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NIFA / USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP)
A joint competitive grants program offered by NIFA and the Natural Resources Conservation Service

Projects funded for FY 2004

Note: Each proposal number is linked directly to its respective
NIFA Current Research Information System (CRIS) record.

Principal Investigator: Boll, J.; Wulfhorst, J.D., Isik, M.; Mahler, R.
Proposal Number: 2004-05654 external link
Performing Institution: University of Idaho
Amount of Award: Grant 2004-48619-03119; $640,000; 3 Years
Title of Award: Evaluation of conservation practices in a mixed-land use watershed using cumulative effects modeling and interdisciplinary analyses

Principal Investigator: Richards, R.P.; Loftus, T.T.; Czajkowski, K.P.
Proposal Number: 2004-05657 external link
Performing Institution: Heidelberg College
Amount of Award: Grant 2004-51130-02252; $547,000; 3 Years
Title of Award: Land use and water quality trends in Rock Creek Watershed (Seneca Co., OH) 1982-2005: Impact of Core-4 conservation practices

Principal Investigator: Kling, C.L.; Gassman, P.W.; Helmers, M; Isenhart, T; Simpkins, W; Schilling, K.; Alkaisi, M
Proposal Number: 2004-05665 external link
Performing Institution: Iowa State University
Amount of Award: Grant 2004-51130-03120; $645,000; 3 Years
Title of Award: Economic and water quality effects of multiple conservation practices in three Midwest watersheds

Principal Investigator: Stevens, D.; Mesner, N.; Jackson-Smith, D.; Sorensen, D.
Proposal Number: 2004-05671 external link
Performing Institution: Utah State University
Amount of Award: Grant 2004-51130-03121; $645,000; 3 Years
Title of Award: Investigation of the changes in the water quality in the Little Bear River watershed in response to the implementation of best management practices
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