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The Best Calcium Water Filters

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best calcium water filter

Families who want to address unpleasant water stains on their household items should seriously consider getting the best calcium water filter. If one chooses correctly, these devices can also reduce other water contaminants and allow users to serve great-tasting, clean, and safe drinking water for the whole family.

Choosing the right calcium water filter to install in one’s home requires understanding several factors, three of which are essential.

  • Calcium Filtration Capability: It is always best for people to buy a water filter with a well-established calcium filtration performance. For example, a water filter with 99% calcium reduction capability is always better than a 90% calcium-reducing water filter. The former is one’s best bet for choosing a reliable product that does the job exceptionally.
  • Filtration Technology: There are several methods of calcium removal, including kinetic degradation fluxion technology, polyphosphate ion exchange resin system, reverse osmosis, and water softening. A water filter with any of these filtration technologies can provide users with exceptional calcium reduction.
  • Impact on Water Consumption: Filters tend to affect water consumption by reducing water flow. That is why it is always best to check a product’s water flow rate before purchasing. A calcium filter with a 15-gallon-per-minute flow rate is always better than a product with a 5-GPM or 10-GPM rating.

Prospective buyers may need other considerations to narrow down their choices. Some calcium water filters provide features that future owners may find appealing. They can check these features in our comprehensive review of the leading calcium water filters today.

There is also an all-inclusive buying guide to help prospective buyers zero in on their choice.

Top 1

Orbit 10109W

Dimensions 2 x 7 x 2 inches
Weight 249 Grams
Material Plastic

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Top 2

3M Aqua-Pure AP430SS

Dimensions 2.8 x 2.8 x 10.2 inches
Weight 860 Grams
Material Stainless Steel

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Top 3

‎Water Sentinel ‎WS-21

Dimensions 11.42 x 3.11 x 2.01 inches
Weight 294 Grams
Material Polypropylene

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Table of Contents

Best Calcium Water Filter Reviews

1. Orbit 10109W Mist Calcium Inhibitor Filter

Families wondering how to remove calcium from water misting systems can buy the Orbit 10109W Calcium Inhibitor. This device not only removes scale-forming calcium. It can also address other impurities in the water to safeguard one’s water fixtures and appliances.

I like this water filter’s 5-micron filter pores, ensuring efficient water contaminant reduction. Folks will never have limescale or clogging issues in their sprinklers, garden hoses, and other similar items. This appliance improves water flow, prevents clogging, and enhances overall productivity in and around the house.

The secret is in its polyphosphate-enriched filtration membrane. I remember in high school chemistry that phosphates bind to calcium, allowing the filter to remove the limescale-forming ion from the water. It is a pretty trick if one’s principal concern is calcium in the water.

I am surprised by this product’s long filter lifespan. Most of the water filters I know last only four to six months. The company recommends an annual filter replacement, giving families better savings for other more worthwhile activities.

Installation is a lot friendlier than I imagined. It has a simple twist-and-secure design for effortless setups. One can have this product ready within minutes, requiring no plumber or specialty tools.

One thing prospective buyers must understand about this product is that flushing it before connecting the filter to misters is recommended. This is to prevent the filter from creating an unsightly film.

  • Inhibits calcium adhesion and other water impurities
  • Filters particles up to 5 microns in diameter
  • Long filter lifespan
  • Friendly installation and good water flow
  • Needs flushing before being connected to misters

Nevertheless, families who want the best water filter to remove calcium and other impurities can always check out this calcium inhibitor filter.

2. 3M Aqua-Pure AP430SS Water System

The 3M Aqua-Pure AP430SS is an efficient and reliable whole house calcium water filter. Not only does it prevent limescale formation and protect water appliances and fixtures from clogging, it also improves the water’s aesthetic characteristics, making it more pleasant to drink.

As a whole house filter to remove calcium, I find this product intriguingly pleasant. I know of whole-house water filtration systems that cannot remove as much calcium as this product. Never again will households have to worry about limescale in their water heaters, showerheads, washing machines, coffee makers, dishwashers, and more.

I also love the company’s addition of phosphates in its filtration unit. I know how efficient phosphate molecules are in attracting and adhering to calcium ions, removing them from the water.

I also like its water flow rate. Families can use up to ten gallons of calcium-free water per minute, thanks to its force-feed orifice.

Installation is as worry-free as one can imagine, never requiring special tools or expensive plumber fees. The 304 stainless steel head also extends the unit’s overall lifespan while giving it exceptional sturdiness and stability. I also find its NSF certification useful in putting families’ minds at ease.

Unfortunately, one has to replace the filter every six months. Families with high calcium or heavy metal levels in their water can expect filter change as frequently as once every three to four months.

  • Advanced phosphate-impregnated scale inhibitor
  • Improves water aesthetics
  • Efficient water flow
  • Durable stainless steel head
  • Effortless and convenient installation
  • NSF certification for peace of mind
  • A short lifespan

People who need a reliable calcium-removal system for the whole home should consider this product. Its efficiency is unquestionable and its performance spot-on.

3. WaterSentinel WS-21 Calcium Inhibitor Filter

The WaterSentinel WS-21 is an innovative water filter to remove calcium and lime, protecting outdoor cooling systems against limescale formation and clogging. This product features two proven filtration systems for more efficient reduction of water contaminants.

I adore this filter’s combination of an activated carbon and advanced polyphosphate resin. The combo gives users great-tasting water, free of the nasty tastes and odors of chlorine and other water aesthetics-affecting impurities. Rusts and clogs will never bother families again, allowing them to use their outdoor misting systems efficiently.

This device works by attracting calcium ions in the water. Its polyphosphate resin acts like powerful magnets, letting the calcium molecules stick to the filter’s surface and away from the water. Households will feel more confident about their misting system’s integrity.

Installing and maintaining this filter is never a concern. It has one of the most straightforward designs I have seen, ensuring anyone can set it up in a cinch. No one will complain about its construction. Although plastic, its polypropylene casing is as durable as steel.

If there’s one thing to nitpick about, it’s the description. It says “made in the USA,” but one customer mentioned that the fittings are made in China. I’m not concerned about the place of manufacturer, but some buyers might feel differently.

  • Effective scale prevention capabilities
  • Advanced polyphosphate and activated carbon system for more efficient filtration
  • Improves the water aesthetic qualities
  • Heavy-duty canister construction for durability
  • Convenient to install and maintain
  • Fittings are made in China

Nevertheless, I know families with gardens and backyard farms will love this product. Its compact design lends ease of installation, while its polyphosphate-AC combo ensures the efficient reduction of limescale-forming substances in the water.

4. H&G Lifestyles Misting System Calcium Filter

The H&G Lifestyles Mister Filter is a versatile and efficient inline calcium water filter suitable for various applications in the great outdoors. This unit is perfect for removing heavy metals from the water used in gardening, pet bathing, spa, bathtubs, swimming pools, and more.

I am astonished to learn this compact device features three filtration systems. The majority of products with the same size can only squeeze in one or two filter technologies. This unit features a granular activated carbon, an ion exchanger, and a kinetic degradation fluxion system. The triple filtration system ensures a more efficient removal of heavy metals, microorganisms, and other impurities.

As a calcium remover, this product reduces calcium ions by as much as 90%. Its filters also eliminate up to 98% of chlorine, taste, and odor from the water. It is also perfect for reducing up to 85% of other impurities, including suspended solids.

I am also surprised about its high water pressure compatibility, accommodating up to 100 PSI. This feature allows anyone to connect the product to almost any water system, be it in the home, an RV, or anywhere else.

As expected, its triple filtration layers can translate to a shorter filter lifespan, lasting only three months.

  • Triple filtration technologies in a compact design
  • Removes up to 98% of known water contaminants
  • Recommended for multiple applications for versatility
  • Compatible with high pressure water systems
  • Protects appliances from blockages and premature deterioration
  • Shorter filter lifespan

For its exceptional versatility and calcium-removing capabilities, I still recommend this product to anyone who wants a dependable system. It can protect fixtures against blockages, safeguard appliances against premature wear, and ensure safe water for those who want it.

5. Frizzlife MK99 Under Sink Water Filter

The Frizzlife MK99 is one of the most effective point-of-use water filtration systems for removing calcium from water. It is also efficient in reducing the levels of other impurities while giving households more enjoyable drinks straight from the tap.

I admire this product’s water contaminant removal capabilities, especially its IAPMO certifications for lead elimination and CTO reduction. Other products claim they can reduce calcium and other contaminants, but some people may find it hard to believe since these products do not have a third-party organization certifying their claims.

I like this under-sink water filter’s ability to reduce as much as 99% of lead, chromium, carcinogens, VOCs, mercury, and rust. Although I did not see the percentage of calcium removal, I am confident this water filter can remove as much calcium from the water as other heavy metals.

I also laud the company for designing a filtration system that lasts up to two years. Families can generate more savings from using this product, allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest. Maintenance is also as easy as its installation, thanks to an integrated auto-shutoff mechanism.

A few setbacks about this product are its price and flow rate. I have seen under-sink water filters with 5-GPM ratings at a fraction of this product’s price.

  • Removes up to 99% of lead, mercury, VOCs, and other substances
  • Better taste and odor improvement
  • High-capacity filter for better savings
  • Effortless installation and maintenance
  • With IAPMO certifications for confidence in the product
  • Pricier than other brands
  • Modest water flow rate

Regardless, I still recommend this calcium water filter to anyone who believes in evidence-based products. One will feel confident about this filter’s CTO removal performance.

6. Home Master CFRFGAC20-20BB Water Filter

Households requiring filter replacement may want to check out the Home Master CFRFGAC20-20BB calcium water filter cartridge. While this product has the same component as other GAC devices, it blasts the competition regarding CTO and heavy metal reduction performance.

I love this water filter’s radial flow design. What amazes me is its way of reducing calcium and other water impurities. The filter’s circular design pushes the water to spin around the canister, forcing impurities to the sides and improving their elimination from the system.

Drinking water served by this filter is as enjoyable as the beverage five-star restaurants serve. There are no odors or unpleasant tastes. One will never worry about clogging and staining, either.

I also like this calcium filter’s higher filtration capacity compared with similar GAC systems. It can handle up to 100,000 gallons of water. The last unit I owned can only accommodate half the volume. Families will love this unit’s longevity, saving them tens of dollars on frequent replacements.

It is worth pointing out that this calcium filter can last about a year or so because its unit price is heftier than some systems. People should remember that this product is only a replacement filter. One cannot use it without an existing water filtration system.

  • Efficient reduction of CTO, calcium, and other impurities
  • Unique radial flow filtration mechanism for effective filtration
  • 100,000-gallon capacity for longer use
  • No clogging and staining
  • Compatible with high water pressure systems
  • Expensive for a replacement filter

Nevertheless, I still think this water filter is an excellent replacement unit for one’s aging filter cartridge. It has excellent filtration performance, and owners can use it in high pressure water systems.

7. AmazonBasics EWF-8056-1 Inline Water Filter

True to Amazon’s philosophy, the AmazonBasics EWF-8056-1 is a noteworthy inline calcium filter for multiple applications. It is a dependable unit, freeing families from limescale-related water stains without the prohibitive cost of running a water softener.

I find this water filter’s design noteworthy, combining a 20-micron sediment filter with advanced kinetic degradation fluxion technology. Households will never have clogging issues or water stains on their water fixtures and other surfaces again. It is a cost-efficient solution, costing families only several cups of their favorite Starbucks coffee per filter cartridge.

I like this filter’s portability, empowering anyone to use it in various applications. It is perfect for people who want to wash their cars or those who need to water their backyard gardens. Water stains will never cause nightmares to people again.

One can also use it as a pre-filter to the existing whole house water filtration system, making it a trustworthy workhorse for sediment and calcium removal. AmazonBasics also provides a one-year warranty, giving users peace of mind regarding their purchase.

Installing this device is as straightforward as its operation. The company already includes extra hardware for its successful setup without additional costs to the buyer. Such a move gives this product exceptional value for budget-conscious households.

  • KDF-sediment filter combo for efficient water filtration
  • Works as a pre-filter for whole house water purification systems
  • Portable design for multiple applications
  • Worry-free installation and operation
  • Great value for money
  • One-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Reduces water flow

Unfortunately, I find this unit can reduce water flow significantly. Regardless, I still find this product exceptional for modern families. It effectively removes sediments, large particles, and dissolved substances like calcium and chlorine.

8. mistcooling MC65060 Misting Calcium Filter

The mistcooling MC65060 is every home gardener’s best friend for keeping his misting system’s integrity. This water filter for lime and calcium reduction is one of the most affordable products on the market, giving households a more economical solution to managing limescale-dependent nozzle-clogging.

I like this filter’s polyphosphate resin, which serves as a powerful magnet for calcium ions. It attracts these molecules in the water, allowing the system to trap the hardness molecules within its filter membrane. Sprinklers, garden hoses, and other misting systems will continue operating well with this device.

I am also fond of its design, capable of accommodating water pressures as high as 100 PSI. It also does not cause a sudden drop in water flow, allowing users to optimize their misting systems. One can prevent limescale formation while enjoying all the benefits of reduced calcium in their water.

Most products I know only last about three to six months. This calcium filter can continue working for up to a year or so. Not only does it contribute to better savings for the whole family, it can also make maintenance a breeze.

Unfortunately, I find its construction on the cheap side. Its plastic design is not as sturdy as other polypropylene calcium filter canisters I know. One has to be careful when handling this unit.

  • Advanced polyphosphate resin for efficient calcium removal
  • Prevention of limescale formation
  • Compatible with high-flow, high-pressure water systems
  • Long filter lifespan and low price for improved savings
  • Hassle-free maintenance and use
  • Plastic construction looks and feels cheap

Nonetheless, I believe this product is perfect for anyone who wants an inexpensive solution to excessive calcium in their water. Not only is it affordable, but this product is also effortless to operate.

9. Aero Mist 52505 Calcium Inhibitor Filter

One of the most reliable water filters that remove calcium is the Aero Mist 5205. This easy-to-use filter cartridge features a mechanism specific for calcium removal, while extending its performance in reducing the levels of other water contaminants.

I like this product’s straightforward design, ensuring worry-free installation within minutes. One does not need complicated tools to set up the product. Users also do not need an expert plumber to get the unit up and running. Families will love the savings they generate from the product’s effortless installation.

Its 5-micron filter pore size is effective in removing not only calcium but other particles as well. Gardeners, farmers, and backyard growers will never worry about clogging their nozzles and sprinklers because this gadget keeps the levels of calcium and other water contaminants low.

I admire its phosphate-based calcium-inhibition mechanism, ensuring the most efficient way of reducing calcium in the water. What surprised me the most is its 12-month filter lifespan. Most calcium filters I know only last about five to seven months, shorter among homes with high heavy metal concentrations in the water.

I also highly recommend it for low-pressure mist systems.

While installation is hassle-free, one has to check the device’s correct setup. Remember that this water filter only connects to ¾-inch fixtures.

  • Recommended for low pressure water systems
  • Not hard to install
  • 5-micron filter size for efficient contaminant removal
  • Longer filter lifespan than other brands
  • Protects nozzles and spray systems against clogging
  • For ¾ inch fixtures only

Overall, its calcium-removal capabilities are spot-on, making it a wise choice for outdoor point-of-use filtration. It is the perfect solution for ensuring the integrity of garden hoses, sprinklers, and misting systems.

10. Guardian Max Clear Ion Exchange Pre-Filter

People looking for a versatile in line calcium water filter should consider the Guardian Max Clear. This product features an advanced technology that combines an activated carbon filter’s CTO removal capabilities and a super-fine filter resin for optimum heavy metal removal.

Most calcium filters I have seen only have a 5-micron pore rating. This product comes with 0.5 micron, making it effective in reducing up to 99% of known water contaminants. Families will love this product’s ability to reduce the levels of chemical contaminants, organic debris, bacteria, mold, and spores in their water.

I love its versatility, empowering people to filter their water in their motorhomes, hot tubs, spas, and garden hoses. Its compact and lightweight design makes it effortless to set up and maintain, giving families more time to enjoy water-related activities without spending a dime on a professional installation.

I also like its 8,000-gallon filter capacity. One should look at its filter cartridge dimensions to appreciate how significant its filtration capability is. It is unbelievable how a compact unit like this can filter so much water.

Unfortunately, this filter seems to reduce the water flow rate a little. However, I would still re-purchase this item if given the chance. I think what is important is its calcium-removal ability, which it performs like a charm.

  • Removes up to 99% of water contaminants, including calcium
  • 5-micron filter for more effective contaminant reduction
  • Recommended for various applications, including RVs, spas, and hot tubs
  • Large filter capacity for its size
  • Effortless installation and maintenance for convenience
  • Lowers water flow rate

This product is not perfect, but it is one of the best calcium-removal filters on the market today.

What to Look for When Buying Calcium Water Filter


Buying a calcium water filter starts with an understanding and appreciation of several factors. Once prospective buyers comprehend these considerations, it will be so much easier to choose the right product. Here are some of the most essential things that potential calcium water filter owners must look for.

  • Calcium Filtration Performance

Calcium water filters can have varying filtration capabilities. For example, one product can remove up to 99% of calcium from the water, while other filters can only remove a fraction of the water hardness mineral.

Unfortunately, not all products publish their calcium removal performance. In such cases, one has to research existing documentation. Households can also check online communities that may have members with first-hand experiences with a particular calcium water filter.

Ideally, one should not completely remove calcium in the water because of its bone and muscle health benefits. As such, a good rule of thumb to follow is to get a water filter unit with a 90 to 95 percent calcium removal capability.

  • Filtration Technology

People concerned about how to remove calcium from well water should consider getting a water softener. This device replaces water hardness molecules – magnesium and calcium – with potassium or sodium chloride ions. The principal issue with such appliances is their environmental impact during backwashing and regeneration.

Families can also pick a product with a polyphosphate-impregnated resin. Elementary chemistry states that phosphate binds to calcium, sequestering it from the water.

One can also find filters with kinetic degradation fluxion (KDF) technologies, which are exceptional in removing calcium. Some KDF products can reduce as much as 90% calcium.

If one needs the highest calcium removal rate, a reverse osmosis system is always an excellent choice. This filtration system can filter microscopic particles as tiny as 0.0001-micron in diameter.

  • Impact on Water Consumption

The more filtration layers a calcium water filter has, the greater its impact on water consumption. For example, a three-stage water filter can reduce a 15-GPM water flow rate to only 12 or 10 GPM. That is why one should always check the calcium water filter’s water flow rating.

Unfortunately, not all products have this information. Prospective buyers must research or ask online community members for first-hand information.

  • Point-of-Use or Point-of-Entry?

One may also need to decide whether to get a point-of-entry or point-of-use calcium water filter. A POE system is almost always a whole-house water filtration unit. On the other hand, a POU system provides calcium filtration at the water fixture.

For example, if one needs a refrigerator water filter remove calcium, an inline POU filter is perfect.

But if you want to filter water in your entire home, a whole house water filter to remove calcium is the better choice.

  • Installation and Maintenance Ease

Professional water filter installation can set homeowners back by a few hundred dollars. That is why getting a calcium water filter with a DIY installation design can save money for the average family.

  • Certifications

Modern consumers want to feel confident with their purchases. They want to feel safe knowing their calcium water filter performs as effectively as the company claims. That is why looking for certification by the NSF or other credible third-party organizations is essential.

Who Makes the Best Calcium Water Filter


One of the most trusted calcium water filter manufacturers is 3M. This American company is famous for its high-quality and high-performance products, although a little pricier than other brands.

Orbit, Aero Mist, and WaterSentinel also make reliable calcium inhibitors for misting systems and inline water filtration setups.

Other noteworthy companies that make dependable calcium water filters for various applications include Frizzlife, AmazonBasics, Guardian Filtration Products, mistcooling, Home Master, and H&G Lifestyle.

How Do You Remove Calcium from Drinking Water

You can remove calcium from drinking water by using a special filter that attracts calcium ions in the water. These devices – known as calcium inhibitors – feature phosphate-based filter media, allowing the phosphate molecules to bind to calcium ions in the water.

Another method of removing calcium from the water is by using a water softener. The appliance replaces calcium and magnesium in the water with either potassium chloride or sodium chloride.

A reverse osmosis filtration system is also efficient in removing calcium and almost any other dissolved particles in drinking water. Some RO systems can remove up to 98% of calcium, although the average is about 95%.

People who want to know how to filter calcium from water can also boil their drinking water. Boiling separates ions from water molecules, allowing them to settle at the bottom.

Does a Whole House Water Filter Remove Calcium

Yes, a whole house water filter can remove calcium if it has a filtration membrane that can eliminate the molecule from the water.

For example, you can use an activated carbon water filter that removes calcium and other water contaminants. Adding an inline calcium inhibitor can also increase the whole house water filtration system’s calcium-reduction capabilities.

Whole-house water filters with a kinetic degradation fluxion filter or a reverse osmosis system can remove calcium effectively.


The best calcium water filter prevents limescale formation, giving families cleaner dishes, utensils, fixtures, and other household items. It also protects water fixtures and appliances, securing their optimum operation and improving their service lifespan.

One has to choose carefully, considering the various factors to ensure optimum calcium removal without undermining sufficient water consumption.

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