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Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring and Master Naturalist Programs in the US

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View Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Programs in the US in a larger map

new June 2013: We are proud to share this updated map for all "parent" volunteer water monitoring programs in the United States. More than 400 programs are linked from the map above, and represent nearly 1800 volunteer water monitoring initiatives across the United States. Cooperative Extension-affiliated programs are denoted with blue pins, non-Extension volunteer water monitoring programs are represented by yellow pins. Volunteer water monitoring service providers are denoted with red pins. Plus, Master Naturalist programs are marked with green pins. Click on the link below the map to access contact information for each listed program. (Note: Some browsers fail to show all pins at one time, so you must scroll through the three pages of listing to see all of the programs included.)

If you know of a unique volunteer water monitoring program that is not associated with one that is already listed, please let us know!


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The USDA-NIFA and this project provide equal program opportunities without regard to race, age, sex or preference, creed, or disability.

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