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NIFA / USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)
A joint competitive grants program offered by NIFA and the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Projects funded for FY 2006

Note: Each proposal number is linked directly to its respective
NIFA Current Research Information System (CRIS) external link record.

Principal Investigator: Nelson, N. , Mankin, K. , Langemeier, M. , Devlin, D. , Barnes, P. , and Hargraove, W.
Proposal Number: 2006-03976 external link
Performing Institution: Kansas State University
Amount of Award: $650,000
Title of Award: Assessing the Impact of a Strategic Approach to Implementation of Conservation Practices

Principal Investigator: Giannico, G. R. , McComb, B. C. , Garcia, T. S. , Dugger, B. D. , Li, J. L. , Herlihy, A. T. , Grosskopf, S. , Fare, R. , Confessor, R. B. , and Boyer, K
Proposal Number: 2006-03978 external link
Performing Institution: Oregon State University
Amount of Award: $640,000
Title of Award: Assessing Trade-Offs Between Crop Production and Ecological Services: The Calapooia Basin

Principal Investigator: Brooks, R. , Carline, R. , Weller, D. , Constantz, G. , Stedman, R. , Shortle, J. , and Boomer, K.
Proposal Number: 2006-03984 external link
Performing Institution: Pennsylvania State University
Amount of Award: $640,000
Title of Award: Analysis of BMP Implementation Performance and Maintenance in Spring Creek, an Agriculturally-Influenced Watershed in Pennsylvania

Principal Investigator: Turco, R. F. , Tedesco, L. , Frankenberger, J. R. , Prokopy, L. , Shively, J. , and Wilson, J.
Proposal Number: 2006-03985 external link
Performing Institution: Purdue University
Amount of Award: $650,000
Title of Award: Watershed-Scale Evaluation of BMP Effectiveness and Acceptability: Eagle Creek Watershed, Indiana
Principal Investigator: Spalding, R. F. , Exner, M. E. , Marx, D. B. , Ferguson, R. B. , and Nowak, P. J.
Proposal Number: 2006-03983 external link
Performing Institution: University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Amount of Award: $180,272 (Pending the availability of funds in FY 2007, this project will receive an additional $459,728)
Title of Award: Effectiveness of Irrigated Crop Management Practices in Reducing Groundwater Nitrate Concentrations