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The Best Iced Tea Pitchers for Your Summer Sipping

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best iced tea pitcher

Summers can be excruciatingly unbearable that only the freshest and coolest iced tea will suffice. Thankfully, making and serving this thirst-quenching and refreshing beverage is easy with the best iced tea pitcher money can buy.

Choosing a jug for making, storing, and serving homemade iced tea is not that difficult. One only has to consider several factors in the selection process. Narrowing down one’s choices for the right iced tea container requires an understanding of three key parameters.

  • Pitcher Type: Picking the right iced tea pitcher requires an understanding of what type of tea one wants to use for creating iced tea. If one prefers using ordinary tea bags, a simple jug will suffice. However, if one requires loose tea leaves or dry shredded tea, an iced tea pitcher with infuser is a better choice.
  • Materials: The choice of materials boils down to one’s preference and budget. Plastic tea pitchers are sturdy, lightweight, and affordable. On the other hand, glass tea pitchers are heavy and pricey. However, glass pitchers are more elegant than plastic products.
  • Capacity: One has to decide whether to get a small pitcher or one that is sufficient to serve the whole family in one go. For example, a 50-ounce pitcher might be more sensible for a two-person household than getting an 80-ounce pitcher.

The foregoing features are not the only essential parameters one has to consider when buying an iced tea pitcher. Our comprehensive buying guide will show potential buyers the other things they have to look for. One can also take a hint from our list of the top-rated iced tea pitchers on the market today.

Top 1

Bormioli Glass Pitcher

Weight 2.8 Pounds
Material Lead-free Recyclable Glass
Capacity 8.5 Cups

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Top 2


Weight 1.06 Pounds
Material Borosilicate Glass
Capacity 8 Cups

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Top 3

Takeya 11175

Weight 0.9 Pounds
Material BPA-free Tritan Plastic
Capacity 8 Cups

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Table of Contents

Best Iced Tea Pitcher Reviews

1. Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre Glass Pitcher

Fans of Italian-made products would be wise to include the Bormioli Rocco Frigoverre in their collection. This half gallon tea pitcher provides enough refreshments to a small social gathering, without losing its classic appeal.

I love this Italian pitcher’s eco-friendly design, incorporating recyclable, lead-free glass into its construction. One look at it and it is easy to say how well made this pitcher is. Its boxy form gives it exceptional stability even if one decides to put it at an incline. The glass is thick as it is heavy, tipping the scale at 2.8 pounds.

I am blown away by its airtight, lockable lid design. Most iced tea pitchers I know only rely on a silicone-like stopper to form a seal around the opening. This glass iced tea pitcher has this element, but with a twist-and-lock mechanism that secures the lid in its place. I can shake and invert the pitcher without ever spilling my drinks.

This pitcher has enough liquid-holding capacity to serve up to ten guests or four thirsty folks. Making iced tea using tea bags and storing it in the refrigerator is a breeze with this pitcher. Pouring drinks is also comfortable, thanks to its stout and sturdy handle.

Although this glass jug has a thick glass structure, the company does not recommend using it for hot beverages. Moreover, this product is a plain pitcher without an infuser or filter built under its airtight lid. The good news is that one can use it for different purposes, be it for storage or decorative uses.
  • Made of lead-free recyclable glass materials for eco-friendliness
  • Versatile design for numerous applications
  • Heavy, square design for increased stability and strength
  • Large capacity jug for more beverages
  • Lockable lid for spill and leak protection
  • No integrated filter nor infuser
  • Not ideal for hot drinks
To say that I love this iced tea pitcher is an understatement. I adore it. I can think of a thousand ways to exploit this pitcher’s versatility and large capacity without worrying about leaks and spills.

2. HIWARE LQMP-58M-2 Glass Pitcher

The HIWARE LQMP-58M-2 is a half gallon glass tea pitcher with lid suitable for small families enjoying their favorite cold beverage by the summertime pool. Its elegant British-style look with a bright glass finish makes it an excellent serving vessel during reunions or when friends drop by for a visit.

I love this pitcher’s high quality borosilicate glass construction, adding elegance to any room with its star-like sparkle. I had doubts about this pitcher’s temperature resistance because it looks thinner than other brewing iced tea pitchers I know. However, it can handle a 300-degree Fahrenheit drink with ease.

I find the lid’s perimeter a perfect fit on the pitcher’s mouth, forming a good seal. The built-in stainless steel filter mated to the lid also forms a tight connection on the level of the pitcher’s spout. Adding fruits, herbs, spices, and what-have-yous is easy with this element forming a screen above the water.

I like this pitcher’s wide mouth, allowing for the hassle-free addition of every imaginable ingredient into the iced tea. Dumping ice cubes into the jug is also effortless, ensuring no cube misses its mark. The large-diameter opening also makes cleaning a breeze, although the extra cleaning brush sure comes in handy.

Unfortunately, the handle is too slim for comfort. I had to carry the pitcher holding its base for fear of breaking it. The filter is also not ideal for finely ground ingredients.
  • Classic British-style pitcher for timeless elegance
  • Premium-quality, food-safe, stovetop-friendly borosilicate material
  • Integrated stainless steel filter for more efficient flavor addition
  • Wide mouth with an airtight lid for optimum convenience
  • Cleaning brush included for hassle-free maintenance
  • Handle looks fragile
  • Filter not recommend for powdery substances
People looking for the best pitcher for iced tea should bring this jug home. Not only is it elegant and classy. It also delivers both cold and hot beverages to anyone visiting the family. Adding flavorful ingredients is a breeze.

3. Takeya 11175 Iced Tea Maker

The Takeya 11175 is a fascinating plastic iced tea pitcher with lid, delivering delicious and refreshing cold beverages within 30 seconds. It has a unique infuser design, reliable construction, and a straightforward operation for the modern iced tea lover.

When I first saw this tumbler, I thought it was the Mr. Coffee iced tea maker. It has the same tall canister design that houses its extra-long mesh filter.

I love the infuser, allowing me to use different tea versions. I can use my favorite loose leaf tea collection, dry shredded varieties, or ordinary tea bags. It is so versatile I can even make my take on a barista-quality cold brew coffee.

I am stunned to learn this jug can make iced tea in half a minute. Thanks to this pitcher’s infuser and patented Flash Chill Technology, one can enjoy a refreshing beverage in no time. All one needs is plenty of ice cubes and 30-second continuous shaking of the pitcher. That is how easy and quick it is to make iced tea with this filter pitcher.

The Takeya iced tea maker features FDA-approved and BPA-free Tritan material, ensuring great-tasting iced tea. It can also outlast glass pitchers because of its structural soundness and lightweight characteristics.

I love its airtight, leak-proof design. This feature is crucial to the optimum operation of the Flash Chill Technology. There is also an infuser holder that accommodates the mesh infuser before shaking the tumbler.

Sadly, cleaning the mesh can be challenging, especially if one uses loose tea leaves. The bottle also does not come with a liner. While it does not stain, it can feel slippery during profuse sweating.
  • Revolutionary Flash Chill Technology for iced tea production within 30 seconds
  • Integrated fine mesh infuser for clearer drinks
  • BPA-free Tritan plastic construction for safety and durability
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof design for mess-free use
  • Mesh infuser can be tricky to clean
  • No bottle liner
Overall, I recommend this best iced tea pitcher to people on the go. Its super-fast tea-making capabilities are perfect for those who live in the fast lane.

4. Aofmee AOGP68 Glass Pitcher

Iced tea lovers who want to make precise amounts of their beverage can get the Aofmee AOGP68. This glass carafe may look like other glass containers on the market, but it has one distinct advantage. This iced tea jug has visible scale measurements on its side, similar to a Pyrex iced tea pitcher.

I love the scale measurements because I can make perfect iced tea concoctions depending on my needs. For example, I can make a 16-ounce single-serve or a 32-ounce preparation for two. Its maximum capacity is 68 ounces, which should be enough to quench the thirst of eight people.

There are also metric measurements for people who prefer using milliliters instead of ounces.

I also like its heat resistant, high-borate construction, giving it exceptional temperature stability. One can even boil water in this pitcher, relying on its flat and large-diameter bottom to sit on a gas burner or electric stove. People can pasteurize milk, brew coffee, or even create a cold brew coffee with this pitcher.

Cleaning is never an issue, thanks to its wide opening and a cleaning brush. The large-diameter mouth also makes for the effortless addition of herbs, spices, fruits, flowers, and other ingredients to go with one’s favorite iced tea. None of them will end up in the glass because of the pitcher’s integrated stainless steel screen.

While I admire the high-borate borosilicate glass, I feel it is not thick enough to offer comfort. It looks fragile, especially the handle. Users must support the pitcher at the bottom. Additionally, one should never use this on an induction stove because it will not heat the liquid.
  • Volume markings for more accurate measurements
  • Capable of holding hot or cold drinks
  • Wide opening for hassle-free ingredient addition and cleaning
  • Stovetop-safe design for versatility
  • Integrated filter in the lid for cleaner drinks
  • Not for induction stoves
  • The glass looks thin and fragile
With endless possibilities, this pitcher is worth bringing home. Not only is it a reliable pitcher for storing and serving flavorful beverages. It can also provide guests other refreshments during gatherings and events.

5. HIWARE YZSAP68 Glass Pitcher

People who love infusing their drinks with different ingredients should get the HIWARE YZSAP68. It is a versatile container for various liquids, complete with a lid and filter to deliver fruity and floral goodness to one’s beverage.

I consider this HIWARE glass pitcher the best tea pitcher because of its thick borosilicate construction. The glass can withstand extreme temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit, making it an instant pot for boiling water or brewing coffee.

Its flat bottom stabilizes this pitcher on almost any stove. I can even pasteurize milk, brew tea, chill wine, or serve Michelin-worthy cocktails with it.

Infusing flavors into one’s drinks is a cinch with its wide opening. One can add strawberries, cherries, mint, chocolate chips, orange slices, and other ingredients, infusing their flavors into one’s drink. The filter screens these ingredients during pouring, preventing bits and pieces from reaching the glass.

One can serve cold drinks to eight people with the pitcher’s 68-ounce capacity. I also love making a single batch and storing it in the refrigerator for future consumption.

I appreciate the wide mouth design with a 3.5-inch diameter. I can effortlessly put other ingredients into the iced tea to give it personality. Cleaning the pitcher’s inside surfaces is also a breeze, thanks to its wide opening at the top. While the mouth is large, the lid forms a tight seal around it to prevent leaks and spills.

I love the borosilicate material. What I am less thrilled about is its handle because it is thinner than other glass pitchers. It feels like it will break if I do not support the pitcher’s base. The filter also does not screen finely ground ingredients.
  • Large capacity pitcher for more drinks
  • Filter-integrated airtight lid for efficient tea infusion
  • Large-diameter mouth for effortless cleaning and addition of ingredients
  • Multipurpose design for versatility
  • Ultra-thick borosilicate glass for strength
  • Handle feels fragile
  • Not for ultra-fine ingredients

Despite these concerns, I still love this iced tea pitcher. Its versatility is unquestionable, and its filtration performance is as efficient as having a screen in the pitcher.

6. Pykal KIT-WP-002 Glass Water Pitcher

The Pykal KIT-WP-002 is one of the best iced tea pitcher that resembles a large mason jar, except for its spout. This container is perfect for storing and serving iced tea, hot brew tea, juices, iced coffee, cocktails, cold brew coffee, and other beverages.

Like many iced tea containers, I love this jug’s borosilicate construction. It looks sturdy and feels solid on the hand. The handle is thicker and flatter than other pitchers I know, ensuring a more comfortable and more stable hold. Pouring iced tea in glasses will never be tiring because the pitcher is not as heavy as other products.

I also like the stainless steel lid, giving the pitcher a beautiful glow in the kitchen. The cover secures tightly against the rim’s inside surface, ensuring spill-proof and smooth pouring and keeping the tea hot. The opening is wide enough to add a tray of crystal clear ice, fruit slices, fresh herbs, and other iced tea ingredients.

Cleaning is also never worrisome because it already comes with a foam brush.

Going back to the borosilicate glass, I appreciate the fact that one can pop this pitcher into a microwave. It can also sit on ceramic, gas, and electric stovetops, making for a versatile container. I am not sure if one can boil water with this, but the company says the glass can withstand temperatures between 0 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sadly, I find the glass thinner than other products. The mouth is also narrower than I imagined. People with huge hands may have problems fitting theirs inside this pitcher.
  • Extra-tight, no-slip lid for safety
  • Lightweight and sturdy construction for comfort and durability
  • Stovetop-safe and microwavable design for versatility
  • Flat ergonomic handle for worry-free carrying and pouring
  • Comes with a foam brush for easier cleaning
  • Thinner glass than some pitchers
  • Mouth not wide enough for some people
Regardless, I believe everyone deserves a versatile pitcher that only serves fantastic iced tea. This iced tea pitcher fits the bill like a glove, empowering families to offer their guests the best refreshments they can ever have.

7. oneisall Glass Beverage Pitcher

The oneisall 75-ounce carafe is a simple tempered glass iced tea pitcher with lid capable of serving different beverages that wow families and guests. What it lacks in fancy embellishments it makes up in versatility.

I like this pitcher better than other carafes I know. It is slightly thicker, and its straight sides that end in a wide-diameter bottom ensure stability and balance on any surface. What surprised me is its lightweight nature, weighing about half the weight of my 64-ounce pitcher.

I also love its olecranon-shaped opening that tapers on the spout section. The spout does not drip, thanks to its thick inward channel.

True to the company’s philosophy, the lid is as straightforward as anyone can imagine. It has a nice sheen to it, complementing the carafe’s classic design. The cover fits snuggly in the jar, complete with a silicone ring to ensure spill-free pouring.

The integrated two-slot filter openings are also easy to manipulate, screening fruits, herbs, and other iced tea ingredients.

Like many borosilicate pitchers, one can pour boiling water directly into this carafe or heat the drink on a stove. Users can also pop it in the microwave oven for faster heating. Cleaning is also as straightforward as running the pitcher in the dishwasher.

If one requires a larger pitcher, one can choose an 85 or a 95-ounce carafe. In my opinion, 75 ounces is enough for a family to enjoy refreshing iced tea.

While the glass is thick, I find the handle’s weld points fragile. I am not saying I do not trust the company’s glass joints. I am only not comfortable with how the handle connects to the carafe. Moreover, the silicone ring is inconsistent in preventing spills when pouring.
  • Thick, premium-quality borosilicate glass for temperature stability and durability
  • Stainless steel lid with silicone ring-secured filter
  • Large-diameter bottom for improved stability
  • Stovetop-safe, dishwasher-safe design for convenience
  • Available in three sizes for better choices
  • Fragile-looking handle, especially at the welds
  • Lid tends to leak
Regardless, I still recommend this iced tea pitcher to anyone who wants a large capacity, versatile carafe.

8. Komax Water Pitcher

If one wants a large iced tea pitcher, I recommend the Komax 2.4-quart Water Carafe. Not only is this jug the largest on this list. It is also one of the most unusual.

Instead of having a traditional circular or rounded design, this iced tea pitcher features a rectangular shape. This form factor can have significant implications for storage. While curvy pitchers are not space-efficient because there will always be unused space around them, this carafe’s square body optimizes space in the refrigerator or beverage cooler.

I also like the Tritan material used in this carafe. It is more resistant to breakage than ordinary glass, ensuring durability. It is also lighter than glass pitchers, making it suitable for people with diminished hand and arm strength. One need not worry about this pitcher’s safety because it is FDA-approved and BPA-free.

The lid snaps shut on top of the carafe, ensuring a good seal and preventing spills and leaks. Opening it is easy enough to allow for effortless dumping of iced tea infusion ingredients, including lemons, oranges, strawberries, herbs, ice, and more. Serving refreshments are as convenient as I imagined.

There is no need to fret about cleanups, either. One can pop this plastic carafe in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning and sanitation.

I miss the filter in most iced tea pitchers. One has to slice the fruits and other ingredients bigger than the spout’s opening. Additionally, the handle requires acclimatization because it does not have a hole or space to insert one’s fingers.
  • Unique rectangular block design for space efficiency
  • Removable lid for hassle-free addition of ingredients
  • Flip spout design for effortless pouring
  • BPA-free, premium-quality Tritan plastic material for safety
  • Dishwasher-safe for cleaning convenience
  • No built-in filter or infuser
  • No hole between handle and pitcher body
Not everyone loves plastic pitchers. But for those who do not mind, I recommend this iced tea pitcher. It is a space-saving carafe that is as versatile as any glass pitcher. It is more affordable, too.

9. HIWARE NEW35 Glass Pitcher

Families looking for uniquely elegant iced tea pitchers with lids can include the HIWARE NEW35 in their shortlist. This Arabian-style pitcher features a squamous, fish scale-like pattern, allowing it to sparkle like little gems in the sky.

Adding the tight-fitting stainless steel lid, this pitcher is a sight to behold. The cover forms a secure seal around the rim at the level of the spout. Pouring one’s drinks will never lead to spills and messes, ensuring every drop of delicious iced tea ends up in the glass.

Like many iced tea pitchers, this one comes with premium-quality borosilicate glass with a temperature range of 0 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Filling it with boiling water will never cause problems.

Unlike other products, the glass is thicker because of its double-annealed design. Its thickness and temperature stability also make it dishwasher-safe to give users effortless cleaning and sanitation.

While most pitchers can only accommodate about 68 ounces of iced tea, this pitcher can provide an extra glass for a total of 75 ounces. That is enough to serve refreshing drinks to nine or ten guests, while its elegant pattern takes their breath away or stirs up a meaningful conversation.

With its elegant design, serving any beverage is always a pleasant experience. Fruit-infused water, cocktails, iced tea, smoothies, sangria, steamed milk, wine, hot coffee, or hot tea, the choices are endless. One will never blush over plastic pitchers again.

Unfortunately, its tapered bottom might lead to stability issues. I recommend placing it on a glass ring to stabilize the base. Like many HIWARE products, this pitcher also comes with a flimsy-looking handle.
  • Large capacity for more servings per pitcher
  • Beautiful Arabian-style pitcher for timeless aesthetics
  • Multi-purpose design for different beverage servings
  • Exceptional temperature stability for versatility
  • Dishwasher-safe construction for worry-free cleaning
  • Handle feels fragile
  • Narrower base than other pitchers
Despite these concerns, I consider this product is one of the best iced tea pitchers. It will sit nicely in the display cabinet and become the focal point of conversations during parties. Cleaning is a breeze, and serving delicious beverages is never worrisome.

10. STORi Clear Plastic Pitcher

The first time I saw the STORi iced tea pitcher, I thought it was one of the most elegant glass carafes on the market. It has this classic style and chic shape that fine dining restaurants use to serve water to their guests. Imagine my surprise when I learned this is a crystal-clear plastic tea pitcher.

Because it is plastic, one will never spend a fortune on an expensive-looking luxury pitcher. It is lightweight, making it ideal for the elderly, kids, and people with diminished hand and arm strength.

The wide-diameter handle also aids in its comfortable carrying. I will never feel tired holding this pitcher, making the rounds, and serving drinks to guests.

While it is plastic, I feel confident about its safety. It does not contain BPA and other harmful chemicals. The acrylic is also thick and will not shatter like glass, making it a safer way to serve drinks. At least, people who do not like plastic pitchers because they look cheap now have more reasons to get this carafe.

I also like the slotted lid, ensuring fruit slices, ice cubes, and other ingredients do not fall into the glass. One can add a variety of herbs to give their iced tea more character. It is also temperature-stable, allowing people to use it for smoothies, cold brew coffee, cocktails, juices, ales, wine, and other beverages.

My only lament is its extra-wide bottom that I cannot fit on my refrigerator door shelf. It may fit those fridges with at least six inches of space on the shelf. The company also recommends washing this pitcher by hand to maintain its pristine look.
  • Classic and elegant glass-like design for improved aesthetics
  • BPA-free, shatterproof plastic material for durability and safety
  • Slotted lid for straining ingredients
  • Wide and ergonomic handle for easier pouring
  • More affordable than other pitchers
  • Does not fit refrigerator door shelves
  • Handwashing recommended
People looking for an affordable, elegant, and lightweight glass pitcher should consider getting the STORi clear plastic pitcher. I can assure potential buyers it looks more beautiful than actual glass.

11. SmartHom SH-001 Glass Pitcher

The SmartHom SH-001 is one of the best iced tea jugs one can buy. It is stable, has a reliable and durable construction, and a versatile design for different purposes.

This pitcher is not that different from the other jugs I know. It comes with borosilicate glass that can withstand hot liquids up to 300-degree Fahrenheit. One can pour boiling water into the carafe to steep tea bags, jumpstarting the process of making fantastic iced tea.

Filling it with ice cubes, lemon slices, mint leaves, and other ingredients is never a problem. Its opening is wide enough to fit these additions without creating a mess. I also like its stainless steel lid, adding a touch of elegance to the pitcher and preventing unnecessary spills when pouring drinks into a glass.

Like other products with the same material, this pitcher can heat liquids straight on a gas stove, ceramic plates, or electric heaters. I like popping it into the microwave, removing the lid first for effortless milk steaming. I also find this glass pitcher ideal for making barista-quality cold brew coffee, although concocting iced tea is its charm.

While the company recommends handwashing, one can put this pitcher in the dishwasher for more worry-free maintenance. The bottom’s diameter is also wide, ensuring better stability on any surface.

However, this iced tea pitcher has its origins in China, which some people may find unacceptable. Some folks may also find the mouth narrower than its published dimension. Fitting a gigantic hand in the hole can be problematic.
  • Large capacity carafe for more beverage servings
  • Compatible with hot and cold liquids
  • Food-safe stainless steel lid with silicone ring for spill prevention
  • Microwavable, dishwasher-safe, and stovetop-safe design
  • Wide-diameter bottom for enhanced stability
  • Chinese brand
  • Some people may not fit their hand into the opening
Nevertheless, I believe this iced tea pitcher remains an excellent choice for families who want great value for their money. It can accommodate refreshing iced teas, lemonades, hot chocos, cocktails, warm milk, smoothies, wine, beer, and other beverages to serve one’s guests.

12. HIHUOS Glass Water Pitcher

The HIHUOS is a stunning iced tea brewing pitcher worthy of a place in one’s display cabinet. It is an elegant piece that can be an excellent serving vessel for refreshments during parties and other social gatherings.

I like the hummingbird shape, resembling a Greek amphora sans the narrow neck and two handles. The body features a screw pattern, twisting on the pitcher’s long axis. It creates a washout look on the iced tea ingredients, making for a more spectacular beverage for everyone to enjoy.

Like other borosilicate pitchers, this carafe can handle any liquid one decides to serve. Cold beverages and hot drinks are easy to accommodate, thanks to the wide-diameter handle. Pouring iced tea, fruit juices, smoothies, cocktails, beer, wine, and other concoctions is effortless and spill-free because of the pitcher’s V-shaped spout.

I also love its stainless steel lid with an integrated silicone ring at the base. Unlike other products, I never had spills or leaks because the silicone forms a tight seal around the pitcher’s interior. Switching between the small and large filters is also as easy as turning the lid.

I like this jug’s temperature rating, capable of withstanding up to 302 degrees Fahrenheit, two degrees higher than other pitchers. The flat bottom also stabilizes it on stovetops, except for an induction stove.

Sadly, I find the opening narrower than what I had in mind. It will not be an issue for kids and small-sized adults. Moreover, it can only accommodate about 50 ounces of beverages, making it unsuitable for large gatherings.
  • Universal design for exceptional flexibility
  • Hummingbird shape with screw pattern for a more elegant look
  • Stainless steel lid with food-grade silicone ring for safety
  • Stovetop-safe design for versatility
  • V-shaped spout for more efficient, spill-proof pouring
  • Smaller opening than other pitchers
  • Not for large families
Nevertheless, its elegance is more than enough reason to get the pitcher for one’s family. It can handle any drink one wishes to serve, be it hot or cold. The pitcher is also hassle-free to pour, making for a convenient serving vessel.

What to Look for When Buying Iced Tea Pitcher


Choosing the correct product requires an understanding of a few must-have features, including other things that buyers deem necessary for their needs. Here are some things to look for when buying an iced tea pitcher.

Pitcher Type

One can choose from three different iced tea pitcher types to make and serve a refreshing drink.

  • Basic Pitchers

Basic iced tea pitchers are similar to a regular water pitcher. It does not have any exceptional component, such as a filter or an infuser. Some products feature a lid, while others have an open top. These jugs are popular because of their affordability and straightforward design.

Getting a pitcher with a lid is better for some people because it maintains the iced tea’s cold temperature longer than an open-top pitcher.

  • Pitchers with Filters

Some basic pitchers have slotted lids, serving as a filter for the iced tea ingredients. When one pours the drink, food particles remain in the pitcher, and only the iced tea will land in the glass. It is one of the best ways to drink iced tea unless one prefers having bits and pieces of fruits, leaves, and other ingredients in the beverage.

  • Pitchers with Infusers

An iced tea infuser pitcher is perfect for people who want the most flavorful beverage. These pitchers are almost similar to iced tea makers, relying on an infuser basket to contain the loose tea leaves and other ingredients and allowing them to infuse their flavors into the water.

Some high-end products can mimic the performance of a commercial iced tea maker but at a more affordable price.

Pitcher Material

Prospective buyers can choose between glass and plastic for a pitcher material. Plastic products are affordable, lightweight, and shatterproof. They are suitable for people with diminished arm or hand strength, including children and the elderly.

Unfortunately, plastics tend to lack the elegance that glass materials bring. There is also the issue of BPA and other toxic substances used in plastic manufacture. That is why one must check the plastic for FDA approval, especially its food-grade and BPA-free qualities. Tritan is an excellent choice in such cases.

On the other hand, it is well-known for its unmatched elegance and temperature stability. Many glass iced tea pitchers can withstand temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as zero degrees. One’s best pick is a high-borate glass material.

Pitcher Capacity

A 50-ounce pitcher is suitable for a small family of three, while a 64-ounce jug is perfect for six to eight. One can always choose a large-capacity iced tea pitcher, depending on one’s needs.

Temperature Stability

The traditional way of concocting iced tea is by steeping tea packets in boiling water. As such, one must choose a pitcher that can accommodate high temperatures. It will also help if it can withstand cold temperatures.

Ideally, an iced tea pitcher should retain its structural integrity between 0 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stove Compatibility

Some people want to boil their water directly in the pitcher to fast-track the tea infusion process. If one wants such a feature, one must check the pitcher’s heating compatibility.

Most glass pitchers are compatible with electric, gas, and ceramic stovetops, while some can heat the water in a microwave oven.

Ease of Cleaning

If one requires convenience and optimum pitcher disinfection, one should get a dishwasher-safe iced tea pitcher. These jugs will not break under the hot steam of the machine while ensuring thorough sterilization.

Unfortunately, some products require washing by hand. In such cases, it would be best to check the pitcher’s mouth. The opening should be wide enough to accommodate one’s hand without squeezing it. If this is not possible, it would be ideal to buy one with an accompanying cleaning brush.


As a function of the pitcher’s lid, it would be best to check if the cover fits tightly around the pitcher’s inside surface. Most products feature a food-grade silicone ring. Unfortunately, some liquid can still leak through particular sections.

One should also remember to assess the pitcher’s spout. While there is no single spout design that can guarantee 100% spill-proofing, it would still be best to check which ones offer a smoother pouring.

Are Plastic Iced Tea Pitchers Safe


Yes, plastic iced tea pitchers are safe. However, one must always read the pitcher’s technical specifications. Prospective buyers should always choose a pitcher made of BPA-free, FDA-approved, and food-grade plastic materials.

An excellent example is Tritan, a BPA and BPS-free thermoplastic material known for its exceptional shatter and crack resistance. It is also free of androgenic and estrogenic activities. Another notable plastic pitcher material is high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Like Tritan, it is also FDA-approved and food-grade.

How Many Ounces are in a Pitcher of Tea

Depending on its design specifications, iced tea pitchers can hold about 64 ounces of a delicious cold beverage. Some manufacturers may provide a larger capacity vessel capable of accommodating 77 ounces or more. Others may only hold about 50 ounces of iced tea.

Can I Make Iced Tea in a Glass Pitcher

Yes, you can make iced tea in a glass pitcher, even if it is the standard jug. Here’s how.

  • Sprinkle ¼ teaspoon of baking soda into your glass pitcher to neutralize the bagged tea leaves’ natural tannins. You will want your iced tea not to be astringent.
  • Place six to eight tea bags at the bottom of the glass pitcher. A tea bag is often enough for a single serving.
  • Pour three cups of boiling water into the pitcher, cover, and steep for about 15 minutes.
  • Remove the tea bags and discard them.
  • Pour ¾ cup of sugar and stir until you no longer see specks of sugar.
  • Pour five cups of ice-cold water and stir the solution.
  • Chill the iced tea in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.

Can I Use my Iced Tea Maker for Cold Brew Coffee

Yes, you can use your iced tea maker to create barista-quality cold brew coffee. However, it would be best to check if your device comes with an infuser or brew basket. The brew core is where you will place your coffee grounds.

It is also best to consider the tea maker infuser’s mesh size. Ideally, you will want to use only coarsely ground coffee to promote a steadier steeping and infusion process. It also minimizes passing coffee grounds into the tea maker chamber.

To make cold brew coffee using your iced tea maker, follow these steps.

  • Place at least two tablespoons of coarse ground coffee in the infuser basket.
  • Secure the infuser basket and place it in the bottle.
  • Pour ice-cold water into the bottle until the level reaches the infuser’s neck section.
  • Cover the iced tea maker bottle and shake well for at least 30 seconds.
  • Refrigerate the cold brew overnight or up to 24 hours.


The best iced tea pitcher not only delivers refreshingly cool and energizing iced teas. It can also serve various beverages, including cold brew coffee, lemonade, fruit-infused water, herb-flavored juices, smoothies, beers, cocktails, sangrias, and more. The right pitcher withstands temperature extremes while allowing for versatile use.

Choosing the right pitcher to use for serving iced tea and other beverages should never bring one headache. Our buying guide and comprehensive review offer sufficient insight into how one can bring home the best possible iced tea pitcher for the family.

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