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The Best Alkaline Water Filters (Pitchers, Machines & Ionizers)

Fact checked by Stephen Conklin

best alkaline water filter

The best alkaline water filter offers families many health benefits, including boosting the immune system, protecting against diseases, and neutralizing stomach acids.

When families choose wisely, alkalized water filters can save people hundreds of dollars annually from buying bottled alkaline drinking water. One can contribute to a safer and cleaner environment, too.

Selecting the right alkalizing water filter to bring home requires an understanding of several factors, such as the following three buying parameters.

  • Filter Type: Alkaline filters come in different types. Some families may prefer a simple filtration device, such as pitchers and countertop units. These devices are easy to install and often cost less to purchase, too. Larger households may want to choose a whole house alkaline water filter instead. These appliances can serve everyone in the house.
  • Flow Rate: The more complicated the filtration technology is, the slower the filtration process. If the filtration rate is too slow, it can impact one’s drinking enjoyment. As such, it would be best to check whether the published filter flow rate is acceptable or not. For example, a 2-GPM unit may be enough for most people but not for others.
  • Installation and Maintenance: Not everyone likes the idea of tinkering with a lot of things in the home. Unfortunately, some water filters require expert installation, which can increase the initial startup cost. It would be best to go for DIY designs, if not products that do not require installation.

The three product features stated above are not the only things one has to look for when buying an alkaline water filter. One can also see other factors coming into play in our buyer’s guide and read our comprehensive review of the market’s leading alkaline water filters.

Top 1

iSpring RCC7AK

Capacity 3.2 Gallons
Filtration 6-Stage
Flow Rate 2 GPM

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Top 2

Waterdrop Water Filter Pitcher

Capacity 0.625 Gallons
Filtration 7-Stage
Flow Rate 0.5 GPM

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Top 3

EHM Water Filter

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Capacity 1 Gallon
Filtration 6-Stage
Flow Rate 2 GPM

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Best Alkaline Water Filter Reviews

1. iSpring RCC7AK Under-sink RO Water Filter

The iSpring RCC7AK is one of the most comprehensive water filters any modern household can buy. This alkaline water purifier delivers excellent-tasting water, free from more contaminants than most other water filters on the market.

I am not kidding when I say this filtration unit is perfect for anyone who wants only the best for the family. It can remove more than a thousand water impurities, giving families water as safe as those in laboratory settings. I am proud to say this device has the backing of the National Sanitation Foundation, so anyone will feel confident about its filtration performance and product quality.

At the core of this unit is an advanced reverse osmosis system. Since ROs remove all dissolved substances in the water, the company deemed it necessary to integrate an alkaline re-mineralizing membrane. Families will get to enjoy alkaline drinks with this device.

I also love the addition of a sediment filter, 5-micron CTO and GAC filters, and a polypropylene filter for a more efficient reduction of known water contaminants such as fluoride, arsenic, asbestos, lead, mercury, chlorine, and other substances. Its 0.0001-micron RO membrane can also filter out bacteria and viruses.

My only concern about this product is its 1:3 filtered water to wastewater ratio. I consider it too high for comfort, knowing some products with the same setup have a FW:WW ratio of 1:1.15. For every three gallons of water the device filters, two gallons will end up in the toilet.

Moreover, while installation is easy, newbies may find it tricky. It can lead to leaks if not installed correctly.

  • Premium-quality filtration technologies for contaminant-removal efficiency
  • Removes more than 1,000 known water impurities
  • Highly advanced re-mineralizing filtration unit for health benefits
  • NSF certified water filter
  • High filtered water to wastewater ratio
  • Tricky installation for novices

Regardless, I love this product because of its exceptional filtration performance. Its NSF certification is also reassuring, boosting confidence. Overall, it is an alkalizing water filtration system that offers unparalleled value.

2. Waterdrop Chubby Water Filter Pitcher

The Waterdrop Chubby is a filter pitcher that’s suitable for families with minimal concerns about water acidity. It is a classic pitcher that marries western functionality with Japanese-inspired designs.

I love this pitcher’s open handle design instead of the more traditional C-shape that connects to the pitcher’s top and bottom sections. The straight wooden handle feels comfortable to the hands, giving stability during lifting and pouring. One will never feel stress or strain on the wrist as one pours refreshing water into a glass.

The product’s water filtration performance is also unquestionable, having the NSF certifications for the NSF-42 and NSF-372 standards.

Enjoying fresh, odor-free, and chlorine-free water is effortless without fearing lead and other toxic metals in the water. Its chlorine, fluoride, and lead reduction capabilities give this product a pH balancing effect, similar to high-end pH balancing water filters. This is all thanks to its activated carbon technology.

I like its 200-gallon filter capacity, almost twice what other products offer. Families will love using this pitcher in serving safe and healthy water to everyone during parties and other social gatherings. Filter replacement is always timely because of the product’s integrated LED indicator light.

Unfortunately, its flow rate is also slower than what I wanted — at 0.5 GPM.

  • Advanced activated carbon filter technology for filtration performance
  • 200-gallon filter capacity for increased water usage
  • Unique, stylish, and ergonomic wooden handle
  • LED indicator for worry-free filter monitoring
  • NSF 42 and NSF 372 certified for product safety, performance, and quality
  • Low water flow rate
  • Minimal impact on water pH levels

Nevertheless, it remains an excellent choice for anyone who wants chlorine-free, fresh-tasting, and lead-free drinking water. It is also more economical than buying bottled water.

3. EHM Ultra II Premium Alkaline Water Filter

Families who want the best alkaline water system for use anywhere and anytime should get the EHM Ultra II Premium. This water filter pitcher not only raises the water pH from 7.0 to 9.5. It also removes almost every imaginable water contaminant while improving odor and taste characteristics.

What astonished me about this pitcher is its six filtration stages. I find it unbelievable to get a 3.8-liter unit with this many filtration membranes. It has an activated carbon filter, an ion-exchange resin, mineral balls, and more.

I am also blown away by the tourmaline ceramic cartridge that further improves the EHM alkaline water pitcher filter’s contaminant removal capabilities.

I love this pitcher’s ability to alkalinize water, providing families with antioxidants and other health benefits. Boosting one’s immunity is a cinch with a glass of water from this pitcher. The system also allows the passage of calcium, potassium, and magnesium into the drinking water, making for a healthier drink for everyone.

Replacing the filter is also as effortless as one can imagine. The pitcher itself also looks and feels sturdy, ensuring many years of continuous use. Families will never fret about installation because there is none. One can bring this pitcher anywhere, even on camping trips. A simple water refill is enough to enjoy an alkaline drink.

Unfortunately, the lid can be cumbersome to secure. I noticed spills and leaks if the filter chamber was full. While its filter cartridge’s performance is remarkable, its lifespan is shorter in real life than the published six to eight-week service life. One can expect to replace the filter at least six times annually.

  • Six filter layers for efficient filtration
  • Raises water pH to 9.5
  • Remineralizes the water for additional health benefits
  • Hassle-free filter cartridge replacement
  • Heavy-duty construction; no installation
  • Short filter lifespan
  • Ill-fitting lid

Despite these issues, I find this water filter pitcher exceptional in delivering safe, great-tasting, and contaminant-free alkaline water for everyone. It is an excellent solution for families who dislike making substantial changes in their homes.

4. APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Water Filter

Families of people with acid problems should stop worrying about worsening their loved one’s health condition. They can get the APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series to deliver not only acid-neutralizing water, but also the purest and best-tasting drink one can ever have.

I consider this best alkaline water filter for home applications one of the most trustworthy on the market. It has WQA certification, providing credible evidence to the product’s 99% contaminant removal capabilities. Chlorine tastes, nitrates, arsenic, fluoride, lead, heavy metals and more than 1,000 other impurities are never an issue with this unit.

At the core of its alkalizing and acid-neutralizing properties is advanced Calcite technology, reintroducing calcium carbonate into the water, elevating its pH, and neutralizing body acid. The system’s reverse osmosis water filter membrane leaves families only the purest water they can drink, removing up to 2,000 ppm of dissolved solids.

The product’s three pre-filters eliminate sand, silt, rust, and other sediments, while the activated carbon improves the water’s drinkability. I also love the post-filter, enabling users to create fascinating beverages, refreshing cocktails, and other thirst-quenching drinks. The product’s six filtration stages empower families to safeguard their health and wellness.

This water filter is straightforward to assemble. However, it has several components that can intimidate newbies. That is why I recommend getting a professional if one is not confident about its installation. I also cannot say I appreciate its 85 PSI water pressure threshold. Some products can handle more than 100 PSI.

  • Six filtration stages for efficient water alkalization and purification
  • Advanced Calcite technology for enhanced re-mineralization
  • Removes more than 1,000 water impurities and contaminants
  • Eliminates up to 2,000 ppm dissolved solids for better water purity
  • WQA certification for product performance
  • Expert installation recommended
  • Low water pressure threshold

Regardless, I believe any modern family can derive the best purified water to drink from this unit. Its filtration efficiency, backed by science, is enough to make it a cost-effective solution to address water-associated and acid-related health concerns.

5. Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

People who depend on a commercially available alkaline water bottle should consider getting the Hskyhan water pitcher instead. This pitcher has all the delightful attributes of a conventional water vessel, but with the addition of reliable contaminant-removing and water alkalizing capabilities.

It is almost unbelievable that this compact pitcher integrates seven filtration technologies. Enjoying fresh, clean, germ-free, and immune-boosting alkaline water is a cinch. No bottled water can ever match this pitcher’s water quality. It also saves families hundreds of dollars annually on bottled water.

Depending on the water’s dissolved particle concentration, this unit can raise the pH by at least 0.5. Most households that use this pitcher report an average pH increase of 2.0, while some claim a 3.0-increase. Regardless of the pH level improvement, one will love this product’s alkalizing properties. It is a cost-efficient way to slow the aging process and protect oneself against excessive stomach acids.

I also like this filter’s ability to improve the water’s taste while eliminating unpleasant chlorine odors. Making coffee, tea, and juice is as worry-free as drinking water from a treatment facility.

I love the digital filter monitor on the lid, which is a substantial improvement from the standard LED indicator lights in leading brands. There is no way modern families will miss the scheduled filter change.

My only gripe is its 150-liter filter capacity. Families who drink a lot may have to replace the filter as frequently as every two weeks. I also find its 3.5-liter pitcher capacity more suitable for a couple.

  • Seven filtration layers for comprehensive contaminant removal
  • Increases pH value by at least 0.5
  • Better cost-savings from not buying bottled water
  • Delivers fresh, great-tasting, alkaline water anytime
  • Digital counter for effortless filter monitoring
  • Not for a large family
  • Small filter capacity

Despite these concerns, I still love this alkaline water pitcher. Its seven-stage membrane is astounding, and the water quality it delivers is phenomenal.

6. DRAGONN DN-KW-WP01 Alkaline Water Pitcher

If six filtration stages in a compact pitcher sound astonishing, what about seven? That is what families will get if they buy the DRAGONN DN-KW-WP01. This alkaline water filtration pitcher features seven different filtration mechanisms that work together to give everyone the safest, cleanest, and healthiest water they can drink.

Lead, zinc, copper, and other heavy metals are never an issue as long as families use this pitcher to serve water to everyone.

I am not sure about the exact alkalizing mechanism of this product, except that the proof is in the results. I have seen customers report getting a pH reading of up to pH 9.8 on their digital testing kits. The lowest pH level it can achieve is pH 8.0, which is still remarkable.

I love this pitcher’s filter status monitor, featuring a grayscale digital screen that gives users more accurate monitoring of the filter condition. This element eliminates guesswork related to filter replacements.

I also like this pitcher’s ultra-sleek, ergonomic, and slim design. Fitting it into the refrigerator’s door shelves is a breeze, and pouring filtered water into a glass is as effortless and spill-free as one can imagine. There are also no worries about pitcher safety because the company uses only BPA-free ABS and AS materials.

While a pitcher with seven filtration stages is phenomenal, it has one huge drawback. The filter clogs fast, requiring a replacement as often as every two months. The sad thing is that it can be shorter in the real world. Its 3.5-liter pitcher capacity can also be insufficient for some families.

  • Seven filtration stages for effective removal of water impurities
  • Elevates water pH up to 9.8, depending on water type
  • Integrated filter status monitor for efficient maintenance
  • Ergonomic and slim design for worry-free refrigerator storage
  • No spilling when pouring water
  • Premium-quality BPA-free pitcher materials for safety
  • Low pitcher capacity
  • Disappointing filter lifespan

Regardless, I still recommend this product to families who want a dependable pitcher that delivers fantastic alkaline drinks.

7. Apex MR-1050 Countertop Drinking Water Filter

The Apex MR-1050 is one of the most beautiful countertop filters I have seen in my lifetime. While it lacks the wow factor of sophisticated water fixtures, I find its classic design suitable to the tastes of most modern families.

Going beyond aesthetics, I am blown away by this countertop alkaline water filter unit’s five filtration stages. The fifth filter membrane is where the water-alkalizing magic starts, increasing the water’s pH level up to 9.5. Boosting the immune system and freeing oneself from the painful clutches of hyperacidity is a breeze with this filter serving water in the sink.

I like the product’s first four filters, including KDF-55, Calcite calcium carbonate filter, alkaline beads, and a pair of activated carbon filters. The setup removes heavy metals, CTO, microorganisms, chloramines, and other contaminants. It also reintroduces beneficial minerals into the water, giving families a healthy drink straight from the tap.

The water it provides also tastes excellent, making for a wonderful base for smoothies, juices, coffees, cocktails, ice cubes, and other refreshing creations. Cooking delicious meals with water from this filter is also more exciting than ordinary tap water.

Installation is an effortless process, requiring only the connection of the filter hose to the kitchen faucet’s aerator. I also like the company’s efforts to adhere to strict water quality and safety standards set by the FDA and NSF. I can sleep soundly knowing I did not drink harmful substances while enjoying the benefits of alkaline water.

Unfortunately, I find its price a little higher than others. Its 750-gallon filter capacity is also lower than other countertop models I know.

  • Five-stage filtration for more comprehensive contaminant removal
  • Raises water pH levels up to 9.5
  • Elegant design suits many people’s taste
  • DIY installation process
  • Strict adherence to FDA and NSF standards
  • Modest filter capacity
  • A bit expensive

Still, I find this product suitable for any family that wants a reliable alkaline filtration unit on their countertop. Apex water filters deliver great-tasting water that gives the body many proven health benefits.

8. Naples Natural Alkaline Water Pitcher

Most water filter pitchers have a pretty straightforward design, focusing more on function than form. The Naples Natural AOK109-BLK-02 does both. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful and forward-looking water pitchers on the planet.

This alkalizing water filter pitcher has a nice silhouette, complete with a slim profile for effortless storage in the refrigerator. I love the matte black element that curves from the base to meet the spout. The handle also has a sleeker design compared to the standard C-shaped form of conventional pitchers.

Its filtration performance is also noteworthy, improving the water’s overall aesthetics while purifying it for optimum health and wellness benefits. It has an alkaline remineralization filter membrane layer, improving the concentration of beneficial alkaline minerals in the water. Strengthening the bones is never an issue because of this pitcher’s built-in six-stage filter.

Replacing the filter is also worry-free. I love its digital countdown timer, ensuring timely filter change. Although made of plastic, this pitcher’s safety is guaranteed because of its premium, BPA-free, food-grade materials. I also appreciate the inclusion of an extra filter with each purchase.

Unfortunately, the filter can only accommodate 300 liters (79.25 gallons) of water. A large household may have to replace the filter every week.

  • Ultra-modern, ergonomic, compact, and sleek pitcher design
  • Six advanced filtration membranes for fresher, cleaner, and better-tasting water
  • Digital countdown timer for hassle-free monitoring
  • BPA-free, food-grade, premium-quality pitcher materials for safety
  • Extra filter included for great value
  • Low filter capacity

Despite this issue, I still think families should consider this pitcher if they require a pH increase in their drinking water. Its compact and ultra-sleek design also makes it an excellent serving pitcher during parties and other gatherings.

9. Express Water ROALK5D Water Filtration

The Express Water ROALK5D is the most cost effective water filter and best-value alkaline water system for home use. While it is more expensive than traditional water filters, its contaminant-removal, alkalizing, and water re-mineralization capabilities make it worth the money.

I am blown away by this device’s five re-mineralization stages, improving the drinking water’s oxygen and antioxidant levels. This under sink water filter adds calcium, magnesium, potassium, and other healthy minerals for optimum health. People can say goodbye to chronic inflammation, poor immune function, and high cardiovascular risks with this filtration system working for their families.

I love its reverse osmosis filter, eliminating as much as 99.99% of principal water contaminants, including fluoride, arsenic, chlorine, lead, nitrates, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. Even disease-causing germs are no match to this product’s filtration efficiency. One cannot get safer drinking water than what this unit provides. The water tastes and smells fantastic, too.

I admire this water filter’s leak detection system, shutting water flow to the affected filter cartridge upon detecting unnecessary moisture. No one will ever wake up from deep slumber only to check the unit’s integrity and operating efficiency.

Sadly, I find its filter short-lived. The filters may last only five to six months. Installation can also be intimidating to novice owners, requiring a plumber for a leak-free setup.

  • Five stages of re-mineralization for improved health
  • Removes up to 99.99% of major water contaminants
  • Integrated leak detection alarm system for safety and efficiency
  • Exceptional value for the money
  • May last 5 to 6 months
  • Tricky installation for newbies

People who want the purest, cleanest, and safest alkaline water they can drink should consider getting this water filtration system. It has the unmatched efficiency of an industrial water treatment facility and the convenience of a residential filter unit.

10. Invigorated Water pH Recharge 3F Water Filter

Not many people realize that Invigorated Water makes some of the world’s most reliable water treatment products. The company’s pH Recharge 3F happens to be one of its bestselling alkaline water dispensers, delivering great-tasting, fresh, pure, and clean alkaline water to large households.

Compared to a standard pitcher, I love this product’s 2.6-gallon capacity. It can serve fresh and healthy drinking water to a large gathering, and sit squarely on the table or the countertop. Its transparent plastic design mimics the glass-like appearance of expensive water dispensers.

I like this product’s alkalizing membrane. It improves the water’s alkalinity, bringing about many benefits. It also has a low ORP value, ensuring optimum production of antioxidant substances. This product makes for an exciting tool for creating anti-aging and immune-boosting drinks and meals. It also adds minerals into the drinking water, enabling people to reap the benefits of these compounds.

Like filter pitchers, this unit also comes with a digital filter life tracker. Installing replacement filters is as easy as popping the lid off and pulling the canister out. I also love the spigot with its leak-proof and spill-free design. One will never worry about wasting precious water with this element.

I only wish the company provided the ultrafiltration membrane as a standard component of this system. One still needs to buy this filter if one requires a more comprehensive removal of water impurities. The filter’s lifespan is also modest, lasting only three to four weeks with minimal use.

  • Large capacity water dispenser for large homes
  • Re-mineralizes and alkalizes drinking water for more wellness benefits
  • Digital filter life indicator for precise replacements
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Spill-free, leak-proof spigot for less water waste
  • Simple, transparent dispenser design
  • Modest filter lifespan
  • Optional ultrafiltration membrane needs to be bought separately

Regardless, I think large households will love this alkaline filtration unit. It never fails to deliver its promise of great-tasting, healthy, antioxidant-rich, and fresh clean drinking water for everyone to enjoy.

11. Apex Quality Countertop Water Filter

People looking for an elegant countertop water filter should consider the Apex Quality. Not only is this unit one of the most beautiful water filtration devices one can place on the countertop, it is also one of the most efficient in alkalizing and balancing the pH of water.

Inside this all-black filter housing are five filtration layers that remove as much as 99% of chlorine, chloramine, radon, benzene, and other harmful substances. Families will feel more confident about their drinking water’s safety. Cooking delicious meals is also more convenient, knowing there are no harsh chemicals in the food.

I like this filter’s active mineral technology, which acts as a pH balance water filter. This Apex filter reintroduces potassium, magnesium, and calcium into the water, contributing to healthier bones and more efficient nervous system functioning. It also improves one’s resilience against excessive stomach acids.

Installing this countertop unit is never a problem; even a grade-schooler can set it up in minutes. All one needs is to replace the faucet aerator with the product’s adapter. One can then prop the unit on the countertop and begin enjoying clean and healthy drinking water. It also helps that the company adheres to the strictest standards of the FDA and NSF.

Too bad this countertop drinking water filter only lasts about two months or so. Households with modest water consumption can extend the filter lifespan to about four months. It is also pricier than similar products I know.

  • Reintroduces minerals to water
  • Removes up to 99% of known tap water contaminants
  • Hassle-free installation for convenience and practicality
  • Beautiful design and elegant finish
  • Follows strict standards
  • Doesn’t last long
  • Quite expensive compared with other products

Still, families who want an elegant and efficient countertop unit that delivers exceptional alkaline water can always depend on this product. It may be costly to operate, but it remains more cost-efficient than buying bottled alkaline water.

12. Invigorated Water pH Alkaline Water Pitcher

Families who are wary about plastic products should get the Invigorated Water pH Vitality. This pH water filter pitcher features an all-stainless steel pitcher body construction and an elegant wooden handle reminiscent of classic Japanese art.

One look at this pitcher and people will never think it can re-mineralize and alkalize water. It has a stylish exterior people can only see at high-class social functions. With its elegant shape and a tapered top design, this water filter pitcher is an Instagrammable piece. It will never rust or stain, either. Cleanups will be a breeze.

I also commend its versatile design. One can remove the filtration unit and use the pitcher as a serving vessel for cocktails, juices, and other beverages. Its silhouette is enough to generate a buzz in the crowd, getting everyone talking about how lovely and functional this pitcher is. Using the filter delivers fabulous-tasting and great-smelling drinking water to everyone at the party.

I am not only amazed by its styling. I also find its ORP remarkable and ideal for ensuring optimum antioxidant levels in the water. Its re-mineralization membrane guarantees sufficient concentrations of healthy alkaline minerals for ensuring optimum health. It translates to better nerve function, stronger teeth and bones, and a more responsive immune system.

Given its elegant design, one can expect this water pitcher to have a heftier price tag than other products. Its capacity is also modest at only 1.9 liters or half a gallon. Families who consume more water may have to look for a more sizable pitcher.

  • Alkalizes and remineralizes drinking water
  • Low ORP rating for more pronounced antioxidant benefits
  • Multipurpose pitcher design for improved versatility
  • Corrosion-resistant and stain-proof stainless steel construction
  • Stylish and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Small pitcher capacity
  • More expensive than other pitchers

Regardless, this alkaline pitcher is something classy families will never want to miss. It is the epitome of the perfect union between functionality and form.

13. Invigorated Water pH Faucet Water Filter

The Invigorated Water pH Regenerate is an exciting alkaline water faucet filter, suitable for families who want to change how they drink filtered water. This product not only delivers alkaline, antioxidant-rich water. It also provides families with odor-free, zero-chlorine, and reduced-heavy metal drinking water.

I adore this filter’s classic bullet-type stainless steel design. It does not require plenty of space, making it a worthy filtration unit in the bathroom sink as it is in the kitchen. Anywhere one has a sink tap water faucet, this device will fit right in.

I like this faucet filter’s re-mineralizer technology and ORP rating. People with chronic inflammation and mineral deficiencies can rest easy knowing every drink they get from this device is a step closer to improved health. Even people with acid problems will appreciate this gadget’s alkalizing capabilities, freeing them from chronic pain and other GERD discomforts.

The product also features an activated carbon system, taking care of aesthetic nuisances in the water. Never again will beverages smell odd or taste unpleasant. One can say goodbye to metallic tastes, ensuring great-tasting drinks every time.

Users will no longer have to fret about their unit rusting because of its stainless steel construction. This filter can also last up to 12 months – a dramatic improvement from the usual six to eight-week filter lifespan of other products.

However, I find its price more prohibitive than I like. The included adapter also does not fit some brands of water fixtures. Some people may have to buy additional hardware to set the system up.

  • Re-mineralizes and purifies drinking water
  • Exceptional antioxidant benefits
  • Improves water’s aesthetic qualities
  • Corrosion-resistant, multipurpose faucet design for versatility
  • High capacity filter for cost savings
  • The adapter may not fit some water fixtures
  • A little pricey

Despite these concerns, it is still easy to fall in love with this faucet filter. It alkalizes the water as promised and delivers exceptional-tasting drinks every time.

14. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Pro Alkaline Water Machine

The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Pro is an alkaline water machine that delivers exceptional drinking water to anyone in the house. It does not matter if one family member requires acidic or alkaline water. This small appliance can deliver one of the world’s purest drinks right in the home.

I love this appliance’s ionizing capabilities, turning ordinary tap water into an acidic beverage (pH 3.0), slightly acidic water (pH 6.0), or an alkaline drink (pH 11.5). One must realize that hair washing and plants benefit from an acidic environment. This machine delivers water, whether acidic or alkaline, at a touch of a button.

What amazes me is its seven water programs. One can choose the desired activity, and the machine automatically adjusts the water’s pH. Families can use the water with the correct pH for cooking, drinking, coffee-brewing, and cleaning. It also has a function for purifying water and improving the drink’s odor and taste qualities.

I like its low oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), ensuring drinkers will have the antioxidants they need to boost their immunity, slow aging, and improve overall health. Making antioxidant-rich foods and drinks is effortless, allowing users to say goodbye to achy joints, sore muscles, and other free radicals-associated health problems.

The filter in alkaline water machines like this one also lasts about 1,057 gallons before replacement, saving families more money than they ever thought possible. Setting it up is also a breeze, and maintaining the device is effortless with its auto-cleaning function.

Alkaline water ionizers feature advanced technologies, making them pretty expensive; this machine is no exception. The appliance also only works with 110-volt systems.

  • Produces water according to one’s needs
  • Low ORP performance for better antioxidant activity
  • Intelligent water programs for effortless operation
  • High-capacity filter for better savings
  • Worry-free setup, operation, and maintenance
  • An expensive price
  • 110 volts only

Nevertheless, this water ionizing machine is heaven-sent for those who want the right water pH for their needs. Never again will families need a pH testing kit because this device already adjusts the water’s pH for their water-related activities.

What to Look for When Buying Alkaline Water Filter


An alkaline water filter is a system that utilizes electrolysis to convert tap water to alkaline water. However, like all products, these water filters have many variants that make them difficult to choose.

One does not have to worry because this buying guide will enumerate the factors one needs to know to get the best alkaline water filter.

Filter Type 

Alkaline water filters come in different options. The filter type one chooses depends on one’s needs. Here are some of the filters available.

  • Ionizers: Water ionizers generally connect to the kitchen sink and are found underneath or on top of the counter. Some versions come with a dedicated faucet for convenience. This type of filter offers the best flexibility in pH regulation as it enables the user to choose the desired pH range.
  • Pitchers: An alkaline water filter pitcher contains a large filter in the middle, separating the container into two parts. The upper chamber of the water filtering pitcher holds the unfiltered water, while the bottom compartment accommodates the filtered water. Due to their size, alkaline water pitchers are compact and portable.
  • Countertop Filters: Countertop filters are easy to install and use. One can hook and unhook them in the kitchen sink faucet. Unlike other filters, countertop ones can’t reduce acidity; instead, they only increase alkalinity by infusing the water with alkaline minerals.
  • Filtered Water Bottles: An alkaline water filter bottle is a portable and compact device suitable for people on the go. These filters come in many versions, with some featuring a straw while others offer self-cleaning elements.
  • Inline Filters: Inline filters can become part of the house’s water supply. Users can connect the filter to the water supply line before a faucet or fixture. People can also install it at the point of entry to filter the water before it reaches the house.
  • Reverse Osmosis Remineralizing Filters: Reverse Osmosis produces incredibly pure and clean water. However, reverse osmosis systems also tend to strip away the minerals that characterize the water with their alkaline taste. A remineralization filter can be used after reverse osmosis to add back these minerals.


Some alkaline water systems have plates that run on electricity to complete the electrolysis process. The number of plates the system has affects the flow rate and filtering process.

Ideally, the alkaline water filter should have at least nine plates to obtain a decent flow rate and reap sufficient benefits of alkaline water. Moreover, experts recommend filters with bigger plates to promote more efficient electrical conduction and speed up the electrolysis process.

Flow Rate 

Water filter systems tend to slow down water flow rate since water needs to undergo several filters to remove harmful contaminants. Each filter has a different flow rate, affecting alkaline water output. A good rule of thumb is to look for a water filter with a flow rate of at least 0.5 GPM.

Installation and Maintenance 

The ease of installation and maintenance depends on the type of system one buys.

Typically, non-electric water filters require more effort to clean and maintain since one needs to do it manually. On the other hand, electric models generally come with self-cleaning options.

Moreover, whole-house or inline filtration systems are easier to maintain but have an intricate installation process. The smaller and compact filters only require little to no installation but might need regular cleaning.

Are Alkaline Water Filters Safe to Use


Yes, an alkaline water filter system is completely safe. It filters out contaminants and microbes, making water healthier and better-tasting.

Alkaline water has higher pH levels than regular drinking water. Whereas the latter has a neutral pH of around 7, alkaline water has a pH of 8 to 9. Aside from the alterations in the pH level, alkaline water also contains some minerals which contribute to its higher pH value.

Although its benefits are still undergoing scientific investigation, alkaline water deactivates pepsin, which is the main enzyme that causes acid reflux. Alkaline water is also great against high blood sugar levels, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

How Do I Change an Alkaline Water Filter

It is crucial to know if your alkaline water filter is changeable, making it easier to perform an alkaline water filter replacement and saving you money. Always replace the filter using a product specific to your alkaline water filter’s model and brand.

Filter pitchers usually come in cartridges. Take the cartridge out of the reservoir, and replace it with a new alkaline filter cartridge. Let it soak for a few minutes before drinking your alkaline water.

For countertop water systems, ensure you have the right filter for your model. Remove the filter cover, turn the filter counterclockwise to open, and remove the old filter. Insert and screw in the new filter, and place it in the close position. Turn the water on and let it run for a few minutes, depending on the instructions, before drinking.

How Often Do I Have to Change the Alkaline Filter

Water filters do not last a lifetime. Because they filter out contaminants and microbes, they need to be changed often. It is important to note that the busier the household, the more frequent the alkalize water filter change.

Water filter systems have optimum operating parameters, including filter lifespan and filter change frequency. In general, alkaline water cartridges for pitchers and countertop units need filter replacement as frequently as once every three to six months. It can change depending on how many people are in the household and the frequency of filter use.

There are filter systems that have multiple stages. A sediment pre-filter may require filter change every six to twelve months.

Changing filters will depend on the brand and the water usage. The average time that filters are changed is six months. This timespan could shorten or lengthen, so make sure to follow the correct instructions based on your kind of alkaline filter.

What are the Differences Between Alkaline Water and Regular Water

The main difference between alkaline water and regular water is their pH levels. Ordinary drinking water has a neutral pH of 7.0, while alkaline water has a higher pH, typically between 8.0 and 9.0.

Alkaline water also tastes better because it passes through a filter, tasting less chlorinated and more natural. It also neutralizes stomach acids, slows bone aging, and helps people with high cholesterol levels. If you drink alkaline water, you also get anti-aging antioxidants.

Regular and alkaline water are excellent for hydration purposes, regulating body fluid levels. However, alkaline water has the advantage of having fewer sediments and more minerals. While alkaline water is safe, it is not a substitute for medical acid-reducing therapies.

Do Alkaline Filters Remove Fluoride

Yes, an alkaline water ionizer can remove fluoride. However, it is not as efficient as other water filtration technologies. For best results, the alkaline filter must be a component of a more complex water filtration system that can include reverse osmosis, activated carbon, UV water filter, kinetic degradation fluxion, and ultrafiltration.

Alkalizing filters remove various sediments and unwanted minerals, including fluoride, to raise the water’s pH level. Depending on the filter’s fluoride removal capabilities, some fluoride ions can remain in the water.

Can Alkaline Filters Remove Contaminants

Yes, an alkaline ionizer water filter can, in a way, remove contaminants. However, if one expects the complete removal of known water impurities, one will be disappointed.

Alkalizing filters remove water toxins from your tap, giving out water with a better taste. They can remove chlorine, improving your drinking water’s taste and odor. Alkaline filters also remove other harmful contaminants.

Most alkalizing filters have multiple stages, each filtering out different contaminants, such as mud, rust, dust, and other unwanted particles that blend in with water.

These filters can also adjust the water’s mineral content, ensuring the correct amounts of magnesium and calcium in alkaline water. While alkaline filters remove various contaminants, they also keep the necessary water minerals in place. It results in clean, healthy, and highly beneficial alkaline drinking water.


Only the best alkaline water filter can provide families with the purest, cleanest, and healthiest drinking water. Not only do they ensure a healthier body, alkaline water filters also help lessen the environmental impact of plastic bottles while giving everyone the chance to save hundreds of dollars annually on bottled water.

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