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The Best Fluoride Water Filters

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best fluoride water filter

Let’s face it, the worst kind of pain aside from heartbreak is that annoying toothache. It can keep you awake at night and send you into this unproductive state. Not to mention, you would have to face your fuming dentist and his needles.

However, thanks to modern science, people can avoid such pain by getting the needed fluoride in drinking water. It’s suggested that fluoride is only good for us in small amounts, so homes would need the best fluoride water filters to keep the family’s drinking water safe.

Aside from fluoride, we also want to remove harmful contaminants, so these filters do not only apply to clean water for consumption but as well as for getting safe and odorless running water for bathing and cleaning.

However, the science of fluoride filtration can get too complicated and technical, plus, there are so many products to choose from in the market. And so, I have curated this list to help you choose from the best water filters to remove fluoride!


Top 1

Waterdrop WD-PT-04B

Capacity 3.5 Liters
Filter Life 200 Gallons
Certification NSF 42/372

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Top 2

Aquagear Pitcher Water Filter

Capacity 2.36 Liters
Filter Life 120 Gallons
Certification NSF 42/53, ISO 17025

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Top 3


Capacity 3.5 Liters
Filter Life 150 Gallons
Certification NSF/ANSI 42/53/401/P473

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Table of Contents

Best Fluoride Water Filter Reviews

1. Waterdrop WD-PT-04B Water Filter Pitcher

Another brand of water filter pitcher to remove fluoride that I would recommend is the Waterdrop. Similar in price to the previous water filter, this product is NSF-certified to be lead-free and able to remove chlorine, taste, and odor. It uses activated carbon with a 7 stage filtration system to effectively reduce chloride, heavy metals, and limescale. This filter pitcher has a large capacity of 3.5 L and has a fast flow rate.

Its price is definitely worth it due to the long-lasting filter that can filter as much as 200 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. This means not only are you saving yourself a lot of money from buying bottled water, but you are also reducing plastic use and helping the environment. Plus, purchasing from this company lets you contribute to giving African families access to clean drinking water.

The design of the filter is safe-saving as it fits in most fridge doors. It is easy to refill while keeping external particles out of your water. I love how it includes a LED indicator to inform you if you need to replace your filter soon, which I think is one of this product’s best features. The wooden handle even adds to its aesthetically pleasing charm, but it is not coated to protect it from moisture. Thus, making it hard to completely clean.

This product is made of BPA-free plastic and ensures safety. In addition, its simplicity makes it easy to use. The reservoir is visible through a clear glass for you to check while filling it with water. My issue with this product is that I would need to hold the lid whenever I pour water to keep it from slightly slipping off.
  • Long-lasting filters
  • Functional design and sports a water quality indicator
  • Large capacity
  • Fast flow rate
  • The lid slightly falls out
  • The handle is uncoated wood
In a nutshell, this product is a great recommendation for those who have no clue what water filters remove fluoride efficiently. You will enjoy the great tasting water and the hassle-free experience this filter provides. It’s definitely a great add-on in the household!

2. Aquagear Pitcher Water Filter

First on my list is this Aquagear water filter that is popular for its premium quality and design. This water filter removes fluoride and can reduce lead, heavy metals, mercury, etc., while keeping healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium. It meets tested and proven to meet standards in reducing contaminants. At such, it is a bit pricey.

Since it features a pour spout design, it is easy to fill the pitcher. Compared to other filters, this product may have a slower flow rate. However, I find it acceptable on the flip side. It can reduce 2000% more contaminants, including lesser-known substances such as chloramines and chromium, which can possibly cause cancer and other serious diseases.

This product is also perfect for those who are looking for environmentally friendly and sustainable products. It is a way better and cheaper alternative to buying bottled water every time you want clean water. The filters used can also be returned to the manufacturer for recycling; therefore, no need to worry about your waste. This product is also vegan. I also love how the company lets you help in their foundation in providing clean water just by making a purchase!

This water filter is made of 100% BPA-free plastic so you can rest assured it is safe to use. By using activated carbon and other ion exchange materials, 90% of the fluoride is removed along with other contaminants ─ making it one of the best fluoride water filter pitcher designs you’ll encounter. It may take relatively long to filter but it guarantees you light, odorless and great-tasting water in just one run.

The set-up is fairly easy but I would like to emphasize that this product needs to be purged before use to ensure the best performance. Another tip is to let the water finish filtering before pouring since unfiltered water in the reservoir could spill.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly product
  • 90% fluoride removal
  • Leaves healthy minerals behind
  • Safe
  • Hands-free filling
  • Takes time to filter
Overall, the Aquagear filter is a strong competitor to be hailed as the best water filter pitcher to remove fluoride. With its simple but functional design and strong contaminant reduction capacity, this product is definitely something worth investing your buck on.

3. Epic Water Filter EW-WFP TAP The Epic Pure

If you’re the type who’s a bit more willing to splurge on choosing the best from many water filters to remove fluoride, then look no more! The Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher screams aesthetic and good quality, what with its premium design and the fact that it underwent rigorous testing in multiple laboratories.

With a whopping 150 gal total capacity, this filter pitcher will last you a long time and save you money and waste from buying bottled water. It boasts a 5 stage filter system consisting of a solid coconut carbon block filter. Therefore, it can remove around 98% of fluoride and reduce other contaminants such as lead, chromium-6, chloramines and many more. Additionally, thanks to its selectivity, it can keep calcium and magnesium, which are healthy trace minerals.

The filter is made from BPA-free plastic material. I love how the pitcher is mostly clear and see-through except for the carbon block filter and lid so you can see how much water you’ve poured in and has been filtered. Also, it is just small enough to fit inside refrigerator door shelves. The lid is secure and has a spout design that readily flips when pouring.

It is pricier than the previously mentioned filter pitchers, but it did go through independent testing, which proves its capability to remove contaminants according to NSF/ANSI standards. It even includes a digital filter life indicator to inform you if you need to purchase another one. Plus, purchasing from this company lets you contribute to environmental organizations.

This filter is easy to assemble; subsequently, easy to use. It has a relatively normal flow rate and gives great tasting water. However, you will notice quality changes in the filtered water after frequent use, which would normally mean it is time to change the filter. I’ve also noticed that the pitcher lid is not as firm as I would want and can spill when you are pouring.

  • Clear reservoir
  • Removes >98% of different contaminants
  • Equipped with digital filter life indicator
  • Selective filtration
  • Large capacity
  • Expensive
  • The lid can be flimsy and drip
Overall, this water filter pitcher is definitely something you’d want to add to the cart. The clean design is very eye-pleasing, and its functionality and capacity make it a great choice. It’s something I’d personally recommend and I think everyone in your family or workplace will love this product!

4. AquaHomeGroup A-15 15 Stage Shower Filter

Now, if you’re okay with your drinking water and are more concerned about the water that touches your sensitive skin, then the AquaHomeGroup shower filter is perfect for you! This product is a water filter that takes out fluoride and chlorine from running hard water by being installed on showerheads. This filter consists of 15 stages to ensure your bath water is odorless, clean and contaminant-free.

One unique feature of this filter includes the enrichment of the filtered water with vitamin C, which softens skin, strengthens nails and gives you shinier hair. This filter softens water and thus prevents scale or residue from building up in your bathroom. Although this filter mainly focuses on removing chlorine, it can also reduce amounts of other contaminants such as heavy metals.

I love how it comes with everything you need when installing it. It is compatible with most showerhead designs. You only need to screw it in and secure it with a plumber’s tape which is included. It even has extra filter cartridges provided! The lifespan of the cartridge is usually 6-8 months but this depends on usage. Hence, I would recommend changing it as soon as there are noticeable changes in water quality.

The product is made of ABS plastic with a premium chrome finish. You don’t have to worry also about the filter hindering the water flow because there is little to no effect on the water pressure. However, with further use, you may notice changes in the flow, which may be due to particle build up.

It’s also something to note that the product can be a bit bulky to install, which may cause your showerhead to drop.
  • Compatible with most showerheads
  • Easy to install
  • Enriches water with vitamin C
  • Filtered water is soft and odorless
  • Bulky and can lower showerheads
This product is a good choice for those finding shower water filters that remove fluoride and chlorine. If you want to enjoy your water without worrying about your sensitive skin, then this is definitely a must to add to your bath!

5. Waterdrop Elfin 5-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

When it comes to unique designs for a filter, Waterdrop is the brand to go to. The slightly smaller version of the Waterdrop Chubby, this Elfin water filter pitcher is the cutest one I have seen with it’s different pastel lid colors. With its smaller size, it’s perfect for those who prefer space-saving products.

It is NSF certified and can remove chlorine, fluoride, mercury, heavy metals in order to give you good-tasting and odorless water! It does not, however, reduce total dissolved solids. On the plus side, it retains a certain amount of beneficial substances such as calcium and magnesium! You can say goodbye to scale formation on your kitchen counters and tools. It filters the water relatively fast, too.

Just like the previous Waterdrop product, the filter pitcher is made from BPA-free plastic material. The lid and reservoir for unfiltered water are opaque, while the pitcher body itself is clear. It also comes with a gravity induction indicator that tells you when to change filters.

The design is hassle-free with an easily removable and fillable top and a flip spout that makes pouring a breeze. The handle makes it comfortable to lift a full pitcher. It’s easy to install and you only need to follow a few steps before the pitcher is up and ready to do its job. This filter pitcher would easily fit in your fridge door. This product has the perfect capacity for individuals living alone unless you’re the type who consumes large amounts of water since it is a bit small.
  • Space saving
  • Comes in nice colors
  • User-friendly design
  • Gives drinking water with no bad taste or smell
  • Small capacity
Give yourself the clean drinking water you deserve using the cutest filter pitcher in the market! Not only will you be saving yourself from harmful contaminants but you can save the earth from all the plastic bottles you would have used.

6. Big Berkey BK4X2-BB-PF-2 Countertop Water Filter

Refrigerator water filters that remove fluoride are not the only choice when it comes to filtering your tap water. If you’re willing to go all out in quality and capacity, then this countertop fluoride water filter is something I highly recommend. This Berkey product is everything you would want in a home filter. It does the job of filtering contaminants and even way more.

This filter boasts a powerful system that is able to remove chemicals such as herbicides, VOCs, trihalomethanes, etc. It also reduces substances such as nitrates, nitrites, lead and mercury. This product also removes microorganisms such as bacteria and parasites, making it a water purifier that removes fluoride effectively. It is such a powerful filter that it is actually built for emergency use when there is no clean water source available.

It can hold 2.25 gallons of purified water, offering a perfect capacity for most families or even workplaces since it can accommodate 4-16 people. This two-filter system has a total lifespan of 6000 gallons. Made from high-grade stainless steel with a shiny finish, I think this filter does not only look premium but also durable and long-lasting.

The set-up is pretty doable as long as you follow all the instructions. Priming could be a bit intimidating but you will be able to get it after a few tries. For note, you would have to be consistent in filling this product since the filter could dry out. I would have loved it more, though, if I didn’t need to purchase a separate product in order to see the water level inside the filter.

Water that passes through this filter absolutely tastes great and looks crystal clear! Since it carries a huge capacity, you can also opt to use clean, filtered water for things such as washing your vegetables and sink. This product is also free from leaks and has no issues with water pressure. It may have a relatively slow filtration rate but I don’t think it would create any inconvenience. Additionally, you can reprime it if it ever becomes clogged.
  • Large capacity
  • Long filter lifespan
  • Removes 100% of pathogens
  • The filter can be reprimed to remove clogs
  • Premium finish
  • Expensive
While it does need a big investment, this countertop fluoride water filter is definitely a must-have. It will give you the best value for your money and the only regret you’ll have is not getting it sooner!

7. Santevia s101 Gravity Water System

Another countertop water filter that removes fluoride for those with no cash to splurge. The Santevia water system is a cheaper alternative to the Berkey product. This filtration system uses gravity to clean your water without using chemicals, electricity or synthetic materials. Mimicking the natural process of getting clean water, it uses an 8-stage process that features a ceramic pre-filter, fluoride filter and mineral stones.

Unlike other filters, this system can remove fluoride up to 98%, rust, parasites, residual aluminum, bacteria and even microplastics! It also removes sediments, chlorine, heavy metals, industrial and organic chemicals and odors while leaving healthy minerals in your water. The faucet even sports a magnetic energizer for greater absorption of water molecules, which helps in fluid retention. The mineral stones even oxygenate the water.

This system has a decent capacity and can cater even for a family of five. It could be a bit slow filtration but that is because it only uses gravity. It’s made of BPA-free plastic for safety although the plastic material would not be as durable as its steel counterparts. The filter takes time to set-up, yet it is easy to take apart and clean. Having this filter would also mean being consistent in doing maintenance procedures to ensure its good performance.

It is pricey if you compared it with other types of fluoride filters but it is a great value option in the realm of countertop filters! I love how it’s all just natural while also making great tasting alkaline water. The design also looks great and simple. I think it’s a great purchase for those ready to take a step towards healthy living.
  • Can filter out chemicals, microorganisms and microplastic
  • Filtered water has optimal pH and is oxygenated
  • More affordable than other countertop filters
  • Made of BPA-free plastic
  • Less durability
  • Need to constantly maintain
Once you have this system, you won’t be able to look back to life without it. It is definitely worth every penny. It’s something I would recommend in the household since its simple design will not. You’ll surely find yourself drinking water way, way more.

8. CraterAquaSystems SF-Silver Shower Water Filter

Still looking for that perfect shower filter to make your baths more enjoyable and soothing to your skin? The CraterAquaSystems shower water filter is perfect for your needs!

It uses a 15-stage filter system featuring activated carbon, silver and KDF-55 to create a synergistic effect of bringing you clean and best quality shower water. This product is able to reduce 97% chlorine, chemicals, VOCs, heavy metals, lead, mercury, iron, bacteria, fungi and dirt. Because of these capabilities, using this product will give you a variety of health benefits.

This is one of those water filters that do not remove fluoride completely. Rather, this product only reduces its concentration in the filtered water. Nevertheless, it leaves your skin smooth, less dry and reduces the signs of aging. I love how the filtered water does not worsen acne, eczema or other skin conditions. It also is great for damaged hair and dandruff. It even strengthens your nails.

The product can be used to filter both hot and cold shower water. It is easily installed and you don’t have to worry since it is compatible with most showerhead models. All you need to do is twist it in and you’re good to go with this leak-free filter. The filter can last 3-6 months, assuming you take two regulats showers a day. You can double that since the product comes with a filter cartridge refill.

Although it is made of plastic, the shower filter sports a shiny silver finish that looks metallic. Take note, though, that adding this product will reduce your shower height.
  • Easy installation
  • High flow rate and has no effect on water pressure
  • Compatible with all showerhead types
  • Uses silver ceramic balls
  • Improves skin condition
  • Can only reduce fluoride concentration
Say goodbye to itchy, dry skin and unenjoyable showers with this CraterAquaSystems filter. It sure is a great addition to the bath. I definitely would recommend this to anyone who wants to show some more love to their bodies. After all, clean water is not only a must need on the inside, it’s also a need for a healthier outer self.

9. Home Master CFF25-10 Fluoride Replacement Filter

If you already have that great countertop filter in your home, then you surely are going to be needing a replacement filter soon, and this Home Master product certainly fits the bill. Sporting a simple and straight to the point function and design, this is something you would want to consider adding to your shopping list.

It uses activated carbon and activated alumina in order to remove chlorine, fluoride, VOCs, agricultural chemicals, odors, etc. Depending on your tap water’s hardness, the filter is recommended to be changed every 3 months. I would have loved it better if it had an indicator.

This filter fits standard 10” housings although it fits only one way. The simple design makes it a breeze to change out. It’s important to note the orientation of your filter, though, to ensure great performance. You may have to turn your whole house fluoride filter upside down if it’s the typical design. Plus, the new design takes more muscle to install.

The filtration rate is just enough to give clear, smooth and odorless water that is pleasant to the taste. It is great for those looking to save some space or have small kitchens. This filter is great for consumption, cleaning your vegetables or fruits and even cleaning your sinks or counters.

  • Fit in most standard 10” housings
  • Reduces chemicals
  • Space-saving
  • Redesigned filter can require more effort to install
You would not want to go back to buying bottled water or drink that nasty tap water after you get a taste of what comes out of this product. I think this Home Master replacement filter would make a great accessory to your filter and a great addition to a healthy-living household!

10. Aquasana AQ-RO-3.55 OptimH2O Water Filter System

If you would like to go the extra mile and invest in a high quality and powerful under sink fluoride water filter, then the Aquasana water filter system is definitely something you would want to consider. This product combines the technologies of reverse osmosis, Claryum filtration and remineralization. Not only remove contaminants but also provide you with healthy alkaline water.

This system is NSF-certified on all three NSF standards and can remove a large amount of fluoride, mercury, chromium, chlorine, arsenic, chloramine, asbestos and lead. At the same time, it keeps healthy minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. It can also reduce herbicides, pesticides, detergents and other harmful substances. However, this filter does require a large amount of water so it is best used if you really have dirty, unpleasant water.

This system of water filtration to remove fluoride is made to be easily handled and replaced with a twist and snap mechanism. I love how all the connections are solid to prevent leaching. System installation is easy enough to do on your own as it has everything you need right in the box. It also includes a faucet with a variety of different premium-looking finishes. Hence, you can easily pair it with your sink design although it is made of plastic.

Filtration is also very efficient as it can filter as much as 35 gallons a day, making it perfect in any large household or workplace. It also is very easy to maintain and you can enjoy all of its superb benefits without any hassle. It is also quiet enough to not disrupt if used for a workplace set-up.
  • NSF certified
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Premium look and design
  • Remineralizes water
  • Made of plastic
  • Uses a lot of water
This filter may be a bit expensive but it is definitely a great value for your money. With a powerful filtration system to keep your drinking water at its best, you can say goodbye to the tastes, odors and harmful hazards that unfiltered tap water brings.

11. Woder FRM-Q12-DC Fluoride Water Filtration

Sick of not being able to control what is in the water that goes in and out of your body? Then the Woder water filtration fluoride system is a worthy product to set your sights on. Its NSF/ANSI-tested filter can remove fluoride, chlorine, taste, odor, lead, chromium 6, heavy metals, carcinogens and other contaminants. Now you can rest assured the water in your household is of great quality.

Due to its selective nature, this filter ensures that it only removes contaminants but leaves behind calcium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium and potassium. This gives you water that is not devoid of healthy minerals, which is often the case with other filters. You can enjoy great-tasting water and eliminate your worries of having your kitchen utensils and fixtures from scale or marks.

I think one of its greatest perks is that while you are taking care of your health by using this filter, you are also actually saving water at the same time since it doesn’t waste them for filtration, unlike reverse osmosis filters. It’s green technology hits two birds with one stone as it reduces bottled water consumption while conserving water.

Even if you are not the handiest person in the lot, you will have no problem installing this since it can be directly connected to your cold water line. There may be a bit of pressure drop, but the filtration rate is great and no leakage can be observed. This under sink filter is wall-mounted and can work only between 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit, so remember to use it for municipal cold water only.

This filter can last for 2 years and more as long as it is used correctly. Hence, even if this product can come at a hefty price, you’ll be able to save a lot of money in the long run. It is a great investment for any household and I personally recommend this product.
  • Easy and direct installation
  • Reduces contaminants effectively
  • Does not waste water
  • Leak-free
  • Long-lasting filter
  • Not for hot water
  • A slight effect on water pressure
So if you’re looking for efficiency and quality combined into one, I think this is the best fluoride water filter for you. It’s time to get that great value with your hard-earned cash and choose the best filter to cater to your family’s needs.

HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter (Outdated)

If you’re not a fan of pitcher filters or countertop filters but still want to enjoy great-tasting water, then this HOMY faucet mount water filter is a must-have. This product combines a premium and simple design with great filtration technology to give you the water you and your family deserve.

Unlike other filters made of plastic with chrome finish, this product is actually made of stainless steel, ensuring durability against corrosion and deformation. It uses activated carbon to reduce contaminants such as chlorine, lead, dirt, rust and fluoride but, at the same time, retain healthy minerals. This filter also reduces the risk of consuming bacteria as well as odor and bad taste so you can enjoy good tasting water.

For its premium look and materials of construction, the filter comes at an affordable price. It can last up to 3 months or even more for the use of an average family. I love how it comes with this feature, wherein you can choose if you want to filter the water or not, which would definitely prolong the filter life.

The product looks high quality with its shiny silver finish. The only thing, though, is that it is only suitable for standard faucets so I recommend checking the compatibility of your faucet first before buying. Once you receive it though, it is very easy to install.
  • Durable and premium-looking
  • Can switch between filter or unfilter mode
  • Long filter life
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Incompatible with some faucets
A great addition to any household, the HOMY water filter will save you from the hassles of buying bottled water while giving you delicious water. If you want to improve your lifestyle and bring out the true taste of your foods and drinks, then I would recommend getting this product.

What to Look for When Buying Fluoride Water Filter


To strike a good deal when planning to buy a water filter fluoride, you would need to choose the product that answers your needs and fits right in the budget. Most of the time, we often base our purchase decisions on the cost we are willing to spend. But as much as money takes a huge chunk of consideration during decision-making, it doesn’t mean we should throw away all thought of other important factors. And that would give you the best value for your money.

As I have mentioned, price definitely carries a lot of weight in making a choice so it is essential that we consider the kind of products that fits. The price of a fluoride filter often depends on the kind of filter, removal efficiency, certifications, materials of construction, size, filtration method used, design and brand. The best fluoride filter for you is the product that fits your needs the most and fits the budget too. I would recommend creating a range for the money you are willing to invest on a filter so that you can widen your choices beyond what you can afford.

It is also important to note that buying the filter is not the only time it will cost you money. Different kinds of filters require different methods of installation and complex systems can cost you hundreds of dollars. Hence, filters that only require direct and do-it-yourself installation are recommended for those tight on budget.

You would also want to make sure that you know what the product would need throughout its life. Would it require a large amount of water? How often do you need to buy and replace filters? What are its maintenance needs? These are things you need to factor into the actual total cost of owning that filter.

Another important factor to consider when choosing home filters is the filtration efficiency or its ability to remove contaminants. It’s important to know what you want to be removed from your tap water. Basic fluoride filters remove the usual fluoride and chlorine along with maybe 2 or more contaminants. But, the best filters are able to remove as much as 98-99% of fluoride, chlorine and a myriad of substances such as VOCs, chloramines, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, bacteria, etc. Multiple stages mean more treatment devices available to filter more kinds of contaminants.

It is best to find NSF certified products, which means that they meet the standards for public health protection. With this, you can rest assured that the product you’ll use has undergone laboratory testing and actually removes the contaminants it declares to do so. It’ll also save you from testing the filtered water yourself. Water without minerals is not healthy so filters that remineralize or maintain healthy minerals are a better choice.

Additionally, knowing the kind of tap water you have will be an important consideration. Choosing an appropriate filter for the kind of water you will filter will ensure its optimum performance and longevity. You’ll be able to save more if your filter requires fewer replacements for a set period of time.

You will also want to consider if the filter fits your home and lifestyle. Are you a family of five, living alone or will you be using it for your workplace where 20 people work? With that in mind, you can choose the filter that has the capacity that meets your daily water consumption. If the product needs maintenance, you would want to choose it only if you have the time and patience to follow all procedures it requires.

Also, you need to consider your intended purpose for the filter. Would you want it to filter water for consumption only or do you want to use it for filtering the water you can use for showering or washing your food?

It’s also vital to ensure that the filter you’ll buy is compatible or will easily integrate into your existing water system. Plus, you would need to consider the available space you have for the product. To save yourself from unnecessary expenses and hassle, I would also recommend choosing filters that can be easily installed. You may also check if the product you are looking into will affect your water pressure or if it takes longer to filter water.

The kind of materials the filter system is made of could also be a real deal-breaker. These materials need to be not only durable but also safe for people of all ages. It will be exposed to a lot of water and moisture so it’s important the materials can withstand and not rust or break even after a long period of regular use to prevent leaching or contamination.

Not only is it essential to find brands that uphold safety standards in their products but it is also a big plus if brands create means to turn their customers’ purchases into contributions to advocacies such as pushing for clean water accessibility in developing countries. Products that are sustainable and do not create waste during their lifetime are something worth looking for.

Lastly, looking past the functionality is the design of the product. Products that go well with your existing kitchen or bathroom design would be great additions. It will preserve the premium and aesthetic feel of your household, while providing you with great tasting water!

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a fluoride water filter? How does it work?

Fluoride water filters are devices used to remove fluoride and other contaminants from drinking water. These substances are at a concentration that is not detrimental to human health. These products filter out tastes and odor and give you great-tasting and odorless water. Since a high concentration of fluoride in drinking water is hazardous, a water filtration system that removes fluoride is a must-have in any household.

Filtration could occur either through physical or chemical methods. These water filters can employ different treatment devices such as activated carbon, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, etc., to separate contaminants from the water. These methods strain out particles such as sediments that are too big to pass through the filter.

Bacteria and microorganisms can be filtered out too. Contaminants can also adsorb to materials such as activated carbon or activated alumina and retain them in the filter. Chemical methods can reduce compounds present.

What are the different types of fluoride water filters?

Water filters removing fluoride come in different varieties of all sizes and purposes. First on the list are water filter pitchers. They look like ordinary filters with just an additional top filter. They are very affordable and perfect for those just looking for a quick and simple way to filter drinking water. No installation is needed. They come in different pore sizes and the filter would need to be replaced regularly.

Refrigerator fluoride filters are simply, as the name suggests, built-in filters in refrigerators. Many refrigerator models come with one although there is an option to install them. They are easy to use. These filters also need regular replacement.

On the other hand, there are also faucet-mounted and faucet-integrated fluoride filters. These products can be directly connected or attached directly to your faucet. They are often very affordable and very easy to use since you have the freedom to switch between filtered or unfiltered water. However, they might affect water pressure and you would also need to make sure the filter is compatible with your faucet. Similar to those are the showerhead filters. They are simply filters that can be connected to your showerheads in order to make sure you have clean bathing water.

Countertop filters, meanwhile, are connected to your faucet but would need installation. They are small but more powerful than faucet-mounted filters and would often employ more filter stages. They are more expensive, too.

If you want a more efficient and high capacity filter, then under sink filter systems may be perfect for you. These filters are installed beneath your sink and connected to your water system and come with their own faucet. These products have larger filtration capacity and are often expensive and complex. You will not have to worry about space since they are hidden away under your counters or sinks.

Lastly, if you are willing to invest a lot of money and ensure all water outlets in your house give clean and great tasting water, then a whole house fluoride filtration system is the right type for your needs. You can say good scales and marks away from your kitchen sinks and utensils and bathroom floors and fixtures.

Why do you need water filters to remove fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance in groundwater and oceans. Cities and towns fortify the public water with fluoride since it is an effective way to prevent tooth decay and reduce the risk of getting cavities. However, it is important to keep fluoride at the recommended level since long term ingestion and high concentrations can cause skeletal problems. One of those such as skeletal fluorosis, wherein bones become weaker and joint pains. Thus, water filters are needed to remove that excess fluoride you may have in your water and reduce its concentration to beneficial amounts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best fluoride water filter?

Some of the best brands that make fluoride water filters include Aquagear, Epic Pure, Brita, Waterdrop and Berkey. These brands support advocacies that push for clean water accessibility and produce high-quality, long-lasting, and efficient products.

How to remove fluoride from water cheaply?

You can remove fluoride using simple and more affordable water filter types such as water filter pitchers. This kind of filter uses simple materials and fewer stages to filter out fluoride, which is why they are more affordable. You may also opt to build your own filter if you have the necessary resources and knowledge.

How to make a fluoride water filter?

You can use a distillation set-up to remove fluoride. A simple way to distill at home is by placing a bowl inside a pot that is boiling your tap water. An airtight cover is added with ice placed on top in order to condense the clean water collected in the bowl.

How to use?

Fluoride water filter pitchers simply need to be filled with water and left to completely filter all of the input water. Then, once finished, you can directly pour the clean water into your glass. Showerhead filters and faucet-mounted filters, on the other hand, need to be attached or connected to your existing faucets or showerheads and be used as you normally do.

Countertop, under the sink and whole house filters may need more professional or complex installment procedures. But after that step, you can use your water sources in the house normally. All that is needed after is regular replacement of filters and maintenance.

How to care and clean?

This depends on the type of filter and the product specifications. Maintenance and cleaning instructions are often included with the product you will buy. Care for your filter would mean using it to filter water with the quality and temperature specified by the manufacturer only to ensure good performance and longevity.

It’s important to follow instructions and be consistent in doing maintenance procedures, especially for filter systems that you can’t just simply leave for a long period of time. You can make a habit of checking your filters for clogs or leaks regularly and change them out once it happens.

Where can I buy?

You can buy fluoride water filters from online sites such as Amazon or brands’ online sites. You can also check physical stores near you if they have the filter of your choice!


And that is it for our guide in showing you the best fluoride water filters! Hopefully, this guide has allowed you to sort out your priorities and needs and give you confidence in choosing the best product. After all, it is important to find the best one that works and stays with you for a long time while giving the best value for your money invested.

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