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The Best Gravity Water Filters

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best gravity water filter

The water surface is prone to bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants, unsafe for consumers. Here is a simple way to neutralize water sources from home or even in the wild – the best gravity water filter.

A gravity filter is the most popular technique in purifying water more simply. It naturally removes impurities in the water using gravity instead of extra energy. Also, there are many more benefits a gravity filter could offer, including environmental benefits and the public’s wellness.

You can choose your gravity water filter for backpacking and other purposes among top-rated pieces in our list below. Check them out!


Top 1

Big Berkey BK4X2-BB

Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 8.5 Liters
Lifespan 6,000 Gallons

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Top 2

LifeStraw LSFX01GB01

Material Plastic
Capacity 3.7 Liters
Lifespan 500 Gallons

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Top 3

Sawyer B0899 NW4

Material Plastic
Capacity ‎3.7 Liters
Lifespan 100,000 Gallons

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Table of Contents

Best Gravity Water Filter Reviews

1. Big Berkey BK4X2-BB Gravity Water Filter

Anyone looking for a gravity filter should consider Berkey’s Gravity-Fed Water Filter sold at a reasonable price. What amazes me is that it can provide pure water for up to four individuals each day, thus perfect for group travels.

Why should I buy this product? It is merely because of its straightforward operation with no tools required. Such a setup will let families enjoy drinking pure water during travels or backyard picnics. Plus, the water filter is not prone to rust due to the stainless steel construction.

The primary tool comes with two purification elements for the best results. An additional two purification elements will maximize the flow rate of the gravity filter. As a result, a more significant number of harsh substances in the water shall be removed, such as viruses and bacteria.

With this water filter, 6000-gallons shall contain non toxic water for more extended periods. It takes time to buy replacements, which will only cost a few cents overall. I highly recommend this powerful purifier for those looking for an inexpensive yet authentic water filter. Just make sure to buy a product with a tag to ensure realness.

It is good to know that Berkey made seven sizes available to meet every need. Moreover, the water filter goes through several testing to ensure its value in purifying waters. I like how the company has considered consumer’s safety from manufacturing to the actual process.

One downside of the Berkey water filter is the rubber taste in several first weeks of use.
  • Provides pure water for four individuals each day
  • Requires no tools, hence works for both indoors and outdoors
  • Features two black Berkey purification elements for maximum flow rate
  • Extends use up to 6000 gallons before replacements
  • Affordable and authentic replacements
  • Made of durable stainless steel, away from rusting
  • Undergoes multiple testing for better operation
  • Rubber-taste in the first few weeks
Despite that, I would still recommend BK4X2-BB to ease any water supply. Its solid stainless steel design can stop sunlight from ruining the water quality.

2. LifeStraw LSFX01GB01 Water Filter

Indeed, I haven’t seen a multi-use water filter as affordable as LifeStraw has to offer. It could also be ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, travel, and many more with an included gravity bag.

Did you know that every purchase of LifeStraw products has an impact on a school child? I would instead buy products as such that will deliver safer water for the community each year. It is not only my household that benefits from it but also a more comprehensive range of families.

It includes lightweight parts to remove heavy metals in waters right away. The filtration system works in four ways, for instance, with a gravity bag. Other methods involve a straw, plastic bottles, and hydration bladders, depending on circumstances—all work conveniently, thus a perfect survival kit for campers.

I admire its filter capacity for up to 2000-litres and 100-litres for small particles and carbon, respectively. A replacement filter is sold separately for future uses. It can remove viruses and bacteria and reduce nasty chemicals in the water.

Besides, the microbiological filter can last longer than a carbon filter over a year. It results in the next level of protection that can filter pore size particles.

On the negative side, some users experienced an issue of clogging that might delay the filtration process.
  • A multipurpose gravity filter including all necessary accessories like gravity bag
  • Helps a school child to drink clean water in every purchase
  • Built with lightweight materials for easy setup
  • Serves as a convenient survival kit for hikers
  • Excellent filtration capacity for the smallest particles and other chemicals in the wate
  • There can be some clogging issue
There is no better purchase than buying products that help the community, and here is an example. Regardless of the timely setup, I like how its filtration system works on any water surface.

3. Sawyer Products B0899 NW4 Gravity Water 

Another good option I want to introduce is the Sawyer water filter tested three times to ensure maximum performance. It has a superior setup with 0.1 microns dual-threaded water filter, cleaning coupling and plunger, a reservoir, and gravity hose. Notably, the dual-threaded water filter removes microplastic and other bacteria.

You can trust to install this product for family use as it goes through several independent laboratory testing results of popular gravity water filters. Those include Laboratory Efficacy Hydreion, Envirotek Laboratories, Aquadiagnostics Laboratories, and more.

The water filter cost is another factor to look for, which is more inexpensive than the other options. With that advantage, the tool assures to purify any water sources to make them available for drinking. You are guaranteed continuous water filtration with a fast flow rate with its mini filter.

The included 1-gallon bladder has a carry handle for convenient use and is also lightweight. Its wide-mouth design allows water to enter and exit from the equipment quickly. A flip-top sports cap is also added for more comfortable operation throughout the filtration process.

Unlike other water filters, Sawyer products have better fiber protection with no exposed parts. I have realized how exposed fibers membrane could allow harmful chemicals to enter the water source.

Since it is set up by merely hanging near a water source, some users feel awkward about it. However, this filtration system really does its job way better than pumping to produce cleaner water.

On the other hand, there is just a little room for improvement like adding a pre-filter to bring better results.
  • Independent laboratories tested for safe uses
  • microns dual-threaded water filter entirely remove microplastics and other bacteria
  • Costs affordable with the added accessories
  • Collects clean water conveniently with the wide-mouth design and a lip-top sports cap
  • Enhances fiber protection to prevent harmful elements
  • Lacks a pre-filter
Adding a pre-filter will bring the best performance for users. Nonetheless, doing nothing with this gravity water filter still provides a superior filtration system with its hollow fiber protection.

4. Santevia S101 Gravity Water System

I also recommend the best countertop gravity water filter in white that can provide good-tasting water. With this unit, a higher level of filtration is possible with beneficial minerals that eliminate bacteria, rust, and even parasites in the water. I think this will be the end of water contaminants in every home.

How countertop models differ from other gravity filters? Among three models of gravity filter made by Santevia, this one is the most compact. I can also say it has more features to offer compared to smaller models with filter functions.

I am amazed by its advanced filtration that can remove bad stuff in the water like fluoride, chlorine, and so much more. Instead, it adds up minerals to improve the water’s taste and odor. Some reports about microplastics found in tap waters which the countertop system can also eliminate.

Its level of filtration is composed of many parts. First is the ceramic pre-filter that screens those smallest particles like rust, bacteria, and microplastics. Another filtration tool is the fluoride filter that removes almost 100% of fluoride and chlorine. I prefer adding porous Maifan stones to mineralize the water even more.

Yet, the best feature of the countertop gravity filter is not using any chemicals such as BPA and BPS to produce water in an alkalized state. I recommend using this tool after a reverse osmosis system to exclude acidity on water.

Hence, the countertop water filter demands replacement after a few months of use for better operation.
  • Comes with a compact design for easy setup.
  • Removes fluoride and chlorine while adding minerals to improve taste & odor
  • Eliminates microplastics found in tap waters
  • Ceramic pre-filter screens rust, bacteria, and microplastics
  • Fluoride filter removes fluoride and chlorine
  • Allows using unique stones for added filtration
  • Free from chemicals such as BPA and BPS
  • Demands replacement every after six months
Knowing some significant issues with the Countertop System still gives me high hope that it will work just fine. Alkaline water is possible with this affordable solution—no need for electricity to alkalize your drinking water.

5. Propur PP-102 POG Gravity Water Filter

As I looked for an affordable and best gravity water filter for home, this product caught my attention. It is best used for an emergency to produce drinkable water at all times.

I highly recommend its filtration ability that eliminates chemical and other harmful contaminants in the water. It becomes possible with the help of ProOne G2.0 filters, which deliver healthier water.

The filters can last up to six months of daily use, plus NSF certified for safety purposes. Due to the added amount of silver, these filters can stop the growth of bacterias, ensuring long-lasting use without worry.

Most households desire more significant quantities of pure water on which PP-102 POG water filters can provide. With 1.6-gallon capacity, enough for a long-day water purification process. I also like its portable design, perfect for a small kitchen counter, dorm, RV, etc.

Propur water filter includes a non-slip pad and stainless steel spigot together with the filter element. Its high-quality stainless steel construction can resist corrosion despite frequent use.

This countertop water filter works with tap water, stream, and any other water sources. Also, the water filter really suits travelers around the globe with its new filtration system.

Just a side note, to get rid of the weird smell of first-uses from this filter, do not remember to run hot water through it at least three times and clean the spigot.
  • An emergency-friendly water filter at a fair price
  • Features ProOne G2.0 filters to eliminate contaminants and provide healthy water
  • NSF certification for safety purposes
  • Delivers high water capacity about 1.6-gallons, with a compact design
  • Shipped with stainless steel spigot and non-slip pad for better use
  • Must remove the smell of first uses by running water through it and clean the spigot
All in all, the PP102POG is an excellent gravity filter that meets my budget with all the things needed.

6. Katadyn 2110070 Ceradyn Water Microfilter

Emergency preparedness for any outdoor activities is essential; it includes having clean water while on the way. And the Katadyn 2110070 Ceradyn Water Microfilter is the market’s top choice for campers that meets EPA safety standards at a premium price.

The Ceradyn Microfilter is equipped with a cleanable 0.2-micron ceramic element that can go through harsh conditions. The life capacity of this filter could reach 150,000-liters according to the water quality being filtered. Suppose your family consumes 10 liters each day, that is still many years of clean water supply.

In addition to its ceramic design featuring a micro-porous element, this device can delay bacteria growth due to its silver-infused filter. The three ceramic filters can eliminate even pore-size bacteria from 0.2 to 15-micron, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium.

Upon knowing those features, I highly recommend this microfilter equipment in producing better water quality. It is so easy to use as a typical water container during camps. A group of people can safely drink water from this microfilter.

The downside of the microfilter is that it has no handle, making it difficult to move from place to place. I am glad the product is lightweight.
  • Meets safety standard such as EPA for efficient use
  • Three cleanable 0.2- micron ceramic filter for maximum filtration
  • Durable ceramic design suitable for all conditions
  • Filter life of about 150,000-liters
  • Filters out up to smallest particles of 15-micron
  • Lacks a carrying handle for easy transport
Overall, the microfilter works effectively in filtering out even the tiniest bacteria in the water. I would definitely get the product despite its higher cost.

7. SHTFandGO Gravity Water Filter

It seems like a ceramic gravity water filter is now the best choice in the market; thus, manufacturers create more. The GB ULTRA3 is made of ceramic filters that promote durability. It adds up to the best gravity water purifier on the list at an affordable price.

Anyone can appreciate the convenience of using this gravity water filtration with the added hand pump. It results in faster water production when compared to other water filters. The tool can filter out 0.2-micron contaminants with its three carbon-ceramic candle filters and other best features.

The drip can hold up to 9000-gallons of water ready for filtration on its whole product life. It is UV-sterilized among the gravity-fed drip filters, which ensures the purity of your family’s clean drinking water.

Best of all, the company also includes cleaning tools for easy upkeep. This is good news for RV-ers who want to spend little time cleaning and maintaining their water filters.

I also admire the inclusion of a rechargeable UVC lamp for camping purposes. It is compatible with many types of chargers and even solar charging. Enjoying its full capacity while on the go would be better with this particular feature.

The instruction manual could be better by adding a video on Amazon’s page. Some buyers said it is a bit stellar.
  • Improves the overall setup through ceramic filters
  • Added hand pump for faster water production
  • Can produce up to 9000 gallons of water
  • Built with three carbon-ceramic filters effective against the smallest bacteria
  • The equipment is UV-sterilized for easy cleaning
  • Include a rechargeable solar UVC lamp
  • Unclear instruction manual
This item is inexpensive yet more comfortable to manage and has a higher capacity, which I admire most. It also purifies water sources quicker and more hygienically.

8. Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter

Getting cleaner water anywhere that easy is what I like with the Platypus Gravityworks Water Filter System. Its single filter is powered by hollow fiber technology that won’t allow impurities to pass through. Safety guidelines such as EPA and NSF are also met for eliminating numerous bacterias and Protozoa.

Platypus water filtration system does not require pumping. I feel relaxed while waiting for the chamber to be filled with clean water by hanging the tool nearby. The gravity filter cycle is fast, like most pump systems to deliver my water needs. Thanks to gravity, which does the entire job!

Buyers can choose between two sizes with a small price difference producing 4.0 or 6.0 liters of clean drinking water. The purchase comes with all the necessary accessories, including the water reservoir, microfilter, hose, sack, and a shutoff clamp. Notably, its overall weight is less than 12-ounces hence best fits for outdoor activities.

It has an antimicrobial property that eliminates bacteria quickly. The flow rate to deliver healthier water takes a minute for up to 2 liters of clean drinking water. On the other hand, the filter media can process up to 1500-liters of dirty water to its healthier state.

What amazes me is that the taste of the water also improved and its overall quality. In addition to that, it is BPA-free.

The only issue with this otherwise five-star worthy filter system is its plastic bag durability. The good thing is, Platypus would be willing to send a replacement bag for better usage.
  • Purifies water using hollow fiber technology
  • Complies to safety guidelines, including EPA and NSF
  • Gravity water filter system functions freely without pump filters
  • A complete purchase with all necessary accessories
  • Quickly eliminates bacterias for an impressive flow rate
  • BPA-free for enhanced water quality
  • Plastic bag durability issue (easy to deal with)
I would advise campers to get one because of the high capacity of clean water this tool has to offer. It is filled with accessories necessary for a more reliable filtration process. In my opinion, it is among the top-rated gravity water filters money can buy.

9. Travel Berkey BT2X2-BB Gravity Water Filter

This model is different from the prior Berkey gravity water filter in terms of size and other features. It is mainly made for travels with its straightforward design, requiring no electricity nor extra plumbing.

Its portability weighing only four pounds has caught my attention as I look for water filtration systems to suit my travel needs. In spite of being lightweight, it can still deliver an ample amount of pure water for three people. We can bring this compact purification system anywhere and have a clean water supply without hassle.

Like the other Berkey filtration systems, this includes two filter elements to remove almost 100-percent of bacteria and chemicals in the water. Faster flow rate is also within its features.

After filling up 6000-gallons of clean water, filter replacement is needed. The cost of replacement in the long-run is surely economical, not more than 2-cents per gallon.

Hence, the lifespan of the filter is undeniably longer than any other water filter. Berkey only accepts black Berkey filter elements to be effective in bringing more good water sources.

Customers can rely on this water filter safely because of the independent testing it went through. This assures potential contaminants to be eliminated once it reaches the consumer.

Some consumers are having trouble with the water quality days before filter replacement is needed.
  • Indicates a straightforward and portable design
  • Lightweight yet utters a more massive amount of water
  • Costs affordable in the long-run, with filter replacement required
  • Composed of black Berkey purification elements promoting a faster flow rate
  • Passes independent testing for better water quality
  • Needs filter replacement
Though filter replacement is necessary for reliable water quality, this product can offer you a convenient and affordable filtration process for long-term use.

10. DOULTON W9361123 Berkefeld Water Filter

Among the top-rated gravity water filters available, the DOULTON W9361123 can be your ideal pick. This model is of equivalent quality to other stainless steel water filters, so why not give it a try.

British Berkefeld is not your typical stainless steel water system as it also features ceramic filter candles that can go with a multi-stage filtration process. The filtration system can remove microbiological elements out of the water, thus improving the water quality.

Also, this will remove water-borne diseases in every application. I am 100% sure drinking cleaner and safer water wherever I go, whether at home or during a camp. Its filter life can last for six months. Users can extend those months by merely cleaning the equipment more often.

This gravity system can afford a high flow rate level and deliver faster results. It is possible due to its two super sterasyl candle filters to support the whole filtering process.

This filter system is a game-changer for producing healthier water for the household. Better tasting water is possible since there are no heavy metals, chlorine, or organic materials found after the purification process.

It has a portable design best for outdoor uses. The equipment is so lightweight that you can bring anywhere you plan to go.

Still, there are some complaints about its stopper becoming weaker after a while, which might slow down the flow rate of cleaner water. Luckily, the part can be replaced with a stainless steel spigot. It can cost some extra fees, but I think it is worthwhile.
  • Highly-effective gravity filtration system
  • Among the stainless steel gravity filters with a ceramic filter
  • Filters out microbiological elements in the water
  • Contains two super sterasyl candle filters for the purification process
  • Promotes better-tasting water by eliminating heavy metals, chlorine & organic material
  • The stopper gets flimsy in the long-run
All in all, the DOULTON proves the effectiveness of its filter elements. This system certainly works great for many uses.

11. Outback Water OB-25NF Water Filter

The last gravity water filter system on the list has helped Disaster Relief Organizations for 25 years and counting. It has been a survival water supply for millions of people as of today. That is why I decided to include Outback Plus with so many features to offer for buyers worldwide.

Outback Water uses a plastic material to ensure portability for emergency purposes. Therefore, it is lightweight and yet has proven higher water capacity of up to 12 gallons of clean water every day. FEMA and Red Cross recommend a gallon of water in emergencies, and the OB-25NF can provide that.

This gravity water filter system is a typical device composed of two chambers and a pre-filter net to process low-quality water. It only requires a simple assembly and operation to get started from the upper toward the lower section.

The water will undergo four filtration stages to remove bacteria, viruses, and other contaminating elements. This can filter up to 1800-gallons before filter replacement.

Storing the water system is a lot easier with its compact design. The added tightly-sealed 5-gallon bucket fits all the components for storage. With confidence, everything stays dry and protected for the next use.

Currently I have no complaint about this convenient product.
  • Proposed by Disaster Relief Organizations as a survival kit for emergencies
  • Constructed with plastic material for portability
  • Set up in a breeze with two chambers and a filter
  • Performs four filtration stages for up to 12 gallons of clean water per day
  • Filters up to 1800 gallons of water before replacement
  • Storing the equipment brings peace of mind
  • No issue yet
Organizations are recommending this water filter. Why should I not? It is a valuable tool in case of emergency, and so a real survival kit.

12. Katadyn Gravity Camp Water Filter

Katadyn also offers an efficient purification system to filter water at an affordable price. Its ultra-fast flow rate is like no other, making it my favorite product for water needs. This filter can produce up to two liters of clean water from contaminated river water per minute, perfect for outdoor activities.

Its affordable package includes an ultra-flow filter and all the other essential accessories like a filter protector, carry bag, hose, and a cleaning sponge. These materials work together to provide safe water for everyone that is twice faster than other gravity water filter systems.

The gravity camp filter makes use of 0.2-micron ultra-flow technology to achieve better water quality. Its filter life can be a total of 1500-liters of drinking water, with no added chemicals. The sediment trap and filter protector excel at removing dirt away from the water.

What is more? Katadyn gravity filters can be used with hydration bladders for higher quality performance. The quick-connect adaptor is compatible with such tools and is easy to set up.

Likewise, the gravity filter is convertible into a camp shower with a separately sold adaptor. This is good for long-term campers who need to shower once in awhile in the wild. Some other accessories, such as a replacement filter, camp, and hiker pro microfilter, are also available. Those will level up your experience with such a water system.

There are a number of hikers who won’t recommend this water filter for long trips as it may slow down filtering. It must be right for indoor use instead.
  • Features an ultra-fast flow rate filter technology to produce 2 liters per minute
  • Sold with complete accessories, for instance, a filter protector, carrying bag, and so on.
  • Total water yielded would be 1500-liters
  • Added filtering functions with sediment trap and filter protector
  • Affords camp shower by the use of an adaptor
  • Fhe filter slows down in longer use.
I vouch for this quick filtration system’s high water capacity with its best filtering function. Definitely, this item will work for low budgeted buyers.

What to Look for When Buying Gravity Water Filter


Landing on blog posts like zen water systems review and Reddit may confuse buyers in choosing the right water filter. The market for gravity water filters is growing because of how they work and the benefits they provide.

Choosing the best gravity-fed water filter among the endless list of options would be easier with the following factors.


It is much more important to buy equipment made of long-lasting materials to save up further costs like replacement fees.

Among the types of water filtration systems, stainless steel construction is the most durable. Stainless steel products can resist destructive elements like rust to provide its best performance. The other designs also work well for home use and other outdoor activities.


Since the gravity water filtration system is for many applications, its size matters, depending on whether the tool is for home use or to meet outdoor needs.

Countertop models come in different sizes and shapes to provide enough water to your household. Too lazy to refill the water filter always? Then a bigger unit is to look for.

For outdoor use, the portable gravity filtration system is more suited. It must be easy to set up and will work for backpacking. Overall, water filters are not bulky to suit any needs, either indoor or outdoor.

Filter Medium

The said equipment will not function as implied without the right filter elements. This aids the filtration process from beginning to end to remove any impurities in the water.

Selecting a filter medium dramatically depends on the contaminant level of the water. Two popular filters include ceramic filters and activated carbon filters, and some units have them both. They help to speed up the purification process to meet everyone’s needs.

Capacity and filter life

How many gallons of clean water can you consume in a day? So then deciding which unit to buy will be a lot easier for you.

The capacity of the water filter also speaks for its filter life. Some units will require replacing the filter every 12 months not to contaminate the water. A cartridge helps to block traces of silver that hold up harmful bacteria in the water.


Easy to manage gravity filters are a plus for homeowners desiring safer drinking water. Identify a proper time to do replacements of its parts to ensure it will work well.

Ease of Use

The primary purpose of using a water filter is convenience, so find the tool easy to set up and operate. Several equipment types will be shipped fully assembled, which I like for many uses—no need for extra tools such as a power source to get started.

Other Important Factors to Consider


Other than those stated above, checking the water quality is also necessary to ensure everything is working so well. Use water test kits to monitor the pH level of the water and other factors concerning safety.

What is Gravity Water Filter?

A gravity water filtration system uses pressure to filter out contaminated water sources, making it drinkable for everyone. It is mainly a machine that does not require electricity nor plumbing to get started. Gravity water filter systems are really promoting convenience for campers and even for home use.

Water filters are basically made with two chambers, one upper and one lower, that filter water. The contaminated water will be placed in the upper chamber, which goes forth to the lower chamber when purified. This whole process won’t take long, thus suited for impatient campers like me.

Moreover, gravity water filters are handy to bring anywhere you go. They come in different setups and sizes to meet every buyer’s needs for drinking water.

How Does It Work?

The filtering process begins in the upper chamber of the water filter with the help of unique filter elements such as a carbon filter or fluoride filters, etc. These are microporous components responsible for getting rid of the water’s pollutants before it goes to the lower chamber. Only clean water will enter the lower part of the equipment, safe for drinking.

The growing market for gravity water filters offers various types of elements used in the chambers. Some take advantage of carbon material, while others go for ceramic filtering elements for an efficient filtration system.

In general, manufacturers use only two chambers and a filter mediator to thoroughly filter out impurities living in the water. Access to clean water depends on the type of filter you have, either made with a faucet or a pitcher design. Such a water filter system is excellent for outdoor and indoor use.

Types of Gravity Water Filters

To better understand gravity water filter comparison, let us take a look at each type of gravity filters below:

  • Stainless Steel Water Filtration

It is a vast size gravity water filter and yet suitable for on-the-go trips. Stainless steel water filtration is lightweight and very easy to set up with no extra tools needed. Also, the material is durable, unlike other filtration units.

Many households, especially those who are renting a space, consider this one because of convenience. It can hold an extra amount of water without worrying about breaking, and it is easy to maintain.

  • Ceramic Gravity Water Filter

Sometimes chemicals get their way to the water, which could harm any individual. They are not suitable for drinking. So, this type of gravity filter plays a vital role in households with a high sensitivity to chemicals.

The water filtration system construction is made of ceramic with a particular ability to eliminate excessive and harmful chemicals in any water source. Contaminated water must be put in the chamber and let the unit do the rest. Ceramic filters do not hugely vary from other types of gravity water filters.

Further, thorough maintenance is required to enjoy its full benefits.

  • Gravity Bag Water Filter

The most recommended gravity water filter for camping is this one. It is the handiest version of all types of water filters, best for backpackers and travelers. In places where water supply is rare, this kind of tool works best with no electricity needed.

It consists of two filter mediums such as ceramic filter and activated carbon for better outcomes. Handling the tool is so easy with its portable design. Gravity bag water filters are often marketed in bulkier versions, in case more amount of clean water should be provided.

Why Do You Need Gravity Water Filters?

Buying a gravity water filter ends up with several advantages and even drawbacks to the user. Weighing the pros and cons shows the need for adding this kind of equipment to your list.

First of all, gravity water filters mainly work to purify water surfaces in every situation. Humans alone cannot turn contaminated water into something drinkable. Thus, the proper tool is necessary. Because of the filtration process, harmful chemicals in the water cannot pass through.

The filtering tool is concerned about the water’s entire quality, including the taste and odor. Not just that, using gravity filters also benefits nature by reducing bottled water during camps. They are also useful with no electricity required hence minimize cost in the long run.

Overall, many are mind blown by the convenience these gravity fed drip filters bring.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best Gravity Water Filter?

Some reputable brands include Santevia, Berkey, Propur, and others aren’t mentioned earlier, like the Alexapure water filter and Aquarain water filter. Each brand has promised quality and excellent gravity water filters.

Anyone can compare them out. For example, which is better between Berkey vs. Propur or Alexapure vs. Berkey? The final choice is up to you.

How to make Gravity Water Filter?

Making a DIY gravity water filter is possible with these simple steps that you can do at home.

Look for vacant and clean containers to get started. Make a hole on the lower container, and be sure the faucet will fit into it. Properly seal them in place to prevent contaminants upon entering the container.

Measure your filter medium to be placed in the upper container later on. Once everything is settled, make another hole at the surface of the upper container. Match the two containers to drill another hole to match the other, then put the filter.

Both containers will lock together and can finally start purifying waters. It is typically called a free-standing water filter suitable for homes.

How to set up and use?

Most gravity filters include necessary parts like upper and lower chambers and the filter media. Perhaps manufacturers already put them together when shipped out, to begin with instantly. But, some gravity filters require little extra setups to enjoy its features finally.

Begin with identifying what kind of water source you will filter out. Ensure that all of its parts are properly sealed to avoid poor outcomes. When the filtration process gets started, the unit will be fully responsible for achieving your desired results.

How to care for and clean?

Manufacturers will surely provide the proper ways of taking care of the gravity filter. Understand the manual very well, from the features up to the other factors you will need to consider.

Where to buy gravity water filtration?

The safest stores to buy gravity water filters could be Amazon or eBay to ensure safer quality. Buying online would be risky, thus be more patient in reading feedback among the users.


Getting the best gravity water filter is a bit confusing because of the many choices. Ask yourself which of the above products will meet your needs in picking the right one. The items are arranged the way every buyer can easily select whichever is a good buy. They indeed belong to the top brands that anyone could trust, as many other buyers did. In conclusion, buying the right gravity filter is all up to you. Use the buyer’s guide in making a much wiser decision.

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