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The Best Iron Filters for Well Water

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best iron filter for well water

Families do not need to endure foul-smelling well water, rusty stains in their kitchen sink, or frequent plumbing failures and dysfunctional water appliances because of clogging.

All they need is to choose the best iron filter for well water to safeguard their plumbing’s integrity and ensure a more enjoyable water-drinking experience for the whole family.

While iron is essential to good health, it can form clumps that clog water pipes. It can also reduce the operating efficiency of water appliances, such as heaters, dishwashers, coffee machines, and washing machines. An iron filter can help solve these issues and bring better-tasting, non-staining, zero-clogging well water to the entire house.

Picking the right iron filter can be tricky, unfortunately. That is why we prepared this comprehensive buying guide and review to help interested parties search for the best water filtration system for ferrous and ferric compounds in well water.

Top 1

iSpring WGB32BM

Weight 55 Pounds
Flow Rate 15 GPM
Iron Reduction 1-3 ppm

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Top 2


Weight 119.2 Pounds
Flow Rate 16 GPM
Iron Reduction 6-8 ppm

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Top 3

Durawater Iron Filter

Weight ‎68 Pounds
Flow Rate
Iron Reduction 2-12 ppm

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Table of Contents

Best Iron Filter for Well Water Reviews

1. iSpring WGB32BM Whole House Water Filtration

It is easy to understand why the iSpring WGB32BM enjoys many positive iron filter for well water reviews. It is an efficient water treatment system that not only reduces iron and manganese from well water. It also improves the water’s aesthetic characteristics.

This product looks, installs, and performs like any other three-stage water filtration system. However, dare I say it is better than any other whole house filtration system on the market?

It still has a sediment pre filter for removing rust, dirt, silt, and other large particles. It also has a solid carbon block filter for making the water taste better and without any unpleasant smell.

Its third filter is where the magic begins. I love its NSF-certified iron and magnesium reduction filter that reduces ferrous levels by up to 3 ppm and manganese levels by 1 ppm.

It does not seem like much, but I have to reiterate the product’s more comprehensive water treatment capabilities. I also like its filtration rate, ensuring a maximum water flow of up to 15 gallons per minute.

The filters have an exceptional capacity, too. They can accommodate up to 100,000 gallons before replacement, extending filter life. I can think of hundreds of ways to use the savings families can get from installing and using this filter in their homes.

However, it is wise to point out that this unit requires professional installation if one does not want to worry about leaks. While it removes sediments and hardness minerals, this product does not lower total dissolved solids.

  • Recommended for whole house water treatment applications
  • Three filtration stages for more comprehensive water treatment
  • 100,000-gallon high-capacity filters for extended use and better cost savings
  • 15 GPM flow rate for optimum water consumption
  • NSF/ANSI tested components for product quality and durability
  • Expert installation recommended
  • Minimum impact on TDS

Despite these, I still think that this product is the best whole house water filter for iron anyone can buy. It addresses drinking water’s aesthetic issues, saves water appliances from corrosion, and ensures optimum safety for the whole family.

2. AFWFilters Iron Pro 2 Water Softener-Iron Filter

The AFWFilters Iron Pro 2 can be considered the cheapest way to remove iron from well water. This whole house filter combines a high-performance water softener and iron filter to ensure more efficient water hardness and groundwater ferrous management.

I like the idea of combining an iron filter with a water softener. I know that water softeners can also remove ferrous compounds in well water.

Adding a dedicated iron filter enhances the water softener’s iron-removal capabilities. This unit can reduce ferrous compounds by as much as 6 to 8 mg/L. There is no need to buy a separate manganese filter because it can already reduce manganese by 6 ppm.

I love its water softening capabilities, rated at 75 grains per gallon or about 1,285 ppm. I don’t experience the odd rusty and metallic taste in my water anymore. The water fixtures will have fewer problems with clogging and limescale formation. I also get to safeguard and optimize their water appliances’ functionalities.

Operating this unit is effortless because the Fleck5600SXT already takes care of everything. I also admire its 64,000-grain capacity. Families can expect the mesh filter to last longer than other brands while retaining its iron reduction capabilities.

However, one has to buy installation hardware because the package does not come with any. Additionally, its iron elimination capability is only suitable for households with low to moderate groundwater iron concentrations.

  • Unique water softener and iron filter combination
  • 64,000-grain high capacity fine mesh
  • Reduces 6-8 ppm of iron, 6 ppm of manganese, and 75 GPG of hardness minerals
  • Advanced Fleck 5600SXT controller for better efficiency
  • Hassle-free to operate and maintain
  • Not for households with high groundwater iron levels
  • Not a complete system

Nevertheless, many people still consider this product the best water filter for well water with iron, and I agree with them. It is an efficient system that does the work of two for the price of one.

3. DuraWater Black Series Iron Eater Iron Filter

It is easy to say goodbye to rusty stains, unpleasant tastes, and clogged water fixtures with the DuraWater Black Series Iron Eater serving the home. I could say this product might be the best iron removal system for well water.

Unlike other systems, I love this product’s revolutionary air injection oxidizing system. It injects air into the water, exposing iron and other corrosive minerals to oxygen. The chemical reaction frees the iron molecules from the water, giving homes iron-free well water.

I am not alone in singing praises for this product’s iron-removal capabilities. Even if one lives in an area with high groundwater ferrous concentrations, this system will still reduce iron particles by as much as 12 ppm.

If manganese and sulfur are also issues, this unit can handle them with ease. After all, the company designed this product as an efficient water filter for iron and sulfur.

Controlling this iron filtration system is also never a problem because of its Fleck 5600SXT technology. One can feel more confident that the system works for them to remove ferrous compounds from well water. Regenerating the system is also economical, requiring only about 10 gallons of water at about 30 to 40 PSI.

While installation is pretty straightforward, I advise people with limited plumbing knowledge to seek expert help to avoid leaks in the system. Unfortunately, professional installation can increase the initial cost.

  • Removes up to 12 ppm of iron, 10 ppm of sulfur, and 2 ppm of manganese
  • Revolutionary oxidation technology for more efficient iron reduction
  • Comes with a state-of-the-art Fleck 5600SXT injection control head
  • Effortless and economical to regenerate and maintain
  • Easy to install for optimum convenience and cost savings
  • Leaky issues if not installed correctly

Regardless, if one is tired of seeing rusty stains, odd tastes and smells, and clogged water fixtures, this iron reduction system is perfect. Never again will homeowners have to contend with ferrous and ferric compounds in their well water.

4. Home Master HMF3SDGFEC Well Water Filtration

Households with modest ferrous problems in their well water can consider buying the Home Master HMF3SDGFEC. This product is a whole house iron filter for well water that is also suitable for addressing sediments, harmful impurities, and aesthetic issues.

I am excited about this product’s unique filtration mechanism. Most sediment filters only have a single pleated filter; this system has four layers of varying pore sizes.

I feel more comfortable knowing this filter can remove more than the usual particles. Other nuisance contaminants are also a goner. Water from the well not only tastes and smells great. I never see unpleasant specks, too.

I am also thrilled with its radial-flow filtration mechanism, swirling the water and knocking iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese off.

However, it can only remove a maximum of 3 ppm of combined minerals and substances from the water. That is why I think it is more suitable for households with low iron levels in their well water.

Regardless, I believe its overall water treatment performance is commendable. It is not often one gets to enjoy iron-free water that is also safe, clean, and great-tasting to drink. On top of that, one will never complain about not having enough water to use because it has a maximum flow rate of 15 GPM.

While this whole house filter works effectively with well and municipal water, it does not do well with acidic (pH less than 7.0) and chlorinated water. Households with such requirements may have to get a different product.

  • Suitable for households with minimal to moderate groundwater iron levels
  • Four layers of sediment filtration for more efficient particle removal
  • Advanced radial-flow filtration technology for more efficient ferrous removal
  • Improves overall water characteristics, including taste and odor
  • 15 GPM maximum flow rate for uninterrupted water use
  • Not for acidic water
  • Not for chlorinated water

Overall, I love this iron-removal system because it also addresses the water quality-related concerns of many families.

5. Fleck DuraWater Iron Pro Water Softener

People looking for a more high-tech way to eliminate iron from their well water can rejoice with DuraWater’s Iron Pro with Fine Mesh Resin. This best iron filter for well water reduces iron, manganese, rust, sediment, and other particles to make water safer for the family, plumbing, and water appliances.

I love the app the company programmed for this water treatment system. Monitoring system status and diagnosing issues are a breeze with its Scan-and-Service technology.

It only requires a smartphone to scan an area on the Fleck 5600SXT controller, and information about the system’s configuration, technical documentation, and troubleshooting are already available at one’s fingertips.

I also admire its ferrous reduction capability, lowering iron levels by as much as 8 mg/L when other products can only accommodate 3 ppm. Manganese is also never an issue because the system can reduce it by 6 ppm.

Did I mention this product also softens water? Households will never have concerns with limescale formation and slimy baths ever again.

It has a 48,000-grain resin capacity sufficient for supplying iron-free, softened water to three people showering simultaneously. Bathing, washing, cooking, and drinking will never be the same again with this unit in the house. It is one of the most ingenious systems I have seen and one that I can happily recommend to anyone.

Unfortunately, installation can be problematic for some people. Its regeneration also requires more salt than other products I know.

  • Ideal for small households or up to three bathrooms
  • Reduces ferrous compounds by up to 6-8 ppm and manganese by 6 ppm
  • 48,000-grain high capacity resin for more efficient ferrous removal
  • Fleck 5600SXT controller for improved efficiency and worry-free operation
  • Ingenious and convenient Scan-and-Service app
  • Some people may have difficulty installing the unit
  • Requires more salt for regeneration than other products

Nevertheless, I am proud to recommend this product to households with moderate groundwater iron and water hardness levels. The innovative app is a big plus, especially for anyone who wants an excellent combination of performance and convenience.

6. AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT Oxidizing Water Filter

It is fascinating to see how manufacturers continue to improve their products to help modern families remove iron and other unwanted substances from their well water. Take the AFWFilters AIS10-25SXT, for example. This revolutionary product removes iron, manganese, and sulfur from well water effortlessly and without chemicals.

I love the product’s Filter Ag technology, which is a tremendous leap from its Filox system of the past. It is eco-friendlier and requires less water during backwashing. Conventional systems use up to 60 gallons of water, dumping as much brine into the environment.

I am glad the company now uses this resin because it is lighter and more cost-effective for budget-conscious folks.

As a well water iron removal system, I appreciate this product’s ability to create an air pocket inside the resin tank. It is sufficient to oxidize sulfur and iron and flush these out of the system more efficiently than other products. One does not need a separate manganese water filter, either.

I also like the system’s 2510SXT controller and its stainless steel bypass valve. Operating and maintaining this unit is a cinch, never causing headaches or sleepless nights over its function. I know people will also sleep better knowing they have a WQA-certified product, signifying product quality and performance.

However, I would like to reiterate that this product is not a water softener, although it behaves like one. Its 10 GPM flow rate may also upset some people.

  • Superior oxidizing technology for iron, manganese, and sulfur removal
  • Advanced Filter Ag for improved eco-friendliness and cost-effectiveness
  • Reliable 2510SXT controller for efficient water contaminant removal
  • Lightweight and heavy-duty stainless steel bypass valve for maintenance ease
  • WQA certified for increased confidence in the product
  • Not a water softener
  • Lower flow rate than other systems

Regardless, it remains an excellent buy if one only needs to remove iron, sulfur, and manganese from their well water.

7. Express Water WH300SCKS Whole House Water Filter

The Express Water WH300SCKS is a dependable whole house iron water filter system that doubles as a reliable water treatment option for budget-conscious families like mine.

I am surprised to see the company use an advanced kinetic degradation fluxion filtration technology in this product.

I feel more confident with its heavy metal removal capabilities, addressing any concerns one might have with iron, lead, mercury, arsenic sulfur, manganese, industrial solvents, and 80 other chemical impurities from the well water.

Aiding its KDF filter is a standard sediment filter and ACB filtration unit, forming a trifecta of reliable contaminant-reducing filtration methods. People will enjoy drinking water more because it will not have an uncanny smell and an off-putting taste. Fixture stains and plumbing clogs will never worry a household again.

While there are three filters that well water has to pass through, I love that the device will not impede flow. Its 15-GPM rating is commendable, while its 100,000-gallon capacity is within industry standards. Families will never complain about not getting enough savings from using this product.

I also love its Express-Connect design, making installation as worry-free as possible. One can also opt not to get an expert to get this system up and running.

However, I find its one-year warranty to be shorter than others. Moreover, its iron-removal capabilities may pale in comparison to dedicated iron filter units.

  • Advanced kinetic degradation fluxion filter media for heavy metal removal
  • Three filtration stages for a more comprehensive water treatment
  • 15 GPM flow rate for better water consumption
  • 100,000-gallon filter lifespan for improved cost-savings
  • Innovative Express-Connect system for hassle-free installation
  • Only for households with low iron levels in the well water
  • Only 1-year warranty

Nonetheless, this product deserves everyone’s consideration, especially households with minimal issues with iron in their well water. It offers a well-rounded approach to enjoying safe, clean, rust-free, and great-tasting water for the entire family.

8. AFWFilters Iron Pro 2 Water Softener-Iron Filter

One of the best iron filtration systems for well water on the market today is the AFWFilters Iron Pro 2. Not only is this unit suitable for reducing iron and manganese in well water. It is also efficient in reducing water hardness minerals to ensure optimum operation of water appliances.

I laud the company for providing a product preloaded with the necessary elements for water-softening and iron removal. People can have the system up and running as soon as they get it out of the box. They no longer have to worry about putting the correct amount of substrates into the tank, providing convenience like no other.

I also find the unit’s controls easy to manipulate. Removing at least 4 mg/L of ferrous compounds from the well water should be straightforward. Reducing manganese is also worry-free, eliminating as much as 6 ppm. Households will notice an improvement in their well water almost immediately after running the machine the first time.

This system also has a higher flow rate than most products I know. It can pass 16 gallons of water through its chambers every minute. Its five-year warranty is also a lot better than the 12 months that some brands offer.

Sadly, I do not think this unit is suitable for people living in areas where iron levels are greater than 10 ppm. The installation instructions can also be confusing, especially to novice owners or people with limited plumbing knowledge.

  • Removes 4-7 ppm of iron, 6 ppm of manganese, 70 GPG of hardness minerals
  • Worry-free Fleck 5600SXT controller for efficient operation
  • High-flow filtration system for optimum water consumption
  • Preloaded for hassle-free and instant operation
  • Five-year extended warranty for peace of mind
  • Confusing installation instructions
  • Not for households with high iron levels in their well water

Despite these concerns, I still recommend this product to anyone who needs to reduce their well water iron levels. It is also perfect for protecting water appliances because of its water softening capabilities.

9. PRO+AQUA PRO-WELL-1E Whole House Filter

The PRO+AQUA PRO-WELL-1E is an advanced water treatment device that removes heavy metals from well water. It has a robust construction and a reliable performance that many households will find appealing.

I like its specificity to heavy metals, eliminating that nasty smell of rotten egg from the water. Drinking will be more pleasant, and washing dishes in the kitchen sink will be more enjoyable because there are no unwanted odors to irritate the nose. I also love its ability to remove iron, zinc, manganese, lead, copper, and other heavy metals.

This product uses an advanced water filter to remove iron, freeing households from rusty stains, clogged plumbing, and odd water taste and smell. I think it is an excellent addition to an existing domestic water treatment system.

I love its one-piece tank design, complete with a sturdy fiberglass shell. High-strength epoxy also reinforces its exterior, giving the tank a robust construction that will last many years. I know families will enjoy the savings they get from not replacing this unit for a long time.

I admire its multiple connection options, giving homeowners installation flexibility. One can use the included bypass valve or not. Users can also connect either male fittings or female ports, whichever is more convenient for them. It already has everything one needs to install this system in the home.

Unfortunately, novice users may find the installation tricky because of a poorly written guide. It also does not help that the brand has inconsistent customer support.

  • Eliminates rotten egg smell from well water
  • Premium-quality heavy metal-reduction filter
  • Multiple installation options for optimum flexibility and convenience
  • Heavy-duty tank design for improved durability
  • Complete set for better cost-savings
  • Inconsistent customer support
  • Unclear installation instructions

Nevertheless, I still think this iron-removing filtration system remains an excellent choice for families with an existing water treatment setup. Not only is it efficient in reducing ferrous compounds from well water. It also minimizes other heavy metal water contaminants to safeguard the family’s health.

10. iSpring WGB22BM Whole House Water Filtration

Like many households, I trust iSpring to deliver high-quality products at exceptional value for the money. Its WGB22BM iron filter system lowers ferrous and ferric compounds from well water while also improving the water’s taste and odor characteristics.

I love its dedicated iron and manganese removal filter that sits alongside a carbon filter. Most products feature a filtration system that sweeps various heavy metals off the water, including beneficial minerals. I am glad this product does not do that, ensuring people will still get the essential elements they need for a healthier body.

It is one thing to say that a filter can remove an ‘X’ number of contaminants. This product has third-party laboratory testing and validation to certify its iron reduction capabilities against ANSI/NSF standards. I am sure families will feel more at ease knowing this well water rust filter works for them.

I also like its auto-flushing technology that makes the unit effortless to maintain. Households with modest water consumption can use this filter for up to two years, thanks to its 100,000-gallon capacity. There are no issues about water consumption, either. Its 15-GPM rating ensures that.

Households with groundwater iron levels exceeding 10 mg/L may want to buy a different product because this one can only handle a maximum of 3 ppm. Moreover, despite the product’s DIY installation design, some plumbing beginners can find the system tricky to set up.

  • Dedicated FM25B filter for iron and manganese reduction
  • Improves water aesthetics characteristics for more pleasant consumption
  • Advanced Auto-Flushing technology for effortless maintenance
  • High-flow and long-lasting filter for optimum water use and cost-savings
  • Third-party-tested against NSF/ANSI standards
  • Some newbies may find it challenging to install
  • More modest iron reduction capability compared to other brands

Families with minimal ferrous issues in their well water can rely on this product for its iron reduction capabilities while ensuring a more pleasant drink.

11. DuraWater Iron Pro Water Softener-Iron Filter

I like DuraWater products, especially the Iron Pro Water Softener-Iron Filter combo. It does the job of two different appliances at an affordable price, giving families the system they need for managing ferrous issues and hard water problems from well water.

I love this well water iron filtration system’s super-fine mesh, making it efficient in removing as many as 8 ppm of ferrous and ferric molecules. I also find it superior in reducing manganese by up to 6 ppm when other brands can only manage 1 ppm. Households can say goodbye to clogged plumbing fixtures, rusty stains, and odd tastes.

Since this is also a water softener, protecting water heaters and coffee machines is a breeze. Bath times are also more enjoyable. I can think of a hundred ways people will relish using soft and iron-free well water. Operating the device is also never a concern because of its innovative and intelligent digital controller.

Supplying sufficient amounts of iron-free water to the family is easy with its high-capacity resin. Savings are exceptional, too. The tank is robust and comes preloaded with the necessary substrates for running the system.

While this product looks easy to install because of a video installation link, some people can still find it tricky to set up.

  • Removes up to 8 ppm of iron and 6 ppm of manganese
  • 48,000-grain capacity water softener for water hardness mineral removal
  • Advanced Fleck 5600SXT controller for efficient and hassle-free operation
  • Preloaded tank for worry-free installation
  • Heavy-duty tank construction for durability
  • Require basic plumbing knowledge for installation

Households looking for a reliable iron filter and water softener combination will do well to pick this product for their families. Very few other products can match its ferrous removal capabilities, let alone its water softening performance.

12. iFilters FBA-MWH-D-WELL Well Water Filtration

The iFilters FBA-MWH-D-WELL is a reliable well water filtration system for iron, lead, mercury, arsenic, and other heavy metals. It also has proven technology for improving well water’s aesthetic characteristics, making it more enjoyable to drink for everyone.

I like this product’s compact design, which is a welcome break from the usual tall and heavy construction of most whole house water filters on the market.

Installation should never be a problem because of its small footprint, allowing me to mount it on the wall or stabilize it on the floor. Everything I need to set this unit up is already available – no need to purchase anything else.

I admire the combination of sediment filter well water and KDF technology. Eliminating rust, dirt, scale, and particles is as straightforward and efficient as reducing the levels of iron, manganese, copper, chlorine, and other heavy metals. I also like its ability to improve well water’s odor and taste characteristics.

Its ease of installation also adds to its affordability. One no longer needs an expert plumber to get the system running for the family. Everything should work fine as long as one has basic plumbing knowledge.

If one needs to address chromium-6 in the water, a better product is an ion exchanger or a reverse osmosis system. Additionally, while I admire this product’s iron and heavy metal removal capabilities, this filter can only last about four to five months.

  • Commercial-grade, ultra-compact design
  • Dual filtration system for comprehensive removal of iron and other contaminants
  • Advanced KDF technology for more efficient heavy metal reduction
  • Complete kit for hassle-free installation
  • More affordable than other iron filters
  • Not for chromium-6 removal
  • Shorter filter lifespan than other brands

I admit that this product may pale in comparison to dedicated iron filters. However, it offers a few other benefits that can make up for a safer, better-tasting, cleaner, odor-free, and plumbing fixture-protective well water.

13. American Water Solutions Air Injection Filter

The American Water Solutions Air Plus is one of the best iron removal systems for well water because of its specificity to ferrous and ferric compounds. It also reduces sulfide and manganese levels in well water, giving homes access to great-smelling water that does not clog fixtures or stain sinks and dishes.

I admire this product’s iron reduction mechanism, incorporating a revolutionary Filter Ag system for more efficient ferrous elimination. While its maximum iron elimination rating is only 7 ppm, it is still higher than most iron filters on the market. One can enjoy rust-free and zero-clog plumbing fixtures while relishing the great taste of sulfide-free drinking water from the well.

Operating this unit cannot be simpler with its digital controller. I find it intuitive to have this device managing the iron filter’s overall performance on the fly. People can spend more time on other more worthwhile endeavors than keeping track of the system’s operation.

Maintaining it is also a breeze, thanks to its unique Filter Ag. Backwashing is faster and more economical. One will only use a fraction of the salt most people use. I also love its bypass valve. It is sturdy and lightweight, ensuring more efficient maintenance.

This product is not a water softener; it cannot remove water hardness minerals like magnesium and calcium. While easy to install, I still recommend getting a professional to set the unit up.

  • Revolutionary oxidizing technology for iron, sulfide, and manganese removal
  • Ensures clog-free water fixtures and better-smelling water
  • State-of-the-art Fleck 2510SXT controller for worry-free operation
  • Advanced Filter Ag technology for cost-effective backwashing and maintenance
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel bypass valve for hassle-free maintenance
  • Not a water softener
  • Expert installation recommended

Overall, this product is an excellent adjunct to an existing water treatment system. Its iron reduction capabilities are superb, empowering families to say goodbye to clogged water fixtures and appliances, rusty stains, and a metallic taste in the water.

14. PRO+AQUA ELITE FBA-PRO-100-E Filtration

One of the best well water iron filter systems today is the PRO+AQUA ELITE FBA-PRO-100-E. This water treatment device includes two industry-standard filtration systems and revolutionary technology, ensuring optimum iron and water contaminant removal.

I am amazed at this product’s CRK filter, empowering the unit to remove not only iron from well water. It can also reduce mercury, lead, chromium, nickel, and other heavy metals. I am also not worried about rust, fungi, silt, sulfur, and dirt getting into the water because this product already takes care of that.

One also need not fret about cloudy or foul-smelling well water. I love this product’s unquestionable performance in limiting unwanted substances in the water. From VOCs to particulates, this water treatment system has it in the bag. It does not matter if the water comes from a well or the city or municipal utility.

I also love its professional-grade components, including pressure gauges for each filter stage. I know people will never grow anxious about this product’s durability. They can be confident it will last many years. Its compact design is another reason why I like this system. It ensures a hassle-free installation, requiring no modification to one’s home.

Nevertheless, I still recommend this filtration system to anyone who wants more robust and efficient management of contaminants from well water and not only ferrous and ferric compounds.
  • Unique CRK filter for more efficient removal of heavy metals and impurities
  • Removes particles and improves water taste and odor
  • Suitable for well, city, and municipal water
  • Professional-grade components for durability
  • Compact design for space-saving installation
  • A bit tricky to install for beginners
  • Not for well water with heavy sedimentation
Unfortunately, it can be challenging for beginners to install this unit on their own. It is also worth noting that its sediment filter can clog easily in households with heavy sedimentation. One might want to install a spin-down filter before this system.

What to Look for When Buying Iron Filter for Well Water


Choosing the best iron filter for well water to install in one’s home is not that different from picking any water filtration system. The trick is to understand what things to look for.

Type of Iron Filtration System

The first order of battle is determining an iron filtration system suitable for one’s needs. Everything depends on how much iron is present in the well water. Some locations have higher groundwater iron levels than others that conventional sediment and carbon filters may be inadequate to address.

For example, a family living in an area where iron levels can be as high as 15 ppm should opt for a standalone iron filter. It would be best to get an air injection oxidizing system to remove as many iron molecules from the well water as possible.

Households that live in places where groundwater iron levels are below 5 ppm can choose a standard whole house water filtration system with an iron filter. It is essential to choose only products with iron filters for well water.

Type of Iron Molecule Removed

Another crucial factor one has to think about when buying an iron filter is the type of iron molecule the family wants to remove.

  • Ferrous iron – The water looks clear upon coming out of the tap but turns brownish or reddish after standing for several minutes.
  • Ferric iron – The well water comes out of the tap looking reddish, yellowish, or brownish.
  • Organic iron – This type of iron molecule has a colorless appearance, although it can also look yellowish or reddish.
  • Iron bacteria – It is easy to distinguish this iron compound because of its offensive smell and slimy texture.

Some iron filter cartridges may only address ferric, ferrous, and organic iron, while others can only reduce one or two types.

Iron Reduction Performance

A water test will indicate groundwater iron levels in any area. People living in places with high iron concentrations should invest in a system that can reduce as many iron molecules as possible. For example, people living in areas with iron levels of 10 ppm should get an iron filter with the same ppm rating.

Some of the iron filters on the market can remove a maximum of 10 to 12 ppm of iron, although most products can only reduce by about 5 to 7 ppm.

Other Features

It would be nice to get an iron filter that also removes other heavy metals, such as manganese, sulfur, sulfide, lead, mercury, chromium, and arsenic. Some standalone iron filters can remove manganese and sulfur, while other systems incorporate other filtration mechanisms to reduce other impurities.

Some products are part of a water softener, giving homes the chance to remove magnesium and calcium and prevent limescale formation.

One must also check installation ease and brine tank quality if the system has one. Some companies encourage DIY iron filter for well water installations. However, most require expert setups as part of the warranty.

Water Delivery Performance

The number of filtration membranes the water passes through can impact its pressure and speed. This phenomenon is more pronounced in well water because of the high concentrations of suspended and dissolved particles that can clog the filter pores.

Ideally, one would want an iron filter that has minimal effects on water pressure. Families deserve a sufficient water supply to every floor in their homes. Only by maintaining the ideal water pressure can a household ensure this.

Water flow rate is another concern. The iron filter must not reduce the flow rate to levels that the family can no longer enjoy their favorite water-related activities. One should pick a filter with at least the same water flow rate as the household’s existing flow rate.

Availability of Replacement Parts

Filtration systems are not immune to wear and tear. Some filters can last two years, while others may only take a few months before requiring a replacement. That is why it is essential to ensure the availability and accessibility of replacement filters and other components.

One can check online platforms such as Lowe’s, Amazon, Home Depot, and Sears for these replacement parts. If not, the manufacturer may have information on where people can purchase such components.


Reading water iron filter reviews provides prospective buyers with an idea of how products perform in real life. It is one thing to obtain information from e-commerce platforms and manufacturers’ official websites. It is a different matter trying to learn about the experiences of real people with the product one intends to buy.

It would be best to read both positive and negative reviews about a product to gain a well-rounded understanding of what the iron filter can bring to one’s family.

Can You Filter Iron Out of Well Water


Yes, you can filter iron out of well water. However, one should choose a dedicated iron filter to ensure maximum removal of ferrous and ferric compounds. It would also be best to perform a water test to determine if one needs a dedicated iron filter. Sometimes, standard house filters are sufficient to remove low groundwater iron levels in well water.

What Should an Iron Filter for Well Water Remove

The best iron filters should remove at least ferrous and ferric iron particles. Ferrous iron is also known as clear-water iron because the water has a transparent appearance upon opening the faucet. It turns a reddish or brownish hue when left standing. On the other hand, ferric iron has a yellowish or reddish color upon opening the tap.

Organic iron can be colorless or may have a brownish or yellowish tinge. Iron bacteria has a slimy appearance and a foul odor. This last form of iron can be more challenging to treat, rendering most whole house iron filters ineffective.

How to Install Iron Filter for Well Water

Installing an iron filter for well water follows the same procedure as installing any whole house water filtration system. One has to cut a water pipe section that will accommodate the whole house iron filter system.

Some manufacturers ship their iron water filtration systems preassembled or embedded with convenient connecting features, such as a Quick-Connect system. Homeowners must close their home’s main water shutoff valve before installing the filter. They can connect the fittings to their respective ports in the whole house filters, ensuring proper fit and leak-proofing.

Once connected, users must secure the filter housing module on a wall or any other stable structure. Depending on the manufacturer, priming the system for several minutes is essential before the initial operation.

However, it is crucial to recognize that some manufacturers require professional installation to maintain product warranty.

How to Remove Iron from Well Water Naturally

Removing iron from well water naturally is a tricky proposition. There are at least three forms of iron one must address, each one requiring a different solution.

For example, removing ferrous iron is possible with iron filters and water softeners. While these methods can also remove ferric iron, a more effective solution is aeration or chemical oxidation.

Chemical oxidation with filtration is suitable for addressing organic iron in the well water. Reverse osmosis or distillation can also work. The solutions for iron bacteria can include physical removal, disinfection, surfactant application, acidification, and pasteurization.

To learn how to remove iron from well water naturally, look for a new water source. One has to look for a location where groundwater iron levels are sufficiently low for conventional water treatment options – such as water filters – to work effectively.

Can Boiling Water Remove Iron

No, boiling does not remove iron from well water. Raising the water temperature to 212 degrees Fahrenheit does not break up ferrous compounds in the water. Boiling kills microorganisms, such as bacteria, parasites, molds, and viruses. Boiling does not have any effect on iron because it is not a microorganism nor a living organism.

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Does a Water Softener Remove Iron from Well Water

Yes, a water softener can remove iron from well water. However, the amount of ferrous molecules the appliance eliminates is not substantial.

One must understand that a water softener’s principal action is to exchange potassium or sodium chloride ions for magnesium, calcium. It can also knock off other hardness minerals from the water, but only with less efficiency.

Iron is a hardness mineral present in well water. High-end ion exchange water softeners can only remove about 10 ppm or 10 mg of iron for every liter of well water. The average water softener can only remove about 2 to 5 ppm.

One must also understand that different locations across the country have varying groundwater iron concentrations.

For example, groundwater in Wisconsin can contain 10 ppm of iron, while households in Idaho may have to contend with an average groundwater iron concentration of 15 ppm. Even if families were to use a water softener, well water iron levels will still be sufficiently high.


The best iron filter for well water lets families enjoy better-tasting and safer water from their outdoor wells. It minimizes rust formation and clogging of water pipes and fixtures. A good iron filter also protects water appliances, ensuring optimum functioning in the long run, especially when combined with a water softener.

While choosing the right product can be tricky, one only needs to remember the tips we provided in this article.

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