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2008 Conference Proceedings

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Conservation Effects Assessment Program (CEAP)

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Title Author Affiliation
CEAP Synthesis - Presentation D.L. Osmond NC State University
A CEAP National Assessment of the Field-Level Effects of Conservation Practices on Cropland—Preliminary Results - Abstract Robert L. Kellogg NRCS
Assessing the spatial distribution of BMPs relative to critical areas: Results of a CEAP project in northern Utah - Abstract - Presentation Ernesto de la Hoz Utah State University
BMP Effectiveness Assessment for a Pasture Dominated Watershed: Results from Two Years of CEAP Assessment - Abstract - Presentation Indrajeet Chaubey Purdue University
Best Management Practices in the CEAP Goodwater Creek Watershed: What, Where, Why, and How Much? - Abstract - Presentation Claire Baffault USDA-ARS
Record-setting Phosphorus Loads from Agricultural Watersheds in Ohio - Abstract - Presentation R. Peter Richards Heidelberg College
CEAP: Cumulative Effects Modeling and Interdisciplinary Analyses - Abstract - Presentation Jan Boll University of Idaho
Evaluating BMP Scenarios under CEAP: Approaches to handling a multitude of runs and large datasets - Abstract - Presentation Margaret Gitau Purdue University
A Multi-Criteria Decision Support Model for Ranking Factors Affecting Conservation Practice Adoption in a CEAP Watershed - Abstract - Presentation George Vellidis University of Georgia
Using Genetic Algorithms and an Integrated Water Quality-Economic Model to Identify Efficient Placement of Conservation Practices in the Walnut Creek - Abstract - Presentation S. Rabatyagov Iowa State University
Evaluation of SWAT and AnnAGNPS in the Cheney Lake Watershed CEAP - Abstract - Presentation P.B. Parajuli Kansas State University
Designing Monitoring Programs to Evaluate BMP Effectiveness: Lessons from CEAP - Abstract - Presentation Nancy Mesner Utah State Univ.
High frequency monitoring system to assess water quality constituent loading - Abstract David K. Stevens Utah State Univ.
A CEAP Assessment of the Long Term Impacts of Water Quality Outreach and Education Efforts on Landowners - Abstract Jamie McEvoy Utah State Univ.
Analysis of BMP Implementation, Performance, and Maintenance in Spring Creek, an Agriculturally-Influenced Watershed in Pennsylvania, a CEAP Research - Abstract Robert Brooks Penn State Univ.
Enhancing Conservation Effects on Agricultural Landscapes: A Vision for the Future of CEAP - Abstract - Presentation Lisa F. Duriancik NRCS
Synthesis and analysis of 13 CSREES CEAP projects - Abstract - Presentation Jan Boll University of Idaho
CEAP: Cumulative Effects Modeling and Interdisciplinary Analyses - Abstract - Presentation Jan Boll University of Idaho
CEAP Synthesis: Working Together - Presentation D.L. Osmond NC State University