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Water Filter
Helps you remove chlorine, arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury and other chemicals from water.

Water Softener
Say goodbye to the hard water with this equipment.

Water Pitcher
Store and hold different types of liquids, some of them can make your water clean and safe to drink.

Water Heater
Provide safe and fast hot water for your family.

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Hello There! Generally, drinking water is contaminated with lead, which can cause lead poisoning that can result in serious health issues. Fortunately, there are many types of water filters that efficiently remove lead from water. Thank you for providing these buying guides. Your blog is very helpful to one who wants to buy a good water filter for lead removal.

– Peter –


This is the best unbiased information I have found on water distillers. I am about to purchase my fourth one and this helped me decide which one was right for me.
Thank you so much!

– Linda –

Best site and most informative I have found, a great help in my deciding what system to use. Thank you!

– Frank –


You are a great resource! Your research has saved me hours of frustration….
Thank you so much!

– Helen –