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2010 Conference Proceedings

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Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP)

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Title First Author Affiliation
BMP Targeting using a Hydrologic Characterization Tool - Abstract- Presentation Erin S. Brooks University of Idaho
Calculation of optimal trade-offs between farm profit, water quality and fish diversity - Abstract - Presentation Remegio Confesor Oregon State University
Using aerial photography to measure impacts of in-stream and riparian area conservation best management practices - Abstract - Presentation Douglas Jackson-Smith Utah State University
CSREES-CEAP key Informant Results - Abstract - Presentation A. E. Luloff NC State University
Individual and Cumulative Impacts of Historical Conservation Practice Implementation on Water Quality in Cheney Lake Watershed (CEAP) - Abstract - Presentation Nathan O. Nelson Kansas State University
Developing Lessons Learned from the 13-CSREES CEAP Projects - Abstract - Presentation Deanna Osmond NC State University
Horse and Stable Owners in the Eagle Creek Watershed, Indiana: An Underserved Target Audience for Soil and Water Conservation - Abstract - Presentation Linda Prokopy Purdue University
The Georgia CEAP Project- What We Learned - Abstract - Presentation George Vellidis University of Georgia

Symposium 9 - Evaluating the Effects of Conservation Practices on Watershed Health within the Biophysical Setting of a Grazing Land Watershed




CEAP Grazing Lands

Jim Dobrowolski


Conceptualizing Watershed Health in a Salmon-Bearing Rangeland Watershed

Linda Hardesty

Washington State University

Evaluating the Effects of Grazing Land Conservation Practices on Southwestern Watersheds

Mitch McClaran

University of Arizona

Conservation Practices Assessment of the Lower Bad River Basin

Alexander Smart

South Dakota State University