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Principal Investigator: Osmond, D.L., M. Arabi, D.L. Hoag, G.D. Jennings, D.E. Line, A.E. Luloff, M.L. McFarland, D.W. Meals, and A. Sharpley
Proposal Number: 2007-04204 external link
Performing Institution: North Carolina State University
Amount of Award: $600,000
Title of Award: Synthesizing and Extending Lessons Learned from the 13 NIFA-CEAP Watersheds

NIFA / USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)
A joint competitive grants program offered by NIFA and the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Synthesis Projects funded for FY 2007

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NIFA Current Research Information System (CRIS) external link record.

Principal Investigator: Boll, J., R.L. Mahler, J.D. Wulfhorst, G. Vellidis, T. Steenhuis, and L. Kurkalova
Proposal Number: 2007-04161 external link
Performing Institution: University of Idaho
Amount of Award: $420,328
Title of Award: Synthesis and Analysis of 13 NIFA CEAP Projects