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2009 Conference Proceedings

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Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP)

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Title Author Affiliation
Simulation of lateral flow with SWAT - Abstract - Presentation Claire Baffaut USDA-ARS
CEAP Synthesis: Regional Classification for Identification of Dominant Hydrologic Flow Paths and Critical Management Zones - Abstract - Presentation Jan Boll University of Idaho
Implementation of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation within a GIS Framework - Abstract Austin J. Bontrager Kansas State University
BMP Effectiveness Evaluation in a CEAP Watershed: What Have We Learned from Watershed Modeling? -Abstract - Presentation Indrajeet Chaubey Purdue University
Identifying Potential Ephemeral Gully Locations at Watershed Scale - Abstract - Presentation Naga Prasad Daggupati Kansas State University
Effects of Conservation Practices on Erosion in Cheney Lake Watershed - Abstract Mark J. Davis Kansas State University
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Selected Farm Practices in Reducing Groundwater Nitrate - Abstract - Presentation Mary Exner University of Nebraska
Water Quality Trends in a CEAP Watershed - Abstract - Presentation E. E. Gbur Unversity of Arkansas
Developing biological indices of water quality in intermittent agricultural streams in western Oregon - Abstract- Poster William Gerth Oregon State University
CEAP Synthesis: Preliminary Key Informant Interviews - Abstract - Presentation Dana Hoag Colorado State University
Effects of Long-term Soil and Crop Management on Soil Hydraulic Properties for Claypan Soils - Abstract - Presentation A. Mudgal University of Missouri
Conservation Practice Evaluation with SWAT and GIS Databases in the Cheney Lake Watershed Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) - Abstract - Presentation Nathan O. Nelson Kansas State University
Initial Progress of the CEAP Synthesis Project: Year 1 - Abstract - Presentation Deanna Osmond NCSU
Cooperative Stakeholder Engagement and Participation for Gaining Effective Results - Abstract - Poster John Pennington Purdue University
Modeling Groundwater Nitrate Transport Beneath a Ground Water Quality Management Area in the Central Platte Region of Nebraska - Abstract - Presentation Hugo Perera-Estrada University of Nebraska
What Factors Influence Water Quality in Lincoln Lake Watershed?  Perceptions of Important Stakeholders - Abstract - Presentation J. Popp University of Arkansas
Social Acceptability of BMPs: Results from the Eagle Creek CEAP Project - Abstract - Presentation Linda Prokopy Purdue University
CEAP:  Horse and Stable Owner Use and Knowledge of Conservation Practices - Abstract Adam Reimer Purdue University
Rank and Optimization of Best Management Practices to Reduce Water Quality Degradation in the Lincoln Lake Watershed - Abstract H.G. Rodreguez University of Arkansas
Examining the social dynamics of watershed governance: lessons from Kansas - Abstract - Presentation Theresa Selfa Kansas State University
Distributed hydrologic modeling of runoff generation and total dissoved phosphorus transport to improve BMP evaluation in a New York City source (CEAP) watershed - Abstract - Presentation Tammo Steenhuis Cornell University
CEAP: Watershed-Scale Evaluation of BMP Effectiveness and Acceptability in the Eagle Creek Watershed, Indiana - Abstract - Presentation R. F. Turco Purdue University
Long-Term Water Quality Responses to Conservation Practices in Nested Coastal Plain Watersheds - A CEAP Project - Abstract - Presentation George Vellidis University of Georgia
Evaluation of abiotic and biotic responses to BMP implementation in small agricultural streams of the Spring Creek watershed in central Pennsylvania - Abstract - Presentation Susan E. Yetter Pennsylvania State University