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The Best Bottleless Water Coolers

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best bottleless water cooler

Providing the family with an uninterrupted supply of clean, safe, and fresh-tasting drinking water is easy with the best bottleless water cooler. This appliance makes more sense to the household, office, or commercial establishment that wants better savings without harming the environment and spending too much on refills.

Unfortunately, choosing the right appliance to bring home or use in the office can be confusing because of the sheer volume of cooler dispensers. Thankfully, this article will help families and establishments choose the correct bottleless cooler for them.


Top 1

Avalon A5

Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 1,500 Gallons
Certification NSF & UL/Energy Star

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Top 2


Material Metal
Capacity  1,900 Gallons
Certification UL/Energy Star

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Top 3

Aquverse A3500-K

Material Stainless Steel
Capacity  750 Gallons
Certification NSF & UL/Energy Star

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Table of Contents

Best Bottleless Water Cooler Reviews

1. Avalon A5 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler

The world knows Avalon as a maker of high-quality, efficient, and safe bottleless water dispensers. The company’s A5 is one of the best, giving homes, offices, and commercial establishments a system that delivers consistently hot and cold water anytime.

Despite its boxy appearance some people find unappealing, I feel the A5 does a phenomenal job in delivering fresh, odor-free, great-tasting, and safe water for everyone. It has a dual filtration system that removes 99.7% of particulates, 99.99% of cysts, 99.6% of lead, and 97.4% of chlorine.

I also appreciate the absence of the nasty chlorine smell and taste from their water.

On top of that, families and offices will love the Energy Star rating, UL, and NSF certification that comes with this appliance. Families, office workers, and customers will have safe and fresh-tasting filtered water at the right temperature, whether cold, hot, or room temperature.

I find its self cleaning feature top-notch. I seldom see products employing an ozone sanitizing system into a bottleless hot and cold water dispenser at this friendly price. Cleaning and maintaining this gadget is never going to be a headache. I also love its child lock mechanism on the hot water button for improved safety.

The Avalon A5 is a phenomenal bottleless water dispensing appliance that modern homes and offices will find invaluable.
  • Three water temperature outputs for versatility
  • Two-stage water filtration for safe and fresh-tasting water
  • Self-cleaning technology for effortless maintenance
  • Hot water child lock mechanism for improved safety
  • Energy Star, UL, and NSF certification for improved confidence
  • Professional installation recommended
  • Boxy appearance
While easy to install, I would recommend getting a professional plumber to do it and avoid leaky issues.

2. Brio CLPOURO420SCV2 Bottleless RO Water Cooler

Commercial establishments, factories, and offices will love the Brio CLPOURO420SCV2 as will any modern household. This commercial grade bottleless water cooler has sufficient features to make it a worthy appliance serving thousands of drinks to thirsty people every day.

I love this appliance’s four-stage filtration system, consisting of a sediment filter, activated carbon block filter, and a revolutionary reverse osmosis system.

I think I have seen a similar filtration setup in the Brio CLB3000u-6stage-EZ-RO Bottleless Water Dispenser, making this unit capable of delivering contaminant-free water to everyone.

I also like its three-faucet design, delivering three different water temperatures simultaneously. One can get cold water for juice, while another will have hot coffee at the same time. Add another person getting water with an ambient temperature, and one has a system that quenches three people’s thirst at the same time.

Cleaning is also never an issue because of its self cleaning ozone feature. It is also energy-efficient, thanks to its Energy Star qualification. I also like its design more than the Avalon A5, looking tough and sturdy while giving it a well-polished look.

Nevertheless, the Brio CLPOURO420SCV2 is an excellent choice for offices, commercial establishments, and industries. It is a workhorse in delivering an uninterrupted safe water supply to anyone under one roof.
  • Advanced four-stage filtration with RO technology for contaminant-free water
  • Triple faucet, three water temperature modes for flexibility
  • One-touch ozone self-cleaning system for hassle-free maintenance
  • Heavy-duty construction for improved durability
  • UL, ETL, and Energy Star certification
  • Requires a suitable drainage
  • No NSF certification
Unfortunately, this appliance does not have an NSF certification. It also requires the correct drainage for its RO system, lest there is flooding in the room.

3. Aquverse A3500-K Hot/Cold Bottleless Water Cooler

The Aquverse A3500-K is one of the most beautiful bottleless coolers I have seen on the market. Not only is it elegant, but it performs exceptionally well, too.

Families and offices will love having this bottleless water cooler with filter in their rooms. It has a matte black finish that will make any room look prettier with this appliance in a corner.

This water cooler feature’s LG’s reliable compressor for a more efficient cycle and improved durability. It also uses an activated carbon filter from Pentair, the Everpure system, removing chlorine, odor, taste, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium from the water.

People will love the refreshing taste of hot or cold water from this unit. It comes with NSF certification, giving owners the peace of mind they need whenever getting water from the device. I like the appliance’s fast water flow rate. People can fill their 16-ounce water bottles within eight seconds.

Regardless, the Aquiverse A3500-K is a great buy for anyone who is already tired of the same bland appearance of conventional bottleless coolers.
  • Elegant matte-black design for improved room aesthetics
  • Quick-dispensing unit for more efficient consumption
  • Pentair Everpure activated carbon filter for safer and greater-tasting water
  • High-efficiency compressor for better energy savings and appliance durability
  • NSF certification for peace of mind
  • Filter canister protruding at the rear
  • No ambient temperature water dispenser
My only concern is the filter holder’s design. Most products I know have a hidden bottom compartment like a cabinet to store the filter. This cooler mounts the filter at the back, so it would be impossible to position the appliance against the wall. It also has no ambient water temperature mode, which is a shame, I think.

4. Avalon A12BLK Bottleless Water Cooler

Modern families trust Avalon to give them a high-performance, safe, and elegant countertop bottleless water dispenser. That is why many of them choose the A12BLK. This unit is compact, beautiful, and would sit nicely on any kitchen countertop.

I like this device’s two-stage filtration system, removing as much as 99.99% of sediments, 97.4% of chlorine, and 99.6% of lead. People will never get the characteristic chlorine odor or taste in their water.

I also find the three-spout, three-temperature system ideal, allowing up to three persons to get three glasses of water at different temperatures simultaneously.

I love the addition of a night light in the cold and hot water spout section, making it safe and easy to get water at night. The hot water button also features a child-lock mechanism to prevent accidental burns in young kids.

Although more expensive than other water coolers, it is still worth buying because of its NSF, UL, and Energy Star qualifications. People will sleep better knowing they have a safe, reliable, and efficient appliance serving them water whenever they need it.

The Avalon A12BLK is not only a space-saving and elegant water dispenser. It is also a safe, energy-efficient, and effective water dispenser.
  • Two-stage water filtration for fresh-tasting, clean, and safe water
  • Three-spout, three-temperature design for drinking versatility
  • Compact and elegant design for countertop space efficiency and aesthetics
  • Integrated LED night light for safer nighttime use
  • UL, Energy Star, and NSF certification for greater product confidence
  • More expensive than other products
  • Filter canisters not be hidden from view
The only downside I see about this countertop water cooler is its filter canister placement. Because it is compact, the appliance does not have a compartment for its filtration system. The two canisters stick out of the gadget’s rear.

5. Brio CLPOU520UVF2 Bottleless Water Cooler

The Brio CLPOU520UVF2 is perfect for households that need a day and night continuous water supply. It is a freestanding unit with less-than-spectacular design aesthetics but makes up for it in reliable water-dispensing performance.

I adore this appliance’s UV-Care technology that keeps the water cooler in pristine condition. No germs will ever stray into the water. The filtration unit is also admirable, capable of removing nasty chlorine odors and taste, while also eliminating many harmful contaminants.

Drinking cold, hot, or ambient temperature water from this Brio bottleless water dispenser is a breeze because it has three spigots. One can prepare three drinks with different water temperatures simultaneously, without worrying too much about water safety or energy expenditure.

This unit already comes with an Energy Star, ETL, and UL certification to put one’s mind at ease.

Unfortunately, this Brio bottleless water cooler does not have NSF certification that some people may look for in a device with a filtration system. Nevertheless, I know people will also love the nightlight that comes with this unit. Getting water during the night should be a breeze without bumping into anything.

Regardless, the Brio CLPOU520UVF2 still makes an excellent choice for families and offices. It is reliable, sturdy, and offers uninterrupted safe water for everyone.
  • Tri-temp, triple spout design for simultaneous use
  • Advanced UV-Care self-cleaning system for effortless maintenance
  • Two-stage filtration system with two bonus filters
  • Nightlight-integrated for safe nighttime use
  • UL, ETL, and Energy Star qualified for product confidence
  • No NSF certification
  • Bulkier and boxier than others
I only wish Brio designed this unit slimmer and with more pizzazz. In my opinion, it does not look pleasing.

6. Avalon B8BLK Touchless Bottleless Water Cooler

Small apartments, offices, and dormitories will love having the Avalon B8BLK to give them a continuous and steady water supply. This countertop bottleless water cooler is also suitable for any house with very limited kitchen space.

Like many compact appliances, this bottleless countertop water cooler will never occupy too much space. One can set it on the countertop, a makeshift desk, or a table. Anyone can get safe and fresh-tasting cold water for juices and hot water for tea, coffee, and choco.

Unfortunately, this appliance does not offer ambient temperature water for other purposes.

Regardless, I like its two-stage filtration system. It may be a straightforward filter, but it does a great job in removing harmful contaminants while also improving the taste and odor of water. Getting one’s drink from this device is bliss.

I also adore its safety features, including a child-lock mechanism for the hot water button and a leak detector. Users will never second-guess diagnosing their device if it has leaks or not. Plus, this appliance already has NSF, UL, and Energy Star certification that many people look for in a water dispenser.

Nevertheless, the Avalon B8BLK is the right choice for small families, dorms, and offices that want a reliable and efficient hot and cold water delivery system. It looks elegant, too.
  • Ideal for small households and offices
  • Built-in leak detector and child-lock mechanism for improved safety
  • Two-stage filter system for enhanced contaminant removal
  • Compact construction for improved space savings
  • Energy Star, NSF, and UL certified for greater peace of mind
  • Cold and hot water only
  • No self-cleaning technology
Too bad, this unit has no self-cleaning technology. It is quite a shame to keep it clean every now and then.

7. Brio CLPOU520UVF4 Self Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler

The Brio CLPOU520UVF4 is perfect for anyone who wants a dependable and energy-efficient bottleless point of use water cooler. This appliance delivers three different water temperatures for folks with different drinking habits.

I adore this product’s inclusion of an ultra-filtration membrane. It is similar to an ordinary mesh filter, except that the holes are finer. No germs and contaminants will ever pass through these pores. There is also a coconut carbon filter that further traps stray substances in the water, ensuring the safest and best-tasting water anyone can drink.

I also like the slew of user-friendly features, such as a digital clock, a child lock mechanism, an LED nightlight, and a fully illuminated control panel. Getting one’s water from this dispenser is as effortless as having a waiter serve a glass right on the dining table.

It is energy-efficient, having the Energy Star qualification, ensuring families will never have problems with their electric bills. It cleans itself, too, saving anyone the hassle of periodic cleanups.

Regardless, the Brio CLPOU520VVF4 remains a popular choice among families, commercial establishments, and offices because of its energy efficiency and water dispensing capabilities. It is also effortless to operate and worry-free to maintain.
  • Advanced four-stage filter system with ultra-filtration membrane
  • Tri-temp, triple nozzle design for more efficient water dispensing
  • User-friendly controls for hassle-free operation
  • Self-cleaning UV-Care technology for effortless cleaning
  • Energy Star and UL certification for product quality and energy efficiency
  • Short filter lifespan
  • No NSF certification
Unfortunately, the filters last only several months, which can add to the overall operating costs. Moreover, while I admire the ultra-filtration filter, the product does not come with NSF certification to back up its claim.

8. Avalon A7 Self Cleaning Touchless Bottleless Cooler

Avalon makes some of the world’s best freestanding bottleless dispensers, such as the A7. This appliance is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable bottleless water cooler for office, commercial establishment, factory, dorm, or home use.

The appliance has two filters that work to remove sediments and common water contaminants, while improving the water’s aesthetic properties, including odd tastes and odors. It also automatically cleans itself, saving people the hassle of regular maintenance.

I like its touchless operation, ensuring safety because one will never touch any part of the appliance to get water. I also adore its nightlight system because it is brighter than other products I have seen. Its Energy Star, UL, and NSF certifications are also noteworthy, giving anyone the peace of mind they deserve.

Unlike other products with a similar design, this water cooler is not going to occupy a lot of space. All it requires is about a square foot of floor space. Offices with tight spaces should have no issues positioning this appliance where employees and visitors can get their water anytime.

Regardless, the Avalon A7 is still a great buy for modern homes and offices. It is reliable, durable, effortless to maintain, and worry-free to operate.
  • Sediment and carbon filters for safer and fresher drinking water
  • Ozone self-cleaning system for worry-free maintenance
  • Touchless controls with a built in night light for ease of operation
  • Small footprint for greater space savings
  • NSF, UL, and Energy Star qualified for product quality, safety, and efficiency
  • Hot and cold water only
  • Short filter life span
I wish the company provides a longer-lasting filter. Six months is more like three months in real-world applications. Moreover, this unit only provides cold and hot water, not ambient temperature water.

9. DRINKPOD Pro Series 6 Bottleless Water Cooler

The DRINKPOD Pro Series 6 residential bottleless water cooler looks like one of those gizmos we see in entertainment centers. It has a sleek design, made more beautiful and elegant by the soft blue LED light that radiates to the sides from the circular control panel. This water cooler dispenser is a sight to behold.

Enjoying a cold glass of water or a few hot drinks is a breeze with this appliance. Everything is touchless, allowing users to enjoy hot or cold drinks without pressing any button.

I also like its built in filtration system, which is unique from the water filtration system I often see in other products. This hot cold water dispenser has filter pods instead of cartridges. The good news is that the filters are also effortless to replace because of their EZ-Twist mechanism.

It already comes with an installation kit, making it hassle-free to hook to a coffee machine and an ice maker in less than an hour.

Nevertheless, the DRINKPOD Pro Series 6 remains the right choice for people who are already tired of the usual design of bottleless water cooler dispensers.
  • EZ-twist ULTRA 3+ filter pods for more efficient filtration
  • Sleek, futuristic design with blue LED accent lights for enhanced room aesthetics
  • Quick-connect water outlet port for worry-free installation
  • Touchless controls with child safety lock for effortless operation and security
  • Connectable with two other appliances for enhanced versatility
  • No ambient temperature water
  • No self cleaning system
While I adore its design, I miss the hassle-free maintenance of a self cleaning bottleless water cooler. This appliance also cannot provide room temperature water to those who do not like drinking hot or cold water.

10. Clover D7A Hot and Cold Bottleless Water

People looking for bottleless water coolers for home use should consider the Clover D7A. Dispensing water with this freestanding unit is effortless, offering cold drinking water or instant hot water to anyone who needs it.

I like its tall design because it will not create back problems. It is taller than a conventional bottom loading water dispenser, yet provides families and offices sufficient water. It has a square back and a rounded front, giving the appliance a different aesthetics while improving its footprint.

I appreciate the inclusion of food-grade stainless steel that never leaves any uncanny smell or taste in the water. Its compressor and heating element are also worth noting. I think the system heats and cools the water faster than other brands.

Its removable drip tray makes cleaning a breeze, and its CE and UL certifications can put anyone’s mind at ease.

Nevertheless, homeowners and office purchasing managers should still consider the Clover D7A. Its food-grade stainless steel tank should be enough to deliver safe water for everyone. It is also effortless to install and maintain, giving anyone the savings he needs.
  • Food-grade stainless steel water tanks for improved water safety
  • Powerful elements for more efficient water heating and cooling
  • UL and CE certifications for product quality
  • Effortless to clean and set up
  • Tall and compact design for better space savings
  • No built-in filters, room temperature water, and self cleaning system
  • Expensive for its features
While I love this water cooler’s simplicity, it does not have a built-in filtration system nor hot cold and room temperature modes. It also does not have a self cleaning mechanism, making its price a little bitter to swallow.

11. Bliss BWG-SS16 Water Bottleless Water Cooler

The majority of bottleless dispensers have a low cold and hot water spout that can hurt the back whenever one gets water. The Bliss BWG-SS16 bottleless water dispenser addresses this problem by offering people a tall water dispensing platform.

This bottleless water cooler dispenser is one of the tallest I have seen on the market. The spouts are high enough to never cause people to bend their backs so low that it hurts. Filling one’s travel jugs or water bottles should be a cinch with this dispenser.

While this product only has a single water filter, I think it is enough to provide people with safe water. The system removes bad odors, nasty tastes, lead, and chlorine to make the water more pleasant and more enjoyable for everyone.

I also commend the brand for installing a 2.5-gallon tank inside this unit. It also has an Energy Star and UL certification for confidence in its quality and efficiency.

Despite this, I still recommend the Bliss BWG-SS16 to anyone who wants a tall water dispenser. It is hassle-free to install, worry-free to operate, and a reliable system for eliminating plastic waste.
  • Tallest water cooler on the market for improved comfort when getting water
  • Single-stage filtration system for safe drinking water
  • High-capacity water tank for improved water consumption
  • UL and Energy Star qualified for product quality and efficiency
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Costlier than others
  • No room temperature water mode
My only issue is its price. It costs twice the price of the leading brand, and this does not even provide room temperature water. Its single filter also does not provide pure drinking water. Ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems can purify water but do not cost as much.

12. Olympia F1-S220 Bottleless Water Cooler

Most of the bottleless coolers on the market have a bland, boxy design that many people prefer placing in a hidden area of their house. The Olympia F1-S220 is an appliance that homeowners and office managers will want to display for everyone to see.

This Olympia bottleless water cooler is the most elegant and most futuristic appliance I have seen. It reminds me of the classic Coca-Cola or Betty Boop silhouette with its hourglass figure. I can place this water cooler even in the living room because it will complement any interior décor.

While elegant, this appliance never forgets its fundamental function. It can deliver blistering hot water or frigid cold water to anyone who needs it. It also has a premium-quality 3-in-1 filter canister that does an excellent job of keeping the water germ-free, contaminant-free, and great-tasting.

I like its tall design. It will never hurt the back when getting water because one does not need to stoop down low. The alcove is also tall, making pitcher or travel mug refilling a breeze. Installation is never an issue because it is worry-free to hook up.

Despite these, I believe the Olympia F1-S220 is perfect for those who value form and function in equal measure.
  • Sleek, futuristic, and elegant design for improved room aesthetics
  • Tall design for easier access to drinking water
  • Three-in-one filter cartridge for safer water and hassle-free filter replacement
  • Tall alcove section for enhanced water dispensing versatility
  • Easy to install
  • No ambient room temperature drinking water
  • Modest hot water production
I only wish the company also offered an ambient water temperature mode for those who do not need cold or hot water. Its hot water production is also quite modest at only a gallon per hour.

What is the Best Bottleless Water Cooler/ Who is This for


The best bottleless water dispenser can safely provide hot or cold water on-demand. It has exceptional water filtration performance, complete with the appropriate certification to back up its claims. The ideal unit has a small footprint, hassle-free installation, and effortless operation and maintenance.

The best appliance is also energy-efficient, giving families and offices exceptional savings without undermining its ability to deliver cold or hot water when needed.

A bottleless cooler is for anyone who wants clean, safe, and readily available drinking water. It is suitable for homes, offices, and commercial establishments that want to provide customers and clients instant access to safe water.

How Do Bottleless Water Coolers Work

Bottleless coolers work in the same way as commercial coffee machines or professional ice makers. A licensed plumber connects the appliance to a cold water distribution line to supply water to the dispenser.

Inside the appliance is a cold water tank. If the unit also dispenses hot water, it may have a separate hot water tank. Tap water flows into both chambers for cooling and heating after passing through a filtration unit. The device dispenses water via a cold or hot water faucet.

Some bottleless coolers have sediment and activated carbon filters for removing large water impurities, chlorine, and odor-causing compounds. Other appliances feature reverse osmosis systems that address total dissolved solids, giving users purified water. Some units feature UV light and ultra-filtration mechanisms for neutralizing harmful bacteria and other microorganisms.

Still, some products do not have water filters at all. In such instances, it would be best to install a filter in the water line before the bottleless cooler.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Bottleless Water Cooler


The main advantages of using a bottleless or tankless water cooler include the following.

  • Uninterrupted drinking water supply, whether it is cold or hot water
  • Provides safer and cleaner drinking water for everyone
  • More cost-effective than buying bottled water or refilling water jugs
  • Makes your home tidier and more organized because there are no water jugs scattered on the floor. It also optimizes space
  • More eco-friendly than drinking bottled water or using water jugs
  • Eliminates the risk of back injuries common in traditional water coolers

Bottleless coolers can have their drawbacks, too.

  • More expensive than conventional 5-gallon water cooler dispensers
  • Requires plumbing knowledge and skills, connecting the unit to the main water supply line
  • Requires more periodic maintenance, especially the filtration system

Bottleless Water Cooler Buying Guide

Deciding which among the countless bottleless water coolers to buy can be daunting, especially to first-timers. Many factors can affect one’s decision. However, it would be best to simplify the buying process by considering the following things.

Countertop or Freestanding?

A countertop water dispenser is suitable for homes and offices that do not have plenty of floor space. One can place a countertop unit on any flat and elevated surface, such as a table or a desk. Ensure there is a water line and electrical outlet nearby.

Freestanding units are similar to a top or bottom loading water dispenser that one places on the floor. These units are tall and may take up space. That is why it would be best to pick one with a small footprint.

With Filter or Without?

Another factor to consider is water filtration. For households and offices with an existing water filter system, they can get a water dispenser without a built-in filtration system.

However, houses without a point-of-use or whole-house water filter should always get a dispenser with an integrated filtration system. One can choose from several types, including sediment filter, activated carbon block filter, UV light filter, ultra-filtration system, and reverse osmosis system.

Hot and Cold Water Delivery Performance

It would be ideal to buy a water dispenser with adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to choose their preferred temperature. If this is not available, it would be wise to check the product’s temperature range.

Potential buyers should also check the appliance’s heating and cooling capabilities. These units must provide an uninterrupted hot or cold water supply. Try to determine how many gallons of hot or cold water the appliance can produce in an hour.


Most container-less water dispensers are easy to install, with many of them complete with an installation kit. Some products have ready-to-use ports that people can plug a water hose into to make a connection. Other brands require an expert installation to avoid leaks and other issues while also safeguarding the product’s warranty.

Other Features

Bottleless dispenser brands differentiate their products by offering noteworthy features, including a dual float backup system, LED night light, illuminated controls, child safety lock, self cleaning systems, and removable and dishwasher-safe parts. One can examine these features to determine whether they are what one needs.

It would also be best to check the water cooler’s third-party quality and efficiency certifications, including NSF, UL, Energy Star, ETL, and CE, among others. Having these certifications gives the product an edge.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who makes the best bottleless water cooler?

Avalon and Brio are two of the world’s best and most trusted bottleless water cooler companies. Avalon is famous for its countertop models, while Brio is popular for its freestanding units. Other brands worth considering are Olympia, Aquverse, Clover, Bliss Water, and DRINKPOD.

Does it increase my electric bill?

Yes, it can increase your electric bill. On average, a cold-water-only dispenser can use about 0.3 kWh per day, costing you about $25 annually. A unit that dispenses both hot and cold water typically uses about 2.8 kWh per day, equivalent to about $227 annually.

It would be best to buy a bottleless water cooler with an Energy Star certification to reduce your energy consumption to less than 0.16 kWh/day (cold) or 1.2 kWh/day (hot and cold).

How long does the bottleless water cooler last?

Bottleless coolers can last up to ten years, maybe even more if you observe the proper care. The only thing that does not last long is the filter. Some filters are washable and reusable, allowing you to extend their service life. Unfortunately, some filters can only last up to two years. RO systems also require annual maintenance to ensure they reach several years of continuous optimum operation.

How do I clean a bottleless water cooler?

You can clean a bottleless cooler by observing the following steps.

  • Start by preparing an appropriate disinfectant solution, either bought or homemade.
  • Turn off and unplug the cooler dispenser from the electrical outlet.
  • Empty the water via the faucets.
  • Clean and sanitize the exterior, including the lid, tray, and taps.
  • Dry the appliance using clean paper towels.
  • If your unit has a hot water dispenser, ensure to plug the hot water tank. You do not need to sanitize this component because heat serves as a natural disinfectant.
  • Wipe off any film or dirt on the appliance’s inside surfaces, using dry and clean paper towels.
  • Pour the disinfectant solution into the reservoir and fill it with distilled or purified water.
  • Leave the solution for 15 to 30 minutes before emptying through the taps. Repeat the process at least two more times.
  • Rinse with distilled water until there is no more smell in the water.
  • Sanitize all removable parts, including the water guard, baffle, and faucets. Wash them with warm soapy water before thorough rinsing.
  • Reassemble the bottleless cooler.


The best bottleless water cooler provides on-demand cold, safe, and fresh-tasting drinking water to anyone who needs it. This appliance is more cost-effective, a better space-saver, and an eco-friendlier solution to drinking safe and clean water.

While the choices can be dizzying, homeowners and offices can adhere to our comprehensive buying guide to help them make the right decision.

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