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Agricultural BMP's

Title First Author Affiliation
Dry Poultry Litter Incorporation Technology to Reduce Air and Water Quality Pollution on Delmarva - Abstract - Arthur L. Allen University of Maryland
Sod-based crop rotation: A management system for improving soil and water quality- Abstract - Poster Gueorgui Anguelov University of Florida
Measuring Real-Time Pore Water Electrical Conductivity, for Nutrient Management in Nursery and Greenhouse Production Environments - Abstract - Felix Arguedas-Rodriguez University of Maryland
Practice Standard Development using Co-Grazing with small Ruminants- Abstract - Poster Tom Basden West Virginia University
Nutrient Losses when Storing Poultry Litter in the Field - Abstract - Presentation Greg Binford University of Delaware
Ag BMP Development and Implementation Programs in Florida - Abstract - Presentation Brian Boman University of Florida
Best Management Practices (BMPs) applicable for the Semi-Arid Southwest: Evaluation and Recommendation - Abstract - Poster Jonathan Burnett University of Arizona
An approach to evaluate BMP optimization and uncertainty in water quality improvement using Bayesian analysis and BMP Tool - Abstract - Presentation Indrajeet Chaubey Purdue University
Field Sampling/Identification of Atrazine-Contaminated Water in the Rio Grande Basin - Abstract - Daniel Chen Lamar University
Performance of seed and vegetative propagation of two Hawaiian riparian species (Piligrass and Ahuawa) - Abstract - Ali Fares University of Hawaii-Manoa
Agri-environmental Programs in Ontario: Improving Our Measures of Environmental Performance - Abstract - Presentation Darryl Finnigan Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
Healthy Lands for Healthy Horses: Increasing the Adoption of Best Management Practices on Horse Farms in Ontario - Abstract - Presentation Darryl Finnigan Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs
Implementation of Best Management Practices in the Little Arkansas River Watershed - Abstract - Poster Ronald W. Graber Kansas State University
Managing Water in Plasticulture for Production and Conservation - Abstract - Presentation Gary L. Hawkins University of Georgia
Rio Grande Basin Initiative:  Development of a Regulated Deficit Irrigation Strategy for Pecans in the Southwest - Abstract - Presentation Richard Heerema New Mexico State University
Green Manures and Water Quality - Abstract - Poster Ronda Hirnyck University of Idaho
Emission and Characterization of Particulate Matter and Bioaerosols Generated During the Land Application of Livestock Manure - Abstract - Poster Michael Jahne Clarkson University
Impact of feed management software on feeding management and whole farm nutrient balance of Virginia dairy farms - Abstract - Presentation Robert James Virginia Tech
Avocado response to diverse nutrient and irrigation management practices - Abstract - Poster Nicholas Kiggundu University of Florida
A Decade Later: The Establishment, Channel Evolution, and Stability of Innovative Two-Stage Agricultural Ditches in the Midwest Region of the United States - Abstract - Rebecca Kallio Ohio State University
Transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria through an infiltration basin and constructed wetland for treatment of beef cattle feedlot process wastewater - Abstract - Poster Sarah LaFave Clarkson University
Nutrient and pesticide runoff potential from production nurseries: a literature review - Abstract - Poster Salvatore S. Mangiafico Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Management Practices Adopted in California Container Nurseries with Greenhouse Facilities to Protect Water Resources - Abstract - Don Merhaut University of California Coop. Ext.
Effect of loading profile on multi-stage wastewater treatment system effectiveness - Abstract - Poster Vinicius Moreira LSU AgCenter
The Louisiana Master Farmer Program - Looking To the Future - Abstract - Presentation Donna Morgan LSU Ag Center
Optical Dissolved Oxygen Technology Outperforms Traditional Methods and Gains ASTM Acceptance - Abstract - John Murray In-Situ Inc.
Nursery Production Technologies for Enhancing Water Quality Protection and Water Conservation - Abstract - James Owen Oregon State University
Regional Cropland Nutrient Budgets: Lessons Learned - Abstract - James Pease Virginia Tech
Transmission of fecal bacterial pathogens through an infiltration basin and constructed wetland designed for treatment of wastewater generated on a cattle feedlot - Abstract - Presentation Lindsay A Peed US EPA
Effect of N:P ratio of influent on biomass, nutrient allocation, and recovery of Typha latifolia and Canna 'Bengal Tiger' in a laboratory-scale constructed wetland - Abstract - Poster Robert F. Polomski Clemson University
North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Water Quality Education Program - Abstract - Poster G.B. Reddy NC A&T State University
Increasing Trends in Dissolved Phosphorus in Lake Erie Tributaries: The Role of Agricultural Management Practices - Abstract - Presentation R. Peter Richards Heidelberg University
Pasture Management Effects on Non-point Source Pollution of Midwestern Watersheds - Abstract - Presentation J. R. Russell Iowa State University
Heartland Nutrient Management: Facilitating Regional Cost Effectiveness of BMPs Events & Activities - Abstract - Poster Amanda Schielke Kansas State University
Prevalence of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Pathogens in Feces of White-Tailed Deer in Relation to Manure-Amended Fields and Produce Fields to Identify Management Practices that Prevent Transfer of Manure Pathogens to Produce in Northern New York State - Abstract - Poster Carrie Shaffer Clarkson University
Using Incentive Payments to Reduce Overfeeding of Phosphorus - Abstract - Poster Charles C. Stallings Virginia Tech
Environmental, Marketing, Economic and Financial Opportunities for Manure and Waste Water Management Systems - Abstract - Presentation Forrest Stegelin University of Georgia
Water and nutrient management of shade trees in Pot-in-Pot nursery production in the Great Lake region - Abstract - Poster Amanda Taylor Michigan State University
Fate of Murine Norovirus-1 during Dairy Manure-Based Composting - Abstract - Jie Wei University of Delaware
Floating Wetlands Effectively Remediate Nutrients - Abstract - Poster Sarah A. White Clemson University
Nutrient Removal From Nursery Effluent Using Free Water Surface Constructed Wetlands: A Four-Year Perspective - Abstract - Poster Sarah A. White Clemson University
CleanEast Assessment Proragm -  A Participant's Perspective - Abstract - Poster Melony L. Wilson University of Georgia
Addressing the Phosphorus Management Challenges of Feeding Beef Cattle Ethanol Co-Products - Abstract - Poster Charles Wortmann University of Nebraska-Lincoln
The effects on runoff and water quality of changing management practices at the field scale - Abstract - Philip M Younger  University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Conservation and Resource Management
Title First Author Affiliation
Water Issues and Policies Associated with Energy Development: Opportunities and Challenges Related to Shale Gas in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions - Abstract - Presentation Charles W. Abdalla Penn State University
Impact of Biofeedstock Production on Hydrology/Water Quality in Midwest and Southeast USA - Abstract - Poster Indrajeet Chaubey Purdue University
Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Constructed Wetland on the UAPB Farm - Abstract - Willie Columbus University of Arkansas
Rio Grande Basin Initiative County Program Efforts - Abstract - Presentation Monty Dozier Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Accountability and Assessment of Regional Coordination - Abstract - Presentation Jean Eells Heartland Reg. Water Coord. Initiative
Rio Grande Basin Initiative: Engineering, Technology and People - Fostering Change in Water Districts - Abstract - Presentation Guy Fipps Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Planning and Planting for Sustainable Vegetation - Abstract - Presentation Brian Free  Pennington Seed
Educating Green Industry Professionals Environmentally-Responsible Practices - Abstract -Poster Stephen Greer NC Cooperative Extension
Research and Information Needs for Addressing Sedimentation of Reservoirs:  Results from a National Conference - Abstract - Presentation W.L. Hargrove University of Texas El Paso
Downstream Recreation Benefits and Costs of Coal Stripmine Reclamation - Abstract - Poster Fred J. Hitzhusen Ohio State University
Georgia's Agricultural Water Needs through 2050 - Abstract - Presentation James E Hook University of Georgia
Freshwater Harmful Algal Bloom Suppression through Solar-Powered Circulation - Abstract - Poster H Kenneth Hudnell SolarBee, Inc.
Safeguarding the Lifeblood of the West: The Current State of Water Rights Transfer Programs for Instream Flow Conservation - Abstract - Poster Lisa Hummon Yale School of Forestry & Env. Studies
Water conservation and reuse in the Georgia food processing industry - Abstract - Presentation Brian H Kiepper University of Georgia
Soil Water Repellency - Impact on Precision Irrigated Grape Productivity - Abstract - Presentation Stanley J. Kostka Aquatrols Corp. of America
RIO GRANDE BASIN INITIATIVE Water Conservation in Turfgrass Irrigation - Abstract - Presentation Bernd Leinauer New Mexico State University
Modeling Water and Nutrient Runoff from Nursery and Greenhouse Operations in Maryland - Abstract - Poster John Majsztrik University of Maryland
Development and selection of bermudagrasses for water conservation in urban landscapes - Abstract - Poster Justin Quetone Moss Oklahoma State University
Analysis and Comparison of SSURGO and STATSGO Soil Data with the Development of a Geospatial Erosion Model - Abstract - Poster Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda Gainesville State College
Reclaimed Water in Florida and Food Safety - Abstract - Presentation Larry Parsons University of Florida
Low Impact Development to Protect Headwater Streams in Southern Appalachia - Abstract - Presentation Wendy Patoprsty  NC Cooperative Extension
Improving Regulatory Compliance From the Ground Up - Abstract - Jan Patterson NC State University
Filling the Gap - Reaching Out to Local Officials - Abstract - Presentation Gloria Putnam NC Sea Grant
Changing Public Water Usage Practices through Practical Demonstrations - Abstract - Jeff Sallee Oklahoma State University
Developing Inventory of Riparian Buffer Cover in the L'Anguille River Watershed Using Geospatial Technologies - Abstract - Presentation Dharmendra Saraswat University of Arkansas
Improving and Conserving Water Resources through Stormwater Management Education for Community Decision Makers of Today and Tomorrow - Abstract - David P. Shelton University of Nebraska
Development of a distributed in-situ network for snowpack monitoring - Abstract - Christian Skalka University of Nevada
Rio Grande Basin Initiative: Bringing Economics, Finance, Accounting, and Computer Modeling to Water Planning - Abstract - Presentation Allen Sturdivant Texas AgriLife Extension Service
When it Rains it Pours - Abstract - Richard E Tillman Texas AgriLife Extension and Sea Grant
Water Savings with ET-based Landscape Irrigation Control - Continuing report on Sioux Falls Landscape Irrigation Program - Abstract - Presentation Dennis Todey South Dakota State University
Conservation of surface and ground water in a Western watershed experiencing rapid loss of irrigated agricultural land to development - Abstract - Poster Rob Van Kirk Humboldt State University
RIO GRANDE BASIN INITIATIVE: Making the Most of Every Drop: NM County Extension Irrigation Efficiency Programs on the Farm and In the City - Abstract - Presentation Joran Viers New Mexico Coop. Extension
Container Nursery Irrigation Evaluation Practices - Abstract - Poster Sheryl Wells  University of Georgia
Addressing community water system adaptation to climate change through participation and systems thinking - Abstract - Jessica C. Whitehead S.C. Sea Grant Consortium & N.C. Sea Grant
Environmental Site Testing Requirements to Determine the Net Environmental Benefit of a Proposed Wetland Augmentation Wastewater Dispersal System - Abstract - Presentation John P Williams Land Management Group Inc.
Lessons Learned from the First National Train-The-Trainer Webinar:  Watersheds and Water Quality: The Need for Residential Cisterns and Raingardens - Abstract - Presentation Mitch Woodward NC CES
Evaluation and Targeting of Conservation Practices in a Watershed of Eastern Nebraska - Abstract - Poster Charles Wortmann University of Nebraska-Lincoln
CCROP- A web-based decision support tool for achieving efficient use of water and nutrients in container nurseries - Abstract - Tom Yeager Univ. of Florida
Derive soil moisture concentration from reflectance spectra: lab, field, aircraft, and satellite - Abstract - Xiaodong Zhang University of North Dakota
Rural and Coastal Environmental Protection
Title First Author Affiliation
Removal and transport of Adenovirus 41 and PhiX174 in saturated goethite-coated sand column- Abstract - Ramesh Attinti University of Delaware
What's in your water?  Using the Virginia Master Well Owner Network and Household Water Quality Program to Educate Private Water Supply Users- Abstract - Poster Brian Benham Virginia Tech Biological Systems Engineering
A Southern Region Well Owner Network:  Development and Implementation - Abstract - Presentation Diane E. Boellstorff Texas AgriLife Extension-TAMU
Vegetation for Stormwater Wetlands - Abstract - Presentation Ellen J Colodney, MD Coastal Plain Conservation Nursery, Inc.
Safe Drinking Water Clinics:  Educating Rural Homeowners on the Eastern Shore of Delmarva - Abstract - Corrie Cotton University of Maryland 
New Mexico Tribal Management for On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems - Abstract - Presentation Leeann DeMouche New Mexico State University
The GWW-GOMA Project, Stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico by Animal Producers, Classrooms and Community Volunteers - Abstract - Presentation William Deutsch Auburn University
Outreach and Education Resources for Implementation of the Plum Creek Watershed Protection Plan to Reduce Water Quality Pollution - Abstract - Presentation Nikkoal Dictson Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Building On-Farm Composting Capacity to Prevent Pollution - Abstract - Presentation Gregory Evanylo Virginia Tech
New Research on Storm Water Pollutant Removal Effectiveness of Compost Filtration BMPs - Abstract - Britt Faucette FILTREXX International
Reducing Non-point Source Pollution through Equine Water Quality Education Programs - Abstract - Carol Franze LA Sea Grant
Building S.W.A.M.P.s in Coastal Oregon Communities - Abstract - Presentation Derek Godwin Oregon State University
Photochemical Disinfection of Pathogens: Role of Bacterial Extracellular Polymeric Substances (EPS) Coverage in Systems with Nitrate - Abstract - Poster Amy Gong University of California Riverside
Transport of pollutants into Gans creek receiving stream: The influence of CAFO lagoon and residential wastewater treatment plant effluents - Abstract - Presentation Abua Ikem Lincoln University
The Carolina Yard Living Classroom:  Benefits and Challenges of Developing a Permanent Public Education Exhibit - Abstract - David F. Joyner Clemson Extension Service
Homeowner Training on Operation and Maintenance of Aerobic Treatment Units - Abstract - Presentation Bruce J. Lesikar Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Expanded onsite wastewater treatment system training and capacity building in the US Caribbean Islands - Abstract - George Loomis University of Rhode Island
Keeping Livestock and Horses on Small Acreages:  Protecting Our Drinking Water, Families and Animals - A  4-H Extension Education Program - Abstract - Poster Alyson McCann University of Rhode Island
Rhode Island's Private Drinking Water Well Education Program: Have Workshop Participants Taken Action to Protect Their Drinking Water Quality? - Abstract - Poster Alisa Morrison University of Rhode Island
Rainwater Harvesting and Water Management - Abstract - Presentation Justin Mechell  Texas AgriLIfe Extension Service
Social Marketing Strategy to Address Water Quality Issues - Abstract - Poster Nora Moloney Bob Simmons, Pat Pearson, Emily Sanford
Nitrogen model for onsite wastewater systems - Abstract - Presentation David Radcliffe  University of Georgia
Runoff of Fecal Pathogens and Nutrients following Surface Application of Animal Manure to Frozen Ground - Abstract - Presentation Shane Rogers Clarkson University
Roadside Ditch Networks:  Rapid conduits of pathogens and other contaminants from headwater reaches to downstream drinking water supplies - Abstract - Rebecca Schneider Cornell University
Taking Care of  yOur Ground Water: a DVD for private well and septic owners - Abstract - Presentation Adam Sigler Montana State University
Sediment Yield from Unpaved Rural Roads and the Effect of BMPs - Abstract - Presentation Michael D. Smolen Oklahoma State University
Advancing Coastal Environmental Protection through Vessel-Based Education - the Michigan Sea Grant Extension Experience - Abstract - Presentation Stephen R. Stewart Michigan Sea Grant Extension
The Development of the South Carolina Coastal Information Network and Portal Site: Bringing Training Opportunties and Educational Resources to Coastal Community Officials and the Public - Abstract - Poster April Turner S.C. Sea Grant Extension Prog.
Human Dimensions
Title First Author Affiliation
Water conservation strategies by rural and municipal water systems- Abstract - Damian C. Adams Oklahoma State University
Drinking Water Curriculum for K-12- Abstract - Poster Asmare Atalay Virginia State Unviersity
Decisions on the Edge: An Exploration of Streamside Landowners Land Use and Management Decisions in a Rapidly Urbanizing Ohio Watershed- Abstract - Presentation Anne Baird Ohio State University
"Name Your Own Rebate for Water Savings"-
Using economic incentives to encourage water conservation practices- Abstract - Poster
Michele Bakacs Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Encouraging Water Conservation and  Environmental Stewardship: Eco-Ventures at the EARTH Center- Abstract - Poster Michele Bakacs Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Flushing the Problem Downstream- Effects of growth and development on water quality in tidal creeks and estuaries in the southeast - Abstract - Presentation Angela Bliss COSEE SE
Tri-State Teamwork, Bringing Stormwater Management to Your Backyard - Abstract - Poster Amy Boyajian Rutgers University
Residential Homeowners: How Much Do They Know about Watering their Lawns? - Abstract - Poster Dale J. Bremer Kansas State University
Social Dimensions of Watershed Management: 
Development of a Curriculum to Enhance Learning- Abstract - Presentation
Shorna Broussard Allred  Cornell University
Facilitating the Development of Acceptable Watershed Management Plans - Abstract - Presentation Bob Broz University of Missouri Ext
Evaluating Changes in Particpants' Awareness and Satisfaction: Three Low Impact Development Workshops across North Carolina - Poster Jon Calabria NC State University
Watershed Project Coordinators: Who Needs Them?- Abstract - Presentation Lena Beth Carmichael University of Tennessee Ext.
Development and Delivery of a Certified Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program - Abstract - Poster Suzanna Carrithers USGS
Watershed Groups in the Pacific Northwest: Current Status and Measures of Success - Abstract - Poster - Presentation Brian C. Chaffin University of Idaho
Solving Agricultural Nitrate Pollution by Conversion of Non-Point into Point Sources - Abstract - Presentation Alan R. Collins West Virginia University
Informal Social Networks and Formal Organizational Coordination: Keys to Local-Level Capacity for Sustainable Watershed Management - Abstract - Presentation Mae Davenport University of Minnesota
Development of Policies, Institutions and Procedures for Water Reuse - Abstract - Leeann DeMouche New Mexico State University
An evaluation of changes in water conservation habits of homeowners on the Upstate of South Carolina - Abstract - Poster George Dickert Clemson Extension
Use Geospatial Technology to Win Friends and Influence Others - Abstract - Presentation David Dickson UConn CLEAR/NEMO
Watershed Protection, Building Community Capacity into the Ozark National Scenic Riverways - Abstract - Poster Dan Downing University of Missouri
An Example Watershed Management Plan Development Program - Abstract - Presentation Dan Downing University of Missouri
Changing Lawn Care Behavior in New England: The Role of Social Science - Abstract - Presentation Brian Eisenhauer Plymouth State University
Oklahoma Tribal Institute for On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems - Abstract - Presentation LaDonna Ferrier Oklahoma State University
Stormwater Management in Your Backyard: Train-the-Trainer for Master Gardeners - Abstract - Madeline Flahive DiNardo Rutgers Coop. Ext. Union
Stormwater Management in Your Backyard: Rain Garden Education for Landscape Professionals - Abstract - Presentation Madeline Flahive DiNardo Rutgers Coop. Ext. Union
Exploring Relationships: Social Networks and Water Quality Behavior - Abstract - Presentation Kristin Floress University of Wisconsin
Working with the Middle Tallapoosa River Basin Clean Water Partnership - Abstract - Presentation Tommy Futral Auburn University
Applying Social Indicators for NPS Management in the Great Lakes Region - Abstract - Presentation Ken Genskow University of Wisconsin
An Evaluation of the effectiveness of a watershed and water quality education program for secondary school students in Vermont - Abstract - Bethany Hanna University of Vermont
Wisconsin's Citizen Lake Monitoring Network - Abstract Laura Herman UWEX-Lakes
What High School Students and Parents Know and Do Not Know about Stream and Watershed Health: Identification through a Mental Models Approach- Abstract - Poster Deborah K. Hersha Ohio State University
A  Three Year Review of Ohio's Volunteer Water Monitoring Credible Data Legislation - Abstract - Jerry Iles Ohio State University
Water Quality Screening at North Dakota Field Days - Abstract - Poster Roxanne Johnson North Dakota State University
Public Values and Attitudes Towards Water in USDA-NIFA Regions 8, 9, and 10 - Abstract - Poster Julie Kallenberger Colorado Water Institute
Energy prices and water quality in the Upper Mississippi River Basin - Abstract - Presentation Lyubov Kurkalova NC A&T State University
Willingness-to-Pay for Red Tide Prevention, Mitigation, and Control Strategies: A Case Study of Florida Coastal Residents - Abstract - Poster Kristen Lucas University of Florida
Reconstructing the Good Farmer Identity - Abstract - Presentation Jean McGuire Iowa State University
Building Trust, Partnerships, & Collaborations in Kansas Watersheds - Abstract - Presentation Stacie Minson Kansas State University
Safe Drinking Water Clinics and Outreach in Delaware Focused on Educating Rural Homeowners - Abstract - Presentation Gulnihal Ozbay Delaware State University
Drinking Water Quality Monitoring and Community Outreach Activities in Majuro, Marshall Islands - Abstract - Poster Gulnihal Ozbay Delaware State University
Working in a high conflict watershed- tools of the trade - Abstract - Christy Perrin NCSU WECO
Texas Watershed Stewards: Protecting Water Resources through Education and Stewardship - Abstract - Poster Jennifer Peterson Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Turning pond calls into watershed moments - Abstract - Presentation Ben Powell Clemson University
Facilitating a Community of Practice in the Social Dimensions of Watershed Management: New Tools and Resources - Abstract - Presentation Rebecca Power Great Lakes Regional Water Program
Using Social Information to Guide Outreach Activities in the La Moine River Watershed - Abstract -Presentation Linda Prokopy Purdue University
A Method for Using Paired Watersheds to Test the Efficacy of NPS Education and Outreach Programs - Abstract - Poster Linda Prokopy Purdue University
Evaluating Conservation Water Rate Design in the Residential Sector - Abstract - Colin Rawls University of Florida
Saving water: rationalization of irrigation infrastructure - the Australian experience - Abstract - Presentation Francine Rochford La Trobe University
Prevalence of Bacteria in Private Drinking Water Wells in Georgia - Abstract - Poster Uttam Saha University of Georgia
Urban and Rural Residents' Concern for Watershed Health: A Comparison of Behavioral Antecedents and Reported Behaviors - Abstract - Presentation Erin Seekamp Southern Illinois University
Rural Landowner Land Use Stewardship Attitudes and Motivations - Abstract - Presentation Robert Simmons Washington State University
Citizens Views of Water Quality in Central Appalachia - Abstract - Poster Bradley A. Sliz University of Illinois
An Organic Approach to Restoration Planning in the Sassafras River Watershed - Abstract - Presentation Paul Sturm Center for Watershed Protection
Introducing Water Science to Middle School Students Through the Texas Prefreshman Engineering Program (TexPREP) - Abstract - Kevin Urbanczyk Sul Ross State University
Tennessee Yards and Neighborhoods: Implementing the Program Statewide - Abstract - Presentation David S. Vandergriff University of Tennessee
What do Doughnuts have to do with Stormwater? Developing a Lawn Care Behavior Change Plan for Stormwater Communities - Abstract - Presentation Laura Wilson University of Maine Coop. Extension
The Catalytic Influence of Local Champions in Watershed Management - Abstract - Poster Lois Wright Morton Iowa State University
Watershed Assessment and Restoration
Title First Author Affiliation
Estimation of Potentially Subsurface Drained Areas in the Wabash River Basin, Indiana- Abstract - Poster Srinivasulu Ale Purdue University
Effectiveness of Best Management Practices: What have we learned in the Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed?- Abstract - Presentation Claire Baffaut USDA-ARS
Fun in the Mud: A Watershed Recipe for Improved Stream and Floodplain Functions - Abstract - Presentation Eve Brantley Auburn University
Collaborating for Conservation in an Agriculturally-Impaired Watershed: The Conewago Creek Initiative - Abstract - Poster Kathryn Brasier Penn State University
The impact of sample holding time on nutrient forms in agricultural runoff - Abstract - Poster Dennis Busch UWP Pioneer Farm
Paired Watershed Studies in a Regulated River Basin in North Carolina - Abstract - Wesley Childres NC State University
Field Scale Targeting of Sediment Yields using ArcSWAT in Black Kettle Creek Watershed - Abstract - Prasad Daggupati Kansas State University
Identifying and Studying Ephemeral Gully Erosion using GIS and Field Measurements - Abstract - Poster Prasad Daggupati Kansas State University
Nutrient and Organic Matter Dynamics in Northeastern Ohio Headwater Streams-Relationships with Stream Discharge- Abstract - Poster Keely Davidson-Bennett Ohio State University
Determining River Bank Erosion rates for the Prediction of Stream Bank Erodibility Using Dendrogeomorphic Methods and Exposed Tree Roots - Abstract - Poster - Presentation Bryan M. Dick AECOM
The History of Poultry Waste Contamination in the Illinois River Watersheds as Determined from Sediment Cores - Abstract - John B. Fisher Lithochimeia, Inc.
Poultry Waste:  Mass Generated, Disposal Timing and Spatial Distribution of Disposal Sites in the Illinois River Watershed (OK and AR, United States) - Abstract - John B. Fisher Lithochimeia, Inc.
Progress Toward Characterizing Alluvial Preferential Flow Paths in Ozark Floodplains - Abstract - Presentation Garey Fox Oklahoma State University
A Novel Lateral Field Excited Sensor for the Detection of the Paralytic Shellfish Toxin Saxitoxin - Abstract - Poster Lester A French Jr. Mainely Sensors, LLC
Public Involvement in Prioritizing Watershed Restoration Actions: a case study from Oregon - Abstract - Guillermo R. Giannico Oregon State University
Development of the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) to Evaluate Beneficial Managment Practices (BMPs) in the Red River of the North Watershed - Abstract - Presentation Kyle Glazewski Energy & Environ. Research Ctr
Examining Landscape Nitrogen Sinks in Southern New England: Model Applications for Local Watershed Managers- Abstract - Arthur Gold University of Rhode Island
Contrasting the importance of land use in stormwater runoff contributed to commercially relevant estuarine shellfish harvesting waters - Abstract - Poster Raul Gonzalez UNC Chapel Hill
HUC 12 Watershed Prioritization Along a Water Quality and Land Use gradient: Upper Illinois River Watershed Management Plan - Abstract - Presentation Brian E. Haggard Arkansas Water Resources Center
Correlating Factors for Indicator Bacteria Export from an Urban Watershed - Abstract - Presentation Jon Hathaway NCSU - BIO & AGRI. ENGINEERING
Building New Traditions for Volunteer Monitoring Programs - Moving the Extension Volunteer Monitoring Network to the Next Level - Abstract - Poster Elizabeth Herron URI Cooperative Extension
Assessment of Aquatic Communities in the Urbanizing Flint River Watershed - Abstract - Heather Howell Alabama A&M University
Water Pioneers Cane Run Watershed Case Study - Abstract - Presentation Stephanie Jenkins University of Kentucky
Tile Drainage Water Quality Assessment in Saline Soils in North Dakota - Abstract - Presentation Roxanne Johnson North Dakota State University
Brushy Creek Watershed:  Assessment of a Karst Drainage Basin Using Microbial, Geospatial, and Geochemical Approaches - Abstract - Poster - Presentation Alice Jones East. Kentucky Env. Research Inst.
Stream Channel Succession and Sediment Dynamics:  Black Vermillion River, Kansas - Abstract - Presentation Tim Keane Kansas State University
A watershed-scale ecosystem function approach to assessing potential areas for identifying wetland mitigation and restoration sites- Abstract - Liz Kramer University of Georgia
Ecological Function and Bioassessment of Agricultural Ditches on the Delmarva Peninsula - Abstract - Presentation William Lamp University of Maryland
Watershed Planning for a Great Lakes Area of Concern:  Recent Efforts and Projects within the Maumee Watershed, Ohio - Abstract - Patrick L. Lawrence University of Toledo
Watershed Influences-A Regional-Scale Approach to Monitoring Instream Flows to a Source-Water Reservoir, Lake Houston, Texas - Abstract - Presentation Michael T. Lee U.S. Geological Survey
Cryptosporidium genotypes in Midwestern mammals - Abstract - Poster John McEvoy North Dakota State University
High prevalence of Cryptosporidium andersoni in surface water during a major spring flooding event - Abstract - Poster John McEvoy North Dakota State University
Travel time of PIT-tagged Snake River steelhead kelts migrating through the Snake and Columbia River System in 2009 - Abstract - Poster Jonathan Megli Southwest Baptist University
Analyzing the Effects of Human Activities on Agricultural Watersheds in Southern Texas Using GIS - Abstract - Poster Edmund Merem Jackson State University
Water Quality Research in Response to Local Needs in Kansas Watersheds - Abstract - Poster Stacie Minson Kansas State University
Method to Integrate Overland, Ephemeral Gully and Stream Bank Erosion Models - Abstract - Poster Naga Raghuveer Modala Kansas State University
Evaluation of Water Quality Trends in Goodwater Creek Experimental Watershed, Missouri: Implications for Monitoring Strategies and Objective Setting - Abstract - Presentation T. Kevin O'Donnell University of Missouri
4-H2O Ambassador Program - Abstract - Presentation Ashley Osborne University of Kentucky
Development of an Automated Watershed Stream Health Determination Model Using the 12-Point Physical Watershed Parameters - Abstract - Poster Sudhanshu Sekhar Panda Gainesville State College
Stream Monitoring in the Beaverdam Creek Watershed in Charlotte, North Carolina - Abstract - Poster Zan Price NC State University
Watershed management and decision making in the Region of the Great Bend of the Wabash River- Abstract - Poster Linda Prokopy Purdue University
Assessment of the Impact of Airborne Particulate Pollutants on the Water Quality in Rio Grande Basin Watershed - Abstract - Poster Qin Qian Lamar University
Presque Isle Bay watershed restoration, protection, and monitoring plan: A GIS-based watershed management effort - Abstract - Presentation Sean Rafferty Pennsylvania Sea Grant
Onslow's Water Quality Monitoring Program:  a look at 10 years of data - Abstract - Poster Diana M. C. Rashash NC Cooperative Extension
Regional Stormwater Planning in NJ - Abstract - Poster Pat Rector Rutgers Cooperative Extension
Identifying Optimal Best Management Practices for Watershed Management: Economic and Finance Considerations - Abstract - Presentation M. Edward Rister Texas AgriLife Research
Developing a Low-Carbon Footprint Green Roof Medium - Abstract - Presentation Andrew Ristvey University of Maryland
Plays well with Others: Urban Watershed Planning learned from our neighbors - Abstract - Presentation Jessica Roberts Auburn University
The Culvert Assessment Tool - Abstract - Poster Jessica Roberts Auburn University
Arizona Targeted Watershed Improvement Grant Program: Challenges and Opportunities for Volunteer Participation and Watershed Education - Abstract - Presentation Channah Rock University of Arizona, SWES
Using GPS for stream restoration construction control - Abstract - Michael Shaffer NCSU
Accounting for the Impact of Impermeable Soil Layers on Pesticide Runoff and Leaching in a Landscape Vulnerability Model - Abstract - Patrick J. Shea University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Rapid Assessment and Cost-Effectiveness of Unconfined Livestock BMP Bids - Abstract - Poster Aleksey Y. Sheshukov Kansas State University
Climate Change and Watershed Assessment within the WRAPS Program in Kansas - Abstract -Presentation Aleksey Y. Sheshukov Kansas State University
The role of inorganic green roof substrates in water quality improvement - Abstract - Presentation Lorelly Solano University of Maryland
The Effects of Agrochemicals on the Fate of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Surface Waters - Abstract - Poster Zachery Staley University of South Florida
Implementation of Restoration Efforts in a Coral Reef Watershed -- Guanica Bay/Rio Loco, Puerto Rico - Abstract - Paul Sturm Center for Watershed Protection
Nonpoint Source Pollutant Risk Modeling in Arizona Watersheds- Abstract - Poster Kristine Uhlman University of Arizona-WRRC
A Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for the Rio Grande Basin - Abstract - Presentation Kevin Urbanczyk Sul Ross State University
Streamflow, Sediment, and Nutrient Simulation of the Bitterroot Watershed Using SWAT - Abstract - Poster Michael W. Van Liew University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Watershed Management in the Ridge and Valley Region: Lessons Learned from the Pond Creek Watershed. Tennessee - Abstract - Presentation Forbes Walker University of Tennessee
Field Methods in Ecohydrology:  Focus on an impaired stream in Nevada - Abstract - Mark Walker University of Nevada
When Hydrologic Monitoring meets Complex Modeling Needs, Composite Models Can Come Through-Eventually - Abstract - Presentation Loren Wehmeyer U.S. Geological Survey
Certifying the Landscape Community in Rain Garden Installation: The North Carolina Experience - Abstract - Poster Ryan Winston North Carolina State University
Stream Channel Morphology in Southern Appalachian Old-Growth Forests - Abstract - Jason M Zink North Carolina State University
Other Water Resources Topics
Title First Author Affiliation
Survey of Retention Basin Hydraulic Performance in Florida- Abstract - Presentation Eban Z. Bean University of Florida
Soil Amendments for Mitigation of Compacted Soils- Abstract - Eban Z. Bean University of Florida
Energy Production from the Anaerobic Fermentation of Agricultural Waste Feedstocks - Abstract - Joe N. Emily SC State University
Storm Water Infiltration in Clay Soils - Abstract - Chris Estes Estes Design, Inc.
Natural Morphologically Designed Plunge Pools - Putting Research into Practice - Abstract - Chris Estes Estes Design, Inc.
Building On-Farm Composting Capacity to Prevent Pollution - Abstract - Gregory Evanylo Virginia Tech
Escherichia coli Sorption in Artificial and Natural Soils after Swine Manure Application - Abstract - Garey Fox Oklahoma State University
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