softeners, and more.

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