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Posters and Presentations pertaining to Agricultural Best Management Practices
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Title Author Affiliation
Effects of Beef-cattle Grazing and Biosoilids Application on P Concentration in Soil Solution - Abstract - Poster
Gueorgui Anguelov Florida A&M
Composting Large Animal Carcasses- NIWQP Project Wrap-Up - Abstract
Brent Auvermann
Enhancing phosphorus reduction strategies through biogeochemical research in a TMDL watershed - Abstract - Presentation

Dean G. Baas

Michigan State University

Determination of factors to explain atrazine decrease in the Goodwater Creek watershed - Abstract - Presentation

Claire Baffaut

University of Missouri

Runoff Filtering Effectiveness of Grass-Shrub Riparian Buffers - Abstract - Presentation

Charles J. Barden

Kansas State University

A Paired Watershed Study to Investigate the Impact of Best Management Practices: Little Arkansas River - Abstract - Presentation

P.L. Barnes

Kansas State University

Diagnosing Well Related Problems Utilizing Digital Camera Video Recording Technology - Abstract - Poster Glenn Beard University of Georgia
Nebraska Phosphorus Index Erosion Estimator - Abstract
Jamie Benning
Evaluation of Conservation Practices: Interdisciplinary Approaches and Modeling - Abstract - Presentation

Jan Boll

University of Idaho

BMP Development and Implementation for Indian River Citrus - Abstract - Presentation

Brian Boman

University of Florida

The New England Water Quality Program: Agricultural Research to Action in Extension - Abstract - Poster Holly Burdett University of Rhode Island
Evaluation of Temporal and Spatial Sediment Dynamics in Agricultural Fields Using Lanthanide Tracers - Abstract - Presentation

Perry E. Cabot

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Amending Soilless Substrate with Calcined versus Pasturized Clay for Production of Poinsettias - Abstract - Poster Chris Catanzaro Tennessee State University
Implications for Using Compost in Vegetable Production - Abstract - Poster John Chastain Clemson University
Leading the Way to Clean Water: The K-State Extension Watershed Specialist Program - Abstract Michael Christian Kansas State University
Facilitating Agricultural Resource Management Systems (FARMS) Program - Abstract Suzanne Chwala-Grant Southwest Florida Water Mgmt. Dist.
Testing N fertilizer recommendation models in soils with different yield potentials - Abstract - Presentation

David Clay

South Dakota State University

On Farmer's Ground: Developing a Local, Farmer-Driven Water Quality Initiative - Abstract Heather Darby University of Vermont
Implementation of BMPs in the Little Arkansas River Watershed - Abstract - Presentation

Daniel Devlin

Kansas State University

Providing Incentives for Implementing Nutrient Management Plans in the New York City Watershed - Abstract - Presentation

Dale R. Dewing

Cornell University

Rock Channel Crossing Demonstration Project - Abstract - Poster Stacie Edgett-Minson Kansas State University
Conservation Tillage On-farm Research and Demonstrations in Minnesota - Abstract Leslie Everett University of Minnesota
Evaluation of Three Soil Sampling Techniques - Abstract

Sam Feagley

Texas A&M University

Assessment of conservation practices for control of agricultural NO3 losses in the Choptank basin - Abstract

Thomas R. Fisher

University of Maryland

Comparison of Water Quantity and Quality Between Subsurface Tile and Edge-of-Field Runoff - Abstract
Dennis Frame
University of Wisconsin
Developing Producer Driven Research and Education Programs - Abstract - Presentation

Dennis Frame

University of Wisconsin

Steep Slopes and Narrow Valleys - Should We Be Farming Here? - Abstract Dennis Frame University of Wisconsin
Using Compost to Enhance Soil Water Retention - Abstract - Presentation

Duane Friend

University of Illinois

Simulation of BMP Water Quality Impacts in a Northeast Iowa Watershed - Abstract

Philip Gassman

Iowa State University

Effectiveness and Optimization of BMPs in Improving Water Quality from an Agriculturally Dominated Watershed - Abstract - Presentation

Margaret W. Gitau

University of Arkansas

Extension Applications of Nutrient Budgets in Pennsylvania – Biomass Energy - Abstract - Presentation

Robert Graves

Penn State University

Antibiotics Feeding in Food Animals and its Consequences on the Environment - Abstract - Presentation

Satish Gupta

University of Minnesota

Implementation of a National Feed Management Education Program and Assessment Tools - Abstract - Presentation

Joe Harrison

Washington State University

Managing Dairy Manure in Central California - Abstract

Thomas Harter

University of California- Davis

Establishing effective cover crops for end-of-season nitrogen recovery - Abstract - Presentation

Stephen J. Herbert

University of Massachusetts

Amish Manure Management - Abstract

Randall James

Ohio State University

Evaluating Alternative Organic Dairy Forage Production Systems - Abstract - Presentation

John Jemison

University of Maine

Optimal Transportation Analysis for Animal Waste Management through GIS-Based PLDSS - Abstract

Moon Seong Kang

Auburn University

Tools for Integrating Feed Management into Nutrient Management Decisions - Abstract - Presentation

Richard Koelsch

University of Nebraska

Integrating Substrate, Water, Nutrient and Pathogen BMP's for the Nursery and Greenhouse Industry - Abstract - Poster John Lea-Cox University of Maryland
How Much Can Diet Modification Do to Reduce Manure Phosphorus Surpluses? - Abstract - Poster Rory Maguire Virginia Tech
Training Modules for Mandatory Employee Water Quality Training - Abstract - Poster Valerie Mellano University of California
Development of an Irrigation Runoff Self Assessment for the Greenhouse and Nursery Industry in San Diego County - Abstract - Poster
Valerie Mellano
University of California

Evaluating nutrient and irrigation BMPs on a tree farm in south Florida - Abstract - Presentation

Kati Migliaccio

University of Florida

Nitrous Oxide and Ammonia Emissions from Manure and Manure-treated Soils - Abstract Marina Molodovskaya  

Digestion of dairy manure with the black soldier fly - Abstract

Heidi Myers

Tarleton State University

Quantifying Phosphorus Losses from Agricultural Fields - Abstract - Presentation

John Norman

University of Wisconsin- Madison

Very High Soil Test Phosphorus: Is Starter Fertilizer Necessary? - Abstract - Presentation

Deanna Osmond

North Carolina State University

Heartland Nutrient and Pesticide Management: Making an Impact - Abstract Amanda Schielke Kansas State University

Promoting Conservation Practices One-to-One - Abstract - Presentation

David Shelton

University Of Nebraska

Forage Subsurface Drip Irrigation using Treated Swine Effluent - Abstract Kenneth Stone USDA-ARS
An Educational Tool in Environmental Stewardship - Abstract - Poster Joyce Tredaway Ducar Auburn University

The North Bosque Manure Composting Initiative: What have we learned? - Abstract - Presentation

Cecelia Wagner

Texas Water Resources Institute

Reducing Bacterial Contamination of Texas Watersheds - Abstract Kevin Wagner Texas Water Resources Institute

North Dakota Beef Producers Adopt Manure Composting - Abstract - Presentation

Ron Wiederholt

North Dakato State University

Training for Arkansas Nutrient Management Plan Writers - Abstract Melony Wilson University of Arkansas

The Use of Performance-based Incentives for Nonpoint Source Pollution Control from Agriculture - Abstract - Presentation

Jonathan Winsten

University of Vermont

Managing Manure for Reduced Phosphorus Runoff: Residual Effects of Applied Manure and Deep Plowing - Abstract Charles Wortmann University of Nebraska
Reducing Phosphorus Loss to Surface Waters in Crop-Ethanol-Livestock Ecosystems of the Midwest - Abstract - Presentation Charles Wortmann University of Nebraska

Capture and Recycle Runoff: Water Quality Assessment - Abstract - Presentation

Gladis Zinati

Rutgers University